Monday, September 14, 2015

ALPHA v. 0.1.02 (September 14)

Another patch, hopefully better playtested. The biggest changes are behind the scenes: this game is using the Sugarcube 2 format for Twine 2, which is still in beta, and I moved up to the latest build, which allows some new config manipulations that should speed the game up.

If you get an event that sounds odd, like an event that includes a mute slave speaking or an armless slave giving you a hug, let me know. The torture of procedurally created prose is that I can't think of every eventuality as I write the scenes. I can always exempt slaves from scenes, but it's better if I know the specific issue, because then I can often write an alternative sentence or two that explains things. Some of my favorite little touches come from this rewriting.

Again, I can't test every scene with every possible slave, so having playtesters tell me what does and doesn't make sense to you is invaluable. I suspect some things make more sense to me because I know the whole thing more or less by heart.

Download: Mega (outdated, find the latest version under Alpha in the sidebar).

Fixes and updates include:
  • Nicknames! Added a whole new category of random events in which your slaves acquire nicknames based on their stats. The player can either allow the nickname to stick or put a stop to it. (I have now created a game in which characters can earn the nickname "Snu-Snu"; one for the obituary.)
  • Slutty outfits! That is, a new clothing option by that name. This gives a slave permission to choose her own clothing, and should provide a bit more variety than other options.
  • Age balance. Past builds have been tough for older ladies; age is a big component of the current beauty code. As partial compensation, age is now a positive factor in many head girl tasks.
  • Nerfed head girl success chances. Previously, a good head girl was having as much impact on slave obedience as the PC.
  • As mentioned above, config changes that should speed things up, allowed with Sugarcube v2.0.0-beta.7.
  • Various UI improvements suggested by playtesters. Most prominently, the main menu has been reordered, and parts of it can be collapsed.
  • There is now a way to reduce slaves' obedience. It's in a slaves' individual menu, and is unlimited since it's strictly a bad idea from a gameplay perspective.
  • Toys should now work from the main menu.
  • Since many playtesters seem to be using the fucktoy assignment, it has been buffed. Before it was a pure luxury; now it adds some reputation, though much less than public service.
  • Added more restrictions to random events to stop slaves getting events they shouldn't.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause conflicting descriptions of breast size.
  • Fixed several issues, as usual, that caused conflicts between dick and pregnant content.
  • Many other bugs and oversights.
According to the Twine 2 story statistics, this thing now has a higher word count than Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.


  1. Getting a lot harder to find bugs. Keep up the good work.

    Personally giving a slave her thousandth fuck ignores chastity belts and doesn't take virginity.

    'Romantic on the balcony' random event: "The only real consequence of her nudity is the extra sway of her breastsand the hardness of her nipples in the cool night when the dance brings you close." There should be a space between 'breasts' and 'and'.

    'Master, may you please fuck me' random event is odd for shemales. The 'fuck her' scene doesn't specify a hole they're getting fucked in so it's not anatomically incorrect, but the difference between 'fuck her as she asks' and 'assrape her instead' are huge despite the fact that both should be using the same hole. Perhaps there should be a gentle buttfucking scene for shemales that get that event to contrast against the assrape.

    I had a 'male debtor' random event create a hermaphrodite when I enslaved them, is this intended?

    From the 'fuck her' scene with a hermaphrodite: "You call her over so you can use her tight cunt (...) your cock fills her asshole with cum. Her still-tight vagina keeps your load inside her."

    Huge-dicked hermaphrodite slave trainer, not on hormones: "Her lessons require her to take a male role at times, so she wears a strap-on."

    Hermaphrodite anal: "Her anus is invitingly bleached, making it look like she has a natural fuckhole despite the fact that she's a shemale."

    1. Good reports. Since everyone's commenting anonymously I can't tell which comments are by the same people, but I get the impression you're behind a lot of them. If that's true, your feedback has been extremely useful. I put your comments on one monitor and the code on the other, and go down the list.

      If you (or any other frequent playtester) wants a handle to be listed on a credits screen, let me know. I'm also better-disposed towards content requests from such helpful anons. In either case, may you ride eternal, shiny and chrome.

