Monday, October 17, 2016

ALPHA 0.8.9: Foreign Investment

I've been dissatisfied with how easy it's been to change slaves' sexual orientations for a while now, and this update makes it much slower and less random. Sexuality changes now join interest rates as being lower, but still well short of realism. This is still a game, after all. My slowly improving code skills also made it possible to offer more potential changes to sexuality during a single week without slowing things down, mostly because the original code was atrocious.

This update takes another step towards takeovers of other arcologies by allowing the player to purchase partial ownership of any arcology. It's not possible to purchase a controlling interest, and the system is extremely easy to abuse for quick profit; both of these are temporary code limitations that I intend to address as soon as possible. Interestingly, since it's currently impossible to buy enough of an arcology to take it over, buying shares in a neighboring arcology can actually protect that arcology against changes of government, since it reduces the margin other minority actors have to try for majority control.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.8+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1315 PST October 21), completely save compatible. fixes
  • Rules Assistant updates and fixes, by CornCobMan.
  • Minor UI revisions and fixes, by Qotsafan.
  • Birth and pregnancy fixes, by Anon.
  • Addressed an issue with hostages in NGP playthroughs.
  • Minor descriptive issues. fixes
  • Backwards compatibility mod updates, by CornCobMan.
  • Rules Assistant fixes, by CornCobMan.
  • Fixed non-lethal pit P-Limbs description error message.
  • Addressed Head Girl's girl error on end week report.
  • Minor descriptive issues. fixes
  • Caesarian section scar removal reaction, by Anon.
  • Unlocking the bunny and Egyptian collars should now work properly.
  • Updated obsolete nurse outfit tags that were causing issues.
  • Error message on sexuality reveal due to permissive masturbation rules.
  • Error message for devoted slaves wearing nice collars.
  • Fixed other minor clothes bugs.
  • Typos.

0.8.9 Changelog

Anon's modding
  • Added Caeserian sections, resultant scars, and removal of those scars.
  • Provided more descriptive support for births, including bad outcomes.
  • More pregnancy and blindness mentions in events.
  • More mental and physical effects from pregnancy.
Sexuality rebalance
  • Made the stats that handle sexuality much more granular and broadened their effective range.
  • At the extremely high end, sexuality effectively has a new descriptive and mechanical level, which is valuable but difficult to create.
  • Reworked the way sexuality is generated to produce somewhat more natural results.
  • Rebalanced all existing changes to sexuality, making them less random and much slower.
  • Reworked existing organic sexuality changes so that they are no longer mutually exclusive during a single week.
  • Added several new organic sexuality changes.
  • Reduced the impact of devotion on changes to sexuality.
Arcology ownership
  • Buying and selling arcology shares will now impact the short term arcology share price.
  • It is now possible to purchase shares in neighboring arcologies, which will produce rent as normal.
  • Holdings in other arcologies are limited to a minority share, a limitation that will be lifted once the game can handle annexations.
  • Defeated rivals will now offer to turn over their arcology holdings in return for being allowed to escape.
Other updates
  • Various improvements and fixes by CornCobMan.
  • Lesbian lovemaking random event for devoted fucktoys serving a PC with a vagina.
  • Alternative milking random event that can handle a broader range of cows.
  • When set to automatic mode, the Rules Assistant will run once at week end, instead of firing constantly on the main menu.
  • Major menial slave purchases and sales will now affect the market price of slaves.
  • Other minor slave market refinements.
  • UI refinements.
  • Bugfixes.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ALPHA 0.8.8: Devil in the Details

I've gotten some criticism in the past for expending effort on recoding, and this update is likely to receive more. The majority of my time on this one went to reworks of existing code, mostly to do with the UI. I understand the arguments, and in some cases I agree and leave bad code as it is because improving it wouldn't be worth the time. However, my gradually improving skills do mean that it's sometimes worthwhile to make another pass over old code, especially where some of the worst UI elements are concerned. Since the FC code is, without exaggeration, 99% of my coding experience, recoding something I added in 0.2.x means that I'm looking at it again with many times the coding experience I had when I wrote it.

