Saturday, September 12, 2015

Progress to September 12

Continued slow progress. This is probably a bad developer habit, but my playtesting often leads to new content even when I intend to limit myself to bugfixing. I often find myself noticing holes in the content as I squash bugs.

Latest updates:
  • Basic market forces. (The invisible hand, coming to an h-game near you!) This is a lot less boring than it sounds. The price of all slaves (buying and selling) now fluctuates; there are four new random events that describe major happenings outside the player's control that cause drops or spikes in the average price of flesh in the game world. This has a bunch of cool synergies with other gameplay: for example, it's now possible to make good money buying low and selling high even if you don't do much training or alteration. But mostly, it makes the text-only world feel a bit more alive. The more I playtest the game, the more I add to the decadent, anarcho-capitalist gilded-age flavor. It seems to fit.
  • More streamlining. If I find myself doing the same thing again and again in playtesting and can't think of a reason not to do it, it should happen by default.
  • Birth names harmonized with ethnicity, and more names added. The names used imply that the slave trade is distinctly global. I suspect the authors of this Wikipedia article did not intend their work to be used this way, but now it has been.
  • Procedural slave generator overhauled; it now produces more realistic results. Starting a transformation game from a realistic point is more fun, in my opinion.
  • The usual bumper crop of bugs, typos, and imbecilities.

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