Monday, August 29, 2016

ALPHA 0.8.3: Meet the Neighbors

This update introduces a wider ecosystem outside the walls of the player's arcology. At game start, a handful of neighboring arcologies within the same Free City as the player's arcology will be generated, and they'll develop as gameplay progresses. This system is in an early state, and mostly exists as something the player can watch, but not manipulate directly. That will change; it's not necessary to request interactions with your neighbors until I've had a some time to implement the ones I've already planned out.

This update does trememdous violence to existing code. Some bugs are inevitable. If you prefer to play FC periodically when a stable build drops, hold off. Also, the number of arcologies present in the Free City is configurable, and the code that handles interactions between arcologies will have to perform a total number of operations in which the number of arcologies present is an exponent. If FC runs slowly, try creating a Free City with a smaller number of arcologies.

Save compatibility
This update breaks saves. This is true of almost every update, but it is especially true of this one. If you started a game using 0.8.2 or a previous version, do not load that save using 0.8.3+ and expect it to work. It won't. If you're experiencing trouble, check the options screen, which gives the version used to create your save. If the version shown there does not match the version in the filename of the .html you're running, don't report bugs. Using New Game Plus will update the version tag in your save, in addition to everything else, so if you use it on any 0.8+ save, you'll pass this check.

Submitting content
Every 0.8+ update has included mod content. That's outstanding. If you'd like to contribute, email me, at least until I decide what FC's next step is in terms of web platform. With different mod formats and levels of modder expertise, that's the best way for me to offer assistance and feedback to modders. Finally, as a request to all modders and players considering modding: all contributions are great, and I'll consider anything, but what the game needs most is more random events. It would be great if FC's library of random events could have the benefit of creative impulses other than my own. The most beneficial way to do this is to play until you see a placeholder event, and then create a sex scene between the PC and that slave.

Web platform
I've created a subreddit as an experiment. I decided to do so mostly because reddit makes it very easy, so there's little cost in running the experiment for an update or two and seeing how it goes. This update is posted in both places, and I'll continue to do this until the experiment has produced results. I will read feedback in both places, as well. I'd like to thank everyone who offered input on this; there were some great arguments raised. To give them their due, here's a review of the alternatives and why I don't see them as advantageous right now:
  • Continue using Blogspot as FC's primary web platform. Blogspot is cumbersome and unreliable. It lacks basic readability features in its comment sections, and it persistently deletes some users' comments.
  • Move to a subforum at an established lewd game's forum. Most western lewd games have their own fan subcultures, and any such forum is not going to be friendly territory for at least some FC players. There are also independence issues.
  • Move to a subforum at a broader lewd games forum. This presents the same culture issues as moving to another game's forum, and/or would place severe restrictions on my ability to exercise and delegate necessary mod power.
  • Create a forum using a western free forum host. I have not been able to find a decent western forum host that does not ban adult content under its TOS. You have to read the fine print, anons.
  • Create a forum using a non-western free forum host. Many western users (including myself) try to avoid any site in Cyrillic out of prudence. I'm sure there are reputable ones, but finding out which is which can be painful.
  • Create an FC site with a forum. This is a last resort. I'm sure the funding issue could be addressed through Patreon, but anonymous web hosting is a monstrous pain that I'd rather avoid. As things are, I'd remain on Blogspot over this.
Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.8+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Known bugs in this version include subordinate slavery assignment issues. Latest hotfix is (1700 PST August 31), completely save compatible. fixes
  • New games will now set up retirement milestone policies properly.
  • Set a new path to properly commit custom slave descriptions.
  • Incorrect advancement of play after manually retiring a slave. fixes
  • Prevented gingering from appearing in inappropriate events.
  • Misleading descriptive omissions for slaver PCs detecting gingering.
  • Walk by scene error messages.
  • Addressed a bug that was preventing menial to bioreactor conversions.
  • Patched code omissions that were preventing some /d/ slave buyers from appearing. fixes
  • Added a check for errant hormonal effects.
  • The PA should no longer decide she really wants to be a monstergirl.
  • Based indenture costs on the fraction of five years remaining on the indenture. fixes
  • It should no longer be possible to create more than nine arcologies in a Free City.
  • Addressed issues that would occur if a manually set retiree was otherwise removed.
  • Added virginity checks to random events.
  • Patched minor femPC description issues.
  • Typos.

0.8.3 Changelog

Anonymous modpack
  • Provides additional starting slave customization options.
  • Adds string implants for tits and asses, which grow without further input and may even have to be drained.
  • Improves the rules assistant fertility options and logic.
  • Creates a new announcement event for personal assistant future society appearance options.
  • Provides relative and relationship interactions between schoolteachers and students.
  • Adds an aging toggle to Cheat Mode.
  • Adds belly branding.
Neighboring arcologies
  • Much existing code has been rewritten to handle the PC's arcology as one of several arcologies in a Free City, rather than as a unique entity.
  • The number of arcologies in the Free City in which the story takes place can be set between one and nine at game start.
  • The game will randomly generate and follow the other arcologies in the Free City.
  • Other arcologies will appear with different systems of governance, with various impacts on their development.
  • Neighboring arcologies' prosperity will develop along a simplified path.
  • All arcologies' economies will impact one another, with prosperity tending to move towards the average within the Free City.
  • Should neighboring arcologies' prosperity fall far behind, they will experience dissention and a likely change of government.
  • Neighboring arcologies will make their own Future Society choices, based on other arcologies' societies and their own development.
  • All arcologies' societies will experience cultural crossover, accelerating or slowing societal progress.
  • Each neighboring arcology has its own area in the slave market, offering slaves that vary based on the source arcology's prosperity and culture.
Other updates
  • Disabled the backwards compatibility mod function pending updating if necessary by that mod's author.
  • Added a pair of policies for Gender Radicalism and Fundamentalism that boost beauty for slaves with classical feminine porportions.
  • Provided better descriptive distinctions between slaves who can't speak and slaves who haven't learned how to speak the lingua franca.
  • Changed some events to prevent generation of slaves over the arcology's retirement age; instant retirements should be reported as bugs.
  • Rebalanced some hormonal effects which were not handling the interaction between ovaries and hormone therapy properly.
  • More slave customization options at game start.
  • Enabled fertility drugs for all slaves and added more descriptive support, since they now have the secondary purpose of starting lactation.
  • Buffed unfocused sexual subordination so that it is no longer strictly inferior to targeted sexual subordination.
  • Added a Chattel Religionist naming scheme that uses traditional virtue names: Patience, Charity, etc.
  • Extended the rules assistant's contraceptives regime to address more ways a pregnancy can end.
  • Recoding for better performance.
  • Encyclopedia updates.
  • Bugfixes, many of which were coded by CornCobMan or reported by Ryllynyth.


  1. Manually retiring a slave still links to the sale page.

    The alternate retirement goals still don't appear unless you implement-repeal-implement Citizen Retirement. The default goal values also don't seem to be set properly:
    "slaves will be rewarded with their freedom once they add $retirementBirths new slaves to the population of Arcology X-4."
    "She is wearing a nice collar, almost a necklace, with a small numerical display reading , for the number of pregnancies still between her and freedom."

    1. Thanks for reporting these. It looks like the game isn't setting those policies up properly. The first hotfix will address this for new games and NGPs, but not for existing playthroughs.

  2. BUG: Moving to the customize-description page and back to the long-form description page causes the description page to display garbage data pertaining to '$activeSlave.slavename'. Any changes made in the customization page will affect the selected slave properly when the page is first accessed (though the changes are only visible after returning to main menu); after going back to the long-form page and returning to the customize page, additional changes are applied to the phantom $activeSlave as though it were a normal slave (i.e. changing the custom label from undefined to a value will cause the game to display $activeSlave.slavename (value) as normal).