This is also a good time to repeat what I've said in the past about requests, since this update includes some really niche stuff. The coding difficulty of fulfilling a request plays a dominant role in how soon or even whether I fulfill it. I'm reasonably certain the requests for foreskin restoration came from a single player, and the option will be used by a few players at most, but it was actually quite an easy add. Coding difficulty isn't necessarily obvious without looking at the code, especially where I have similar, preexisting code to draw on.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.8+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1315 PST October 14), completely save compatible. fixes, with assistance from Anon, Bane70, and Boney M
  • Corrective eyewear will now remove the nearsighted tag in slave summaries
  • Addressed the policy cost issue
  • Rescued hostage mental effects error message
  • Included unintentionally omitted mod content for blind lurchers
  • Addressed several virginity issues from personal training
  • Fixed the retirement collar error message
  • Various fixes for the walkpast miniscenes
  • Many spelling corrections changes from CornCobMan
  • Added options to edit neighboring arcologies in the Cheat Edit Arcology menu
  • Added a facility to construct limbs which now take time similar to organs
  • Added an option in the remote surgery to detach P-Limbs
  • Added cybernetic prosthetic limbs, with vignettes and other descriptions
  • Cyber P-Limbs heavily increase deadliness
  • Added the option to set relation rules to 'just friends' in the RA
  • Updated RA collar support fixes and changes
  • Fixes from CornCobMan to his contributions to and to the RA
  • Refinements to the new UI mechanics, from CornCobMan
  • Reductions to RA reloading, from CornCobMan
  • Fixes to several miniscene issues, from Bane70
  • Master Suite decoration error messages
  • Submissive servants should now receive their intended advantage from their fetish
  • Corrected application and reporting of nearsighted and blindness upkeep costs
  • Several minor corrections to beauty calculations
  • Spelling corrections

0.8.8 Changelog

UI improvements
  • Recoded slaves' individual menus to avoid a page reload for most changes, with a manual update link to incorporate changes into the long form description.
  • Recoded the starting slave customization menu to avoid a page reload for most changes, allowing more comfortable selection of multiple changes.
  • The new starting slave customization menu requires a manual page update before committing a slave to allow reconciliation of certain stats. 
  • Improved archetypes.
  • Other minor UI refinements.
Integrated content from Anon
  • Massive content pack for the rivalry hostage, with hundreds of possible miniscenes that will affect the hostage.
  • Captured hostages and rivals may be inclined to pursue a slave relationship, if not forbidden from doing so.
  • Captured hostages will experience long term mental effects due to their experiences.
  • Support for blind lurchers.
  • Descriptive refinements in random events.
Other updates
  • Continued RA improvements from CornCobMan.
  • Four new outfits from Circle_Tritagonist.
  • Random event involving some speculation about the potential problems of a 60cm dick.
  • Added foreskins to the organ fabricator.
  • Recoding for efficiency and consistency.
  • Bugfixes, with heavy support from Bane70.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

ALPHA 0.8.7: Controlling Interest

This update includes a couple of major mechanical changes that I'd like to explain briefly, since they may not make a lot of sense in isolation. First, arcology ownership shares are now modeled. The player starts with a narrowly controlling interest in their new arcology, and there are a variety of different effects of buying and selling parts of the arcology. This is something I've intended to add for some time, since this is the way such things often work in real life: modern captains of industry have usually sold a share of their big project to someone or other, and how they manage that relationship is a potential source of benefit or danger. In isolation, though, this may seem like an unnecessary complication. However, this is going to become a way to assimilate neighboring arcologies by hostile takeover. In any case, the system has been balanced to reproduce preexisting gameplay if the player chooses to ignore it. The starting position is safe. Selling ownership interest is dangerous but profitable, while reaching for total control gives bonuses.

Second, slave population mechanics have been updated and tightened. This is another change that's been on the list for a while, simply because the penthouse was an absurd Dormitory of Holding that could house an infinite number of slaves immediately. The new mechanics put soft limits of slave populations by making successive population limit upgrades increasingly expensive on a simple linear scale. There's a fine tradition in games design of using soft caps to disguise coding or hardware limitations, and this is an example of that. Huge numbers of slaves will slow the game down, and this update makes it more expensive to keep huge numbers of slaves.

