Sunday, December 27, 2015

ALPHA 0.5.5: "To The Death"

By repeated and vociferous request, this update adds lethal pit fights. These will remain basic; they're a simple extension of the existing pit fight code. I'm being fairly ruthless with myself about keeping the focus on sexual slave management for FC. Things like direct attacks on other arcologies, in-depth combat, and Thunderdome will have to wait for my next project. At this point, one of my chief goals is to add more content to FC without adding more code complexity, since FC is starting to run Twine a little ragged. Pit fights are intentionally balanced so that they cannot form a central part of arcology life. They are very useful, however, in advancing the Roman Revivalist future society, and with that society properly advanced a gladiatorial fight every turn should produce all the reputation a First Citizen ever needs.

Never let it be said that I'm not responsive to requests. The very first facility, the brothel, appeared after players surprised me by keeping more than ten slaves, which cluttered the main screen and led them to request a way to let good slaves work unsupervised. (I was indeed stupid enough to think ten slaves would be the average.) This update adds a resting facility. At this point, I can state with confidence that there will eventually be a facility associated with every major assignment. Next up are a master suite with chief concubine to store fucktoys and a prison with a wardeness for breaking.

I have plenty of slaves to write events for; hold reports of slaves without events for now, please.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. If you have not started a new game with a fresh download, please do not report bugs.

0.5.5 Changelog

Major additions:
  • Lethal pit fights.
  • Labia in four sizes, labiaplasty to reduce them, and, with the surgery upgrade, labial enhancement surgery.
  • New random events for devoted slaves with large labia following a workout regimen that makes them uncomfortable, for highly devoted slaves on restricted speech rules, and for intelligent slaves on restricted speech rules.
  • Basic timed assignments, which drop a slave's assignment back to resting after a month; this functionality is in an early state for testing and feedback, and cannot be used to sentence slaves to a facility outside of events.
  • Upgraded the pool from a simple penthouse upgrade to a facility which heals slaves to full and then kicks them out. Complete with upgrade and leadership position, the motherly Attendant.
Minor updates:
  • Improved and expanded encyclopedia entries on how to play, including a leadership position guide.
  • Updated several leadership positions' requirements; this review is not complete.
  • Added sentencing to the arcade as a punishment option to many events.
  • New races: Southern European, Semitic, Malay, Pacific Islander, and American Indian.
  • Growth hormone settings for the Rules Assistant, which can now be told to grow slaves to girlish figures, to stacked figures, or can be told to grow slaves and not stop. The RA will prefer to keep slaves very healthy, so with these options active players should expect to see the RA intensively micromanaging drug regimes.
  • Many assets now grow based on size, with small assets growing quickly and already huge ones growing more slowly.
  • Increased size caps for many physical attributes, including tits, asses, clits, dicks, balls, areolae, nipples, and lips; improved descriptions to support the new sizes.
  • Adjusted random slave generation so that the most extreme body attributes will not appear randomly and must be created.
  • Future societies will now disable related variety bonuses for the brothel and promenade; it should remain possible to get the perfect variety bonus by satisfying all remaining variety requirements.
  • Degradationist future societies now approve of heavily tattooed and pierced slaves.
  • Body purist future societies now approve of slaves without tattoos and without heavy piercings.
  • Code revisions for better performance.
  • Bugfixes.


  1. So, just for kicks I was going to put a mother and daughter in the pit against each other in a lethal fight, however I accidentally ended up putting the daughter in there twice. She ended up beating herself in a nonlethal fight and again for the fun of it, I made it a lethal fight. She killed herself apparently.

    1. You are not your job assignment.
      You are not how much money you're worth on the market.
      You are not the heels you walk in.
      You are not the contents of your plugged orifices.
      You are not your fucking battle dress uniform.

      You are all singing, all dancing crap of the Arcology.

      (Unless you've been muted and amputated, of course.)

    2. You glorious bastard.

  2. Love the new update FC. I was wondering though, if we upload a hardcodes slave with changes, where would you like u s to put it? In the usually upload area?

    1. Upload area, please. If it's just a few changes you don't have to reupload, just tell me her name and what should change.

  3. Can we have an option for some bondage. Some option like cuffs, like the plugs options.

    Would you need to change too much? I was thinking something just decorative, plus disqualifying them
    from the masturbating events.

    Or at least, can we get gags? They could (including the dildo gag) just change her permission to speak off.

  4. You tell Shreya to Error: cannot find a closing tag for macro << if >> blow you with her cartoonish lips. blow you. The sensation of her oral piercings should be quite nice. She comes over reluctantly and begins to give you a blowjob. Deciding that she isn't showing the necessary enthusiasm, you hold her head and fuck her indo-aryan face instead. She does her best to follow your motions but still splutters and gags. You pull free to cum across her light face and hair.

