Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ALPHA v. (September 15)

Though I'm not including it in the list of updates and fixes, these patches include lots of little additions to content. I rarely playtest for more than thirty seconds without diving back into Twine to add a little more description here or there.

When slaves appear with a name like $activeSlave.slaveName, that means that the code tried to affect a slave that didn't exist, so it created a new one with null variables. It's usually a random event that does that; if you notice what random event you saw right before it happened I can find the problem easily. Once it appears, the only solution is to load an earlier save: everything after that will be bugged to all hell.

Download: Mega. v. is a quick update to fix a broken random event reported by Boney M.

Updates and fixes:
  • A new drug called preventatives which prevents health damage due to public duties and is cheaper than curatives.
  • Curatives have been nerfed, can no longer drive health up forever, and will once again stop when they stop having an effect. I know some playtesters were using them as hands-off whore-mantainers; that's what the new preventatives are for. Let me know if they don't work like you want them to.
  • Several new minor surgical options, including star-shaped areolae and reductions for naturally large tits and asses.
  • Minor surgery balance improvements; it is no longer possible to fill implants to infinity and beyond, and all surgery costs more: before it was too obvious a profit button.
  • A bunch of background text on the world has been moved to the encyclopedia, so it doesn't clutter up the UI.
  • Changes to make the main screen descriptions more clear. Ink and piercings are now described. Shemales are given the 'masterful' description if they max out the skills their body allows.
  • Improvements to some of my earlier, uglier if/elseif abominations to speed things up.
  • Several new random events, including nickname events, market events, and more.
  • Minor improvements to relationship content; still buggy.
  • Fixes for many reported bugs.


  1. Final round of bug reports from me for the last version - it doesn't look like you mentioned any of these in the changelog, so they're probably still pertinent. I'll poke at this new version later today.

    Shemale getting the 'cornhole' nickname: "Most slaves have to mask disappointment when their Master guides his cock into the ass rather than the pussy; she can barely restrain glee."

    Had a mother in a mother-and-daughter addict event who was a sterile virgin hermaphrodite.

    Mothers and daughters always seem to start with the same sexuality, is this intended?

    From the 'slave requesting more implants' event: "Error: <>: bad evaluation: boobsImplant is not defined" and "Error: <>: bad evaluation: buttImplant is not defined"

    'Explore her sexuality' assignment doesn't take virginities, though the text says that each hole gets a fuck.

    'Pseudophallus' clit size should replace strap-on in the slave trainer assignment, but it doesn't look like it does.

    Shemale, without vagina, on aphrodisiacs: "She's on aphrodisiacs and is allowed to masturbate, so as she obeys your commands she idly rubs her shaft and pussy with one hand while the other pinches a nipple."

    And maybe it's just the RNG god taunting me, but I don't think I've seen the girl-selling-her-trap-little-sister event in a while. Did it get disabled in one of the updates?

    1. Good stuff, including the content absurdities. Mothers and daughters are indeed intended to resemble one another closely. And the RNG god doesn't have to taunt very hard to deny you a specific event. At the stage of the game where you're likely to see that event, you're probably eligible for 30+ random events so your chance of seeing any specific event each turn is in the low single percentage points.

    2. For reference, I've seen the addict mother and daughter about ten times and the businesswoman with daughter about six. And dozens of the more generic acquire-a-slave events. It could just be the wrath of RNG but these odds are getting pretty long.

    3. I've just punched out a quick update to the patch to fix the surgery addict random event, which was broken in half. Thanks again for pointing it out.

      On the random event thing: both mother-daughter events happen more frequently the higher your reputation goes, while the chance of getting the siblings is also modified by your head girl's devotion, if you have one (which is explained in the event). If you either don't have a head girl, or the one you have isn't highly devoted, that could explain it.

