Sunday, September 13, 2015

ALPHA v. 0.1.01 (September 13)

Rush patch today, since so many anons kindly left bug reports.

To clarify, all feedback is useful, even if I don't apply it. Let me know what you want out of this game, and I'll include it if I have the ability, time, and inclination. Input from multiple threads elsewhere has already impacted this game a lot; if I had gone straight from my own ideas to an alpha, there would be no reputation mechanic, no clothing options, and no dicks.

Download: Mega (outdated, find the latest version under Alpha in the sidebar). I've heard some vague complaints about Mega elsewhere; let me know in the comments if anyone has hesitations about downloading from them, and I'll mirror it.

For now, I have engaged in a little triage and taken the ability to improve the player's arcology offline. This needs a lot of work and I've got plenty to fix elsewhere; I'll re-enable it once it's in decent shape.

Thanks to everyone who's playtesting and giving feedback; great stuff. Fixes and updates include:
  • Better handling of nymphos. In game nymphomania is basically an all-of-the-above fetish that is superior to all others for strictly gameplay purposes.
  • Encyclopedia includes an article explaining what the game means by "nympho."
  • Nymphomania more powerful and harder to obtain.
  • Slaves should no longer appear virgin and pregnant.
  • Encyclopedia now includes table of contents.
  • Encyclopedia articles explaining several game mechanics in more detail.
  • Game should now display price of auctioned virginities.
  • Easy and normal difficulties now include a head start on reputation.
  • Cheat mode now permits the player to choose an eligible random event instead of getting one randomly. This is mostly for my own debugging purposes and may have unexpected effects.
  • Chastity belts should now properly prevent vaginal effects of whoring.
  • Slaves in confinement should no longer appear walking around.
  • Fixed bad interactions between mental states for slaves with more than one.
  • The economy passage should properly display reputation.
  • Addressed numerous other minor bugs and content oversights.
Also, if any Twine veterans know why older saves seem to slow the game down, by all means let me know. I've already disabled passage transitions, history controls, and history tracking, and the save files don't seem to hit a size that would cause slowdown.


  1. Thanks for the bugfixes.
    Sadly, something went wrong somewhere with the fucktoy change - it now locks the 'END WEEK' command to 'Back'.

    1. Same happened to me when processing a new slave I'd bought. Had to reload an older save.

    2. Working on these problems.

      Eventually, I'll implement the Sugarcube autosave system so that the game will keep an end-turn save for you. That requires screwing around with the underlying Javascript, though, and I'm not touching that until the slowdown issue is totally fixed.

  2. Okay, just spent a few hours playing this game and I gotta say it's a blast! Here are some notes and things I noticed while playing.

    The biggest glitch I noticed was a slave called $slaves[$i].slaveName randomly appearing in my list of slaves. I had no way of getting rid of her and the selling price was the cash symbol. I didn't sell her because I didn't want my money to get glitched out.

    Since I turn most of my slaves into amputee mutes, I've noticed tons of events where amputees and mutes are doing things they shouldn't be able to. I also noticed that there are times where the vocal cord removal option disappears from the surgery menu and times where the vocal cord removal option remains after the slave has already been muted. I found this most commonly with mother-daughter pairs.

    Not an issue, but as a suggestion, I'd really like an option where whenever you have a slave's limbs removed you can have the option to have them transplanted onto a limbless slave of the same blood type or a close genetic/ethnic match. Would probably raise the devotion of the receiving slave by a lot and give more motive to go searching through the slave markets for an appropriate limb donor.

    During the young slave door-to-door random event, even though the event says she has breasts implants, the slave description says her breasts are a flat A-cup and natural.

    After I got used to the main game, I found that I loved increasing a slave's resistance as much as possible (though there is no indication as far as I can tell for when you reach max resistance) and then whoring them out until their mind breaks. On that note, it's surprisingly hard to go from Fearful back down to Resistant since when on the more obedient side of Fearful (Build her devotion appears for them on the training screen), all Rules types increase devotion, cancelling out the natural degrading of obedience. The only ways I could see of reducing obedience at this state were through a set of aphrodisiac withdrawals or some permanent major surgery. When the slave was on the more resistant side of fearful (Break her will appears on the training screen), I could put them in nice clothing to decrease their obedience, but eventually there reaches another point where it won't go down anymore. The only way I could get it down to Resistant was with another set of aphrodisiac withdrawals or some more permanent major surgery (or distress over loss of virginity). If there is an easier non-permanent way to increase resistance that I'm missing, I'd like to know, but if not then I think there should be a way to do so.

