Tuesday, September 22, 2015

ALPHA v. 0.2

Assigning version numbers to a project like this is arbitrary, but I dumped enough time into this in the past 24 hours that between 0.1.09 and today's additions, Free Cities deserves to move up to 0.2.

Though it should look virtually the same from the player's perspective, the random event system has been heavily recoded. Several perceptive commenters discerned that only the last slave in the master list eligible for any given event was experiencing that event: this was a consequence of my crude code. This has been fixed, and in fixing it I also changed the event selection code so that having more eligible slaves boosts the chances of seeing an event. My solution to these problems is inelegant but one of the advantages to learning code today is that modern computers allow the novice coder to apply brute force without much of a noticeable effect. The new system will also allow me to tweak how often each event pops.

Of course, this means that many recent event bugs have probably been replaced by new ones. My thanks to everyone who has reported the old and will report the new.

Download: Mega.
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v. 0.2 Patch Notes:
  • Recoding of the random event system. If you have more slaves eligible for an event, you'll see it more.
  • New service assignment at which a resistant or better slave will be available for other slaves to order around. Generally, this increases both parties' obedience. The end week report for this assignment includes descriptions of the racial makeup of the situation if the player so chooses.
  • Race display option at game start that will stop the game giving slaves racially based nicknames and remove other racial content such as the above.
  • The brothel, which previously used the independent work code, now uses the whoring code. Practically, this means it produces no reputation, but more money.
  • New promenade upgrade that allows slaves to work the arcology's promenade as public servants; this is a reputation counterpart to the brothel.
  • Change to personal attention: if the PC is not giving any slave his personal attention, he will spend the free time making money: cash will start earning interest at 1000, not 10000. I did not like having nothing whatever for the PC to do other than mind a slave.
  • Reduced chance of receiving no end week random event to near-zero.
  • Various ease of use improvements; for example, personal attention menu will now suggest fixing quirks and exploring sexuality when relevant.
  • New events.
  • Bugfixes.


  1. "Overfull breasts" milking event, choosing to fuck the slave in public, is somewhat broken. The second paragraph ends in "She continually aftershock orgasms as you continue pounding. You offer her breasts to the growing crowd, many of whom come forward to taste her cream. You fuck her pussy and ass, one after the other," - and that's it. There's no mention of the rep gain that used to happen in earlier versions.

    And that's beside the fact that the master was attempting to publicly fuck a shemale who did not have a pussy.

    1. By the way, your hard work is very much appreciated. The job-related nicknames are a wonderful touch, as 'Udders' definitely agrees.

    2. Also, a very nice touch on the "serve other slaves" job's text regarding virginity!

  2. The training bug from last version is still present, though slightly differently. Shemale slaves who have no room for further training still show up in the personal attention selection with the "teach her" link available.

    The good news is that picking to teach them now displays the "I've taught you everything I know" text in the weekly update and properly resets the assignment to devotion, so at least the cutoff is working properly.

    1. The latter is a band-aid until I do a proper review of all skill sets, which is going to be a few versions because this one stealth-added a new skill.

    2. From what I've seen, the issue may be that the "personal attention" page thinks shemale slaves can be taught vaginal skills and therefore lets the master attempt to train them. Once I cranked up a herm slave's skills and let her loose with the teaching, the master's "teach her" option disappeared, even for the formerly glitched slaves. The only real difference between the herm slave and my former head girl was the presence of a vagina.

  3. Despite the first arcology upgrade we can buy being "arm your drones", we still get the "arm yourself and your drones" event.

    1. First one is installing the system, second one is upgrading it.

  4. So here's a suggestion for an event. If you have a pregnant slave maybe another (devoted) slave will approach you and ask to be impregnated, like the becoming a buttslut/cumslut events but jealous that she doesn't get to carry her beloved master's child.

    1. You know, there might actually be enough content there for a fully-fledged (in-game) fetish.

      First you have the trigger: one slave is pregnant, another is capable of carrying a child (not sterile).

      The fetish-gaining slave generates an "ask master about impregnation" event, with choices similar to the nickname ones: allow, deny, never ask again. "Allow" sets contraceptive status to "fertile".

      If the slave with a pregnancy fetish is fertile but not pregnant, she generates a different event, basically whining about not having a bun in the oven and begging the master to impregnate her. Again, three choices: "allow" impregnates, "deny" leaves things as they are, "never again" puts her on contraceptives.