Download: DropboxMega. Saves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.8+ saves are eligible for New Game PlusLatest hotfix is (1920 PST October 5), completely save compatible. fixes
  • Bugfixes and minor updates from CornCobMan, mostly focused on the RA
  • Tutorial for the new RA functions, from CornCobMan
  • Fixed application of mammary intercourse demand weight
  • Removed surgery outcome duplication
  • Fixed slave selection issue in the date request random event
  • Removed erroneously visible debugging variables
  • Addressed issues in the Market Assistant logic that could produce negative results
  • Fixed application of cellblock capacity upgrades
  • Minor description issues
  • Corrected version number to 0.8.7

0.8.7 Changelog

Slave housing
  • All facilities now use the same capacity system.
  • Overcrowding facilities other than the Arcade is no longer possible: facility capacities serve as a hard cap.
  • Subsequent capacity upgrades become more expensive each time one is purchased.
  • The penthouse dormitory now has a capacity, and exceeding it will cause escalating penalties for slaves there.
  • The individual rooms now have a capacity, which is a hard cap on the number of slaves that can be given luxurious living standards.
  • Slaves in committed relationships will automatically share a room, reducing the number of rooms required to keep them in luxury.
  • Updated the RA so that it will do its best to obey instructions while respecting this system.
Arcology ownership
  • All arcologies now use a percentage ownership system, with arcology leadership being the party that controls the largest percentage.
  • As a new owner, the PC starts with a safe controlling interest in the arcology, and can buy and sell ownership by the percentage.
  • The ownership price is determined by the arcology's current prosperity.
  • The percentage owned by the largest single minority owner is tracked, and if this rises over the PC's, the game is over.
  • Minority shares in arcologies rise more slowly with increased arcology prosperity.
  • Neighboring arcologies use a simplified version of the ownership system.
  • Changes of government in neighboring arcologies now occur when the largest minority owner controls more of the arcology than the current leadership.
  • Added ownership and other economic information to the sidebar.
Personal assistant upgrades
  • Split computer core upgrades into their own tree, which is currently limited to two upgrades only.
  • The first computer core upgrade provides all the benefits associated with the old upgrade in the arcology upgrade tree.
  • The second computer core upgrade enables a subsidiary Market Assistant, which can play the menial slave market automatically.
  • Provided an announcement event that introduces the new capability as soon as it becomes available.
  • Highly characterized personal assistants' avatars can simulate a sexual relationship with the Market Assistant's avatar.
Other updates
  • Pit fight support for sightless slaves, by Anon.
  • More pregnancy descriptions in random events, by Anon.
  • Split some options off the excessively long Manage Arcology menu into a new Manage Penthouse menu.
  • Boosted the cost of policy upkeep to make certain policies less overpowered.
  • More slave introduction options, including convenient options that place slaves directly into the Industrial Dairy or the Arcade.
  • Added ballsacks to the organ fabricator.
  • Code revisions for better performance.
  • Bugfixes, with powerful assistance from Bane70.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ALPHA 0.8.6: Best Served Cold, Hotfix 4+

This is somewhere between a small update and a glorified hotfix. However, I'm giving it a clean post because 0.8.6 has certainly produced enough bug reports to produce cumbersome comment sections.

The block of time I typically use to write new content for FC had to go elsewhere this week. Fortunately, FC now has enough active contributors that it can move forward so long as I can manage to optimize code, integrate mods, and fix bugs. Since this update is relatively small and does not seem to break saves at all, I am not pushing the version number to 0.8.7.

Blind content, a mod contributed by Anon, is in an early state. At this point, please do not report instances of blind slaves seeing as bugs, as the events have not gotten a complete pass for this.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from 0.8.6+ should be compatible, and 0.8+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1620 PST September 29), completely save compatible. Fixes are not usually attributed by author, but regular contributors like CornCobMan and Anon are typically the authors of fixes to their own content. fixes
  • Fixed a bug in the RA which set the collar for a new rule to "none" instead "no default setting"
  • Fixed the bug for a slave in the HG Suite being set incorrectly
  • Added First/Last links for the RA
  • Fixed an issue with the New Game Plus incorrectly setting the slave height to very tall by default
  • Fixed an issue with assignments being set incorrectly in the RA when undefined
  • Simplified Rules Assistant code
  • Allowed blind slaves to DJ
  • Fixed an amputee status issue in birth scenes
  • Sex act counter error in personal training
  • Corrected description of function of the new Dairy upgrade
  • Nonlethal pit fight error fixes
  • Problems with slaves being kicked out of leadership positions due to a new handicap
  • Bugfixes to end week code that should address several issues
  • Twin miniscene error message
  • RA fixes and improvements from CornCobMan
  • Reversed immobility checks
  • Minor text issues fixes
  • Addressed issues with fixes to end week leadership code and immobilization checks Changelog