  5. I would like to ask a question here. It takes forever to get money, also about 1-2 hours to get enough money to fail your Rival and not go bankrupt( thats without buying any ecos, except 1-3 main ones), But is the Rival supposed to be shemale 24/7? 11 games in a row that it is. Nothing else? Like Female?

    1. You're doing something wrong if you don't have minimum 200k by turn 60 since version .5.4. At least on medium that is. I put my first two slaves to work whoring as soon as their obedience gets up. I don't buy any slaves and only stick to the one you get from the shotgun contest and the snatch and grab event. Also get the first three arcology upgrades. The rival will sometimes spawn as a female. What I do is when the option comes up to set the bounty, I save and then set the bounty and when I get the chance to examine her if she's not close to what I want ie: race, height, brains. I just reload the save. I do the same for the nurse and buy in slave. But FC author really upped the rents in .5.4 and so you should have no trouble making enough money.

    2. RE "doing it wrong" - there is such a thing as "preferred play style". It's trivially easy to mod a slave (grow ass, tits, skills, obedience; fix quirks) and then sell her for 100k+, but that's not an option for people who don't want to sell their slaves. This leaves only facility income, which means many long weeks of slight increases from every slave whoring.

      RE "rival's biological sex" - this is determined by the initial settings when you start the game. If you pick "max shemale content", you lock yourself out of many female options. This includes random events (no "pregnant mother" or "desperate girl" events), slave schools (you see "enculees" and "gymnasium" only), and rival options. For the last one, most of the time you get "manly man" (little to no female tit/ass dimensions, ugly masculine face, massive dick/balls, etc), and comparatively less frequently a "shemale" configuration shows up (big tit/ass, nice face, etc).

      Since you don't actually get a "slave acquisition" page where you can see the incoming slave's attributes (and refresh to generate them again if you don't like them), the only way around getting an undesirable "blind event" slave is, sadly, save-scumming. The more attributes get introduced into the game, the more you'll need to reload to get your "perfect choice" from a "blind" event.

      To take us back to the original question, are you playing on max shemale content? Because if you are, what you're experiencing is normal. But if you are not, something is definitely off.

    3. What I meant by "doing it wrong" was that he's spending a lot of money really early. The amount of money you get just from rent and the early upgrades allow a lot of variation in the playstyle. It, at least for me, is harder to spend all the money I make.

    4. I see. I'll still disagree with you based on my personal experience. Coasting on early upkeep pales in comparison to the cash the "merc in love" event will offer you for a properly "upgraded" slave. Before I started planning for the merc event, I would frequently end up with too little upkeep to carry the upgraded mercs necessary for later parts of the game.

    5. Yes, I never sell my slaves to him, my most recent playthrough I was offered 120k for one. I just hurry up and get the brothel full of 5 slaves and a madam and the first 3 arcology upgrades as quickly as possible and I had no trouble keeping up with the "full platoon" of mercs, and making them Evocatii and of course I bought the nurse from them. With that I usually end up with plenty of upkeep while I get my dairy and collection room set up. I also don't invest any into future society until after I've enslaved the rival. It never gives me a lot of reputation until well after that, and if I didn't know any of the events that are hardcoded happen, my playstyle would be substantially different.

    6. Set up is key for the Rivalry. even with my preferred play style (see below), I have issues keeping most of my excess slaves without flirting with being bankrupt.

      I don't know man I kinda have to agree with Mr Anon here. Usually I'll do a devotion blitz on my slaves until one is worshipful. The taxes from the Arcology are usually good enough that I can get the first upgrade, then its special upgrade pretty easily. Then I switch her to whoring. If she is older I usually do a couple rounds of public service. Then rinse wash and repeat . Decent event slaves are my bread and butter for cash in these early turns. Doing this I can get a full staff a decent upgrade spread and cash to save by the time the Merc in Love event happens. Usually I by this time I have a war chest of 150,000 and can make the decision based on who the "Lucky" Slave is on how I want to approach the decisions.

      From there I can usually pick and chose what slaves I want to keep and slowly fill all the facilities (with most of my early bulk slaves rotating through servants).

      And as for the first guy's question about the gender well I would suggest to either do Mr Anon's suggestion or switch the shemale option to almost never. Though I have to admit it is kinda ironic whenever I my grand rival is basically a bimbo.


    The girls are no longer automatically set to healthy diet when they reach the prescribed weight. They just keep getting fatter or thinner forever.


    Hey FCDev. I just notice that if you have a daughter be her mother's or a sister her sister's sex slave, even if they are still both rebelious, this returns the classic message. Shouldn't they object to it?

    1. You can also pretty easily have them fall in love and marry. The game continues to indicate that they are both relatives and spouses, but it doesn't acknowledge in any way that there's anything strange about this.