    I have a save game on a bugged page ready to be emailed if you need it.

  3. I recently realized, much to my dismay, that we can't have a slave be sexually subordinated to several, but particular, other slaves.

    Thereby my plan to create a pack of incredibly well endowed sadistic or nymphomaniac men and give a certain slavegirl to them so that she be fucked to pieces, had to be put on hold. The dissapointment was great. All that work going to waste. A tragic experience really.

    Joke aside, I do want to be able to give a slavegirl to a group of other slaves as their common toy.

    Also does giving slave A to slave B and slave B to slave A do anything? Because it would be great if it did. I especially think of doing this for married ones.

    1. As long as they don't resent it (less likely at higher devotion and if they're attracted to the other slave) it seems to increase the odds of them starting a relationship.

  4. So, this tells me that not only can you interact with the other arcologies in the future, but will also be able to take them over possibly and become the ruler of an entire free city while simultaneously enslaving your rivals?

  5. Week 22.

    Almost the entire Free City has adopted Paternerlism after me.

    Arcologies in the Free City
    Arcology X-9, your arcology, is about as prosperous as the rest of the Free City.
    Arcology X-1, your neighbor to the southeast, is not as prosperous as the rest of the Free City, making it a good investment and spurring its economic development. Arcology X-1 is prosperous enough that its board of directors and its citizens consider societal development. It adopts Paternalism due to influence from its trading partner Arcology X-9.
    Arcology X-2, your neighbor to the southwest, is about as prosperous as the rest of the Free City. Paternalism in Arcology X-2 is influenced by Arcology X-9's more advanced society. Paternalism in Arcology X-2 is influenced by Arcology X-6's more advanced society. Paternalism in Arcology X-2 is influenced by Arcology X-8's more advanced society.
    Arcology X-3, your neighbor to the northeast, is much more prosperous than the rest of the Free City, limiting its competitiveness and thus its economic development.
    Arcology X-4, your neighbor to the west, is not as prosperous as the rest of the Free City, making it a good investment and spurring its economic development. Arcology X-4 is prosperous enough that its board of directors and its citizens consider societal development. It adopts Paternalism due to influence from its trading partner Arcology X-9.
    Arcology X-5, your neighbor to the south, is about as prosperous as the rest of the Free City. Arcology X-5 is prosperous enough that its board of directors and its citizens consider societal development. It adopts Paternalism due to influence from its trading partner Arcology X-9.
    Arcology X-6, your neighbor to the northwest, is much more prosperous than the rest of the Free City, limiting its competitiveness and thus its economic development. Paternalism in Arcology X-6 is influenced by Arcology X-9's more advanced society.
    Arcology X-7, your neighbor to the east, is about as prosperous as the rest of the Free City. Paternalism in Arcology X-7 is influenced by Arcology X-9's more advanced society. Paternalism in Arcology X-7 is influenced by Arcology X-6's more advanced society.
    Arcology X-8, your neighbor to the north, is much more prosperous than the rest of the Free City, limiting its competitiveness and thus its economic development. Paternalism in Arcology X-8 is influenced by Arcology X-9's more advanced society.

    Are they suppose to follow you like this? Admittedly I am playing on New Game+ and sold an old slave to pay for the advancement in the Future Society so Paternalism is fully adopted.

    1. That's definitely a possible outcome - an early adopter can spread an FS to everyone else. An AI arcology did it with Gender Radicalism during my last playthrough. I may need to reduce the chance of FS spread from arcology to arcology, though.

    2. I don't know how you imagine the Free City build up, but an idea could be that FS spreads to the nearby Arcologies so Arcology 3 spreads better to Arcology 2 and 4, and then maybe have Arcology 1 be in the middle starting with more prosperity, and it's FS would influence all the others.

      This way Arcology 1 would create a tendency, but otherwise there would be different development from different sides of the Free City. This might be mostly for when having many neighbouring arcologies though, and it will probably be a bitch to code I have no idea about coding myself.

  6. A question about combat skills: My bodyguard has been fighting in the pits for a while now, yet she still hasn't risen above "skilled." Is it possible to get to master through pit fighting? And if it's possible, what are the requirements? Does lethal combat help? Does it need to be against equally skilled opponents?

    Any help is appreciated.

    1. It's not; combat skill is 0-1.

    2. Well damn, all those poor slave girls dying in vain... Still, there's always more fish in the sea.

      Thanks for clearing that up.

  7. >it's here, endgame updates
    Looks fucking fantastic my man, i'm on tears.

  8. Would like to suggest/recommend having a few stickied posts in the sub like the most recent build, potentially a mod list type thing ( I know a lot of people have been requesting a place to aggregate mods since they're all over the web at the moment), a bug submission post, that sort of thing.

  9. Please, Please, Please if you do decide to move Free Cities some where else, keep it some where nice and anonymous. I (and probably others) don't want to have to deal with other people knowing what sick shit gets us off.

    1. Being anonymous is very important to me, too. It's extremely easy to set up a throwaway for a single purpose on Reddit, for example; the head mod of the freecitiesgame subreddit is FC_Author, an account I created today in about ten seconds.

    2. Sheeeeeit, I kinda t subscribed to the subreddit with my normal account, wasn't even thinking about it

      Maybe THAT was what my girlfriend kept trying to hint about if I "saw anything interesting on reddit today"

      At least last she didn't seem mad :/

  10. Updated my mod:!aNwUEDCK!ssbrDeHWgvAtoMML_5OD1--dEUWDdO5Vq2MNVYJlNgU

    Fixed the backwards compatibility errors with version 0.8.3, not fully tested so if there are problems, let me know
    Added the ability to build a prosthetics factory for amputated slaves

    1. Updated to!3cRWUDwQ!MwnJP9wJX99eFv08TAWM_QZ_4gwkEy7MCkEM5dKpQmc

    2. Updated to!TN4zTYoZ!OfQ0N1wqR6Aw6cguVgMPvRJPgrF05w6NCbZI3gLLKmU

      Added a few vignettes for slaves with artificial limbs
      Updated the cheat edit slave menu for string implants

    3. beautiful!

      By any chance, does that mod have partial amputation (i.e. not all 4 limbs at once)?

      At any rate, thanks for your work.

    4. Hey, I just started a new game in the 8.3.3 version of your mod, but I can't find the option to build the prosthetic factory anywhere in the game. Is it unlocked via an event, is my game bugged, or am I just blind? In case it's relevant, I set my arcology up as a marine structure inside the Middle East, and have extreme content turned on.

      Thank you for your work!

  11. So all my slaves are now getting hormone effects and not a single one of them are on hormones, this is a bug and not a new feature right?

    1. Some hormone effects will naturally occur due to genitalia. If a slave possesses ovaries, female hormone effects can occur. If a slave possesses testicles, male hormone effects can occur.

    2. Well it's a new thing and no natural hormone effect is going to suddenly turn a bunch of slender hipped small assed 36 year old women into wide hipped huge assed ones in a few weeks. Kind of kills any slender based future society unless I want to keep lopping off extra flesh in the surgery costing me money health and fear. So it sure looks like a bug to me. It is not even a "can occur" it has been every slave every week for the first 10 weeks, that would be excessive if they were teenagers still but they are not. And to add further aggravation the changes haven't even been uniform do none of my twins are identical anymore.

    3. Feels bugged to me. Can't for the life of me raise anything using hormones + enhancers now, it's just throwing money away every week.