Anon's blind mod
  • Implements blind slaves, which for now can only be created surgically.
  • Blind slaves are subject to most of the leadership position exclusions as immobile slaves.
  • Being blind has mental effects, reduces job effectiveness, and hurts slave value.
CornCobMan's rules mod
  • Better handling for immobilized slaves.
  • Optimization and other minor updates.
  • Bugfixes.
Other updates
  • Continued pregnancy improvements by Anon.
  • Continued optimization work by Bane70.
  • Continued code consolidation.
  • Provided a convenience upgrade for the Industrial Dairy that permits all slaves to be added immediately.
  • Recoded and reactivated three events deactivated due to consolidations and codebase changes.
  • Broadened qualification for several events by providing code to support more body types.
  • Bugfixes.

Monday, September 19, 2016

ALPHA 0.8.6: Best Served Cold

It has been a year since the first public release of Free Cities.

This isn't where I expected FC to be a year ago. The game has gotten a lot more attention than I expected, and working on it turned out to be more fun than I could have imagined. As for definite plans for the future of FC, I intend to keep working on FC as long as I have the time to do so, as long as it's fun to do so, and as long as I feel that the game is improving. None of that looks like it'll be changing anytime soon. Thank you all for playing.

To celebrate the anniversary of FC's first public release, this update is one of the game's biggest. It integrates the recently added neighboring arcology system, the existing lategame rivalry event chain, and new content to confront the player with a challenge. It adds a popularly requested item, modern prosthetic limbs, which can make an amputee more than she ever was when she had natural arms and legs. It allows slaves with hypermassive breasts to leave the Dairy for a life of sedentary majesty elsewhere. Finally, it also integrates major contributions from FC's growing group of active modders, including CornCobMan's spectacular overhaul of the rules system.

Like previous updates that made significant expansions to what's possible for slaves in the game world, there will inevitably be instances of slaves with hypermassive tits or prosthetic limbs doing things that don't make sense. As usual, I did my best to catch these, but I'm sure many slipped past me. If you encounter one of these, please report it.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.8+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1830 PST September 22), completely save compatible. fixes
  • Victory over the Daughters' coup attempt will now provide more than one slave.
  • The Slave Shelter should now generate slaves with a complete set of flaws.
  • Adding vibrating P-Limbs will now display the proper reaction scene. fixes
  • Incorporated continued RA improvements by CornCobMan, including support for slaves in facilities.
  • Fixed a bug with Multiculturalism that was causing widespread issues with AI arcologies.
  • Incorporated more collars by Anon.
  • Fixed several dud personal training outcomes.
  • Readded improperly omitted preg code.
  • Provided hostage backstory for the Slaver career.
  • Allowed vocal cord restoration for all content settings.
  • Exempted P-Limbs from heel effects. They're metal.
  • Fixed a bug in rules application to midndbroken slaves.
  • Minor menu optimizations.
  • Typos. fixes
  • Various rules bugfixes and improvements from CornCobMan, including multiple default rulesets when starting a new game.
  • Fixed a bug in the javascript optimizations that was preventing heeled slaves from walking in proper footwear.
  • Costs Report error.

