Friday, January 1, 2016

ALPHA 0.5.7: "Her Girl"

This update addresses three major requests that have been echoed often enough to deserve some work. First, the starting sequence has been revised, with hardcoded slaves having a much less significant impact. For now, the player will receive only one regardless of difficulty options. Second, the Head Girl has gotten some love. Third and finally, it's now possible to customize slaves in facilities in a limited way. I may relax these limits further if possible, but for now they're necessary to keep the game playable.

I'm pretty confident playtesters will find all sorts of delightful ways to abuse the new starting system for fun and profit. A major limitation of my own internal playtesting is that I know the code very well - having a great memory is tremendously useful when creating the game, but it means I can't easily play the game from the perspective of someone who doesn't know its mechanics by heart. Balance feedback is very useful.

Since this is a mechanics-heavy update, bugs are likely. Event-heavy updates tend to be much more stable, since the code in them is usually well tested and doesn't cause serious trouble if it's not. As I've said before, I consider this an alpha, so I'm focusing on creating content, not making sure it's perfect before it goes public. In any case, unless the truly unforeseen occurs, the next several updates will focus on content, events, and bugfixes, making 0.5.8+ more stable than 0.5.6 and 0.5.7.

After three consecutive mechanics-focused updates, the game is now in dire need of some events. The new facilities, leadership positions, the corporation, and the new fetishes all need multiple events. I'll focus on them as much as I can, but that pushes the need for many more generic, sexy events with slaves even further down the list of things to do. This is therefore a good time to post my answer to a question on /d/ about event submissions:

I will now consider event submissions. However, anyone who wishes to submit an event should carefully consider the requirements before spending time on it.
  • Authors must be willing to resign all rights to their work. I won't intentionally butcher anything, but I need to be able to make code and lore changes as necessary. That means I need to be able to edit everything in the game freely.
  • Authors must be code-literate, or willing to learn. I am not posting a tutorial on doing this. You must be able to open the game in Twine to see how the events work.
  • Events must be well coded and code-consistent with the rest of the game. This is my first major project and I usually don't have enough time to fix my own bugs, never mind others'. For veteran coders, this will probably mean copying some of my imbecilities to stay consistent.
  • For now, events must be independent in code terms. I will not be adding stats, items, etc. to support event submissions.
  • Events must be fairly consistent with my writing style and totally consistent with the existing lore. A new player should not be able to immediately tell that a submitted event has a different author than the rest of the game.
I am aware that these are pretty onerous, and I'll be neither surprised nor disappointed if no submissions appear. On the other hand, if anyone is willing to subject themselves to this, I'd be happy to have FC profit by their enthusiasm. To avoid wasting your time, I strongly suggest you email me an outline of your idea so I can jump in with guidance if your plans don't fit into the game. The ideal first event submission is probably a single-slave scene without major stat impacts, like about half of the scenes currently available.

Also, OldHuntsman discussed FC on his blog! If Google Translate can be trusted, he played it for a while, and had a bunch of feedback. JoNT started me down the path to FC, so this pleases me immensely.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. If you have not started a new game with a fresh download, please do not report bugs. Latest hotfix at 12:20 PST, January 2. Hotfix should address all reported issues up to that time.

0.5.7 Changelog

Major additions:
  • Revised intro sequence: the player will now receive a single hardcoded slave and a varying amount of money with which to customize any number of starting slaves at a reduced rate. Starting slaves will be pseudo-random, but after committing one, subsequent slaves can be based on the first one.
  • Penthouse upgrade that puts your Head Girl in a suite of her own. A single slave can be assigned to live with her there, improving her effectiveness and subjecting that slave to the HG's tastes in clothes, drugs, surgery, etc.
  • Major UI improvements, including the ability to alter some settings, apply surgeries, etc. to slaves in facilities.
Minor updates:
  • Three new fetishes: masochism, sadism, and dominance; the last two will be expressed mostly towards other slaves.
  • Reviewed preexisting fetish content, including how fetishes interact with assignments and relationships.
  • Nicknames for all leadership positions.
  • Cash-rich corporations can now invest in assets at an accelerated rate.
  • The corporation will now track how many people it's enslaved, to keep the player informed as to approximately how much human misery they've profited from.
  • Slaves' stats will now track how many kills they have in lethal pit fights, and the arcology will track how many slaves have died in pit fights.
  • The rules assistant will no longer put slaves in positions in which virility is advantageous on female hormones.
  • Bugfixes.


  1. First off, thank you once again for the great work.

    1. OldHuntsman's main issue with FC, as I understand it, is the linearity of slave progression. This, in his opinion, both takes away from the individuality of slaves (because all of them follow effectively the same path from rebellious to worshipful) and the impact of player choices (because these can be relegated to the automated assistant with little to no need for input). He mentions that some FC design choices aligned with his own development ideas, and uses FC criticism to illustrate the differences he hopes to achieve in the further development of his own project.

      Technically his claims are valid, but as you've said yourself multiple times, FC is a fundamentally different slave management game, chiefly due to its scale (arcology rather than individuals).

      If you'd like a full translation, drop me a PM.

    2. I don't need a full translation unless there's anything else really noteworthy; I got the linearity thing from Google Translate. And he's right, of course. All slaves essentially being putty in the player's hands is a design choice I made very early on.

    3. And it is the right choice. Look, I know you said you were inspired by his creations, but please don't let it drag you to his level. I don't intend this to be a fan post of "you rox, everyone sux!", and don't mean to badmouth OldHuntsman's creations, but you really do have something special here and I want to make sure you understand it and don't doubt yourself.