      I kinda wish it would because I find that hot. But having it just be possible at all is better than nothing. I dunno how interested the developer is in crafting special incest-related content.


    As is tradition with newlly added facilities, girls placed in the baths show in the summary at the end of each turn.

  9. Great update, love all the new stuff particular the diversity, here are a few suggested additions regarding demographic representation in-game.

    add Pacific Islanders to New Zealand (20% of the population approximately)

    add Amerindians in Mexico (12%-20% of the population) and Bolivia (55%)

    add Southern European and Semitic to the potential races for Americans

    Readd Indo-aryan to Romania, I assumed these used to represent the Romani (Gypsies) (estimated 8.32% of Romania's population), you might want also wish to add Indo-aryan to Slovakia (estimated 9.17% Romani), Serbia (estmiated 8.18%) and Hungary (estimated 7.05%) to cover other Gypsy populations.

    Might want to factor white back to the Italian list to cover the much more fair skinned/lighter colored eyes and hair Northern Italians.

    Jokes at /pol/'s expense aside you might want to add a greater chance of getting Whites for Germany and France.

    Also I'm the anon who compiled most of the additional nationality name lists, are you still planning on adding the name lists I compiled for Greenland and the various Pacific Island nations later on now that Pacific Islander and Amerindian are now in-game?

    1. Vaguely related: Although new races are cool, I'm not really into "mixed race" as a race. It's so unclear. I'd like at least a small hint about what race she most APPEARS to be part of. Or an indication that there is no such race, if there is none such. It's important for the player to be able to have a sense of how the slave's face looks.

      A Chinese-mixed-with-caucasian person looks rather different from an African-mixed-with-caucasian person. Etc.

    2. I think the joke would be for /pol/ not at their expense. Being from the UK gets them calling you Ahmed half the time.

  10. Lips above size 1 (plump and kissable) are not described in the long description and events, additionally can not be interacted with in remote surgery.

    1. Seems to occur when slaves have lips naturally larger than size 1.

  11. Apologies for the repeat post, but I think my previous one is too far down to notice.

    What society model best fits girls with super slim waists but huge t&a? Does that count more as asset expansionist or girlish figure?

    1. "Girlish figure" specifically refers to small T&A. You might want expansionism (big T&A) or the artificial enhancements one (if implants are your preferred way of reaching T&A).

    2. Thanks! Asset expansionist it is! I prefer the hormone route.Speaking of which, thanks so much to the creator for adding growth hormones to the rules assistant! It's a great help and saves me a bunch of obnoxious micro management.

  12. I see lethal pit fights have been added. I would like to post that a non-lethal outcome to the gladiatorial invitation would be an appreciated addition. Rape and impregnation might be the penalty for losing it in the non-lethal version depending on whether or not your bodyguard is a shemale or a herm.

    If this goes against what you intend or you don't think there'd be much interest that's fine. Just thought I'd throw my vote in once again. Killing just seems like such a waste in my opinion so I'd prefer an option to be able to participate without disappointment.

  13. TYPO - the "let slave resume birth name" event has an extra " \ " (likely left over code made visible) directly behind the second choice option.

    1. BUG - hardcoded slave "Cuntbitch" has birth name reset to "unknwown" during above event. She needs either a randomly generated name, a name made up by her creator, or to not be eligible for any "resume birth name" events.

    2. TYPO - the "slave can't figure out food dispenser" event's second choice still reads:

      "Reassure her and get her to HER TO slow down"

    3. Not a bug: slaveName: "Cuntbitch", birthName: "unknown",
      Seems that's what's entered as her birth name.

    4. TYPO - amputee "neglected sex toy" event, "carry her over to your work" choice, second sentence reads:

      "You scoop her up, eliciting whimpers of WHIMPERS OF joy..."

    5. RE Cuntbitch - well you're right in that it's no a "bug" per se but more like leftover information that wasn't generated when the slave was initially submitted. So maybe a MISSING INFO tag is in order?

      Another TYPO in the same passage as above (amputee "neglected sex toy" event, "carry her over to your work" choice). Last sentence of the resolution paragraph reads:

      "There's no telling what the day's faceless business interlocutors would think if they knew the person on the other side of YOUR communications had his cock inside a limbless slave as he dealt with them."

      Should be "THEIR communications" to be consistent with the rest of the sentence.

    6. BUG - the "sleeping amputee throws off covers" event is having trouble recognizing slave genitals. My current restart features a hardcoded amputee slave "Mouse" who is fully female. She's triggered this event several times, and while most of them featured a passage about her pussy lips clearly indicating she's aroused in her sleep, this line is occasionally replaced by:

      "She's dreaming of something sexual; she can't maintain an erection but her limp dick sports a drop of precum."