      Finally, for a game effect, the pregnant slave should be gaining devotion each week she's pregnant, and losing devotion each week she's fertile but not pregnant (with a "cooldown period" after giving birth). This may require adjusting how contraceptives work, since giving birth automatically sets the slave's status to "on contraceptives" rather than "fertile".

    2. Scratch that, she should be losing devotion only if placed on contraceptives, and generating "nagging" events to impregnate her when fertile but not pregnant.

    3. Now that I think about it, lactation and surgery addiction could similarly be turned into slave fetishes.

      For lactation, the trigger would be "another slave is lactating". Choices would be "allow/indulge" (slave gains fetish), "deny" (slave does not gain fetish), "never ask again" (event no longer triggers). The "lactating" condition is quite easy to gain, though, so devotion increase for lactating slaves should be minor.

      Surgery addiction would work similarly, but give big devotion bonuses on implantation below the current threshold. Right now, "fearful" and lower slaves do not appreciate being implanted, which is sad because the "surgery addict" random event slave doesn't start out "obedient". Actually giving the slave what she wants should bump devotion, and high up-front devotion gains would be balanced by the health costs preventing spamming them.

      Also, maybe slaves with the surgery fetish could get "eager" alternate scenes for some of the radical surgical alterations, so the people who like happy amputees can be catered to as well?

    4. All great ideas to be added to the existing mountain of great ideas.

  5. Milkcows are only making half the amount that the text says they're making. I had a slave where the text said she was making 3080 from milking but there was a 1540 shortfall between what the end-of-week report said I should have made and how much my cash actually increased by. I don't know whether the text is wrong or the cash increase is, though.

    1. I just tested things with a single slave being milked and saw the same thing you did - maxed milk capacity is reporting 3080 but changing total cash only by 1540. When put into the dairy building, the total cash change was the same (1540), but the dairy building actually reported 1540 as the earnings.

      I think buying the dairy building sets the milked slaves' income to 1540 regardless of whether they're being milked in the dairy or individually. In my current playthrough I made a large sum fairly easily, but the income slowed down quite suddenly to the point that I was either breaking even or gaining very slowly. In hindsight, I think the slowdown happened right about when I bought the dairy.

    2. Milking profits will be sorted out in 0.2.1. They were catastrophically bad.

  6. List of things amputees shouldn't be able to do:

    Abuse her, devoted, "You order her to present her holes, and spank her brutally as she complies." An amputee wouldn't really be able to comply with such an order without limbs.

    Abuse her, rebellious, "You order her to present her holes, and spank her brutally until she complies." Pretty much any line where a slave is to "present her" anything makes me doubt an amputee would be able to do so.

    Shaped areolae event, Show her off choice, "You give Aradhya a variation on a usual slave gown. It's just as gorgeous, but this one actually covers her ass and crotch as well. In fact, it covers her arms, legs, and her face..." she doesn't have arms and legs to cover, just hips and shoulders.

    Shemale, on extreme aphrodisiacs and hormones, "The extreme dose of aphrodisiacs combined with the hormones that keep her flaccid have her in a state of extreme sexual frustration; she's rubbing her limp dick distractedly and unconsiously humping her ass against whatever's next to her for anal stimulation. " Can't rub herself without arms and it would be hard to hump without legs. Also, "unconsiously" should be "unconsciously".

    Shemale, on aphrodisiacs and hormones, "The aphrodisiacs combined with the hormones that keep her flaccid have her sexually frustrated; she's touching her limp dick distractedly and unconsiously rubbing her ass against whatever's next to her." Can't touch herself without arms. Also, "unconsiously" should be "unconsciously".

    Fuck toy, summary, "You carry her around with you all week, using her as your personal sex toy. Without arms and limbs, she is your helpless sexual appliance." "Arms and limbs" sounds weird, it should be "arms or legs".

    Serve another slave, serving a slave that likes women, "Since Yukiko loves women, Grace finds herself with a frank and open lover for the week. She spends the week accepting the attention of Yukiko's adoring asian hands. They rove across her caucasian body, knowing just where to touch and where to press." Neither of them have hands and cannot touch or press, at least not with hands. It would be quite the sight to see two amputees going at it though.

    Build her devotion, "She accompanies you through your normal routine, using your slaves with you. When you grope a soft breast, she giggles and fingers a wet pussy. When you get a blowjob, the giver has to spare her a hand. And when you take a slave, she uses a her dick to mount another of her holes." No fingers to finger with, also "she uses a her dick" should be "she uses her dick".