      Most adult games play as "player vs game" - you solve some puzzles, click a lot and get the "prize", which is usually some awesomeness or ability. The goal is to just beat the game. That's all there is to them, you just unlock stuff. But your game starts the player in an absurdly powerful position and can be either a fun do-anything-you-like sandbox, or a self-reflecting social satire where you suddenly find yourself doing things you thought you were against, stop and think how you got there.

      The way you approached the game not only gives us the freedom to play the sandbox however we like, it gives the player the feeling of their character's near-absolute power, which is the key element for a game like this.

      Keep true to doing what you think is right. It got you this far.

    4. I wouldn't say 'down to his level' as OldHumantman's game is QUITE good.

      I would also argue that depending on how the creator wants to direct the development, the linearity has to be addressed. All games needs a challenge to be entertaining.

      Right now there's two basic gameplay within the game 'Arcology Development' and 'Slave Development' and both are quite linear. Unless it was intentional for this game to be purely sandbox.

      Not to put down the game AT ALL as it is currently changing constantly, but in its current state, I basically play up to the final 'arcology vs arcology' event to see the new stuff.

    5. JoNT is a great game, and I hope to make FC 1.0 a great game. They take fundamentally different approaches to the slave management in many ways. Don't worry, I'm not about to go chasing anyone's approval, even OldHuntsman's. But that doesn't mean he can't have good points about FC's limitations. If I can find ways to add more character to individual slaves without damaging what I think makes FC good, I'm absolutely going to do that. And I have been. Origins, careers, prestige, intelligence, even facial attractiveness were all added with slave uniqueness in mind.

    6. The detail you are adding in and the personalities you are slowly opening up all give the slaves an amazing amount of detail. I use my imagination where the details fail, and have faith that you'll keep adding more.

      I do agree with the above poster though, I have so much fun with this game BECAUSE we can do what we want. BECAUSE it is a sandbox that is really telling us 'you are in charge'. It's what I want, it's a true inspiration, and a great experience, and I would hate to have it lose that.

      That said, I trust that you will keep a good balance between pure fun and details/character/challenge. :)

  2. On the pre-game slave creation screen, the Skilled option for Prostitution and Entertainment skills does not work. It sets the option to Expert if you select it.


    On a "normal" start (no changes made), the game begins building the "custom" slave as a female. Adding a penis while keeping the vagina generates a FERTILE herm.

    1. "Max shemale content" start results are the same - adding a vagina to the designed slave creates a fertile herm.

      Also, the slave name on the design page does not carry over if changes have been made to the salve.

  4. For events would VIP tennants be a possibility. You have a few slots for people of importance that pay rent and offer extra if you perform odd tasks or meet certain requirements for them. Something like Mr Smith wants to reside at your place due to your high security and pays 200 a week in rent. Later he asks you for help to rescue his daughter and if you do will pay 300 a week for them on. Another may as you to have X girls with girlish figures or have less then 5 slave with dicks. Or having and helping a VIP from one of the milk companies get you a better rate of selling milk. I am just trying to think of something that gives a bit more objective to the game.

    Also for an event I may try my had at if it fit the world is if you upgrade the Smart Piercings you run accross a rebel slave lying in a puddle of thier own juices. They then ask you for help when you AI tells you this is because they did not follow orders properly and is punishing them for you. This give you three options: 1. Let that be enough for now 2. Keep up the good work 3. If she can still ask for help you need to punish her harder.

  5. When I tried to give a slave a new name, I got this:
    Since she's already had a new name forced on her before, she accepts this fresh name without fuss.
    Error: < < set > > : bad evaluation: State.variables.activeSlave.slaveName is undefined
    Error: < < if > > : bad conditional expression in < < if > > clause: State.variables.toSearch is undefined

    Those two error showed up a total of 17 times each. The slave's name then became, officially, $activeSlave.slaveName. Also of note: The slave had NOT been renamed before, despite the game's claim to the contrary. This slave was straight out of the pre-game setup.


    Custom starting slave named 'Fucknugget' Pillow's description includes this sentence: "Her floral tattoos run down her legs, with an especially beautiful bouquet of blooms sprayed across each thigh."

    The problem? She's a quad amputee.

    To be fair, FC never mentions the location of arm/leg amputations, but the sentence can be jarring if the player assumes arms/legs are removed in their entirety rather than at knee/shoulder or another point beyond those.

  7. Nympho, sadist, dom, and masochist fetish options are missing from the pre-game slave generation screen. If it's intentional, then there's still a bug, because clicking on a race and randomly generated another starting template slave can create one with any of those fetishes.

  8. Bug: If you enter the "Customize her Description" pane and don't enter anything into the "Rename Her" box it removes her name, which also removes the hyperlink to access the girl, effectively locking her as she is forever when you hit "Continue."

  9. I had my head girl move in with herself as a subordinate slave.

    Is there an option to remove her from the main menu and have all interactions with her in her new suite?

  10. Not sure if intended but at the start Vaginal skill has no effect on pricing and Vagina: Veteran vagina is the only option that shows on the left even though selecting an option on the right effects pricing.

    1. Pricing is rounded to the nearest ¤500 so single changes may have no effect.

  11. Question: How are the Head Girl's preferences determined for the purposes of clothes, drugs, surgery, etc..? Does she only change things related to her fetish, or does she have a randomly selected "type", or...?

