Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Progress to September 2

I had a lot of time to work on this project in August; now it's September, so the updates are going to be sporadic. The major mechanical coding is done, though. Milestone reached.

Recent updates:
  • The Hole! That is, solitary confinement. This is the most reliable slavebreaking method in the game. It's balanced, though: it's also a very reliable way to damage a slave's health, and can even cause bad mental effects.
  • Random event for slaves in solitary. Like several random events, it's actually pretty depressing depending on what the player does. Also, good example of what I meant in previous posts about random events and stats being tough at times. Mute slaves can't get this event; it just can't work for them.
  • Less randomness! I've started altering some stats to be more granular, allowing for things to progress more naturally. This is going be a long job. For now, the changes are applied to the boob code only, so for now things that affect tits will have more frequent but less radical effects.
  • Baby steps toward balance. Rebalanced drug costs so some of the drug regimes are less of a money button. Recoded some of the money stuff to make future rebalancing easier; now everything runs off a couple of hidden cost stats.
The solitary confinement event reminds me, I wanted to mention tone. The overall tone of the game is pretty neutral; I'm not trying to make it constantly funny or constantly depressing. However, this isn't a game that ignores some of the less pleasant implications of slavery.

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