Saturday, October 3, 2015

ALPHA v. 0.2.11

Today's update brings some tired code into drydock for a refit, including starting options, tattoos, and skill training.

A general note about bugfixes and uploads: in general, I can and will hotfix any major bugs reported in the hour or so after I upload, and I don't always change the version number when I do.

Download: MegaSaves from 0.2.10 should be compatible except that there will not be a location given on the arcology management screen.
Tip jar: Patreon.

0.2.11 Changelog:
  • Renovated start screen with two new options: difficulty, and the continent on which the PC's arcology is located. For now, the only effect of location on the racial makeup of randomly generated slaves.
  • UI improvements, mostly coloration of preexisting text to highlight important effects.
  • Now possible to bleach skin all the way to pale.
  • Tattoo removal.
  • Better handling of skill training by the PC.
  • Bugfixes.


  1. Adaptive breast implants are currently impossible to use because they require '$activeSlave.boobsImplant gt 15', but the regular implants are above them in the elseif chain with 'elseif $activeSlave.boobsImplant gt 0'.

    1. The agony of being so new to this is that it was only a few weeks ago that I was structuring if/elseif trees horribly. Thanks for catching that.

  2. Thanks for the great work, as always. I just want to say that you should not be stressing about bugged releases. Your player base is enthusiastic, and you patching things shows the players that you listen to feedback. The way you're conducting yourself is basically an early access wet dream (pun intended).


    Start game in Europe.
    High prosperity.
    Hit a criminal event.
    The criminal is black.

    I blame /pol/.

    1. Dieting slave event, choice 1 (catch her at it): "has the departed slave's cup in her LIGHT hand and halfway to her mouth when she's caught in the act. You relieve her of her prize, and finding that she has not started her own proper portion, pour it out onto the floor. You tell her to lap ITUP without using her hands,"

    2. Suggestion: more detailed gladiatorial fights.

      Instead of automatically killing a combatant, I'd rather have fights that allowed for battlefield submission and humiliation. If injury has to be involved, I'd like the gladiator's health to be massively reduced, so I can nurse her back and send her in to get revenge. I'd like the game to let me enter a dubiously healthy gladiator into a fight, and then ask - would you rather she die from all of these injuries, or would you like to amputate her to save her life? And then show me how she attempts to prove to her master that she can still be useful.

      You'll probably need to turn gladiatorial fights into their own profession, maybe with barracks as a stand-alone building, to implement these. If you do, I'll be waiting.

    3. Minor convenience issue: would it be possible to implement a nickname check, so that the game stops offering duplicates for ones already present among active slaves?

      The game already checks for degrading names to boost devotion further with, so name data is probably accessible, but I'm guessing this would be the kind of update that goes into the "down the line" box.

    4. EXPLOIT spotted: navigating away from the weekly report screen to the wiki or "Manage Arcology" link and coming back TRIGGERS EVERYTHING AGAIN. If your slaves are making money, you get more cash. All the random effects are re-rolled as well, so you could potentially trigger the same one multiple times with only a single week passing.

      Maybe disable outgoing links on the weekly report screen to prevent this?

    5. Hmm. Looks like that exploit works on other pages as well. The business/rep/management upkeep page will add to your total cash again once you navigate away from it and back again. The random event page will show the same event as before, but - if you have multiple slaves who could have triggered the event - the slave being impacted may change.

      As a side note, navigating to the wiki and back again from a random event removes the wiki link completely (as in, the space under FC Encyclopedia is blank with no link visible). It's happening with all kinds of random events, so it might be caused by the "Random Events" wiki page itself.

    6. BUG: the "I'd rather be naked than wear these bondage straps" event for resistant/rebellious slaves is turning shemales into herms if you pick the first choice (add dildos to outfit).

      It does remove anal virginity, as intended. I'm guessing the game is checking for vaginal virginity as well and then adding a virgin vagina when it doesn't find one to take virginity of.

  3. "Her hair has been shaved bald. if her hair were visible, it would be brown." - no capitalisation on 'if'.

    Bodyguard bedtime is still screwy. Pretty sure it's because the event 'RE bodyguard bedtime' relies heavily on $activeslave without actually defining who $activeslave is.

    1. 'RE liberator malefactor': "leathern insturment" should be 'leather instrument', and letting the owner flog her without enslaving her tells you about the health and quirk effects even though they're not relevant.

      The 'snatch and grab' girl has random face prettiness, is this intended?

      Suggestion: Like with the enslaved prisoners of war, add origins to all slaves saying which outlet they were bought from for retail slaves or what the circumstances of their enslavement were for event slaves.

    2. Bodyguard bedtime issues ($activeSlave.slaveName) still present in 11.1.

  4. I don't know if this is already a thing, but I assume not; You should put in a system were you earn more money/reputation than normal if you have a relatively well balanced amount of slaves all with different attributes/specialties. Well, maybe it could also work the other way, bonus if all of your slaves do the same thing. I guess you'd need to make sure the player has at least like 3 or more slaves in total though, just saying. Thanks and have a good day.

  5. 'RE mother recruiter' and 'RE sister recruiter' are broken - 'New Slave Intro' is checking $activeSlave.relationship where it should be checking $activeSlave.relation.

    FCNN: "...this year's award for outstanding orifice innovation goes to..." Do you mean

  6. For some reason I need to switch between injections for the game to remember that its auto-applying injections. Very time consuming bug....

  7. bug report: you're way too fucking awesome. please fix.

  8. Quick question - what does "it's half-hard" indicate in reference to a slave's cock? I've only seen it on the one I just got from the custom order option... she's not on hormones or anything, so I'm not sure what this means

    Couple suggestions:
    - Could we get a growth hormone for increasing height? And perhaps a surgical procedure for reducing it? Currently that's the only aspect of a slave's appearance we have no control over.
    - Do fetish-based nicknames lock a slave to that fetish? I've never seen a nicknamed slave switch fetish, but I'm not sure if that's RNG or by design. If not, they *should* lock it in
    - Submissives should find slave straps and latex exciting, like exhibitionists do nudity
    - Can we get an anal virgin toggle on the custom order screen too?

    - Fetish-based nicknames are firing for nymphos, which seems a little weird - shouldn't nympho have its own?
    - Submissives set as servants: "Her sexual appetite for submission increases her effectivness." Missing an e on effectiveness
    - Here's an interesting one. Had a virgin shemale get the "slave complains about bondage straps" event, and chose to add dildoes. The result was a loss of anal virginity which, while expected, gave no warning or notification... and the addition of a virgin pussy to the slave.

    1. It seems to be completely impossible to get a slave pregnant by using them as a fucktoy, only through the "impregnate her" option. A week (which seems to be 20 fucks) of cum in her pussy can't knock her up, but that option has like a 90% chance? Seems a little odd to me