    1. Her logic is in a pretty early state and needs a lot of work. Clothing is based on her fetishes. All HGs like healthy slaves with a little muscle, but prefer feminine slaves because that's how FC culture goes. Other than that, they'll transform away using drugs and implants, unless a future society that disapproves of such things is in place.

  12. BUG?

    Custom slaves with higher than Fearful starting devotion seem to rubberband back down even if every influence on them during the first week is positive.

    I'm guessing the starting devotion boost is being treated like an "unnatural" devotion crank-up from multiple surgeries in a week, and the slaves are being bounced back down because starting devotion value is set to 0 instead of the value at which the slave is actually purchased.

  13. BUG:

    Your corporation made a profit of ¤-Infinity last week. It was a bad week for enslavement; in total, the corporation has enslaved 0 people. The corporation has enough training and medical assets to rapidly improve its human holdings. The market consensus is that your corporation is overvalued, driving share prices sharply down. Shares in your corporation are trading at ¤17.03: up 0.03 since last week. You hold 4000 shares personally while 0 are publicly held. You purchased 500 shares from the corporation, driving the share price up slightly.
    Corporate assets
    ¤$corpCash in cash on hand.
    ¤4500 in general assets. General asset prices are low.
    ¤21798 in slaves. Slave prices are low. | Sell
    ¤4500 in legal enslavement assets. Legal enslavement assets prices are low.
    ¤9000 in conflict zone enslavement assets. Extralegal enslavement asset prices are very high.
    ¤-Infinity in slave training assets. Slave training asset prices are very low. | Sell
    ¤5500 in surgical assets. Surgical asset prices are high.
    ¤5500 in pharmaceutical assets. Drug asset prices are high.

    Massive investment into slave training assets twice.

  14. New renaming issue - the slaves no longer react to having their names changed.

    Basically, because the custom description starts out with the slave's original name in the name box, adding new text there doesn't register as a "new name" - or, rather, it registers as "since she's already had a name forced on her before", which results in no devotion change.


      Thought about the names a bit more. I want to bring up an issue I've had with slave names for some time now, ever since the "resume original name" events were added. Most of my playthroughs are on the "max shemale content" start, where it makes absolutely no sense that a slave would want to resume her "original" FEMALE name.

      The solution, I think, is to have several separate values of "slave name":

      1) "Original" name, generated from the slave's initial country/race AND GENDER. This name would be "untouchable" in slave data - the player should be able to see it listed on the slave page and/or the customization page, but NOT change it.

      2) "Base" name, generated from the slave's initial country/race (FEMALE GENDER), the way it is now. Each slave would arrive in the master's employ carrying one of these names, and each of these could be further altered by the player, as at present.

      3) "Current" name, generated by the player. This would replace the "base" name, as at present. Technically a subset of 2 above that would replace it as soon as there is some input (either from the player or a nickname event).

      Of course, this would require additional work, in terms of a) recoding each slave to have yet another "name" value, and b) tracking down male equivalents of the female name lists. This may be altogether too much effort for a single point of inconsistency (formerly male slaves being happy with female names given to them upon enslavement).

  15. Not a good change on the start, not enough money on easy and wealthy, paid for a worshipful and devoted and both defaulted to fearful after first week

    1. My guess is that custom slave starting devotion value is set to 0. The weekly update checks current devotion value against last week's, which doesn't exist (or is 0), and assumes the change was from someone trying to break the devotion mechanics (the way multiple surgeries in one week do).

      Then the game limits devotion gains, which effectively rubberbands the custom slave's devotion down to "last week's devotion +2", or 2 in this case.


    "You have a lot of work to do with X" event for disobedient slave, with the public humiliation/restroom/whorehouse choices. Third (whorehouse) choice ends with "infuriates her further but earns some cash", where both parts of the phrase are in the same "loses devotion" text color. "Earns some cash" should be some variation of cash-earning green instead.

  17. Continental restriction broken?

  18. I am running into an issue where when I put slaves into the pit for a fight the fight event never triggers, and the slaves are removed from it at the beginning of the next week.

  19. Two questions: are there any nicknames ingame yet for the last bunch of new ethnicities, pacific islander, etc? and secondly I can't quite glean it from the post, so do the new fetishes in this update have any events for them yet or are they just in need of more?

  20. BUG: add girl to collection facility generates the following message: Error: <>: bad expression: Unexpected token '<<'

  21. Seeing OldHuntsman and JoNT being mentioned makes me want to comment a little, I first heard of it when you mentioned it as an inspiration. And I gotta say that his choice of music for the combat and race, were really exceptional! The world setting and training customization are amazing as well. My only grievances on that game would be the extremely limited amount of slave slots, the interface and a few disconnects between the dark setting and how comparatively "well treated" our slaves felt. Thank you for sharing it.

    Let me throw some ideas:

    Something I would like to be elaborated is the mindbronken state on FC, Im not quite sure, but it seems like a temporary status effect? (If so, let me offer my appreciation, it got old fast on JoNT IMO.)
    I understand "Mindbroken" as 2 possible interpretations: The mechanical lifeless one, and the crazy slut. In FC a devoted or worshipful slave seems to be latter, and "mindbroken" status, the former. It seems to be a "broken" vs "well broken" situation.

    If thats the case, then I have a few suggestions for slave characterization:

    - "traumas" and "traits" - Make quirks and fetishes have more permanence and effects: A good exemple would be the "hates penetration" quirk, that can clearly be considered a disadvantage for the slave, vs "arrogant" that could be interpreted as "flavour" instead! the idea is to make traits permanent or just supressable but not curable and harder to develop than traumas(still curable), influenciating the performance of the slave, a arrogant slave could feel better in a position of power and have slightely diferent performance when compared to another trait, and also have diferent interactions with other slave traits and positions. My reasoning would be that a arrongant slave could be harder to break, but possibly more rewarding in the proper setting, even as sort of amusement for the master.

