Monday, September 7, 2015

Progress to September 7

Things are now in the downslope towards an alpha. I have the code in place and enough content for a public playtest, which means bugfixes are the only real hurdle left. I now spend more time playing than coding, which is really encouraging for a novice coder.

Recent updates:
  • Lots of little alternative descriptions. I want there to be at least two ways to describe almost everything to make the game's descriptions feel less robotic.
  • Reworked buying slaves. Now, the better vendors of slaves are heavily restricted by reputation level, giving the player a strong motivation to improve reputation quickly.
  • Recoded to identify slaves based on a hidden ID number rather than name. This will never be visible and will never change, preventing all sorts of evils. Naturally, my poor foresight meant that this change required altering the code in more than 200 places. Lesson learned.
  • Added a miniscene the player can access with fertile slaves that gives a high chance to impregnate. Of course, a slave's reaction to this is highly dependent on how she feels about the PC.
  • Reworked surgery UI to make surgery sprees easier. If a slave is healthy enough to bear it, the player can go nuts.
  • More work on impotence; various things can now cause it, and having it stops a slave getting most gameplay benefits of a dick.
  • More rules streamlining: when the player gets a new slave one click will now apply reasonable rules, basic drug regimes, basic clothing, etc. Eventually I should make this customizable but for now it's just the basics.
  • And finally, tons of bugfixes.


  1. Very exciting. Can't wait to actually play it!

  2. Keep at it anon I cannot wait for you to finish!!

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