    4. That would explain it, I didn't have a head girl most of the time since I was focusing on one girl at a time. Found the event and started putting sisters through their paces:

      From sister slaves (from the 'please buy my sister' random event from a current slave): "Destiny's sister and Destiny's sister are such good and devoted slaves that they happily do everything together."

      The 'take them out together' option gives this error: "Error: <>: bad evaluation: rep is not defined"

      The 'fuck them side by side' option has the same 'X's sister and X's sister' problem. They're also referred to as 'slave twins' even though they're different ages.

      Had a second 'please buy my sister' event but then it said "You look up the daughter". It made a second 'Destiny's Sister' which is a little confusing, and the game started acting strange - the new sister became a clone of the old sister, and any changes to one was mirrored on the other. Selling one got rid of both of them.

      Had a third sister show up after I sold the bizarre clones, and this one had the same sister-daughter confusion in the event text, so it's a separate issue to the clone sisters.

      I got recruitment events based on a former head girl I had sold that mentioned her like she was still my slave, possibly because I hadn't made another head girl.

  2. Getting an error on end-of-day whenever I have just one slave. It only flashes for a second but I managed to catch it with a screenshot:

    Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: state.active.variables.slaves[(state.active.variables.slaves.length - 2)] is undefined

    1. Fix will be included in next patch; in the meantime it shouldn't impact gameplay (other than the annoying red flash, of course).

    2. Yeah... annoying red flash... like those from mind control games... :P

  3. Piercing a shemale's dickhead instead gives them frenulum piercings instead.

    Fucking a shemale slave at Obedient: 'Fuck her' gives the "She skips over smiling and gives you a quick kiss." 'Fuck her ass' gives "She hesitates but eventually lies on the couch next to your desk with her legs in the air"

    Fucking a shemale slave on female hormones at Devoted: 'Fuck her ass' refers to her rubbing her hardon, despite the fact that the other penetrative sex scenes say that she can't achieve an erection.

    Got the 'please buy my daughter' event, except it was from '$recruiterMother.slaveName'. It could have been caused by all my slaves being infertile, but I previously had a shemale slave ask me to buy her daughter (I assumed she had fathered them).

    Hitting 'continue' from the body mod screen without doing anything to them still gives a 'She shows no real reaction to your modifications' scene.

    The 'devoted bitchy slave pisses off a businesswoman' event has "$activeSlave.slaveName" in the choices.

    Powerfucking a muscly shemale: "her erection adds its own fluids to the mess on the floor.By the end" - Should be a space after the full stop.

    I think preventatives are countering surgery damage - did a quadruple amputee to someone on preventatives and they remained at Unnaturally Healthy.

    Additional amputee weirdness to the ones listed here: http://freecitiesblog.blogspot.com/2015/09/alpha-v-0102-september-14.html?showComment=1442362027811#c6520892504188843034

    If she's set to public use, the random event for that if you choose 'share her body with the public' has you "walking beside her".

    Amputating a slave that's set to 'train slaves' has her continuing training slaves. Muscle remains too.

    They still get the birthday scene, which doesn't make sense for them.

    Devoted lactating amputee milkcows 'walk around selling milk'.

    1. I just had a thought about these amputee errors as well as my own desire for rebellious slaves to be restrained during the week. Maybe have a "Freedom of movement" tag or something for slaves with no legs or the Restrictive rules? I dunno, adding a new stat to track is just more complexity for you but tying up disparate things together seems like it might be handy for writing events.

    2. Good reports, Boney M. Fuchsia, I'm handling it a bit differently, and in any case I try very hard to limit the number of stats each slave has. As it is, I believe the number is now over 70.

  4. Alright, new build, new reports!

    During the menu random events where a slave is nearby, eagerly presenting herself, the description of what the slave is wearing will be wrong. Might have to do with switching clothes then returning to the menu.

    After a slave is already hugely muscular from muscular training, the END WEEK can say the hormones from intense workouts shrunk her breasts and grew her clit, even though the diet is set to healthy and no longer working out.