    - "7 natural sins and virtues" - Following the former line of thought, a trait system. A Lust associated slave would perform better at the brothel, a Lazy one could be a better cow and a humble might be suited for house servant.

    - "Lust and Affection " - a Loyalty system, basicaly "obeys" vs "obeys the player", could have tie-ins to a trait system, and sell price and performance, the lab snatch and grab slave, and the abuse bodyguard comes to mind as good exemples, btw the bodyguard one was unexpected, very impressive and amusing! I liked it, Haha.

    Other suggestions:

    facilities and/or events for intelligence. One of the mods for JoNT, includes a barn and its possible to convince the slave to be a "pig" (for meat) if the slave is stupid enough to agree. I find this type of "tragic joke" particularly amusing, heh.
    I remember your instance on this content, but it could be superficial, focusing on the terrible decision of the slave and maybe tied to the diary and the pastoralism future society?

    Btw thanks for the master suite and cellblock! Its much easier to manage a high number of slaves now.

  22. Typos:

    The word "receiving" is misspelled "recieving" in the following twine boxes.

    RE FSSupremacist acquisition
    Naked, Barefoot, and Pregnant
    RE impregnation please

    The word "receipts" is misspelled "reciepts" in

    REM merger

    The word "Holstein" is misspelled "Holstien" in

    RE nickname

    The RE nickname event refers to Pacific Islanders as Amerindians in the text: "is amerindian, which is not uncommon given the poverty that still plagues those long-suffering peoples. Slaves casually reference race as much or more than free citizens. They absorb the racial peccadilloes of their owners, and many of them bring prejudices from the old world into their slave lives."

  23. Bugs:

    There is a duplicate entry in RE nicknames for the concubine nicknames.

    SE custom slave delivery does not have the new races (Amerindian, Pacific Islander, Southern, European, and Semitic) in its slave generation code this may be what's causing customed ordered slaves to have anomalious features e.g. Blonde blue eyed Pacific Islanders .

  24. Suggestions:

    Here are a few more racial nickname suggestions.

    "'Peace Piper'", "'Free Casino'", "'Smoke Signal'", "'Totem Pole'", "'Uses all the Buffalo'", "''Moccasins'", "'Ke-mo Sah-bee'", "'Montezuma's Revenge'",

    Pacific Islander:
    "'Conch Blower'", "'Aloha'", "'Coconut Tits'", "'Pineapple'",

    "'Nāga'", "'Samudra Kidul'",

    "'Antediluvian'", "'Aramaic'", "'Fertile Crescent'", "'Hummus'",

    ("'Zoroastrian'", "'Kaur'" "'Shanti'", "'Sati'", "'Kali Maa'", "'Durga'", "'Subcontinential'", "'High Caste'", "'Untouchable'", "'No Beef'", "'Mughal'", "'Kama Sutra'", "'Reincarnation'", "'Bollywood'", "'Sim Sim Salabim'", "'Tigress'", "'Snake Charmer'", "'Sepoy'", "'Desi'", "'Poo in the Loo'", "'Boobyhisattva'", "'Babu'", "'Bindi'", "'Curry Muncher'", "'Swami'", "'Muh Chakras'", "'Bhabhi'", "'Yoga'")

    Mixed Race:
    ("'Hapa'", "'Mudblood'", "'Mutt'", "'Mongrel'", "'Half-caste'", "'Half-breed'", "'Ethnic'", "'Quadroon'", "'Half and Half'", "'Diversity'", "'Walking Atlas'", "'Mix and Match'", "'Special Blend'", "'Hāfu'", "'Pardo'", "'Melungeon'", "'Creole'", "'Colonial'", "'One Drop'", "'Melting Pot'", "'Miscegenation'", "'Interracial'", "'Mulatto'", "'Cosmopolitan'", "'War Orphan'", "'Zambo'", "'Coloured'")

    Now that Southern European is a race in-game it might be a good idea to add it to the slave generation chance for some of the "Whiter" Latin American countries that had a lot of Italian and Iberian immigrants such as Chile, Argentina, Cuba, Columbia, etc. as well as Portugal and Brazil.

    The current list of nationalities in-game heavily favors European countries some regions, particularly the Middle East are under-represented. This leads to an over abundance of Would you like any additional name lists for countries not yet in-game, I know you chose not to accept certain countries (Mongolia and Tibet) and others are still up in the air (Greenland, a bunch of Pacific Island nations) regarding their inclusion.

    Here is a list of the eight countries that are within the top 50 most populous nations in the world that are currently not in-game. Including these countries would add more Middle Eastern and Indo-aryan representation. I'll be more than happy to compile more name lists if you're willing to take any more submissions.

    Burma (Myammar) 51 million 25th
    Algeria 40 million 33th
    Sudan 40 million 34th
    Iraq 36 million 36th
    Uzbekistan 31 million 43rd
    Nepal 28 million 45th
    Afghanistan 27 million 46th
    Yemen 25 million 49th

    1. Thank you for all your help! Names lists from those countries would be outstanding. However, please double-check the lists to ensure correct quotation mark and comma placement. If a single one is out of place, it breaks the whole list until I hunt it down.