    4. Stopped after week 12 fixed via surgery and assets stable. Also only effected my five starting slaves and none of the ones bought after. In fact I bought a 18 year old and even with a disproportionately small ass no growth seen.

  12. Two bugs to report.
    First one is the Personal Assistant, specifically the event to choose her form after selecting enhanced assistant. If you keep her default appearance while also keeping the upgrade, she defaults to monstergirl instead of the selected appearance.
    Second bug is related to the Merc Slave Marraige event. I let the merc have the girl he wanted for money but she is still left over in my arcology now. Discarding her enacts relationship penalties to her lover and sibling.

    1. Slight update, just realized that the Merc Slave Marraige event instead took my Head Girl.
      i am sad now

    2. Another bug, during the Bodyguard event where you can let her in your bed for the night or reward her the next morning, if the bodyguard is a virgin it will not take virginity as noted for reward the next day.

  13. No idea if this is the place to ask: how do I unlock collection facilities? I've looked over the code in NP++ and can't find it orz

    1. The Collection Facility functions have been rolled into the Dairy.

  14. Here is an old possible typo/bug, that I keep forgetting to mention. In Slave Summary;
    There are code differences in the: if $abbreviateDevotion is 1 and if $abbreviateDevotion is 2. A more notable one changes trust in $abbreviateDevotion is 1 to -20 but in the other changes it -10.

    There were a couple of other things in this section but it was mainly colour changes, for example being a virgin is green if your using the abbreviated rules, but pink for normal text.

  15. There should be a new market exclusively for attractive+ slaves.

    If you go body purism, you can only give one level of facial surgery before getting the 'implant' descriptor. And you can't change the shape of ugly breasts without implants. That means you have to search through lots of girls before you get a beautiful one. I know that's the idea of the bell curve, but it's also a pain in the ass. A new market that selects only the most attractive slaves, but requires an additional fee would be great.

    1. It would be nice if the eugenics policies effected the market. More taller, smarter, better looking slaves appearing instead of just short, dumb, ugly, sterile ones.

    2. The current eugenics policies aren't extreme enough to change demographics within a single generation. Right now they only mandate sterilization which simply means new ugly babies are less likely to be born. But it will take 18 years before that new generation of selectively bred babies will hit the slave market. If you want to immediately reduce the current percentage of substandard slaves you'd need a policy more along the lines of mandatory euthanasia. A pogrom/Holocaust targetung ugly and or stupid slaves. That would probably dramatically cut the available slave population but it would also mean that those that remain would be closer to the cream of the crop.

      The concept is also horrifically unethical (but considering the other things players can already do / order be done in game, ethics probably aren't a valid concern).

    3. I haven't had a chance to check the code in v0.8.3 yet, but in v0.8.2 and earlier my only issue with the eugenics code was that the Facial Eugenics cut-off was set at 3 (maximum possible beauty) and the vast majority of slave markets simply could not generate slaves with a face over 2. IIRC only the Futanari Sisters, some Prestigious Slave Market seeds, and the Custom Slave option could get you non-automatically-sterilized/gelded slaves.

      I agree that having the policies effect the market (as in, raise the minimum stats for slave generation) would be simpler for the player at a gameplay level, but the current implementation (other than the face stuff) works IMO - after all, you're enslaving whatever random people off the street, these are 'first-generation' slaves. Once your arcology is old enough to be raising slaves from birth (which is out of the scope for the game) then you'd have a lot more 'perfect' slaves, not only since you'll have been breeding for it but because you could control their diet and hormones from birth.

    4. "And you can't change the shape of ugly breasts without implants."

      But you can give her implants to remove the ugly shape (and fix puffy nipples. but not inverted ones because ???), then remove the implants immediately. You keep the all natural bonus, and merely lose health and possibly fear/devotion.

    5. I have gotten drooping boobs to fix themselves with just growth hormones but it didn't happen until around a G cup I believe. Inverted can be fixed with just piercings eventually but you will take a hit from discomfort until it does.

  16. Just want to say I like the creative direction you are taking this game. I am particularly excited about the idea of different arcologies having different cultures.

  17. Hi, thanks for the update. I love the idea of new arcologies :D

    I was wondering, there is any chance of you add new options for the porn publicity subsidy on the rule assistant? I want to add it for devoted slaves, but it only works with excellent slaves. Would be nice have a choice of when we want to add this to make our slaves prestigious. I think accepting slaves would be acceptable for this. It's kinda boring add it manually for everyone.

  18. Yo FC Author Remember how I introduced your game to Fenoxo Forums? well you could also just make a thread dedicated to Free Cities to Post Updates and New Additions (Theres actually already a existing thread for discussing your game made by yours truly) Hope this helps in some way

    1. Thank you for doing that. Between Blogspot, TFGames, and the subreddit I just created though, I've got too much to do already (not to mention updating the wretched game, too). Threads elsewhere will have to be left to players like you for now.

  19. Is it possible to set the reiterment age higher than the default?

  20. "This update does trememdous violence to existing code."


  21. Could I suggest a few things?

    If so:

    1. Is there any chance of adding the ability to designate a slave as your "very personal property" in the future? What I mean by that is having a slave just for yourself (above the rest in the hierarchy, without being allowed to even communicate with others). I know this idea is somewhat already in the game, but creating a slave purely for myself and yet having her talk about having sex with "slaves with dicks" (even though I selected no shemales in the start, so this may qualify as a bug?) really killed my mojo. Also, when speaking to a slave with a maxed out sex drive she speaks like a great slut (even though I kept her only and solely for myself). So perhaps you could add some sort of Slave Queen (or pick another name) whose devotion (and sex drive) would be pointed solely to the PC, adding to his rep. A downside to this sexiness could be a higher upkeep cost and the risk of spoiling slaves which are not truly devoted. Just an idea for some eye candy.

    2. Love the addition of other arcologies to the game. I know that system is still just for show at the moment, but will you able to pick a name for your Free City and/or other arcologies at the start of the game? Currently, your arcology tends to stand out if you name it differently (for instance, in my newest Free City, you had: X-1, X-2, X-3 and Nippur (Since I tend to play in the Middle East, I name my arcologies after ancient Babylonian cities :D). It would be cool to gradually overcome your competitors, spread your empire and ultimately claim the whole Free City. Do you plan on adding some wholly new options once you become the Leader/King/Emperor/High Priest or whatever of your Free City? That'd probably qualify as late late game, right?

    3. Do you plan on expanding the fetishes system a bit (which is ultimately tied to the "ask her feelings choice")? Adding new ones, or expanding ones which already exist?

    PS. Oh, and is there any way to help out the development?

    Keep it up.

    1. I wasn't going to say this because I thought it minor, but it somewhat relates to Anon's first suggestion. I had a slave girl that I had kept as fucktoy and never had her out doing anything with others, and made her my concubine and got her famous of pornography. And now the Next Week Summary tells me this "Keeping such a prestigious slave as your concubine adds to your fame. Many citizens remember having had her themselves, and respectfully envy you her exclusive company."

      I don't know how much tracking there is for who someone had been fucked by, but when I've kept a slave to yourself I don't want the game telling me she's been around.

    2. The code for that response is currently tracking total sex acts, not who were her partners. I suppose either adding a new exclusivity designation or rewriting those types of response to be more generic would do.

      Something like "Keeping such a prestigious slave as your concubine adds to your fame. Many citizens have grown intimately familiar with her televised sex life, and respectfully envy you her exclusive company."