    During the new amputee-exclusive random event: "She's dreaming about someting sexual" Someting should be something. Also, the sentence "As you watch, her sleeping struggles against the sheet her limblessness finally leave her lying naked on her pad." doesn't make sense. Overall, really cute scene though. :3

    Menu random event, resistant slave, titfuck, "You straddle her torso, hold ber boobs together, and fuck her cleavage." Should be 'her' instead of 'ber'.

    Suggesting nicknames exclusively for amputee slaves like "Stump", "Stumpy", "Nubs", "Human Fleshlight", "Meat", "Torso", "Worm", "Slug", "Lump", "Cocksock", "Potato Sack", "Fuckdoll", "Pillow", etc. Oh, and have you heard this one? "What do you call an armless and legless hooker? Cash and Carry!"

    1. And now from here on out will be a list of things amputees shouldn't be able to do:

      Menu random event, "You call her over so you can play with her small tits. She lies on the couch next to your desk and rubs lube over her chest..." Amputees cannot lie themselves down nor spread their own lube.

      Menu random event, slave wearing uncomfortable straps, "She is on her way to eat; she goes by trembling with fear. A strap passes between her legs, giving her gait an awkward sway..." Has no legs and isn't walking so there should be no gait.

      Menu random event, on her way to bed, "She kneels on the couch,..., back strongly arched,... She rubs her clit, and brings herself to orgasm before you."

      Menu random event, "She skips over smiling and gives you a quick kiss.... She hugs her torso to you and her breasts press against your chest;... She clings to you as she rides the downslope of her orgasm...."

      Menu random event, "She gives you a titjob with her lubricated cleavage..."

      Menu random event, "She licks her lips and looks you in the eyes as she gets to her knees.... She massages your balls with one hand and her breasts with the other, giving you a show...."

      Menu random event, while wearing the Slave Gown, "Her gorgeous dress has a thoughtful cut that runs all the way from her ankle to over her hip, baring a leg all the way up." "She kneels on the floor so you can take her at will."

      Menu random event, while wearing the Corset, "Her corset makes her walk with her ass sticking out."

      Menu random event, while wearing Nice Lingerie, "As she walks, her pretty g-string fails to cover her big butthole."

      Menu random event, slave with pierced and chained nipples, "You pull her over by the chain between her nipples." Sounds extremely painful to be dragged along the ground by the nipples.

      Menu random event, "She is on her way to bed; she rushes by, hurrying to her next task." No need to rush to a task if on her way to bed, and also she can't walk so rushing is impossible.

      Abuse her, "As she reels in shock and pain, you follow up with a vicious slap to the mons, which causes her to collapse to the floor in agony.... You order her to get her ass in the air,..."

      Coming out of breast implants surgery, "Reem exits out of the surgery room and catches sight of herself in the floor-length mirror outside the door." After this sentence, you should put in the part from the amputation surgery description that mentions you carry her out. "She hefts her new breasts experimentally and turns to you to show them off. She's still sore, so she doesn't bounce or squeeze, but she turns from side to side to let you see them from all angles." Doesn't really work for amputees. Actually, a lot of the descriptions when exiting other surgeries don't work well for amputees, so you might want to go over all of them. Body mod studio exit descriptions too.

      Max breast size description, "Her udders have grown so large that she can barely walk."

      Max ass size description, "She's got a ridiculous ass. It's so big it jiggles as she walks."

      Training an amputee to build devotion, wearing plugs that stretched her out, "You allow her to service you with her mouth to avoid spoiling your work right away. Afterward, she hugs you and gives you a kiss." Amputee hugs where they press their chest and shoulders against you sounds cute, but it has to be clearer that it's not a true hug with arms. Maybe just change it to just a sweet kiss.

      Random event, "As you are retiring for the night, Lily walks into your bedroom and stands before you submissively." Assrape choice, "You order her to kneel, ..." Turn her away choice, "She tries to hide her disappointment as she turns to go, and as she flees out the door you hear her begin to cry."