    2. Different Anon here, these are a couple name lists I found:

      "Durdona", "Feruza", "Firuza", "Gulnora", "Shahnoza", "Umida", "Yulduz", "Anora", "Chinara", "Elnura", "Guli", "Guldasta", "Gulnara", "Indira", "Nargiza", "Olma", "Ona", "Parizoda", "Shahlo", "Tahmina", "Zarina", "Zeb"

      "Apana", "Ariana", "Barsala", "Behnaz", "Benazira", "Gabina", "Gulalai", "Heela", "Helai", "Heley", "Hosai", "Kashmala", "Kubra", "Lalzari", "Lawanga", "Malala", "Malghalara", "Marjan", "Mina", "Muska", "Naghma", "Nazaneen", "Nigina", "Noushin", "Orbala", "Orzala", "Panra", "Parghunda", "Sanga", "Satara", "Selai", "Senzala", "Shahlalai", "Shaperai", "Shastai", "Sooraya", "Tahmina", "Tanima", "Wajia", "Zaib", "Zarbaha", "Zarghuna", "Zarka", "Zarsanga", "Zartaj"

    3. Same Anon, no problem if you want any more name lists just ask, always happy to help see more diversity in slavery.

      Burma (Myammar)

      Predominantly Asian (ethnic Burmese 68%), Indo-aryan (Rakhine and Indian at least 6%)


      Note: Burmese naming conventions are complex, flexible, and lacking surnames, most personal names contain at least three words with the first word frequently repeating, resulting in few truly common personal names. In order to simplify I’ve decide to limit the names to the 25 most common words used in female names along with another five common first words in female personal names.

      30 common Burmese girl names

      “Aung”, “U”, “May”, “Khaing”, “Ei”, “Khin”, “Myat”, “Phyu”, “Mon”, “Aye”, “Htet”, “Htun”, “Thu”, “Su”, “Hsu”, “Win”, “Yi”, “Hnin”, “Kyaw”, “Le”, “Zin”, “Nwe”, “Thiri”, “Thin”, “Kay”, “Naing”, “Phyo” “Hnin”, “Yin”, “Thet”, “Cho”, “Nway”


      Middle Eastern (Berber and Arab)


      38 Algerian girl names

      “Narimène”, “Fatma-Zohra”, “Faïza”, “Sérine”, “Lydia”, “Nawel”, “Mouni”, “Melinda”, “Nassima”, “Tassadit”, “Raouia”, “Safia”, “Zohra”, “Yassmine”, “Salima”, “Silya”, “Fatima”, “Aicha”, “Amel”, “Sehryne”, “Celia”, “Dallal”, “Sarra”, “Manel”, “Sihem”, “Amina”, “Nadira”, “Kahina”, “Souhila”, “Nadia”, “Ratiba”, “Souad”, “Samia”, “Rekia”, “Lamia”, “Fatiha”, “Nabila”, “Rima”


      Predominantly Blacks including Arabized black, minority Middle Eastern

      Source: various Wikipedia pages on Notable Sudanese and Athletes.

      20 Sudanese girl names

      “Yamilé”, “Amina”, “Muna”, “Nawal”, “Bakhita”, “Fatima”, “Nahid”, “Hawa”, “Mariam”, “Jalila”, “Leila”, “Halima”, “Zina”, “Malkat”, “Mhadsin”, “Awmima”, “Tasabih”, “Muram”, “Safa”, “Widad”


      Predominantly Middle Eastern (75-80%) Semitic and Indo-Aryan minority 15% (Kurds, Assyrians, etc.)

      Source: various Wikipedia pages on Notable Iraqis and Iraqi Athletes.

      50 Iraqi girl names

      “Noor”, “Raghad”, “Gulustan”, “Dunya”, “Rana”, “Alaa”, “Maysar”, “Inam”, “Danah”, “Sundus”, “Shatha”, “Bedia”, “Suaad”, “Alia”, “Eaman”, “Samira”, “Thumal”, “Sajida”, “Bahija”, “Wasma'a”, “Yanar”, “Houzan”, “Nahla”, “Awatef”, “Naziha”, “Betool”, “Haifa”, “Thura”, “Sahar”, “Aida”, “Huda”, “Zainab”, “Nuha”, “Nazik”, “Kenza”, “Zaha”, “Leila”, “Sondul”, “Basimah”, “Rihab”, “Lihadh”, “Atika”, “Sajida”, “Farida”, “Rahma”, “Affifa”, “Salima”, “Amal”, “Toba”, “Maysoon”


      Indo-Aryan and Asian


      45 Nepalese girl names

      “Rubina”, “Mamta”, “Sobta”, “Kajal”, “Indu”, “Saraswoti”, “Anjali”, “Trishna”, “Sarita”, “Sita”, “Nary”, “Sonu”, “Rekha”, “Binu”, “Jyoti”, “Namita”, “Chandra”, Anjila”, “Mana”, “Menuka”, “Ghim”, “Punam”, “Sajana”, “Laxmi”, “Dipa”, “Yasodha”, “Bhujunga”, “Renuka”, “Anita”, “Anu”, “Krishna”, “Sabitra”, “Niru”, “Maya”, “Bhawana”, “Gyanu”, “Sneba”, “Luniva”, “Sujata”, “Sherya”, “Anusha”, “Sadina”, “Alisha”, “Alina”, “Sirjana”


      Middle Eastern, Semitic, Black

      Source: various Wikipedia pages on Notable Yemeni and Yemeni Athletes

      24 Yemeni girl names

      “Fatima”, “Waseelah”, “Hana”, “Jamala”, “Zana”, “Nadia”, “Reem”, “Hoda”, “Shada”, “Nujood”, “Boushra”, “Raufa”, “Amal”, “Tawakkol”, “Anisah”, “Eshraq”, “Entesar”, “Hakimah”, “Khadejah”, “Safa”, “Sumaya”, “Zahra”, “Wahiba”, “Amat”

    4. Missed the " in front of Anjila in the Nepalese list

  25. Typo:
    New intro slave customization "[a New Zealander"

    1. Also unable to obtain pacific islander slaves from New Zealand in the new intro customization, other national varieties appear to be working.