    3. Anon from the first comment here.

      The good thing about this game is that the barebones mechanics have already been done. All it needs is some refinement. If I had more time on my hands to learn to code, I'd probably make my own mod with my first suggestion in mind. Since I don't, I can but hope that the developer will have mercy and hear my plea :D

      I still want to help the development, though, if help is needed.

      Just waiting to hear the response.

    4. IF you would like to help and can either code or are willing to learn Twine, which is very easy, email me: freecitiesdev@gmail. Otherwise, playing and reporting bugs is helpful.

    5. Thanks for the reply. I'll try my best. If I manage to actually do anything, I'll report back.

  22. Bug in the cost of indentured girls. The longer her indenture lasts, the lower her price. It should be proportional to time remaining.

  23. Slight bug on the smart piercings default not being set to reward.

  24. Hi.

    I haven't checked this version yet, but I'd like to leave feedback on previous version. ( FC Alpha v )

    By buying/selling menial slaves it is possible to entirely break the game. "Buy low/sell high" can exponentially
    raise amount of cash and number of menial slaves to ridiculous numbers. For example:
    189 citizens, 219 sex slaves, and 7606235222 menial slaves live in your arcology.
    You own 7606234758 menial slaves, earning you ¤158209682966.
    Basically, when you sell menials at bull market their price is 1000, market usually goes to "bearish" immediately
    afterwards, which changes menial price to 900. Meaning by "sell high"/"buy low" you can release number of your slaves by 11%.
    If you do that about 200 times, you'll go from 10 menials to 10 000 000 000 (ten billion) menials. Without
    involving extra money. Each menial generates about 20 cash per week, so you'll be getting 200 billion in cash per week.

    I think it would be great to either have a limit on number of menials you can buy at once OR
    track global population for individual countries (and number of slaves) OR add some limit on number of slaves player can
    house within the arcology. Also, I think that moving 10 billion people in and out of arcology every week would be hard.

    Also... (continued)

    1. Also...

      Some of the russian names end with "-chka" suffix. This is a "diminutive suffix"
      ("diminutive" means it is normally applied to something "cute"/adorable/harmless, like children,
      and not to something "inferior"... although it could be used to mock someone),
      and it is not normally used in actual names. So it should be "Albina" instead of "Albinotchka", etc.

      It would be nice to have a way to manually rename slaves. It might be present, but I haven't seen it.

      In previous 8.2 version activating rules assistant often made the game report that slave is wearing shock collar even
      though clothing wasn't specified.

      In previous 8.2 schoolroom without a teacher occasionally caused message with $slaveSchool.teacherName to appear in
      arcology main room.

      In previous 8.2 version "formal/informal" settings for headgirl were reversed, and using formal caused head girl to be informal.

      It would be nice to have a way to regrow limbs in organ fabriacator or to go full cyberpunk and add
      cybernethic prosthetics. Cyberlimbs probably wouldn't fit the game (even though they're arguably "within 10 years" technology),
      but since it is already possible to grow organs AND wire them into neural system, why not limbs?

      There were issues with rules assistant. It would be nice if rule assistant was broken into sections for "fearful",
      "obedient" and "devoted" slaves and each of those allowed to specify speech/sex restrictions and clothing.
      IIRC rules assistant either doesn't have section for shoes, or it somehow affects all slaves.

      Would be great to have an option to stop adding mild aphrodisiacs to food and keep slaves sex drive down. Mostly because
      I always end up with nympho bodyguards. Otherwise some fun/humorous message regarding that fact would be great.

      It looks like slave diets weren't working within facilities. For example, a "dieting/pumping iron" slave within
      servant's quarters, schoolroom or spa doesn't seem to ever change. Not sure if hormonal effects work, though.

      In 8.2 it looked like after "the big events" that happen roughly on week 80 there wasn't much point in having a
      bodyguard anymore.

      The game seem to spam "birthday cake", "may I have sex with you", "new nickname",
      "present for the master" and "arm day" events a lot. "Birthday cake" and "arm day" show up the most often.

      After building all possible upgrades you still get "arcology is taxed to capacity by its own prosperity so your rents will not increase until it is upgraded"

      Had an "Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: State.variables.toSearch.contains is not a function"
      When somebody's mother retired out of master suite with a citizen retirement enabled.

      Overall it looks like before the week 80 the game ends up throwing more slaves at you that you can reasonably process
      (a lot of them with dicks), and after week 80 it is a "post-game" with no real dangers in it.

      I'm not sure if "refereshement" is even used anywhere. Haven't ever seen it.

      I'm not sure if in "corporation" general assets are used anywhere. It looks like the game pretty much checks for
      training/pharma/surgical and almost ignores everything else.

      Wouldn't it make sense for the owner of arcology eventually get faster at slave training? I mean sometimes he/she
      may get stuck for weeks trying to soften a flaw.

      How about having a calendar? Month/Year?

      How about having an ability to order some slave screw another slave (for slaves that are not related to each other)?

      It doesn't seem to be possible for an arcology owner to get, erm, penetrated.
      Probably because it goes against the whole "dominance" theme of the game.

    2. Also... what's the license of the game? let's say someone wanted to try making either a spinoff or something similar, but
      on different platform/engine? Would you forbid that?

    3. You can rename slaves by clicking "customise her description" on the long slave description page.

      Off the top of my head, refreshment is mentioned in a few of the Mercenary events, the female arcology owner event and also the trusting head girl event.

  25. I have a remark.

    The height limits when creating a slave are 274cm and 91cm. If those are the limits shouldn't you add a categories above very tall and one below petite?
    Because when you're 274cm you're pas very tall, you're basically a giant (tallest man was 272cm). And Wikipêdia state that Dwarfism start roughly around 147cm, so 91cm is way past petite.

  26. May I request a Society Rebirth? Nazi Germany.

    I just want slaves walking around in sexy SS outfits. Plus a boost to industry and increase recruitment in menial labor, wouldn't be too bad.

    1. Man why do people keep bringing this up? On the one hand you can already pretty much do this with Ethnic Supremacy, Ethnic Subjugationism, Physical Idealism, and might as well throw Degradationism in there while you're at it. On the other the Nazis weren't what most people would consider an ancient society, and coupled with the other future options at hand you could end up with all kinds of nonsensical stuff like paternalistic hyper religious body expansion loving African Nazis. Even setting aside the issue of bad taste, the society itself just doesn't seem old enough to be a good fit.

      If all you care about is sharp paramilitary uniforms you could just put in a request for that.

    2. Also, not really a slave owning culture. Doesn't really fit in with the other future societies. I would be on board for some outfits though.

    3. All of the above objections are reasons I won't be doing this, but I'll add one more.

      The average person to whom Nazi Revivalism would appeal is not someone I want to deal with online. No offense to any individual person who suggests this; there are perfectly normal people out there with Nazi fetishes, as fetishwear catalogs will attest. But doing this would appeal to a crowd that I want nothing to do with.

    4. Understood.

      I'll just ask for paramilitary outfits as pang suggested. Wasn't sure if that was an option or not, because most of that stuff gets unlocked or is tied to a Future Society thing.

  27. You might want to look into string implants code again. The very first time my slave got a skin irratation, she bugged out. I got a few repeated messages about irratation and <> red text. And then she simply dissapeared from the roster, died apparently.

  28. A few things:
    What is a bioreactor?
    Can we have vignettes for after the game ends?
    In the slave menu, may we have an option to talk with a slave? By talk, I mean ask them about their past. Just throw in some random stuff about their ex-nationality and life.