    Mind-broken slave can get humiliation random events and do things like flirting and show diligence and all sorts of things a lobotomized person wouldn't be able to do.

    Maybe put the Buy Slaves menu below the My Slaves menu or have an option to hide it so we don't have to scroll down as far to access the bottom slaves which are the ones you usually access the most since they are in order by obedience level.

    Not sure what the purpose is of the Arcology Management is. Is it just a way to increase money and rep without having to share your slaves with the masses?

    Great game so far, I ended up losing track of time from how much fun I was having. Looking forward to future improvements and wishing you good fortune!

    1. Great reports, thanks. Mother-daughter bugs are known. If a slave named $slaves[$i].slaveName shows up, that means a random event is misbehaving; if you see it again, noting which random event just happened would be extremely helpful. I do my best but with so many transformation options oversights are inevitable.

      Good idea on the UI, I'll try it.

      With typical author's tunnel vision I failed to consider players actually wanting to reduce obedience (which is strictly a bad idea from a money perspective). There is now a way to do this from a slave's interact menu.

      Arcology management is not well implemented at the moment (and is temporarily disabled). But yes, it's just for flavor and non-sexual moneymaking. There was some strong feeling from others that there ought to be a way to keep one's slaves private and still make money. That's not how I play but I understand the sentiment.

  3. Implants on a lactating slave can cause them to produce negative milk, which costs you money.

    You can't end week if you have a fucktoy - where the button usually is, is instead a 'back' button. And where the fucktoy interactions were, there's just 'Main | Main | Main | Main | Main'.

    The 'one slave watches a buttslut slave and you get the option to convert them into a buttslut' event seems to have broken triggers - I keep getting it with non-buttslut slaves, and even got it once with my sole slave being influenced by watching her own buttsluttery.

    Shemale slaves still have the 'Her pussy and abdomen have not been tattooed' entry on their body mod studio page.

    Bleached anus on shemale slaves still gets them 'rather than looking like she has a hole for fucking and and ass, it looks like she has two fuckholes' during anal sex.

    Unnaturally healthy slaves on curatives get 'Her health is already outstanding and cannot be improved with further drug treatment. Drug treatment cancelled.' at the end-of-week report, but the drug treatment continues anyway. Personally, I think automatic cancellation is a bad idea, since I like to keep whoring slaves on curatives to cancel out any damage to their health without having to micromanage.

    The night-time anal rape when fostering devotion does not take anal virginity. I've noticed a number of the random events that include penetration don't check for chastity belts or take virginity.

    I think there's something off with the 'slave trainer' assignment - my lusty bisexual slaves seem to eventually end up at 'professorly, hands-off lecture' no matter how much they lust for nubile girlflesh.

    Shemale whores that get the 'thousandth fuck' event get fucked in their nonexistant pussy if you decide to give them the thousandth personally. The 'everyone joins in' option works properly, though.

    'She's got a big bubble butt .' in the random event on the main menu - there's a space after butt where there shouldn't be one.

    I often get 'Since she is obedient, the mental torture neither breaks her further nor causes her to hate you.' on slaves that still show as 'fearful' on their main menu readout. Also they react to fancy clothes like they were Obedient.

    'Your head girl Fatin notices that Fatin is unwell.' - is it intended for head girls to be able to tend to themselves?

    'Fuck the top' option in finding a shemale slave fucking another slave - 'The hard buttfucking Fatin is getting keeps her dick soft all the way through.' It should probably be 'hard' instead of 'soft'.

    Selecting 'none' on the 'change training plans' page takes you back to the main menu without changing anything.

    From the mother-and-daughter event where you 'keep them at it in your office' - Error: <>: bad evaluation: rep is not defined

    The 'sister selling her shemale little sister' event has 'enslave the mother' as one of the options.

    Random event with bitchy slave where she insults "a respected female slave drug wholesaler." has $activeSlave.slaveName instead of the slave's name.

    Great game, and getting better by the update.

    1. What bug reports! What lovely bug reports!

      Seriously, thanks. The one thing that isn't a bug is that since slaves can be affected by up to ~10 things between turns, it's possible for a fearful slave to be bumped up to obedient by one thing, have the next thing treat her as obedient, and then have a third thing knock her back down.

  4. The TG addict event makes a woman who can get pregnant, which I'm guessing shouldn't happen.

    Had a girl who was said to be a virgin on the buying page, but was pregnant after I bought. Seems to be a more general problem of virginity not following over, have another slave listed as anal virgin and then wasn't.

    Game gets laggy over time, though that is probably because I'm using debug mode.

    1. Good reports, thanks. The slowdown issue is known, and my number one priority to fix. Next patch should improve it.