      Reloading doesn't seem to replace the line with a pussy reference, but there is no indication the slave has "grown" a dick the week after. My guess is that there's something in the event code which is throwing out a genital reference to approximately match the frequency of male/female slave distribution. My current playthrough features the default, which IIRC is 80% female / 20% male.

    7. INCONSISTENCY - some skill training options for amputees mention them having legs ("vaginal skills perfected" specifically).

    8. BUG? - the mother-daughter pair from the "bitchy businesswoman" event mentions in each slave's bio where they were acquired from, but does not list who each slave's relative is.

      I don't know if this is new for this version or an issue with this event specifically. I don't think it has anything to do with the XX/XY settings, because the pair is still "sterile females" the way they usually were in my past "max shemale" playthroughs.

      This *might* explain the old bug people reported, where slaves would generate more than one relative and then clone/merge/eat each other and generally fuck things up.

    9. INCONSISTENCY - a female slave whose vagina has been stretched by birth receives a weekly update note stating the vaginal size recovers "with a rest from public use" even if she's never been used by the public.

    10. Regarding the mother-daughter pair above - it seems slave pages no longer display relationship status as of this version. Tested it both with the mother-daughter pair and with other slave pairs, and I can't see "She is X's lover" anywhere.

      The option to fuck a slave with her lover/rival/relative is still there, so the removal of relation indicators from the individual slave pages is only a DISPLAY ISSUE at worst (if it wasn't intended in the first place).

    11. TYPO? - the weekly report for subservient slaves looks a bit off. The "enjoys the ease and companionship" sentence in particular seems to be missing parts. The ease of what - having an attendant? Being waited on? Having her needs seen to? I think the sentence needs to be rephrased.

      Also, in the instance of a sub slave amputee, the above sentence has a period in the same color (to indicate devotion increase) and then a white period directly afterwards.

    12. TYPO - Daughters of Liberty defeat event: "This," she says in a tone of satisfaction, "is thebitch you want, sir."

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Lets try this again and put spaces so it's readable, I am recieving an error message during an oral sex scene with the message saying "Error: cannot find a closing tag for macro < < if > >" the macro string when moused over says "< < if ( $activeSlave . lips gt 2) > >..."

    1. Which oral sex scene? Is this part of an event, or something you trigger from within a slave's individual page? Is this happening for multiple slaves, or just one?

    2. all oral sex scenes and all slaves, I will cut'n'paste the scene.
      You tell Simona to Error: cannot find a closing tag for macro < < if > > blow you with her cartoonish lips. blow you. She tries to back away, so you grab her and force a ring gag into her southern European mouth. Once you have the straps secured behind her head, she's prevented from biting. You push her down to her knees with her head against the couch next to your desk so you can give her a good hard throat fuck. When you cum down her pale throat she retches through her tears.

    3. Gotta be related to the new lip sizes then.

  16. Error with Sakura when she's acting as a 'Fucktoy' and I tell her independently to do a one-time cocksuck. Error: cannot find a closing tag for macro <> is what pops up.

    1. Sorry, < < if > > is what I meant.

  17. > a leadership position guide.

    Thank you.

  18. Love the game, have been playing since summer. You are a gem, sir, one in thousands what puts his money where his mouth is.

    One request - might it be possible to track whether a slave is bisexual naturally or through being guided that way? Bisexual slaves state in their description " naturally bisexual", when more often than not (or almost always, in my case) they aren't "naturally" bisexual, but in fact have been turned that way.

    It would enhance my enjoyment, for one, were it to note that the slave in question "...has become bisexual" (or similar) in cases where she did not start out that way. This could be generally applicable to all traits, e.g. Buttslut or what have you, and I would guess that players interested in those kinks would be gratified to read in their slave descriptions that a slave was molded into possession of a particular kink, but for me it would just be the change from "naturally" bisexual to "turned" bisexual that would be fantastic.

    In any case, thanks again for the hours of both physical and mental enjoyment.