0.8.6 Changelog

CornCobMan's rules improvements
  • Broadly revises the rule system to use multiple rulesets.
Immobility system
  • Rebalanced existing mechanics to provide simple penalties to upkeep, beauty, sexual performance, and deadliness for amputees.
  • Provided code support for slaves immobilized by hypermassive breasts outside the Dairy, including penalties to upkeep and deadliness.
  • Added additional mental effects from immobility due to either amputee status or hypermassive breasts.
  • Recoded many existing amputee mechanics to cover all immobilized slaves, including leadership restrictions.
  • Eliminated the restriction on removing slaves with hypermassive breasts from the Dairy and eliminated the special surgery to permit removal.
  • Growth hormone upgrades are now available in three increasingly expensive tiers which speed expansion.
  • Provided an additional rules setting identical to unlimited growth except that it will not grow dicks to nonfunctionality or boobs to immobility.
Prosthetic limbs
  • Added modern prosthetic limbs, which are provided surgically, allow a normal life, and reduce but not eliminate amputee penalties and costs.
  • P-Limbs can be upgraded to focus on either appearance, sex, or combat, completely eliminating the relevant amputee penalty.
  • Transformation Fetishist societies approve of artificial limbs.
Future Society changes
  • Added an alternative future society choice, Multiculturalism, which represents the advantages of letting the arcology's culture develop naturally.
  • Multiculturalism does not develop organically: one or more FS choices can be added to it, increasing its effects.
  • Multiculturalism provides free reputation and is an extremely powerful driver of arcology prosperity.
  • Provided support for new cultural mechanics by defining Pastoralism and Physical Idealism as rival societal models.
  • Defined Chattel Religionism and Multiculturalism as rival society models.
  • Boosted the threshold for directed cultural influence and reduced its effectiveness.
Other updates
  • Continued optimization work by Bane70.
  • Continued pregnancy content improvements by Anon.
  • Continued event code consolidation.
  • Bugfixes.

The section of the changelog below spoils late game events!

Plot event updates
  • The game will attempt to define a leading neighbor arcology as the PC's rival, though this will not be immediately revealed.
  • The Daughters of Liberty event chain now features the rival arcology owner as the antagonist if one is active.
  • Rival arcologies enjoy minor bonuses to economic efficiency and FS adoption.
  • Rival governments will shift to individual rule, and will not experience changes of government.
  • Early FS choices will define a primary FS disagreement between the PC and the rival, with the rival always choosing the opposite FS.
  • Rivals have a high chance of making further FS selections that disagree with the PC's choices.
  • The prosperity of the PC's arcology now factors into victory in the inter-arcology event chain.
  • If a rival arcology is active, its prosperity factors into victory in the inter-arcology event chain.
  • The game will attempt to generate a minor prior acquaintance of the PC from before they owned the arcology.
  • If a prior acquaintance is active, she will appear in the possession of the rival arcology owner, who will use her in psychological warfare against the PC.
  • Winning the inter-arcology war will allow the PC to capture the prior acquaintance in addition to the rival arcology owner.

Monday, September 12, 2016

ALPHA 0.8.5: Nominal Estimates

This update is fairly light on content, but will hopefully produce a more pleasant playing experience. Several contributors and I have been working on different areas to make the game faster, easier to play, and less buggy. As such, the changelog contains some items that will be of interest mostly to those who look at the code, since they'll have little impact on gameplay. I'd like to single out Bane70 for special thanks in this regard; he is doing optimization work with a high degree of expertise and meticulousness, and I'm afraid everyone who plays FC hereafter won't realize how important his contributions are, precisely because of how unobtrusively they improve things.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.8+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1730 PST September 14), completely save compatible. fixes
  • Addressed absence of manual corsetage control.
  • Corrected pregnancy source tracking.
  • Minor description issues. fixes
  • Slightly revised hormone balance calculation.
  • Various reported error messages and description issues.
  • Typos. fixes
  • Neighbor future society development errors.
  • Arcade assignment errors.
  • Face stat overflow due to hormonal effects.
  • Bad trigger for the fearful humiliation event.
  • Body mod request event error.
  • Abuse error.
  • Typos.

0.8.5 Changelog

Optimization and other recoding
  • Menu optimization by Bane70.
  • Consolidated much existing event code for standardization and to stamp out several longstanding bugs.
  • Provided updated cheatmode handling for the new event code.
  • Cheatmode will now allow the player to select which slave sees a random event each week.
  • As a debugging tool, Cheatmode will now display the passage title in the sidebar.
Neighboring arcologies
  • Changes of government may cause abandonment of society models, with more mature models being likelier to survive.
  • The likelihood of cross-arcology future society spread is now affected by existing social alignment.
  • Revised neighbor descriptions for clarity, including a numerical approximation of their  prosperity.
  • Having an upgraded computer core will decrease the uncertainty of prosperity approximations.
  • The PC can target a single arcology for straightforward economic warfare, harming both arcologies' prosperity.
  • Opposed Paternalism and Degradationism will override the feelings of slaves traded across arcologies.
Clothes and accessories
  • Added a belly accessory slot.
  • Recast corsets as a belly accessory rather than an item of clothing.
  • Added extreme corsets, which will continue to have corsetage effects on all slaves who have not had surgical waist narrowing.
  • Integrated a contribution by Anonymous that adds sympathy bellies.
Other updates
  • Random event in which slaves wearing succubi costumes can be fed the PC's precious bodily essence.
  • Random event in which the personal assistant and a flirty slave can be told to get a room already.
  • Bugfixes.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ALPHA 0.8.4: Clear Vision