    1. The descriptions for Bioreactors and Fuckdolls can be found under the Menial Slaves heading in the glossary.

    2. Thank you. Also, bio reactors and fuckdolls don't really sound like the things non-extreme arcologies would have.

  29. The "addict mother daughter" event was missing an owner gender check for the mother responses so I rewrote it.

    Despite herself, she sobs with relief when you agree. She offers to go down on you while you complete the necessary legalities, so you work away with a pair of motherly lips <<if ($PC.dick is 1)>>wrapped around your dick as she pumps<<else>>wrapped around your clit as she licks<</if>> away eagerly under the desk. She's definitely on aphrodisiacs. She masturbates while she works her mouth.

    If that gets used the workaround response starting sentence should also be changed.

    Despite herself, she sobs with relief when you agree. She offers to go down on you while you complete the necessary legalities, but instead you idly place a big dose of aphrodisiac on your desk and tell her to wait quietly.

  30. "Latest hotfix is"
    Buddy. Friend. Bro. Pal.

  31. *Crying in the shower event: 'Use her when she gets out' option should and says it will take anal virginity. Doesn't.

    *"branded into the flesh of one of her right buttock."

    *"This week the most interesting thing that happened to her at work was that she had to move to follow the most prominent citizens to a newly fashionable hall, an incident without lasting effect."
    Part of the text is green.

    *"She tries to be brave and relax, but those are contradictory goals and she manages neither as assrape her into inelegant, tearful begging for you to take your dick out of her butt, because it hurts."

    *"Her virginity goes to the citizen who most deserves the gift of a slave's cherry, earning ¤570."
    Should public service vaginal virginity loss give you money? Anal virginity loss didn't.

    *"cellblock.Decomission the cellblock"

    *"Racial supremacism: a belief in 0 superiority."
    "Racial subjugationism: a belief in 0 inferiority."

    1. game and save, no NGP.

  32. Bug in 8.3.3:

    The security mod give this error in the weekly report:
    Error: <>: error within contents (Error: <>: bad evaluation: State.variables.$arcologies is undefined)

  33. Bug: natural hormones cause changes but actual given hormones do nothing

  34. How are the slaves left over from the old Archology owner determined? The first game I played I only got one, but she was a nympho and a sexpert. The game I just started, I got FOUR, nothing above sexually skilled but I got two double virgins that netted me 30k.

    1. Semi-random based on the money you have left. There are over 100 premade slaves in the game's database, and the game picks one at random whose value is less than the money you have left. If there's still money left over, it will pick another one, and so on. There seems to be a substantial discount on the slave's value too, probably the same discount that you get for slave you created at the beginning of the game.

    2. I usually have no money left over and I get anywhere from 1 to 6 slaves, and occasionally up to $4000 with a couple of slaves. Hit F5 and it will cycle through things.

    3. You actually get a second batch of money after creating the initial batch of slaves. I don't know how much because the initial value isn't shown. You just end up with X amount of slaves and some money. I suspect the amount of money is determined by the difficulty level but I haven't tried figuring them out.

  35. So, I don't know if this is a bug or a new feature or a bug, but my slaves' hair doesn't stay the length I set it to anymore. If this is a new feature, you should add an upkeep service to maintain slave hair length.

  36. I don't know if you noticed or if someone already mentioned, but the TFGS forum is giving high traffic threads sub forums. I mainly mention it since that is where I found this game, though I'm aware you are moving toward subreddit. It might be worth a glance at what Girl Life and TrapQuest are doing with the subforums.

    1. I'm trying a subreddit for now. We'll see how it goes. TFGames is an option, but it definitely has a strong board culture of its own. That's a downside, because any such culture isn't going to be good for all FC players.

    2. You recognize that and yet you've established a presence on reddit of all places.

  37. "Dick height" is still being used, even if you are a complete female character, in the fucktoy description down at the bottom of the screen.

    "Makoto has positioned herself nearby with her mouth conveniently at dick height. The leotard she's wearing is tight enough to advertise every detail. In the coming week you plan to concentrate on her mouth, but for now:"

  38. I love that you finally added in a "feminine ideal" policy. However I think it would be better to increase the size requirements of the tits and ass to about 900CC and whatever the equivalent of that for the ass.

  39. What is slave prestige? How is it obtained and what are its effects? Is there a numerical limit to it?

    1. There are 3 levels to it (slightly, prestigious, and extremely), it gives you reputation weekly from having the slave (more from each level, not sure on exact amounts) you can have a head girl get the first level if she is in place long enough (and might require having the suite) you can buy a slave from the prestigious market that come with prestige levels (I think the daughter of royalty is the only extreme one you can buy) and if you buy the porn hub upgrade you can spend money to advertise slaves eventually getting them prestige levels.

  40. Quick Bug report. I have had a couple of slaves give birth in my archology but the total birth count is still 0. This may be due to the fact that I've never had a girl get pregnant in my service (I sterilize all my girls because that's just not my thing) however, when I get a girl from a random even who is with child I let it run its course. Maybe these aren't counting?

    1. Births have been bugged for a while now. You are lucky if you manage to get one that is counted properly.

  41. TYPO - fertility goddess personal assistant description has a duplicated line:

    "She's a cute little fertility goddess, with swollen hips and breasts and a massive pregnant belly. She's nude aside from a crown of flowers, her modesty protected only by her flowing hair. with swollen hips and breasts and a big pregnant belly. She's nude aside from a crown of flowers, her modesty protected only by her flowing hair."

    1. Just my two cents but I don't think making a subreddit is the right answer because it will divide people between the already different groups gathered on tfg, /dgg/, hgg etc.
      I have real doubts that people will trouble themselves subscribing on reddit etc.
      I personally will just stick to the blogspot.

  42. Hey, I was wondering if you are planning to add some costumization options for the PC like Surgery, Hormone Treatment, Clothing etc.

  43. I'm a couple of hotfixes behind (last version I could dive into was v0.8.3.2) so maybe this has already been fixed, but I could not for the life of me find the new Gender Radicalist/Fundamentalist policies in the code. They're listed in the 'Policies' module, you can pay to enact them, but I could not find any code that actually DID anything. Maybe I was just looking in the wrong places (in Beauty, FResult, the whore and public service modules, slave generation, devotion, nada).

    Also, the new way hormones are handled probably makes more sense than the old way, but it means that every female slave with ovaries will eventually have a girly voice, max vaginal wetness, 'best' hormone-capable face, and thinnest shoulders/widest hips/shrink to 180cm if taller (if she's young enough) from just her 'natural' hormones, even without a drug regimen.

    Shemales who retain balls have a similar thing going on now too, but the hormonal changes at a setting of -1 aren't as extreme.

    1. Just a follow-up I've been meaning to toss out there: Sometimes I feel like the Future Society system is strangely (and perhaps accidentally) limiting.

      Every once in a while I load up the game and feel like building an arcology that does a little bit of everything, like the old pre-FS days. Some implants, some natural, some stacked, some slim, etc etc etc. But pretty much no matter what combination of FS choices you make, you're going to find certain types of slaves strongly preferred and others not wanted (by design). And then if you just don't choose any of the FS options, you lose out on the expanded arcology description, FS-based events, and so on.

      I guess I don't have an actual suggestion here...

    2. And a third thing, since blogspot won't let me edit previous comments (AFAIK anyway):

      Does anyone else feel like the slim/stacked divide has a great big donut hole in the middle in regards to slaves with big tits but tight asses? I mean I know it's not exactly the most natural body shape, but if you're controlling your slave's diet and hormones as closely as is done in FC I would imagine there'd be quite a bit of draw for that type of body.