  26. Beutiful game! Got a question - how to mod game properly? I've got this problem - when I edit game in Twinery and publish it to file or even just download FC vanilla and publish it to file I get game working very slowly and also these messages in the beginning:

    Apologies! Your browser either lacks some of the capabilities required by this game or has disabled them, so this game is running in degraded mode. You may be able to continue but some parts may not work properly.
    The former may, probably, be solved by upgrading your browser. The latter may be solved by loosening its security restrictions or, perhaps, by playint this game via the HTTP protocol.

    Error [user-script-node-1] Cannot set property 'maxStates' of undefined.

    Might be this info will help to clarify problem - game name when opened in browser is weird and endless:

    Downloads/Free%20Cities.html#N4IgJgpgNgLghiAXAbVDAljKEknQO0xABoQA3OAJ3TgCNsBnJYAXxeLU2y..(more letters)

    1. I suspect you have the wrong version of either Twine or Sugarcube. Ensure that you have the latest version of Twine 2, and then add Sugarcube 2 to it - the Sugarcube that is included with the Twine 2 install is out of date. Both Twine 2 and Sugarcube 2 are being developed.

    2. Thank you very much for answering! I suspected the same and tried to search for application-based Twine 2 but found nothing except

      And wasn't able to add sugarcube 2 format using these instructions -
      Error message is: The story format at F:\SugarCube-2\format.js could not be added ().

      Need little more help, links to proper twine-2 and sugarcube-2 would be great.

    3. Twine2 DL:
      (Pulled from here:

      SugarCube2 DL for Twine2:
      (Pulled from here:
      (NOTE: There are two different versions of SugarCube2. Make sure you use the one for Twine2.)

      IDK if you can load SugarCube2 into the online version (I certainly haven't bothered trying).

  27. Anyone else having issues with the brothel? When I try to assign someone to it, I get taken to the slave instruction screen, and the girl is never assigned to the brothel. I'm using Firefox 43.0.3 if that makes a difference.

    1. There's a dedicated button at the end of each girls description paragraph 'add to brothel' now... You dont click the name anymore... Took me a second to figure it out too XD

  28. Nice, I can't wait to check out the new starting system and Dominant trait, they're both things I've been waiting for. The other changes sound interesting as hell, too. The new HG upgrade actually gives her total control of her own slave? Awesome.

    Unfortunately, I was hoping to get some bug reports for the last version posted before you pushed this one. I'll leave them here anyway, just in case nobody has reported them (I'd be kind of surprised since an entire Future Society option seems broken, but I haven't seen anyone mention it yet so...). Anyway, again, NB: these are present in v0.5.6:

    - Hardcoded slave Annabelle is missing a career: "She came to be a slave not long after fleeing farm life for the Free Cities. Before she was a slave, she was $"

    - Body Mod screen description of heavily-pierced navel doesn't match slave info screen (body mod screen says 'ring with a dangling chain', slave info says 'big ring')

    - The FS Degradation enslavement event is generating hermaphrodites instead of shemales.

    - The Transofromation Fetish Future Society option seems to also trigger Degredation and Body Purism reputation changes at end-of-week (rep gains for being dumb, being implanted, AND for having an 'unsullied' body). I played for a bit looking for events, couldn't get the Body Purism enslavement to fire but I did see the Degredation event go off (again, this was with Transformation Fetish as my only FS option).

  29. There seems to be a little issue with the cellblock:

    If a wardeness is assigned, selecting her name takes you to the info screen for a *different* slave.

  30. Just a quick little thing:

    Shouldn't the headgirl get taken off the main menu when her suite is built? I'd rather have her be inelegible for the event you get for a girl each turn.

  31. Head Girl getting her own suite and stuff. Damn. Well this probably will not ever happen but my mind keeps pushing into a direction where the Head Girl takes over and.... dumdidum.. yeah.. Fantasies have a nice way of haunting you at every turn ;)

  32. "$pitKills slaves have died by her hand in pit fights."

    Should be "$pitKillsTotal".

  33. BUG - An update on the "Personal Attention" bug reported last version. It has appeared again, but I think the issue is in the interaction between PA and the slave, rather than PA and the weekly update.

    In my current playthrough, I noticed a S+ shemale slave who would not get the PA training update. I decided to switch up the tasks, but ALL of them - devotion increase, quirk fixing, even healing - refused to trigger a PA paragraph in the weekly update. As such, I think the cause is somewhere within the individual slave's code.

    1. OK, I have no idea what's going on. Just hit the week 31 "tainted curatives" event. Decided to try training up the same slave afterwards. Lo and behold, PA is working as intended.

      I have a save from the previous week where the glitch is present, dev, in case you want it.

  34. Would it be possible to further customize the assistant's use of growth hormones? For example, a drop down or text imput for desired breast and butt sizes? Not a high priority by any means, just a request if it wouldn't be too much trouble.

    Great work as always!

  35. So I'm wondering when lag from too many slaves should be considered a non issue. I'm at 32 slaves and there is a good 10 lag between each of the end of week reports.