The subreddit is working out well. The web platform approach I'll take for this update is that the subreddit is now the preferred place to submit bug reports, feedback, and requests, but I will still read comments here. Reddit is certainly a much better platform than Blogspot for discussion, and this has already had a noticeable impact on the game. This update makes more minor content expansions prompted by player requests than usual, including eyewear, dick expansion, and a succubus outfit.

I find ballsless futa vaguely baffling. For those who are unfamiliar, these are chicks with functional dicks and no balls, and they're pretty common in futa hentai, on /d/, etc. But I've never let a lack of understanding get in the way before, and I haven't now. To address this frequently requested item, it is now possible for a slave to have internal balls, and this situation, which can occur naturally in real life and is a treatable medical condition, can be now be created using surgery. Free Cities: I might fulfill your requests, but if I do, it'll probably be horribly degrading!

This update and future updates that expand the Free City and give other arcologies rudimentary AI are likely to take some work before they become really reliable and enjoyable. It's always possible to effectively turn the system off by starting the game in a Free City with one arcology (yours).

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.8+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1315 PST September 8), completely save compatible. fixes
  • Adds an option to the options menu to suppress some of the more routine parts of the neighbor arcologies' FS development.
  • Corrects bad mindbroken identifiers in the birth event mod.
  • Addresses many spelling and grammar errors. fixes
  • Fixed error for slaves choosing their own clothing.
  • Summary error referencing clit setting.
  • Added logic to the autosurgery assistant to detect and repair blown out holes.
  • Corrective eyewear should now properly prevent all nearsightedness effects.
  • Fixed dairy assignment scene. fixes
  • Revised penis enhancement code to better support the new size cap.
  • Addressed an RA issue with eye colors that was producing gibberish.
  • Economic report revisions for more clarity about overall growth.
  • Butt injection error for slaves with flat asses.
  • Corrected descriptions of which class of indenture restriction is present.
  • Revised HG training descriptions to clarify that she isn't taking virginities.
  • Fixed an instance in which person attention was not properly set after success.
  • Minor text and description errors. fixes

  • Fixes a bug that causes breasts to tip over into explosive growth once over 5000cc.
  • Provides proper display of wesekhs.
  • Error messages when Head Girl uses dick on the Head Girl's girl.
  • Removed several unintentional instances of slaves being generated with internal balls.
  • Prevented the RA from trying to grow internal balls.
  • Moved hole restoration by the RA into the cosmetic surgery category.
  • Various minor description and event issues.