      But it falls within neither the Slimness Enthusiasm nor the Asset Expansionist domain. Blah.

    3. The slim waist and ass/huge tits is actually the body type I prefer in my slaves and expansion enthusiasm works fine for it, you get kudos for the great big tits and I haven't seen any hit on not having stupid big asses. Unfortunately the new "natural" hormones thing is killing this with insane ass/hip expansions on a weekly basis so you are gonna need lots of surgery to maintain it but with slim body types burning off decent sized tits going transformation for big implants is a good secondary FS for this anyways.

  44. BUG:
    No idea why, but a new game plus kinda broke my rules assistant. Body Mod Rules are not working after start the new game. It's not adding smart piercings, bleaching anus, etc. The Cosmetic Rules and all the rest are working fine.

    1. Automatic smart piercing addition and bleaching hasn't worked for me for several versions of 0.8+ now even in the default game but everything else in the cosmetic rules seem to still work okay.

  45. BUG: I have had various girls ask me to enslave daughters and sisters right out of an orphanage when they "turn 18" and none of them have been 18, 19-24 is the general age range.

  46. Possible bug: I just defeated the Daughters of Liberty. I have all the upgrades for the crushing success and it says I got an "impressive bag of prisoners" I choose to enslave them all myself and that nets me a single slave. If memory serves its been a few updates since I played last but wasn't the payout more like 4 or 5 originally?

  47. At the start of a new game I was given 5 slaves I had no money left over from the one I created, and one of the slaves I got is a duplicate with one of the other slaves. lol cloning is now an option?

  48. In the HG replacement scene, the would be usurper says the following:

    "Mistress, I think I would make a better Head Girl than her." She takes a deep breath and plunges on. "I'm just as smart as she is. And, Mistress, I'm sure you've noticed she isn't very good at teaching other girls vaginal skills. How could she be? She doesn't have a pussy! I can manage it, Mistress. Please, give me a chance."

    Even though my Head Girl is a woman and has a vagina. It could be, that this happened as I created my headgirl in the beginning of the game and maybe the original slave had a penis. Heard that this might leads to these problems. But again, minor bug.

    1. Same thing here - and my HG carried her pussy already in the earlier game. Thought the wannabe-HG was just talking politics.
      Very nice touch the replacement scene, by the way! Much appreciated.

  49. You have Beatrice (no. 525) listed twice in the other slaveowner's stock section.
    Also, what does the no. 525 mean?
    I think it means her slave number.
    Can someone tell me?
    Also, can exiting out of one auction place not send you back to the main screen please?

  50. game, save.

    *"The next time she sees you, visibly gathers her courage, and flirtily offers you her ass."

    *"Racial Purity SMR: in order to be sold in the arcology, subhumans with dicks will have to have their balls removed to prevent racial pollution."
    "Ethnic Preservation SMR: in order to be sold in the arcology, slaves of inferior races with dicks will have to have their balls removed to prevent racial pollution."
    No female equivalents?

    *"The nonconformist is a hardline egalitarianist who believes that all men are created equal, even if some then become slaves. They themselves are black, and they insist on flaunting their 0 slaves."
    "After a brutal but deserved public punishment of a black slave by one of the group of concerned citizens, the nonconformist is planning on visiting the same horrors on one of their 0 slaves, on a very weak pretext."
    Appeared when I only had subjugationism.

    *"She happily relies on you for sexual release, begging you to fuck her every chance she gets. You discover that she really likes it when you
    come inside her; she's a pregnancy fetishist!
    The spare living conditions keep her aware of her place."
    Odd line breaks.

    *"and 2096 menial slaves live in Arcology X-4. black subhumans form a majority of the slaves."

  51. Made a bug post on reddit. Also noticed a few cases of weird diacritics popping up in the game text

    ` a vicious jerk on her nipples,

  52. I am really looking forward to the city modeling that this update hints at! It'll either bring a whole new level of enjoyment or completely ruin everything, but I am personally hyped as hell.

    A minor addition/event that I think would add a great deal of immersion is the idea of a lottery. The player is a badass and uber wealthy, but the majority of the Arc's population isn't going to be so. So, what if the PC can fund a lottery. You know that one dude who is in charge of actually installing and maintaining all the dildo-feeders? If he wins you take him down to the slave market (All on film of course) and buy him whichever slave he wants! It'll cost you 20-30k depending on the market prices, but that would be an awesome way to flesh out the Arcology.

    I really liked the interviews. I'd kill for some more immersive world creating like that. What about an engineer who works in a specialized armor manufactory. He can talk about what it's like to be a New-Roman, how expensive buying and maintaining your armor can be, how slaves are supposed to be women and bear children for the good of Rome.

    What about the aforesaid dildo-feeder installer. What stories could he tell, expanding the slave-feeders under the watchful eye of the Stewardess.

  53. Been encountering a bug at the end of every turn since I got the Security Force installed:

    Error: <>: error within contents (Error: <>: bad evaluation: State.variables.$arcologies is undefined)
    Status and Activities of the Security Force :
    This week, the Security Force, 88 strong, focused on recruiting and training more personnel. Smaller parties ventured out to protect the arcology's trade routes and strike targets of opportunity. These activities have, overall, improved your arcology's prosperity. The goods procured by the security force were, after accounting for the spoils retained by individual soldiers, barely enough to cover expenses. More growth will be needed to ensure profitability. The Security Force managed to recruit 21 new soldiers this week, and your reputation has improved through the improvement of trade security.

    I don't know what the above error means or is referencing though.

    Also a possible suggestion. Alot of people want more say over the kids born in their archology but it makes no sense to model such late late game events. How about a simple Universal rule. Say give it three options: Default is what is in the game now, send them to an orphanage with no effect; Second is send them to an orphanage with the promise to the mother to buy them when they are born. Say it costs $500 a kid (to set up a fund to buy them later) and either raises or lowers the mother's fear or devotion depending on how fearful or devoted she already is; and a third option that has you promise to make them citizens and free them. Make this cost like $1000 per kid to put them in a non-slave school and makes the mother very happy. Don't bother making events for when they come of age but these one off events at birth give the player options involving their spawn.

    Also, could we get some kind of option that will remove braces automatically once teeth have been fixed? Or just let us know a slave's teeth condition on the (already busy I admit) main scree. Would help looking at slaves to see who needs their braces off and who doesn't.

    1. Just realized something about my bug report above. Every turn the security force changes to "No Accountability" when I keep trying to put them on "Strict Accountability" maybe that has something to do with it?

    2. "Also, could we get some kind of option that will remove braces automatically once teeth have been fixed?"
      Why not let the RA handle it? Is it bugged in the current version?

      "How about a simple Universal rule."
      I like that idea. Would give people some fluffy control over what happens, but require very little actual coding.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. It's already in Rules Assistant. Since v0.8.2.2
      Braces: straighten teeth, then remove. No default braces setting | None | Straighten | Universal

      As far as I know it works still. I know it put braces on one of slaves. An I'm sure it took them off also of a couple.

    5. My issue with using the RA for this is that the RA is a one trick pony. I'm using the RA as a rules lawyer that I can have upgrade girls to luxurious living when I notice they are obedient while at the same time putting girls in the bunny suits I want all my milk cows wearing (the most common girl type in my penthouse). However, if I were to set the RA to always update I could then no longer choose different outfits for girls on other jobs or leave some girls on restricted relationship/masturbation rules to help encourage emotional bonding. Since the RA is all or nothing I can't let it just handle the simple matter of braces since I'm trying to use it for a host of other time saving things (which are great). And I could make certain girls exempt from the RA, but that leaves me right back with having to check them often and doesn't solve the problem for half my stable. The RA just doesn't have the flexibility to handle such a minor thing and that's totally understandable. I can't imagine trying to code a whole lot of If/Then statements for every minor quibble into the RA. Hence the idea of attaching it directly to the surgical procedure itself or just giving a quick and easy way for me to see the job is done and handle it myself (which has to be the easiest way to code it).