    Hugely pregnant event, Gently fuck her choice, "When you take the lotion from her and begin to lovingly massage it into her harder to reach areas, she sighs with pleasure and leans back into you.... so she slowly kneels down with you into a comfortable lotus position..." Can't take lotion from someone who can't hold it, can't kneel.

    Serve the public, "...and on average they were putty in her hands. She's such an expert slut that she maintains her health well. She's a sexual master, so she escorts, offers massages with happy endings, and serves as a sexual and physical personal trainer." No hands to be putty in, no massaging, don't know what training entails, but I'm guessing she can't do it.

    Vocal disobedience event, Give her the day off choice, "She skips away happily and spends the rest of the day lounging around." Can't skip.

    Muscular amputees don't lose the muscular trait after the message that says they lose definition.

    Slimming down a muscular amputee, "She stops pumping iron and takes up running instead. She has lost muscle and regained a more womanly appearance. Her workout successes have improved her health." Can't pump iron or run.

    1. "You order her to present her holes, and spank her brutally as she complies." An amputee wouldn't really be able to comply with such an order without limbs.

      No reason why they wouldn't be, wiggling's a thing

    2. Good reports, but Anon has a point. Keep in mind, AmputeeLover, that I'm frequently writing events so that the description could technically work. I wrote that specifically to apply to both amps and non-amps, idea being that an amp is desperately flopping around.

    3. I see. When I think of a woman presenting her holes, I think of her spreading her legs and raising her ass. You're right though, I should have thought about it a bit more.

    4. With so many options I have to try to be as clever as possible to keep the writing time down. I try to avoid it but at times I default to terms like "fuckhole" because it can refer to a pussy or an ass, and thus allows me to avoid extra coding.

  7. End-of-week report on a slave wearing latex: "The latex she's wearing is so restraining that, she must rely on you whatever her feelings." The comma shouldn't be there. Also, that text appears for amputees, for whom it doesn't really make sense, since they'd be relying on others anyway.

    Amputees set to 'serve other slaves' can wash them.

    The milkcow event needs to be tweaked for amputees.

    Bisexual amputees you're building devotion with grope and finger other slaves.

    Obedient buttslut shemale slaves set to whore lose and regain 'hates anal' can't make their mind up about whether or not they hate anal. Might be intended, it's certainly entertaining.

    The shaped areolae event refers to heart-shaped nipples as star-shaped.

    Unnaturally Healthy slaves assigned to the dairy become Extremely Healthy over time, is this intended?

    Veteran whores that aren't whoring are getting the 'veteran whore finds out a tenant is cheating you' event, is this intended?

    Two slaves set to serve other slaves can end up serving each other in a possibly literal circlejerk of loyalty.

    I had a save that personal attention did nothing to, and had no text in the end-of-week report. Can't figure out what's causing it. Save: http://www.filedropper.com/free-cities
    The slave in question is Maha, in the penthouse. Later, after she became a buttslut through an event, personal attention worked again.

    1. The 'massive tits' event needs to be tweaked for amputees, too.

    2. I got the 'slave trainer' random event for a slave that was working in the brothel.

      Virgin fucktoys are gaining vaginal skill.

      Shemale/herm serving a cumslut: "wraps hercaucasian lips", no space between 'her' and the racial description.

      Whoring slave with 'hates men': no full stop after "she can't conceal her distaste for men"

      You can 'fuck her' and 'use her holes' on a fucktoy in a chastity belt from the main menu.

    3. Figured out the 'personal attention does nothing' bug. If the personal attention target (PAT from here on) is lower down in the list than a slave that is servicing other slaves, and PAT is the slave being serviced, then the personal attention will do nothing. If PAT is higher in the list than the service slave, then the personal attention proceeds as normal, and if there are no other slaves the service slave will service nobody.

      This could be intended to prevent a possibly overpowered service slave plus personal attention combo, but if so it should probably prioritize personal attention over service slaves, or at least say something like 'slave was too occupied with [service slave] to be the target of personal attention' to make it clear to the player what's going on.

      Smart piercing set to anal: "After her smart clit piercing encourages many orgasms when she has a dick up her ass, she develops a fetish for being an anal bottom." Can happen for anal virgin fucktoys, who explicitly don't get buttfucked.

      Buttslut slaves being served by shemales get analingus from them, instead of anal sex. Not really a bug but it is odd.

      Submissive shemales set to 'build devotion': "forces painfully large dildoes up and asshole".