0.8.4 Changelog

Targeted cultural influence
  • It is now possible to target a neighbor for direct cultural influence once the PC has a mature future society.
  • Direct influence will advance matching future societies and reverse opposed future societies.
  • More advanced societal adoption increases cultural throw weight.
  • Societal adoption in excess of the cap will be stored to add an additional bonus to cultural throw weight.
  • Neighbor arcologies have their own logic for their own cultural influence, and will help further friendly societies and push back opposed societies.
Social alignment
  • The game is now capable of calculating the social alignment between two arcologies' future society choices.
  • High alignment with neighbors will help the PC's arcology economy develop, while low alignment will hurt it.
  • Slaves purchased from neighbors will get major devotion, trust, and price effects from alignment.
Anonymous birth mod integration
  • Recodes birth mechanics to address bugs and support birth events.
  • Adds a birth event with outcomes that depend on slave assignment and status. 
  • To integrate this mod, added a universal rule that implements checkups for heavily pregnant slaves, guaranteeing kinder birth outcomes.
Junk expansion
  • Raised the penis size cap and made drug and rule allowances for the possibility of hyper dick growth.
  • Dicks beyond the previous cap will not be able to achieve usable erection and are mostly ornamental.
  • Hyper dicks will efficiently advance Transformation Fetishism and Asset Expansionism.
  • Balls can now be surgically moved inside a slave's body to combine function with a ballsless futa look.
  • Internal balls remain fertile, but have a low size cap, may shrink, and will reduce cum production.
  • Added a scrotum stat to support this change; they will develop naturally like areolae, nipples, and foreskins.
Eyes and eyewear
  • Statted slaves' eyes, making it possible for them to be nearsighted.
  • Nearsightedness slightly reduces effectiveness on sexual assignments and while working as a servant.
  • Nearsightedness has various minor mental effects depending on a slave's devotion and assignment.
  • Eyewear can be cosmetic only, corrective, or blurring, which induces nearsightedness in slaves with good vision.
  • Eyewear is available as contact lenses or glasses, which will take their style from the slave's clothing.
  • Provided Rules Assistant support for various goals with eyewear.
  • Nearsightedness can also be corrected or induced using surgery.
  • Added visual acuity to starting slave customization.
Balance changes
  • Reduced the efficacy of breast and butt growth drugs.
  • Slightly reduced the base milk price, and significantly reduced the impact of Pastoralist policy on milk price.
  • Various neighbor arcology development balance changes.
Other updates
  • Incorporated code optimizations contributed by Bane70.
  • Added a succubus costume.
  • New random event for PCs with attentive Head Girls and Concubines.
  • New random event involving a tired slave who is sleeping soundly in the dormitory.
  • A change of government will now give arcologies a short honeymoon period of stability and growth to reduce death spirals.
  • Provided more careers and replaced the Milkmaid age bonus with a career bonus.
  • Placed a basic calendar on the sidebar.
  • Provided more names for AI arcologies to adopt.
  • Bugfixes.

Monday, August 29, 2016

ALPHA 0.8.3: Meet the Neighbors

This update introduces a wider ecosystem outside the walls of the player's arcology. At game start, a handful of neighboring arcologies within the same Free City as the player's arcology will be generated, and they'll develop as gameplay progresses. This system is in an early state, and mostly exists as something the player can watch, but not manipulate directly. That will change; it's not necessary to request interactions with your neighbors until I've had a some time to implement the ones I've already planned out.

This update does trememdous violence to existing code. Some bugs are inevitable. If you prefer to play FC periodically when a stable build drops, hold off. Also, the number of arcologies present in the Free City is configurable, and the code that handles interactions between arcologies will have to perform a total number of operations in which the number of arcologies present is an exponent. If FC runs slowly, try creating a Free City with a smaller number of arcologies.

Save compatibility
This update breaks saves. This is true of almost every update, but it is especially true of this one. If you started a game using 0.8.2 or a previous version, do not load that save using 0.8.3+ and expect it to work. It won't. If you're experiencing trouble, check the options screen, which gives the version used to create your save. If the version shown there does not match the version in the filename of the .html you're running, don't report bugs. Using New Game Plus will update the version tag in your save, in addition to everything else, so if you use it on any 0.8+ save, you'll pass this check.

Submitting content
Every 0.8+ update has included mod content. That's outstanding. If you'd like to contribute, email me, at least until I decide what FC's next step is in terms of web platform. With different mod formats and levels of modder expertise, that's the best way for me to offer assistance and feedback to modders. Finally, as a request to all modders and players considering modding: all contributions are great, and I'll consider anything, but what the game needs most is more random events. It would be great if FC's library of random events could have the benefit of creative impulses other than my own. The most beneficial way to do this is to play until you see a placeholder event, and then create a sex scene between the PC and that slave.