  19. No events for this one while being a subordinate sex slave.

    VERSION: 0.5.5.
    slaveName: "'West Indies' Atarah", birthName: "Atarah", weekAcquired: 1, origin: "You acquired her along with her mother when the family business failed.", career: "businesswoman", ID: 1022, prestige: 0, prestigeDesc: "0", relation: 0, relationTarget: 0, relationship: 0, relationshipTarget: 0, rivalry: 0, rivalryTarget: 0, subTarget: 0, assignment: "rest", sentence: 0, toyHole: "all her holes", age: 18, ageImplant: 0, health: 4, minorInjury: 0, devotion: 10.7, oldDevotion: 10.7, weight: -3, muscles: 0.6000000000000001, height: 0, heightImplant: 0, nationality: "Jamaican", race: "black", eyes: "brown", hcolor: "black", pubicHColor: "black", skin: "brown", hlength: "short", pubicHLength: "waxed", waist: 0, amp: 0, heels: 0, mute: 0, boobs: 350, boobsImplant: 0, nipples: 0, nipplesPiercing: 0, areolae: 0, boobsTat: "0", lactation: 0, milk: 0, cum: 0, butt: 3, buttImplant: 1, buttTat: "0", face: 1, faceImplant: 0, lips: 1, lipsImplant: 0, lipsPiercing: 0, lipsTat: "0", teeth: 0, tonguePiercing: 0, vagina: 3, vaginaPiercing: 0, vaginaTat: "0", preg: -2, births: 0, labia: 1, clit: 0, clitPiercing: 1, clitSetting: "vanilla", anus: 3, dick: 0, dickPiercing: 0, dickTat: "0", balls: 0, ovaries: 1, anusPiercing: 0, anusTat: "0", makeup: 0, nails: 0, brand: 0, brandLocation: 0, earPiercing: 0, nosePiercing: 1, eyebrowPiercing: 1, navelPiercing: 0, cosmeticPiercings: 0, shouldersTat: "0", armsTat: "0", legsTat: "0", stampTat: "0", fuckSkill: 0, oralSkill: 1, analSkill: 0, whoreSkill: 0, entertainSkill: 0, combatSkill: 0, livingRules: "spare", speechRules: "restrictive", releaseRules: "restrictive", relationshipRules: "restrictive", useRulesAssistant: 1, diet: "muscle building", tired: 0, hormones: 0, drugs: "no drugs", addict: 0, choosesOwnClothes: 0, clothes: "restrictive latex", collar: "dildo gag", shoes: "none", vaginalAccessory: "none", buttplug: "none", intelligence: 0, intelligenceImplant: 0, fetish: "cumslut", fetishDiscovered: 0, behavioralQuirk: "none", sexualQuirk: "none", oralCount: 0, vaginalCount: 0, analCount: 0, mammaryCount: 0, penetrativeCount: 0, customTat: " ", customLabel: " ", customDesc: " "

  20. Thanks a ton for the update!
    No events for this slave; VERSION: 0.5.5.
    slaveName: "Sakura", birthName: "Mei", weekAcquired: 1, origin: "She is the winner of a martial arts slave tournament. You won her in a bet.", career: 0, ID: 900102, prestige: 0, prestigeDesc: "0", relation: 0, relationTarget: 0, relationship: 0, relationshipTarget: 0, rivalry: 0, rivalryTarget: 0, subTarget: 0, assignment: "rest", sentence: 0, toyHole: "all her holes", age: 18, ageImplant: 0, health: 8.7, minorInjury: 0, devotion: 9.5, oldDevotion: 9.5, weight: 0, muscles: 1.2, height: 0, heightImplant: 0, nationality: "Japanese", race: "asian", eyes: "brown", hcolor: "black", pubicHColor: "black", skin: "light", hlength: "long, tied into a neat ponytail", pubicHLength: "waxed", waist: 0, amp: 0, heels: 0, mute: 0, boobs: 400, boobsImplant: 0, nipples: 0, nipplesPiercing: 0, areolae: 0, boobsTat: "0", lactation: 0, milk: 0, cum: 0, butt: 1, buttImplant: 0, buttTat: "0", face: 1, faceImplant: 0, lips: 0, lipsImplant: 0, lipsPiercing: 0, lipsTat: "0", teeth: 0, tonguePiercing: 0, vagina: 0, vaginaPiercing: 0, vaginaTat: "0", preg: -1, births: 0, labia: 0, clit: 0, clitPiercing: 3, clitSetting: "submissive", anus: 0, dick: 0, dickPiercing: 0, dickTat: "0", balls: 0, ovaries: 1, anusPiercing: 0, anusTat: "0", makeup: 0, nails: 0, brand: 0, brandLocation: 0, earPiercing: 0, nosePiercing: 0, eyebrowPiercing: 0, navelPiercing: 0, cosmeticPiercings: 0, shouldersTat: "0", armsTat: "0", legsTat: "0", stampTat: "0", fuckSkill: 0, oralSkill: 1, analSkill: 0, whoreSkill: 0, entertainSkill: 0, combatSkill: 1, livingRules: "spare", speechRules: "permissive", releaseRules: "sapphic", relationshipRules: "permissive", useRulesAssistant: 1, diet: "muscle building", tired: 0, hormones: 0, drugs: "no drugs", addict: 0, choosesOwnClothes: 0, clothes: "choosing her own clothes", collar: "pretty jewelry", shoes: "heels", vaginalAccessory: "none", buttplug: "none", intelligence: 1, intelligenceImplant: 1, fetish: "submissive", fetishDiscovered: 1, behavioralQuirk: "none", sexualQuirk: "none", oralCount: 0, vaginalCount: 0, analCount: 0, mammaryCount: 0, penetrativeCount: 0, customTat: "She has a tattoo of falling cherry petals on her back, starting at her shoulderblades, down to her butt.", customLabel: " ", customDesc: "She has a small scar on the back of her right hand. She was injured while participating in the finals of the national kendo tournament, and decided to keep the scar to remind her of her achievements."