    2. Yeah, I made about a half dozen of the bug report posts on previous versions. Wouldn't mind a credit if you reckon bugtesting deserves it, I previously coded a mod for Jack o Nine Tails under the name Boney M so that seems as good a handle as any to use here. I'll make future bug reports under that name, too.

    3. Went hunting for edge cases:

      Choosing the 'pierce her' option for her clit on the body-mod page sets the first stage of labia piercings instead. If she has huge labia piercings, it still resets it to the first stage.

      Full-body degrading language does not tattoo the asshole with degrading language.

      You can remove the vocal cords of a slave that has already had their vocal cords removed.

      Millenary event has lisping slaves speaking normally.

      Got the Millenary event for the same slave twice in two weeks, when she was averaging about 80 fucks a week.

      Getting the "It's the end of her shift as a public sex slave (...) She fetishizes cum to the extent that getting to eat a mile of dick really satisfies her for a while." on a nympho slave that was whoring, not public use. Might be intended?

      Amputee slaves:

      Still get the 'anal masturbation' scene, even though it mentions her masturbating with hands.

      Still get the 'unnaturally narrow waist' scene, even though it specifically mentions her hands.

      Give massages and dances while whoring, if skilled.

      Can be danced with in the 'friday night' dancing event.

      Walk into your bedroom in the 'please fuck me' event.

      Obedient amputees: clings to you during vaginal sex, gets on her knees during blowjobs and anal.

      Disobedient amputees: get bent over a desk during vaginal, gets on her knees during oral, tries to shield her ass with her hands during anal,

    4. Technically you could dance with an amputee, but it'd be a lot like dancing with a sack of potatoes. I could see it being cute though.

  2. "an armless slave giving you a hug"

    Don't underestimate the power of stump hugs.
    They can melt the coldest of hearts.

    1. Wasn't a big fan of amputee content until I saw this XCOM fanart. It's not uncommon really good erotic art makes me wish the subject were next to me for a bit of slap-and-tickle, but it's rare art that makes me wish the subject were next to me so I could comfort her.

    2. I petition for making that picture an amputee-exclusive random event!

    3. Oh I wish this game had the scope for futuristic limb replacement. There will be no nerve interfaces, joint ports, or MEC troopers, alas. I hoped TiTS was going to be good for that kind of thing, but it seems Fenoxo and company would rather focus on furries in space suits. If I had infinite time, coding and graphical skills making a sprite-based h-game version of XCOM would be priority A.

      And that picture is now an amputee-exclusive random event. It will pop for amp slaves on rest orders.

    4. Awesome, can't wait to see it!

    5. XCOM game? Sexy slithery snek slaves?

  3. The releases are definitely improving, good job.

    The only major bug i found so far has been the sudden appearing of a $activeSlave.slaveName. in the roster.
    The usual appaearance tab is kind of broken (things like "$activeSlave.slaveName is and She's , and her skin is . Her hair is $activeSlave.hcolor and $activeSlave.hlength." or "She is wearing $activeSlave.clothes, her slave body is on full display.") and is apparently pregnant.

    I'm trying to figure out what could've triggered it and i (think) narrowed it down to either:
    -something breaking up when using the body mod lab on a slave (then returned to main page and found the addition)
    -something breaking when a slave gave birth (i don't think we're supposed to get slaves out of the babies popped out) as this new slave is devoted, in her 40ies and sporting huge assets as soon as she appeared like the preg one.

    The game still grows slower after some weeks, but it's definitely improving.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Good reports, thank you. If I had to guess I'd say that issue is a bad random event I haven't been able to find.

  4. I think the same slave can have the birthday event twice within 52 weeks, which doesn't really make sense timewise.

    Applying a smart piercing from the surgery menu does a weird skip and flashes some text for a moment when going back.

    Sometimes it will say the slave has been weaned off aphrodisiacs, but nothing actually changes. It still says Addict on them in the menu and will keep saying they're weaned off aphrodisiacs each week with no actual change to the addict flag. Putting them back on aphrodisiacs and taking them off again fixes it sometimes though.