Web platform
I've created a subreddit as an experiment. I decided to do so mostly because reddit makes it very easy, so there's little cost in running the experiment for an update or two and seeing how it goes. This update is posted in both places, and I'll continue to do this until the experiment has produced results. I will read feedback in both places, as well. I'd like to thank everyone who offered input on this; there were some great arguments raised. To give them their due, here's a review of the alternatives and why I don't see them as advantageous right now:
  • Continue using Blogspot as FC's primary web platform. Blogspot is cumbersome and unreliable. It lacks basic readability features in its comment sections, and it persistently deletes some users' comments.
  • Move to a subforum at an established lewd game's forum. Most western lewd games have their own fan subcultures, and any such forum is not going to be friendly territory for at least some FC players. There are also independence issues.
  • Move to a subforum at a broader lewd games forum. This presents the same culture issues as moving to another game's forum, and/or would place severe restrictions on my ability to exercise and delegate necessary mod power.
  • Create a forum using a western free forum host. I have not been able to find a decent western forum host that does not ban adult content under its TOS. You have to read the fine print, anons.
  • Create a forum using a non-western free forum host. Many western users (including myself) try to avoid any site in Cyrillic out of prudence. I'm sure there are reputable ones, but finding out which is which can be painful.
  • Create an FC site with a forum. This is a last resort. I'm sure the funding issue could be addressed through Patreon, but anonymous web hosting is a monstrous pain that I'd rather avoid. As things are, I'd remain on Blogspot over this.
Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.8+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Known bugs in this version include subordinate slavery assignment issues. Latest hotfix is (1700 PST August 31), completely save compatible. fixes
  • New games will now set up retirement milestone policies properly.
  • Set a new path to properly commit custom slave descriptions.
  • Incorrect advancement of play after manually retiring a slave. fixes
  • Prevented gingering from appearing in inappropriate events.
  • Misleading descriptive omissions for slaver PCs detecting gingering.
  • Walk by scene error messages.
  • Addressed a bug that was preventing menial to bioreactor conversions.
  • Patched code omissions that were preventing some /d/ slave buyers from appearing. fixes
  • Added a check for errant hormonal effects.
  • The PA should no longer decide she really wants to be a monstergirl.
  • Based indenture costs on the fraction of five years remaining on the indenture. fixes
  • It should no longer be possible to create more than nine arcologies in a Free City.
  • Addressed issues that would occur if a manually set retiree was otherwise removed.
  • Added virginity checks to random events.
  • Patched minor femPC description issues.
  • Typos.

0.8.3 Changelog

Anonymous modpack
  • Provides additional starting slave customization options.
  • Adds string implants for tits and asses, which grow without further input and may even have to be drained.
  • Improves the rules assistant fertility options and logic.
  • Creates a new announcement event for personal assistant future society appearance options.
  • Provides relative and relationship interactions between schoolteachers and students.
  • Adds an aging toggle to Cheat Mode.
  • Adds belly branding.
Neighboring arcologies
  • Much existing code has been rewritten to handle the PC's arcology as one of several arcologies in a Free City, rather than as a unique entity.
  • The number of arcologies in the Free City in which the story takes place can be set between one and nine at game start.
  • The game will randomly generate and follow the other arcologies in the Free City.
  • Other arcologies will appear with different systems of governance, with various impacts on their development.
  • Neighboring arcologies' prosperity will develop along a simplified path.
  • All arcologies' economies will impact one another, with prosperity tending to move towards the average within the Free City.
  • Should neighboring arcologies' prosperity fall far behind, they will experience dissention and a likely change of government.
  • Neighboring arcologies will make their own Future Society choices, based on other arcologies' societies and their own development.
  • All arcologies' societies will experience cultural crossover, accelerating or slowing societal progress.
  • Each neighboring arcology has its own area in the slave market, offering slaves that vary based on the source arcology's prosperity and culture.
Other updates
  • Disabled the backwards compatibility mod function pending updating if necessary by that mod's author.
  • Added a pair of policies for Gender Radicalism and Fundamentalism that boost beauty for slaves with classical feminine porportions.
  • Provided better descriptive distinctions between slaves who can't speak and slaves who haven't learned how to speak the lingua franca.
  • Changed some events to prevent generation of slaves over the arcology's retirement age; instant retirements should be reported as bugs.
  • Rebalanced some hormonal effects which were not handling the interaction between ovaries and hormone therapy properly.
  • More slave customization options at game start.
  • Enabled fertility drugs for all slaves and added more descriptive support, since they now have the secondary purpose of starting lactation.
  • Buffed unfocused sexual subordination so that it is no longer strictly inferior to targeted sexual subordination.
  • Added a Chattel Religionist naming scheme that uses traditional virtue names: Patience, Charity, etc.
  • Extended the rules assistant's contraceptives regime to address more ways a pregnancy can end.
  • Recoding for better performance.
  • Encyclopedia updates.
  • Bugfixes, many of which were coded by CornCobMan or reported by Ryllynyth.