  36. Just a idea, what about tattoo-able clothing?

  37. A bug in the new hotfix, the 5.7.3 one, anytime the event for a nickname comes up, it flashes away really quick and another even pops up.

  38. So for some reason even when I assign fighters to the pit, they don't fight. The next week it says 0 people fighting in the pit. Could it have something to do with the fact one of them is a starter slave (not the one I take with me, but the one that was left behind by the previous owner).

    1. Same happens for me, but there is no starting slave involved.

  39. v


    RE Nickname

    The word "ethnic" is misspelled "ethinic" in the nickname event for mixed race slaves

    I believe you may have mixed up the event descriptions for Indo-aryans and Pacific Islanders in RE nickname as well.

    The Indo-aryan one refers to the near submersion of some Indo-aryan countries due to rising sea levels whereas the Pacific Islander one refers merely climate devastation. The only majority Indo-aryan countries that should have to worry about serious flooding are Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Maldives, of which only Bangladesh is in-game. The Maldives should be the only one concerned about near submersion. I doubt Pakistan, Iran or India would be largely effected certainly compared to Pacific Island nations.

  40. A typo: "they probably would to //anything// you order them to do" --> would *do*



    A "vanilla" (aka "no fetish") slave event for the Sub fetish does not mention that its second choice (steer slave away from gaining submission fetish) breaks (anal?) virginity.

  42. v

    Starting Girls

    [a New Zealander

  43. On the slave review screen, the number of weeks listed for their job is doubled, as so:

    "Her work assignment lasts another 4 4 weeks"

    As a new-ish feature, maybe the ability to remove nicknames under the customize description?

    No slaves assigned to HG room. says this.

    Your Head Girl $HeadGirl.slaveName lives alone in her handsome suite.

    1. You can rename slaves at will in the customize description screen.

  44. Could a randomize name and randomize career options be added to the Intro slave customization? It would really help cut down on time trying to get that perfect starting waifu.

  45. I would like to suggest a little customization for the PC, I was thinking of some clothes options to wear on formal occasions that help or hurt your rep based on what direction society is taking, ie. a toga if you're supporting new rome, bishop robes if you support religion etc etc

  46. Typo:

    Forcing rebellious slaves to give blowjobs while they have the dildo gag on refers to a ring gag being left in place and than another one being forced on.

    "You tell Slave Name to blow you. She removes the dildo from her throat, leaving the ring gag in place. Able to breathe through her mouth for the first time in a while, she gasps gratefully, knowing the respite will be brief. She tries to back away, so you grab her and force a ring gag into her race mouth."


    Hey FCDev. Abusing a girl's rival with her should add to sadism.

    1. With very, very few exceptions, the freely available sex scenes like abuse-with-rival will not have stat effects. I do not want players spamming events for an advantage, mostly because I do that in games that allow me to, and it's always a chore.

  48. TYPO - weekly update, explore sexuality:

    "You carefully watch her reaction as you let her spend a short time relaxing with a pregnant slave. She simply enjoys the rest.."

    Extra period at the end of the sentence.

  49. This slave has SP: Pregnancy listed on the front, but I have it set to all.

    VERSION: 0.5.7.
    slaveName: "Eliana", birthName: "Eliana", weekAcquired: 1, origin: "She was captured while caring for those injured in a failed attack on the Free City.", career: "a nurse professional", ID: 68, prestige: 0, prestigeDesc: "0", relation: 0, relationTarget: 0, relationship: 0, relationshipTarget: 0, rivalry: 0, rivalryTarget: 0, subTarget: 0, assignment: "rest", assignmentVisible: 1, sentence: 0, toyHole: "all her holes", age: 40, ageImplant: 0, health: 5, minorInjury: 0, devotion: 7.4, oldDevotion: 7.4, weight: 0, muscles: 1, height: 1, heightImplant: 0, nationality: "American", race: "amerindian", eyes: "brown", hcolor: "black", pubicHColor: "black", skin: "dark", hlength: "cut short and carelessly pulled back", pubicHLength: "neat", waist: 0, amp: 0, heels: 0, mute: 0, boobs: 800, boobsImplant: 0, nipples: 0, nipplesPiercing: 1, areolae: 0, boobsTat: "0", lactation: 0, milk: 0, cum: 0, butt: 4, buttImplant: 0, buttTat: "0", face: 0, faceImplant: 0, lips: 0, lipsImplant: 0, lipsPiercing: 0, lipsTat: "0", teeth: 0, tonguePiercing: 0, vagina: 2, vaginaPiercing: 0, vaginaTat: "0", preg: -1, births: 0, labia: 0, clit: 0, clitPiercing: 3, clitSetting: "all", anus: 2, dick: 0, dickPiercing: 0, dickTat: "0", balls: 0, ovaries: 1, anusPiercing: 0, anusTat: "bleached", makeup: 0, nails: 0, brand: "your initials ", brandLocation: "buttocks", earPiercing: 0, nosePiercing: 0, eyebrowPiercing: 1, navelPiercing: 0, cosmeticPiercings: 0, shouldersTat: "0", armsTat: "0", legsTat: "0", stampTat: "tribal patterns", fuckSkill: 2, oralSkill: 2, analSkill: 1, whoreSkill: 0, entertainSkill: 1, combatSkill: 0, livingRules: "normal", speechRules: "permissive", releaseRules: "permissive", relationshipRules: "permissive", useRulesAssistant: 1, diet: "healthy", tired: 0, hormones: 0, drugs: "no drugs", addict: 0, choosesOwnClothes: 0, clothes: "choosing her own clothes", collar: "pretty jewelry", shoes: "heels", vaginalAccessory: "none", buttplug: "none", intelligence: 2, intelligenceImplant: 1, fetish: "none", fetishDiscovered: 0, behavioralQuirk: "none", sexualQuirk: "none", oralCount: 0, vaginalCount: 0, analCount: 0, mammaryCount: 0, penetrativeCount: 0, pitKills: 0, customTat: " ", customLabel: " ", customDesc: "She has a faint air of fatigue about her, and strength too: that of a survivor."