    4. Good stuff. The buttslut/hate anal stuff is intended for now, mostly because I didn't plan it but find it kind of hilarious until I write explicit scenes for it. Likewise the circlejerk of loyalty, oh man that's great. I cant tell you how happy I am that my game is producing unintentional, emergent stuff.

  8. I did a bit of code review in the html:
    Renaming exploit:
    Currently, once your slave is obedient, you can rename her to something nondegrading (+1 Devotion) then go back to her birth name. The exploit is that you can repeat this to bring her at maximum obedience in zero ingame time.

    Boob surgery:
    You call the surgery options in the wrong order: When $activeSlave.boobsImplant gt 0 it will always trigger the large variant and you will never see the adaptive implant/inert filler variant.

    1. Thanks, and oh god, sorry you had to see my horror show.

      For now that exploit is being covered by a hard cap on how much devotion can change weekly.

  9. Fearful slave serving other slaves, walk-by reads "Gabriella walks past your desk on her way to she goes by trembling with fear."

  10. $activeSlave.slaveName is training a small class of high-value sex slaves today. She's holding a class out of a room downstairs from your office, with a lot of lecturing and dry instruction. Her charges are paying close attention to her, though, though many of them are clearly distracted by her lovely pussy. On a whim, you drop in. As soon as she sees you enter, she stops her lecture midsentence.

    Happens every time I get this event.

    1. This also happens with the herm threesome event. It looks like when the game randomly picks an event, then looks for a matching slave, but just keeps going if it can't find one. It should either pick a new event or abort.

      After the event you'll have a new glitched out slave. You won't be able to change any of her settings (they reset at the end of the week) and if you sell her, it messes up your credits.

    2. Actually, the event doesn't pop unless the code thinks it has a matching slave. This just means my code to pick a slave for that event is shit.

  11. The money reported under 'business endeavours' is incorrect - it looks like you actually make about half of what it says. Easily tested by going into the cheat mode, setting Miss Anne to do nothing, and ending the week - it says you make 20021, but the balance goes up only about 10000.

    Additionally, what exactly is the effect that not giving any slaves personal attention is supposed to have? It doesn't make any extra money (again, easily tested in cheat mode), and it doesn't seem to change when you start making interest - you said in the patch notes "cash will start earning interest at 1000" but it doesn't, at the 3000 starting balance you get "You have enough cash to manage your affairs, but not enough to do much business" whether or not you're giving a slave personal attention. Whatever the end result of giving personal attention to business, I think it should say in the end-of-week screen exactly how much of a difference it made so people can more easily learn when to pay attention to business and when to pay attention to their girls.

  12. The remote surgery model is, according to the encyclopedia, a 'Cacadeus' model. Roughly translated, this means 'God of Shit'. I *think* you mean Caduceus, which would be a damn appropriate name - it's the symbol of a God of Commerce that is often mistaken for the symbol for a God of Medicine.

    From Rebelliousness to Devotion: "it takes at lest", should be 'least'.

    Arcologies and Reputation: "self contained", should be 'self-contained'.

    The Remote Surgery: "This the very last word in slave surgical alteration." - should be 'This is'.

    Slave Couture: "nice study leather affairs" - should be 'studded leather'.

    Nymphomania: The byline for the extract should be above the italic sentence to match the rest of the encyclopedia.

    Gender: "It is inevitabel" - should be 'inevitable'; "albiet with some modern variations", should be 'albeit'.

    Modern Anal: "mildly aphrodidisac nutrition" - should be 'aphrodisiac'.

    Disease in the Free Cities: "combined to make infections agents tougher", should be 'infectious'.

    1. IMHO Slave Couture: "nice study leather affairs" - should be 'sturdy leather'.

    2. Oh, that could be it.

    3. Thank you. One of my few real gripes with Twine is that it has no effective spell checker for long prose passages, which a fast-not-clean writer like me could very much use.

  13. Mmmm, any plans for more slave interactions? like maybe slaves having a rep system with 2 or 3 other slaves at at ime, either family or by how they were obtained, like an event to force a poorer slave owner into servitude and take one or 2 of their slaves, or the event currently with the bitch-sister whoring their shemale sister, well wonder how those slaves would act when all fo a sudden theyre both slaves and the previously subservient one is head girl?

    just a thought. so far gmae is great and glad its gettin so many bug fixes and updates, just try not to burn yourself out

    1. Yes, lots. The first will be to add relationships that use the preexisting sister/mother/daughter/twin code to create rival and lover relationships between slaves.

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