  21. There are some copypaste errors in "FResult", it edits $beauty in several places instead of $FResult

    "Beauty" has $FSGenderFundamentalist giving bonuses to slaves with dicks too, shouldn't that be radicalist? Or a penalty? I'm not sure I understand what's going on.

  22. Heya FC dev. I'm the guy who recommended "Ferrari slaves" a while ago. I haven't checked back this blog in a while, but I was pleasantly surprised when you gave my suggestions such undeserved recognition as well as prompt application! Rest assured I'm very pleased with the direction this game has been taking so far.

    Call me an ungrateful, impertinent little cunt, but I want to offer some more ideas about things I'd like to see added in the future. Of course I don't want to ask for anything outlandish that would be a too big of a hassle to program.

    One of them is to add sex events to pit fights! Girl loses, audience uses. Simple as that. Taimanin Asagi fans rejoice.

    Perhaps a possible arena upgrade would feature yourself hosting a "Running Man" type reality TV show for the delight of the arcology's viewers? Except of course with plenty of blood spurting out and non-consensual gangbangs.

    Another thing are military missions. Raid another arcology to obtain serviceable assets, or compel restitution for a rival owner's property damage. An excellent job for those muscular virgins you've been growing in your little human garden. But if a girl gets captured, a ransom will be demanded. If you fail to pay by a specific deadline, he captors might do a number of things, ranging from simply selling her off after fucking her senseless to mailing her body parts to you in a bag.

    Please let me know how realistic these suggestions are in terms of additional code. In any case, I'm looking forward to the future development of this game.

  23. Same as above. I have re-read your latest update carefully, and I've realized that I may be possibly suggesting things that you have explicitly ruled out. If that seems to be the case I'd like to apologize and retract my statement, unfortunately I can't figure out how to enable post editing in this comment section (in fact I really dislike boards where this is impossible, otherwise I'd just have edited the previous post).

    However, a military mission might not necessarily mean a code heavy "attack on another arcology". It might be simply be a custom event, similar to "pit fight invite" for which a girl with high combat stats may be eligible to get.

    Similarly, "Running Man" could be an upgrade with adds bonus reputation for pit fights and yields a text event.

    I'm just trying to elaborate on these suggestions so that they would not go out of line with your stated focus on slave management.

  24. It should be elseif not if on the line: < >

    1. Fucking filter.
      << if ($activeSlave.lips is 2) >>

  25. Sorry to bother again. I put All slaves are mostly born female.

    Buy in slave was female ^^
    The Snatch & Grab slave the mercenary leaves at your door is never female, 54+ reloads. Is it hard to get a female version, or just not in the game?

    1. The snatch&grab slave is a hardcoded hermaphrodite.

  26. Hello,

    I want to make some suggestions, ranging from major features to simple alterations.
    I really like the project but seldom make suggestions.

    I will post everything which came to my mind by playing last versions.

    1. - Master Suite

      I have mixed feelings about the master suite. I really like the idea, but also having fear that it is inhibiting my gameplay style.
      If you like you can answer me on how you want to implement this, although I woudl also like the surprise of how it was done.
      I often have fucktoys just for their texts and that is what i think should stay.
      I would prefer that slaves gain devotion like fucktoys do when supervised.
      Also i would like that the setting of which hole to use stays.
      Havin instant access to a screen where you choose to use a concubine would be nice...
      The last thing i want is that you can access their turn-text.
      This could be done by having an additional screen each turn or....

    2. - The Retroperspective

      Sometimes I want to look into slave texts, but having the screen crowded by all slaves is a bit bad.
      I would suggest to make retroperspective screens where you can access slave facility slave-turn passages.
      So if you want to you can easily access last turns performance of your whores in your brothel, your cows in your diary etc.
      That way you give people maximum control of what they want to see or not.
      For the technical part: Instead of rendereing the scene fresh, save it to a cache variable. The text will not alter then,
      but you evade bugs that way.
      I also guess that the text of a whore supervised and a whore in the brothel don´t need to differ for now. Simplicity speaking.

    3. - New Prestigous Slave:

      Make a queen (king) auction, where the slaves family was overthrown (analog to the princess) and she (he) was then publicy raped, whipped and altered
      and then sold at auction.

    4. - Humiliating Collar:
      A collar with a describing text, like the cutoffs do, like fuckmeat, cumdump etc, or even better: The label you gave it.

      - Contraceptives
      A simple mechanic, making it possible that when a slave gives birth she is not reset to to "on contraceptives" but ratehr stays at fertile.