  54. I'm liking the new update, and I'm excited to see neighboring city development goes in the future.

    As a suggestion, however, one thing has always bugged me: for anal sex, lubrication is almost never mentioned and I can't find any real mention of it in the encyclopedia. Presumably, brothel rooms and the corners of the club are littered with empty lube bottles at the end of the day, which seems... less sexy than it could be. Given that technology in FC is capable of giving powerful drug regimens and growing genitalia, I think it would be both feasible and really neat if we had the option to give slaves an anal self-lubrication implant that activates when they're turned on. For a slightly less kind twist, the player could set it be constantly active like the case with the highest level of vaginal wetness or alternately, it could be set to never activate at all, which would result in constant dry anal sex that would rapidly reduce devotion and increase fear for slaves on sexual assignments, especially for shemales or slaves wearing chastity belts. I'd imagine the implant could give a slight bonus to earnings from sex work, and maybe a small initial devotion bonus for broken slaves and anal fetishists, but a small initial devotion reduction for unbroken slaves who haven't yet accepted their role as sex objects. Anal fetishists or devoted shemales might ask for a self-lubrication implant if they're allowed to ask for implants. It might also slightly interact with plug use, such as occasionally speeding the increase of sex drive if a plug is present and the implant is producing lubrication, but causing extra devotion damage and fear increase if a plug is present and the implant is set to "dry." Presumably, slaves without an implant would be provided with traditional lube as usual, but slaves with implants would not be provided with any lube aside from what's in their implant.

    Just some thoughts I'd been kicking around and that I've finally delurked in order to share. Do with them as you will, FC Dev! I just want you to know greatly enjoy and admire your work, and I will continue to stalk FC with glee!

    1. As long as it's optional. I don't find the idea of leaky assholes aesthetically appealing, and would much rather just pretend that it's all handled by the lube fairy.

  55. This is hardly a complaint or even something important, but a minor suggestion:

    Under polices:
    Oral Sex Encouragement: you will use your personal influence to make blowjobs the most fashionable sex act in the arcology.

    Oral Sex in this game can also mean Cunnilingus, if your PC has a vagina. In the Anti-Oral Campaign it leaves it vague. I simply think the term blowjobs should be swapped with oral and leave it open. Again, not important at all, just a minor thing that kinda "annoyed" me for quite some time.

  56. And they say FCDev doesn't do requests.

    Actually nobody says that but still.

  57. *My "She was recruited into your service by her daughter." event slave seems to have been generated with 25 health. Intended?

    *"She needs sex so much she often has to encourage her partners orally"
    Sounds sort of odd.

    *"giving her potential as a Nurse for a the Clinic"

    *"Reward her for coming to you" option for anal fetishists should take anal virginity, but doesn't.

    *"Attend an auction of a prestigious slave | Variable and expensive."
    "It will take ¤3000 to win the auction."

    *Black screen when cycling through Futa Sister slave offers with a bunch of supremacists and subjugation policies in effect.

    *Black screen when a weekly event should have appeared (with a bunch of supremacists and subjugation policies in effect).

    *"Costs ¤25000; will encourage fucktoys to fuck each other The master suite has been further upgraded to support fertile slaves and encourage slave pregnancy"
    Missing line break.

    *"Normal clitoris. Normal clitoris | Enormous clitoris Minimal labia"
    Missing line break.

    *"Minimal labia | Normal labia | Huge labia| Enormous labia "
    Missing space.

    The master suite is empty.
    Samantha helps manage your other slaves.
    Missing extra line break?

    *"she sees 15 customers herself, earning you ¤544.5."
    "The Brothel makes you ¤7181.5 this week."

    *"Society does not disapprove of your keeping a slave of the white, since"

    *""I don't know, Master. I've been a slave so long. I just saw the date today and this seemed like the right thing to do. I'm sorry." It's probably her birthday."
    "she's a young woman, 20 years old; her birthday is in 45 weeks."

    *Got the birthday event two weeks in a row for the same slave.

    *"You call her over so you can fondle her virgin pussy. and She accepts your orders happily"

    *Would be nice if you could specify race when ordering a custom slave. Finding a whitefu during my /pol/ run was a pain. Also, the option to let a special order ride if you don't like the one they present.

  58. Just noticed this:

    The shock collar she's wearing makes any punishment she deserves @@color:hotpink;immediate and inescapable.@@
    <<set $slaves[$i].devotion -= 0.3>>
    <<set $slaves[$i].trust -= 1>>

    The text color doesn't match the stat changes. Should be something like

    The shock collar she's wearing makes any punishment she deserves @@color:mediumorchid;immediate@@ and @@color:gold;inescapable.@@
    <<set $slaves[$i].devotion -= 0.3>>
    <<set $slaves[$i].trust -= 1>>

    1. Also it could be @@color:hotpink;immediate@@ paired with devotion += 0.3, not sure what you intended.

  59. I'd like to ask, how do we submit a slave for you to add to the game? I got an interesting one I just drew up and want to give, but i do not know how to.

  60. When running an assistant setting that applies fertility drugs, it will keep applying those drugs to pregnant slaves. As this costs 200 credits per slave per week, it would be nice if it stopped doing that.

    1. As in stop when they do not have an effect(after 4-5 weeks)?

      They do that.

  61. Hi.
    I'm new and had no idea where else to post this question.

    I saw in the reddit threads a topic about setting rules & stuff for a slave in a facility.

    But, my question is, what happens to the slaves in the facilities?
    That is, do the clothes and other things have the same effect as when they were outside.

    For example, if I sent a slave into the servants quarter, would she have the same changes in her stats as when doing the servant job outside in the main area?
    Since I cannot see the report for slaves in the facilities, I was curious.

    Also, would it be possible to enable an option to get detailed reports for slaves in the facilities? Since the calculations already take place anyway.

    1. Very little changes. They do not for example gain or lose muscles or other bodily changes. I suspect unless they are in the mastersuite and you have the upgrade they do not gain fertility bonuses. Pregnancies are for the most part normal, the insimination regime(regardless of where a slave is) is currently bugged. So you have to do it manually for them to actually give births that count on their character screen as well as the arcology management screen.

      So most of the normal calculations are not done. The issue with having the end week report calculating that many changes is that for some people it would take 30+ seconds to do them. This is why we have the short summary of the changes that the facilites are limited to. It is weird but you will get used to it, and it is better this way.

      Also I suspect we someday will see more options exclusive to those areas.

      Its kinda hard to get a cow out and train her so she can lift her giant breasts when she can not though. 8(

    2. So basically if u want to train/change someone a proper way, do not shove them into a facility?
      Thanks. Helps a lot.

  62. Is it possible to make mindbroken slaves on the opening slave customization?
    If not, what are the quickest ways to mind break a slave?
    On the other hand, what is the way to un-mindbreak a slave?

    1. I don't think they can be mindbroken from the outset. However, you can mindbreak any slave instantly by using the remote surgery as long as you have extreme content enabled, so that shouldn't be a big problem. To my knowledge, it's not possible to reverse mindbreaking.

      That said, from a mechanics standpoint it might be best to avoid mindbreaking your starting slaves until you have your cash mill up and running since mindbroken slaves tend not to make as much money/reputation as non-mindbroken slaves for most jobs.

