Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Progress to September 9

On the off chance anyone reading this is using Twine, learn from my mistakes. Apparently closing browser windows with Twine open at the same time can delete stories. Or something. Lost a few hours of good work to some sort of issue I'm not going to try and reproduce, but apparently, archive your stuff before you close browsers. That is all.

Recent updates:
  • Reworked how much slaves cost. This obviously has a huge impact on gameplay. It may amuse the Econ majors in the audience to learn that a slave's worth is primarily based on what her gross revenue would be if she were to prostitute herself for six straight months.
  • Tons of balance. For example, top of the line slave whores will now attract 10-11 customers per day, which I understand is around the real life limit.
  • Expanded clothing descriptions; there are now 12 clothing options, and each has 4+ unique mentions in flavor text, in addition to gameplay effects.
  • In-game encyclopedia! This isn't ridiculous, I swear. Mostly it's just a tooltip with a grandose name that lives over in the sidebar so it can be ignored.
  • Rationalizations of the interactions between different attributes. For example, heavily pregnant slaves can no longer wear corsets.
  • A bit more content for pregnant slaves; being heavily pregnant ought to appear pretty often in descriptions and gameplay.
  • Random event for humiliation fetishists.


  1. It does amuse me...

  2. Hey Keep it up I'm sorry for the hours lost...