    1. Give it time. Eventually she will become a nympho.

    2. This is a display issue, not a bad clit setting. The SP is working.


    The sister generated from the "sister pimps and tries to sell brother" event is not a biological female. She has a vagina but no ovaries - at least when playing on the "max shemale content" setting.


      "Reveling in the taboo nature of her attraction to..." line still appears during relationship upgrade from Best Friends to FWB, despite both slaves being set to Permissive and working the same job (whoring) rather than confined or prevented from progressing their relationship somehow.

    2. Have you checked if they're mother and daughter or siblings? "Reveling in the taboo nature" line usually only comes up when incest is involved.

    3. Both of the slaves in question were event herms - one from the 5k invite-only "shotgun match", the other from the 10k merc "lab hit" event.

      Come to thing of it, I've never seen either one generate a family member enslavement event. I'm not one to dig through code, but it's possible the two of them are both flagged as already having a family relationship slot filled, which is what's tossing out the "taboo" line.

  51. Girls in the brothel with the aphrodisiac upgrade will lose skills. It's possible this is just because I have my autodoc set to cosmetic surgery, so they may be getting the lip upgrades that reduce skills. However, with the aphrodisiacs, they don't learn any skills...

  52. The "Trainer" assigment for slaves is missing. Was it cut or is it just a bug? The trainer showoff event is still present.

    1. Cut for now; it became duplicative. I only remove events once I'm sure I won't be repurposing them.

  53. The string bikini in rules assistant, does string lingerie.

    1. Different descriptions of the same thing; that should be clearer.

  54. I put to slaves in to pit and nothing happens after that.

  55. BUG:

    Is the pastoralism society trait broken? I keep trying to enable it and it just breaks the social engineering page.

    1. Not sure if a feature or a bug.

      You need more girls lactating than not lactating to have Slave Pastorism as each slave without lactation causes you to lose points.

    2. This should not be the case in the latest hotfix (

  56. Is there a way to keep a slave automatically fertile after they breed, even when in the arcade? Rules assistant keeps reverting them to contraceptive.

  57. Great work! Can't wait to really dig into this new system! It'll be awesome! Loving the fact that the HG now gets her own room and has her own quirks. I always love having a HG...

    Here's a suggestion: On the start screen, where you care 'creating' a slave, it mentions bringing slaves with you from your past life. If it's possible, you should include a slave 'import' function, so that people can export their slaves from a past game, and import those same slaves into the new game (Maybe limit it to only X number of imports, 1 or 2, maybe 3). That would truly allow you to bring them from your past life.

    This functionality could also be expanded to allow 'Slave Sharing' here or on a forum or some file hosting site. People could build slaves, share them, and others could download and import as a template. Just a thought.

    1. That would be really, really cool, and really, really far outside my coding abilities. I'll look into it.

    2. Awesome! This is something I would really love. There have been a couple of past games where I wanted to bring my favorite slaves with me, and couldn't. I might look into modding it as well...

  58. "Mind Rebounding"?

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I had two Brilliant, educated, and Worshipful slaves that I gave all the positive luxuries of slave life to (Freedoms, Luxurious suite, etc...) When I get to the Week In Review page. I get a thing that says "So many things served to drive her into subservience this week that her mind rebounds a little.". Then after that I noticed that my slaves "Devotion" meter reverted back to Fearful the next week. Is this a error or a bug? If its not, I dont understand why its a feature, so an explanation would be nice!

    1. That is a bug that should not happen in, the latest hotfix.

    2. Great! Glad to know that. May I ask when will come out? or do you not have an exact date yet?

    3. It's out now; use the download links above. Since this is the 0.5.7 post, all 0.5.7.x hotfixes go here, as updates to the above links. You will have to start over, of course. Let me know if the problem reoccurs; I think I fixed it, but one never knows.

    4. I did a quick test, and it seems to be fixed. Thanks!

      One thing I would like to suggest with the new start with a customizable slave, is maybe add an option where if you create a slave that is Identical to your first one, you can have them set to be twins? That would be something neat.

  59. Noticed in the last several versions (not sure if intentional) but slaves assigned to choose their own clothes with the likes girls fetish choose latex to encourage others to dominate them (the same text as submissives). Is this intentional or a bug?

    1. I was just going to mention this. I don't know what should be the choice for 'likes girls' (obviously bi/lesbian folks don't dress particularly differently IRL), but I really don't think latex makes a lot of sense.

  60. It would be nice if the rules assistant had a surgery submenu like it does for cosmetics and body mods, so that I could, for example install breast implants in all my slaves up to a J cup but not do lip implants or apply vaginal/anal tightening.

  61. What do I give them to make their clit bigger, and how big can they get?

    1. I believe that functionality was moved from muscle building to steroids a while back.

    2. You have to have access to the better surgery upgrades from having a high reputation, but after that you go into Remote Surgery and there should be a new option to Increase the Size of her Labia.

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