  63. Why are Head Girls that alternate places/are considered equals allowed to alter diets and drug regimes?
    And why the hell are they allowed to take virginity, bypassing chastity belt.

    One would expect that if the girls are equals, neither has the power to override the player's decisions in those regards, especially when it interferes with maintaining certain body-types.

    1. You should be able to turn off Head Girl's girl alterations in the HG menu.

  64. Bug Report: V 8.3.4.

    Started a new week, and received the following error:

    Amelia is serving as the madam. Amelia's skills greatly improve business at the Salon of Sin. She is a clever manager. There are 6 slave whores working out of the Salon of Sin.

    Error: <>: errors within contents (Error: macro <> does not exist; Error: macro <> does not exist; Error: macro <> does not exist; Error: macro <> does not exist; Error: macro <> does not exist; Error: macro <> does not exist; Error: macro <> does not exist)

    An ad campaign is supporting business there, and whores that match it make more ¤. The brothel offers a both heavily pierced and tattooed slaves and slaves with more natural bodies. The brothel offers both all-natural girls, and slaves whose beauty has been improved by surgical means. The brothel offers a mix of whores that can appeal to varied tastes in genitalia. The brothel offers girls both young and mature. The Salon of Sin makes you ¤25414 this week. The Salon of Sin's customers enjoy fucking whores in Roman Revivalist surroundings.

    I don't know what it was checking for, so I can't say what selection I made that would cause the error.


  65. Just some game play questions-

    1. Is the nurse who was available if you went for the refugees still there? She did not appear for me.
    2. The date with the female arcology owner, is it a story chain?
    3. Does the battle with the daughters only result in 2 slaves now, were it used to be 4?

    1. Also....
      For body lbs there are 7 levels. On the plus side, sometimes the girls at the 2nd level of fatness, (W++), it is red and sometimes still white. What determines this? My intent is to make all my W++ reds into W++ whites.

    2. Ah the W++ in red signifies an overweight slave, and the white one would be nicely chubby

    3. Oh to get the nicely chubby I think you need ample hips. and if they are small hips then you get an overweight slave.

  66. Hey just a little Bug:
    Most Slaves I got over Events (like the Closing Strip Club) were in the After-Recuiting Event wrongfully labeld as having recieved depressants but they don't get any changes to the actual Stats, but it prevents me from giving them a Chance to Impress ... (Also them being gingered don't really make sense in the context of the events ) Some of them also had the Wrong name displayed!

    I'm using version

    also : Is it supposed to happend that in Week 27 already the Whole Free City (exept me ) has adopted Arabic Revivalism ? O.o

    1. Did you start a fresh game or import an old save? If you used an old save but didn't use New Game Plus (found in Options) would probably be why you are getting such errors.

    2. Nope, started a Completly new game after downloading and deleted my old saves :-(

  67. BUG - amptutation through the "attempted escape" event does not properly zero out footwear.

    This usually has no effect, but when the escapee is wearing "painfully high heels", there will be no way to remove them since the shoe options are gone from the slave's individual page.

  68. There's a bug in the "addict mother daughter" event with regards to age checking. I'm getting ludicrous results when this pops up, just got a mother age 27 and daughter age 22... yeah...

  69. If you custom order a petite slave you get one that is 0 cm tall.

  70. Apparently, I am not allowed to put slaves into facilities. I click on the facility, click on the slave, and confirm changes, but it still says no slaves are in the facility.
    Also, I am not getting any story events, even when I'm at week 49

    1. You need to click on the "Send her to ......" button.

  71. Bug - Roman Revivalism - 8 Arcologies. X-9 (Roma Nova, my arcology) is the most advanced.

    Arcology X-1 had renamed itself Carthago Nova several weeks ago.
    Arcology X-4 had renamed itself Seven Hills last week.
    From the summary of week 48:
    Arcology X-8, your neighbor to the south, is about as prosperous as the rest of the Free City. Gender Fundamentalism in Arcology X-8 is influenced by Arcology X-4's more advanced society. Paternalism in Arcology X-8 is influenced by Roma Nova's more advanced society. Chattel Religionism in Arcology X-8 is influenced by Roma Nova's more advanced society. Roman Revivalism has reached stability and acceptance there. The arcology has been renamed Carthago Nova to mark the occasion.

    Having two arcologies named Carthago Nova is going to be confusing.


    1. I have to admit that I missed when it happened, but in the above example, it's now week 51, and X-1 renamed itself from Carhago Nova to Roma. X-7 named itself Roma on week 50, and this week X-6 just named itself Roma as well. I now have Roma Nova (my arcology), Carthago Nova, Seven Hills, 3 Roma's, X-3, X-4 and X-5.


    2. After watcthing this phenomenom further, it is obvious it is working as intended. However, it is difficult to keep track of who is Roma, who is Charthago Nova, and who is the City of Seven Hills, when they keep changing their names back because someone else just took the same name they took 1-3 weeks earlier. Having the names constantly shift around is distracting (to me at least).

      Since there is a limit of 9 other arcologies, could you create a list of 12 - 15 names for the arcologies to choose from, and make sure they don't select one that has already been chosen?

      For Roman Revivalism, this list could be Roma, Carthago Nova, Cumae, Forum Fulvii, Asti, Castrum Novum, Cremona, Septempeda, Regillium, Ventimiglia, Albintimillium, Luceria, Veii, Capua, and Ostia. (You could always borrow more from the various versions of Civilization as well.)

      Thanks for the consideration,

  72. Are there any events that give you indentured servants? Seems like a lot of the existing debt-related enslavement events would make more sense if you got an IS instead of a slave. You could even give the debtor a choice for added sadistic fun: "You owe me ¤X. Do you want to pay it off with a protective contract for Y weeks, or an unrestricted contract for Z weeks?"

  73. 1. What does cultural independence (found in the rural/urban/marine options page) mean?
    2. What are the benefits of the Rural/Urban?marine FCs? (That is, does 'access to refugees and other desperate people' mean 'increased population growth'?)
    3. Is there any wiki or something where this stuff is explained? (If not, I'd say it deserves one.)

    1. Cultural independence allows you to develop Future Societies more quickly, away from the influence of the Old World. Access to refugees increases how many menial slaves you enslave at the end of each week, ease of commerce provides a prosperity bonus at the end of the week for urban terrain, and the slave value settings are self-explanatory.

    Get RA version
    Facility specific rules assistant profiles
    Possible future DLC and expansion packs:
    Creation of profiles
    Ability to add custom rules
    Ability to save and load ruleset

    1. Here's dropbox link

  75. "while the second increases the likelihood of hormonal effects and prevents asset shrinkage due to hormones." - From in-game encyclopedia.

    Yet "Hormonal effects cause her clit to shrink significantly." after 2nd kitchen upgrade installed...

  76. What happened with Russian names? Some of those names are not even real, some are just a bad joke.
    Few versions before everything was fine.

  77. BUG:

    "With childbirth approaching, 'Mother' Misaki is carried to her prepared birthing area. She is carried to the birthing chamber and comfortably positioned. Sinking into the luxury, she begins working on birthing her baby, fully aware of her watching helper. Her child is promptly taken and, following a cleaning and fresh change of clothes, she is carried back to the main room of the master suite. "

    This is a page that get stuck and will not advance at the end of the pregnancy cycle.
    I even got the Fertility Upgrade for the Main Suite.

    There's no error it's just every time you try to advance past this this is the only page you get. I get to view all of the other details of the End of Week screen this being the last one.

    I repeated this Bug twice now.

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