Tuesday, January 10, 2017

ALPHA 0.9.4: Big Pharma

Mindless, repetitive grind is my least favorite part of games. If I start every turn or every fight by buying the same supplies or casting the same spell, give me a way to automate that. This is my one serious issue with Jack o Nine Tails, which remains my personal favorite h-game. Playing JoNT well requires close attention and careful strategy, which is incredible, but reaching those gems requires the player to dig through a lot of dross. In between carefully weighed decisions, there's a lot of mindless hammering of the same buttons, over and over. Punish, train, reward, train, train, bath. Ad nauseam (or ad carpal tunnel).

I mention this because I haven't mentioned JoNT in a couple of months, making it time to do so, and because this update is focused on removing one of the major annoyances in Free Cities as far as pointless micromanagement. (Yes, I'm aware I'm as guilty as any.) Previously, rapid drug-induced expansion, required switching the slave between growth drugs and curatives to boost health if the slave wasn't resting and maintaining health that way. This update moves curatives to their own drug slot, making it possible to apply both drugs at once, and adds a slot for aphrodisiacs, allowing addict slaves access to the usual drug options.

I've made minor balance tweaks to the drugs, but for now, it does not seem overpowered to allow slaves access to simultaneous expansion, health maintenance, and aphrodisiacs. First of all, such a regime is extremely expensive, and will quickly make slaves receiving the full spectrum individually unprofitable unless they're already of premium quality. Second, the full spectrum builds drug toxicity very rapidly. Of course, that can be addressed by applying curatives on a permanent basis, which makes this a good time to repeat that remains my avowed goal to make amoral use of slaves' bodies an advantage in game terms.

Finally, it's apparently time for me to repeat that comments using racial slurs, making personal attacks, or otherwise failing to be worth anyone's time will be deleted. I can't watch this blog closely all the time, so if such comments appear, please report them to me. If your feelings suggest to you that my not making this a safe space for childish misbehavior somehow impinges on your rights, I'd like to invite you to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. There are many places on the internet that allow that kind of thing: please go to one of them and do it there. Get off my lawn.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1545 PST January 13), save compatible. fixes
  • Free range dairy assignment scene fixes, from that scene's author.
  • Corrected a bad passage title that broke the industrial dairy assignment scene.
  • Prevented aphrodisiac effect description code from firing without an effect to describe.
  • Addressed an issue with facepussy Transformation Fetishist appeal that could seriously retard society progress.
  • Fixed the corporate slave market errors associated with sex skill training. fixes
  • Addressed a bug in New Game Plus that misapplied backwards compatibility features, setting many imported slaves to hypermuscular.
  • Patched associated issues with curatives and aphrodisiacs that could produce $cash bugs.
  • RA muscle handling logic and corporate dividend improvements, by Hicks. fixes
  • Spelling corrections from Boney M.
  • Removed the health check for the Rules Assistant to apply growth hormones.
  • Restricted several events for slaves that don't fit them.
  • Smart piercings should now properly commit to maximizing attraction values.
  • Fixed an error with the vibrator torment choice in the new standard punishment event.
  • Fixed an assistant appearance error in the invasion event.
  • Fixed errors in the application of the new mental effects of relationships.
  • Addressed various minor descriptive bugs.

0.9.4 changelog

Pharmaceutical changes
  • Slaves now have three drug slots: preventatives and curatives; aphrodisiacs; and all other drugs.
  • Increased the impact of aphrodisiacs on generic sexual performance and reduced the health impact of extreme aphrodisiacs.
  • Broadened the range of aphrodisiacs' long-term effects, which are now generally similar to female hormone therapy.
  • Aphrodisiac addiction provides an additional path for strong fetishes to grow into paraphilias.
  • Reduced the direct health benefits of curatives, but added the existing effects of preventatives to curatives.
  • Aphrodisiacs and curatives both cause minor genome damage; slaves on a full spectrum of drugs now accumulate damage rapidly.
  • Preventatives and curatives now make genome damage effects less likely, but do not eliminate them.
Interslave relationship dynamics
  • Removed the preexisting flat Devotion and Trust bonuses for being in a relationship.
  • Slaves in a relationship will now move toward their partner's Devotion level, at a rate based on the relationship intensity and the difference in Devotion.
  • Slaves in a relationship who are afraid of the PC will be frightened for their partner, but be more obedient to protect them from punishment.
  • Slaves in a relationship who trust the PC will gain trust based on the intensity of the relationship.
  • Slaves with enslaved family members will receive mental effects based on their and their relation's attitudes towards slavery.
Other updates
  • Two random events written and coded by Princess April.
  • Updated the muscles stat to a 0 to 100 scale, making the step from ripped to extreme musculature much more difficult.
  • Added a set of six generic random events in which slaves can be punished for various minor sins.
  • Reduced the imbalanced libido gain from orgasm rewards.
  • Minor descriptive enhancements.
  • Recoding for better performance.
  • Bugfixes.