      - Rework fetishes

      I am somehow unsatisfied by how fetishes work. You always need nymphs and than all is good.
      Having other fetishes staying at worshipfullness is very tricky and not always working like it should
      (my buttsluts loose devotion in the collection facility, even with collectrix and upgrade)
      Therefore i suggest making nymphs universal, having a good overall performance and give out extra bonuses for other fetishes.
      e.g. a greater bonus in the dormitory for submissive slaves than for nymphs
      a bonus for buttsluts when having anal in brothel/promenade, semen or milk bonus when in diary/collector (with the sodomoser upgrade or such)
      lesbian could also get a bonus to teaching and of course when pleasuring females.

      Another idea would be to make (or set) specialised clothes which let them stay at worshipfullness when having that fetish:
      Latex for submissives for example.
      (I really like to have that crawling pet with submissive fetish slutting)

      Well that are suggestions not fully thought through and maybe impracticable,
      but having other fetishes loose devotion just for being unsupervised is very unsatisfiyng, having no impact on game hardness (because you simply make them nymphs)
      or am I just too bad to figure out how to maintain them?

  27. Bug discovered, when enslaving a would-be liberatrix and sending direct to arcade, she does not show up direct in arcade when I branded her. Don't know about the other punishments or moving directly. Also, there were two of her displayed.

  28. Bug. Recevied a message that 'Degradation Acquirement' does not exist, or something like that. Believe that the degradation society slave acquirement then is likely not working.

  29. I really like the way you are going with your game so far. First i thought oh another those "Slavemaker/Trader" Games, wanted just to take a quick look, too bad i was instantly sold
    after the first "SecurityUpgradeEvent" Exoskeleton powered Warfare. Feels like i am back in Childhood watching some Manga/Hentai, carnage, violence and bitches in a post apocalyptic World.
    I really like this World setting.

    So here are some of my thoughts for new Features/Events:

    - Agents/Spies: Some sort of IntelligenceService to keep Yourself and your Arcology safe and productive. After the first attack of the Daughters of Liberty
    would be great point to invest some more money to start your own IntelligenceService. I also like the Idea of having one Spy Partner up with your personal
    Bodyguard... twins *evilsmile* firepower and recon to make sure nothing comes close to you.
    At the start i think paid Spies would suffice, later i would definitely prefer Worshipful Slaves to be Spies devotion is better as paid loyalty.

    - Brains/Research: something like reverse engineering, Engineers/Mechanics repairing or trying maintaining the Arcology/WarPotential, and thus stalling the inevitable
    end of your Base. Giving you more time to get ready for the Wasteland. Devices/Machines etc. totally understood by you Engineers would net you Blueprints,
    you would need to scavenge/raid for needed materials to build them. Something your Platoon brings back from slaveraids, could be said Blueprints/materials.
    Of course such highly skilled personal is hard to get so these Special Slaves are rare and expansive and no names without rank wont even get to see them.

    - Researcher could come from the crumbling old countries to your for protection in exchange for their expertise. They would be free and able to choose how much
    they help depending on how you treat them and everybody else. They would sometimes ask for your protection for Fieldwork in the ruins of the old Cities to recover
    lost technology. Ultimately this should lead you to a point where you choose how you will set out in to the Wasteland. Most Epic some secret
    plan of a massive Mothership sized AssaultTank to base Yourself and your Platoons/Legions. Built out of the remains of your old Arcology, prerequisite lifesupport
    tech, Engine and Electronics. Futile without at least a full Platoon of Heavy Infantry in Exoskeletons and mid sized IntelligenceSquad to keep BuildingSite safe.
    The Ready Tank would be without Weapons and only minimum Infrastructure onboard. Its up to you raid, dominate, enslave whole cities keep your Platoons long enough
    alive to get your MobileBase all armed and war ready, than wrack havoc.

    - Prestige is nice but would love have some kind of system that tracks my battle record, not some small skirmishes the big one i mean. Like the attack on your Arcology
    so your can slowly built up your reputation as Warlord/Emporer or what ever you call yourself. Veni, vidi, vici crush those maggots.

    Thanks for keeping up with me, so many ideas but i am so bad at english.

  30. Can we get some sort of message on the end of the week thing when hormones no longer will do anything special to the slave? I think that hormones work differently on male slaves, but I only play with females. Thanks.

  31. Since the values used for body part sizes are integers, would it be possible for the Rules Assistant growth hormone settings to use user-defined values rather than presets?

  32. I know you don't want to further complicate the code so feel free to ignore this post, but I just had to put it out there for the record.

    Combat related expansions/upgrades:

    Section A
    Regarding Combat Skill
    Currently it's a simple slave does/doesn't have skill.