    I really like that you can use the 'choose slutty outfit' to lower obedience in a kind way without having to inflict abuse. However, it isn't able to reduce obedience level below Fearful alone, probably because once she's unhappy about being a slave, her obedience no longer degrades naturally. Maybe changing it so that letting them choose slutty outfit decreases obedience twice while in Fearful and below could fix the problem. It would be justified since it would not only increase independence but also count as nice clothes to increase rebelliousness as well.

    The abuse description says you rape her, but has no effect on virginity of any hole.

    From the street hooker event, if you agree to enslave her, "Her fate is out of her hands now, and you get the impression she isn't sorry abou that at all." Missing a t after "about".

    I used breast injections because I wanted to get a slave up to an H-cup, but I forgot to take her off of them, and they ended up growing too huge for my liking. I suggest a breast reduction option be added to the sugery page to correct this problem and maybe a complete reduction option as well as a way of horrifying busty rebellious slaves. There are tons of people who like flat chests more anyways. ;) Same goes for overgrown asses as well, so I imagine an ass reduction option would go hand-in-hand with that.

    Week 39, &slaves[$i].slaveName appeared, cause unknown. Was messing with butt injections at the time, but I don't expect the two to have any relation. Will keep an eye out for further random glitch slaves in the future.

    1. Good reports. This next patch will include reduction surgery. For now, it's intentional that dropping below Fearful is hard. Think about it from the slave's perspective: below Fearful is Resistant and then Rebellious. To make a slave who's fearful (and therefore hesitantly obedient because she fears you) actively resist or rebel, something pretty bad is necessary. Once fearful, slaves won't want to suffer the consequences of becoming less obedient.

    2. That actually makes a lot of sense. I see things your way now and I withdraw my complaint.

  5. I can't seem to create a new room there isn't any option to do that in arceology management.

    1. The arcology stuff was disabled last patch because it was, well, horribly broken and pretty low priority.

    2. Correct. I'll fix it eventually, but complex, meaningful non-sexual content is going to wait for my on-hold wasteland warlord game (which I now plan to build from the code of this one).

  6. You are deving at an insane pace anon!

    1. I had no idea what an wonderful thing it would be to have people comment that they're enjoying my game until it happened. I've always scoffed at developers (or authors, or artists) who say that feedback drives them on, but I now understand completely. It's addicting.

      Also, this pace isn't really insane. It's just that updating a Twine game is really, really easy. Things would be much slower if I were also programming UI from the ground up, or God forbid, doing visuals.

  7. When a slave gives birth there is no mention of what happens to the baby. Maybe a quick couple of sentences saying it is taken to slave school or something?

    1. A sentence describing exactly that was already in the code but did not appear because I'm bad at this. Fixed.

  8. Blehh, haven't had time to play this as much as I had planned, got pulled into some other /d/ related fun stuff. I've been here for quite a while too. I was active in the slave description thread and I've been the one pushing for public-use stuff. Still, I do have a few notes.

    Back on /d/ I suggested an elf slave and you have since mentioned that ear extensions might be a bit too far fetched for the level of technology you're going for. However, seeing all of the other surgery and drug options available in the game I have to disagree. It's pretty much just a skin graft and some cartilage implants, right? Honestly I'm surprised I haven't heard of anyone doing it in real life yet with current plastic surgery technology.

    An event for a non-submissive, bisexual slave with the "sapphic" rules forcing herself on a rebellious slave would be great. I'm not sure what choices you could offer to the player. Maybe have him choose how the bisexual slave approaches the rebellious. For example, Asha comes to her Master asking to make use of the new slave, Vicki. She can approach Vicki tenderly and help her to reach an orgasm as well, reducing Vicki's rebelliousness as she see the perks to being owned by her new master. Or Asha can force herself on Vicki, berating the new girl into licking pussy and mocking her for her lack of skill. This would increase Vicki's rebelliousness but increase Asha's devotion and giver her some tendency towards masochism.

    I'm not sure if you even want masochism in the game but I think it could be fun as a useful skill for head girls as well as increasing rebelliousness for a bit of an increase in difficulty.

    Removing a slave's lactation implant seemed to give flavor text more appropriate for giving her the implant, as it mentions her tasting her own milk.

    I got the birthday event for the same slave twice in 10 weeks.