    Idea 1: Make it a 3-tier skill like the others, but unlike the others it's very difficult to max.
    C+ Slave can defend herself and subdue attackers
    C++ Currently existing level, skilled with weapons
    C+++ A master combatant whose size and muscular structure is no hindrance to their deadliness

    Idea 2: Using the new intellect as a basis slaves have a 5-tier co-ordination stat (klutz, clumsy, normal, nimble, acrobatic) upon which they can be "educated" or not in the ways of combat (this leaves the combat skill as a single level)

    Idea 3: This complicates the code by combining both the above, and the level of combat skill a slave can achieve is restricted by their co-ordination. So only acrobatic slaves can achieve C+++

    Section B
    The game states that having slaves working away the old fashioned way makes a statement since machines are available to do the same tasks. Similarly, a bodyguard makes an impression because it's an armed slave. Also, regardless of whether one has a slave pit or not, gladiatorial combat is present in this society. Therefore;

    Idea 1: An event that lets a bodyguard gain prestige similar to that of whores and public servants. Rather than wait for an invite, you invite another powerful slave to a match. You can make this a big deal with advertising, potentially gaining prestige for your slave as a powerful fighter.

    Idea 2: An expanded Armoury. This facility adds a fair bit of upkeep, but you can put devoted slaves in here to learn combat and work as guards. This improves your reputation. Could lead to event chains where there's friction between your guards and your mercenaries, or even as a replacement to having mercenaries altogether.

    1. I'd like to support any system that'd let us have a top tier bodyguard without necessarily creating an amazon she-man.

      Loli content may not be in, but I want to get as close as possible without it hindering progress.

  33. Suggestion: a rule assistant diet option which does the following:
    -if a slave is at any healthy weight, leave her there
    -otherwise aim for healthy weight
    So eg if you have an unhealthily fat slave the RA will get her healthily plump then stop, but if she's slim she'll stay slim. The idea being to have the RA work for you without losing all diversity.

  34. Interested to see how you'll do the harem for the concubines. It'll be interesting if you can set a favored concubine as well!

  35. Haven't played the new version yet, but saw in the changelogs the 'labia sizes' and the ability to change their size! Fuck yes!!! Now I can have my stable of 18-19 year old, super tight, cameltoe/small labia harem girls...

    Also, WHOO HOO on the Master Suite for next update...a stable of fucktoys sounds great!

    Just a quick question, since I can't figure it out. Are slaves in the various facilities, and the managers of those facilities, still eligible for events? Or are only the girls in the main list eligible?

  36. A couple of bugs, I apologize if they have been already reported.

    1st bug

    If a slave is "too skinny / rail thin / underweight", her bad condition is not shown in the main page (but only in her full description).
    On the other hand, if "overweight / chubby / carrying extra weight", the main page works fine.

    2nd bug

    Event with a slave:
    - I choose the option that increases her devotion
    - Instead of clicking Continue, I read the slave description (XXX is currently involved in an event...)
    - I click "Continue" and I come back to the page event: the game does not remember my previous choice. I can select the same option again: the devotion goes up a bit more
    If I repeat this procedure enough times, the slave may become worshipful from rebellious after just one event

  37. Loving the game been playing it since like .3 or something. This seriously is one of my favorite games to veg out with.

    I was wondering if we will get more content with the Daughter of Liberty? I would love to be able to launch an attack on them and take their leader and convert them. It be a nice event to have.

    Also, for the Schoolgirl outfit I'd love to see some synergism with Slave Classes, like a bonus to one of the stats. I normally make my girls go to school when they are fearful but if they are wearing the Schoolgirl Outfit it makes them more defiant. It's kinda annoying. Also, if other outfits gave bonus to certain activities that be cool too, like slutty suit giving a bonus to trainer or something.

    Lastly, for newer player it might be nice if there was a way to show what outfits affected slaves and in what ways. It took me a long time to figure out when to switch over from Straps, to Latex, to maid outfit, etc.

    Just my two cent. You are doing an amazing job and I can hardly believe this is your first time making a Twine game. You make me feel bad about my one attempt at a twine game :P.

    1. I have long since decided that outfits will not give bonuses for specific assignments. I want the player picking outfits based on personal taste rather than being forced into certain choices for optimization. Basically, I am trying to avoid presenting "right" and "wrong" choices.

  38. Really been enjoying the game so far but would it be possible to get some more contact lens colours and possibly a custom descrptor option for eye colour as well. As for contact lens colours, if you do decide to add to them, maybe add some more unusual or unnatural lenses like cats eye's.

  39. There seems to be a problem with muscle building in the rules assistant. Having it set to automatically be applied, and with no default setting for muscles, it seems like every time I manually put a slave to pump iron, the RA automatically undoes it.

    1. The RA will get involved in diets if it thinks it needs to do so to reach your preferred weight, and that will override muscle building. Try disabling both diets and workouts in the RA.

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