    I know the game is about modification and everything but sometimes I want to reduce a slave's massive ass. I'm just not really an ass guy and while she may bring in more money too-large asses are just kinda vulgar and unappealing to me. If I own her body I should be able to make it suit my needs.

    "She has an lovely narrow waist that gives her an hourglass figure." should be "She has a lovely..."

    I got the cumslut (I think) event and while it is nice and plays into the fetish a bit I felt like there wasn't enough focus on her being a cumslut. This is probably my #1 fetish so I was looking forward to it a lot. Instead of having the slave master finish in her mouth as he's using his other slaves, why not make her clean his cum out of their holes? That's a whole other level of awesome right there. Mentioning that she shivers with delight each time she lovingly sucks it down would go a long way too. If I could go so far as to recommend a whole extra option for the event, how about one where the slave master presents his cumslut with a fancy meal then invites in a number of loyal customers to cream all over her food. She then hungrily swallows it down, making sure to scoop up as much cum with her bread as possible, before cleaning her plate by rubbing it all over her face and licking off whatever remains.

    Also, how do you actually train a cumslut? Like I said I haven't had a ton of time for the game but none of the options available seemed particularly geared in that direction.

    1. Oh one more: I like how a few of the personal training end-of-week descriptions have specific narratives and some variety. Do you have plans to expand that for the rest of the weekly options? It's all well and good to see how many customers my slave served and some of the ways she helped them but I would really like to be able to read the actual sorts of things she went through that week. This would also be a great way to narratively differentiate between devoted and rebellious slaves. A devoted public-use cumdump walks on her own to a central area in the arcology and invites passers-by to use her holes as they please. Her devotion is increased as she is given the freedom to seek out and take what she so dearly loves. On the other hand, a rebellious slave assigned to the same position is chained up in the same area and force-fucked from behind, the cum dripping out of her collected in a bucket to be force-fed to her for dinner. This increases her rebelliousness while eventually breaking her down and taking her to the Fearful level.

    2. "Honestly I'm surprised I haven't heard of anyone doing it in real life yet with current plastic surgery technology."

    3. Ah, I see. That still looks pretty rough though and I was imagining more on the scale of half-foot knifeears. Looks like science still has a ways to go.

    4. Fuchsia, I made a few minor content changes based on your descriptions. Your bigger ideas for scenes are good, but keep in mind they're going on a very big pile of good ideas for scenes that I simply haven't gotten around to writing. You're quite right that cumsluts don't have enough content, but keep in mind, nobody else does, either. Right now I'm working on making sure everything has at least a couple scenes at minimum.

      I add variety with every patch. The eventual goal is to have almost no prose that doesn't have at least two variants. Keep in mind, there's such an overwhelming weight of words that I can write for hours and produce variety you'll never see, because it was content for slaves with stats you don't like.

      There are two good ways of producing cumsluts at present. Either give them a smart clit/frenulum piercing and set it to encourage oral, or get enough cumsluts that you get a random event in which non-cumslut slaves get interested in the fetish. The former is more reliable, obviously.

    5. Also: reductions are now in; see latest patch.

    6. Hey no rush, I can tell you're working hard on this. Just wanted to throw my $.02 onto the pile.

    7. For the moment I've got the time and the inclination, so I'm dumping hours into this. The nice thing about the way I've coded the game is that there's really no ceiling on the content at all. I can see myself dropping by to add another random event or two long after 1.0.

      On elf ears, it's definitely something I'd add if I had unlimited time for this. Right now, I've tried to limit transformation options to things that interact with gameplay in a significant way, just to keep the minimum content required for playability down. Something like elf ears (and tongue splitting, and scarification, and lipstick etc. etc.) won't impact gameplay other than the occasional "she has elf ears," and the one or two random events I'd crank out for slaves with elf ears. So it joins any number of cool surgical options on the shelf (for now).

  9. The game still records a girl as being an addict even when the have been weaned off

    1. Should be fixed in the patch I'll be posting momentarily.

  10. Mr.Dev you replied to a previous comment of mine telling me how you loved doing this because you get nice comments so here's something:
    Thanks a lot for this game I'm having a lot of fun it's awesome to see someone take on a project like you have! Keep doing what you do, you rock!!

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