    2. Amputee as Head Girl, "Your head girl Sarah notices that Lily is unwell. She helps Lily however she can. The tender nursing has improved Lily's health." Not really wrong, it's actually kind of cute imagining her sleeping in bed with her like a teddy bear to comfort the sick girl. :)

      Amputee as Head Girl, "Your head girl Sarah notices that Camila is disobedient. She helps watch and restrain the rebellious Camila, helping wear her down but ultimately having little effect." Can't restrain anyone, maybe have her provide mental abuse instead.

      Random event, solitary "There's a small port for meals to be inserted into the cell, and she shouts at it, clearly with her mouth right against it," Choose exploit her, and she services you and somehow turns around and does all the moving which shouldn't be possible.

      Random event, for slaves with implants. "Going about your day, you see Reem sitting crosslegged in the remote surgery room, ... She touches her body absently."

      Random event, birthday, just read it and imagine an amputee trying to light a candle with a match in her mouth. Just a bit odd.

      Random event, Friday evening where you have to choose between going to club, dance, or date, too many problems to list.

      Random event where you can choose between going to the operetta or the casino with a group of loyal slaves, too many problems to list. (BTW, I noticed a slave called $slave[$i].slaveName on my slave list after this event, though I wasn't paying close attention to the bottom of the list for a while before this, she might have appeared during a different event before this one.)

      Random event for huge titted slaves, shower event, mentions standing and directly refers to slave having legs.

      Random event where you can choose between going to the operetta or the casino, too many problems to list.

      Random event, "Brianna approaches you one day...." Choose spanking, "You tie the protesting slave to your desk so that her chest is against the top of the desk and she's standing upright with her ass in the air...." Can't stand.

      Setting a slave to Train another slave or Work as a slave trainer: Slaves assigned to these tasks will keep doing them even after they've had their limbs amputated. Similar problems happens if you set a slave to build muscle or slim down before amputating her limbs. Same with shemales on penis enhancement that get their penis removed. Even if you've sold a head girl, they will still have them doing head girl tasks in the summary.

      And that's about it for this playsession. I just want to say that making muscular amputees is my new favorite thing, I just love the idea of a tough strong woman turned into a cuddly defenseless fuckpet. :) (Though somehow her muscles still manage to scare off customers despite being unable to put them to use...)

    3. Okay here's a weird glitch. I sold a devoted slave named Reem, yet I still got the event where you buy her sister and she convinces you. Not only that, it used the name 'Reem's sister' rather than Reem and at the end of the description it says "You look up the daughter." So yeah, selling a slave and getting that event messes things up hard. Oh, and buying her brings up this: "You complete the legalities and biometric scanning without quickle and without fuss." There's an extra "without".

      Same glitch happens in the event to buy a sold slave's daughter.

      Also got it with a slave named $recruiterMother.slaveName.

      Is there even an upper-limit on penis enhancement? Because it gets gigantic, but never says if it can't be increased further. The option to put her on penis enhancements disappeared eventually too, no "You can't do that, it can't get bigger" kind of text. I put her on female hormones to decrease dick size, but I never got it down again to normal size even though it said it was doing that.

      An amputee that is also an anal virgin can get the event where you force them to fuck themselves with a dildo, which should be impossible.

      In the amputee-exclusive event where they are lying on the couch next to your desk after work, it says the slave has gigantic breasts even if the slave has an A-cup, and says the slave has a pussy even if the slave has only a penis.

      Amputee shemale can get the event where she fucks another slave.

      An amputee shemale can get the event where a slave sucks their own dick in the showers. There's a lot of usage of limbs, so you might feel the desire to just trim it from the list of events amputees can get, but I like it since it gives the clever amputee the rare chance to masturbate, so I hope you can change it to be more amputee-friendly instead.

    4. Virgins can get the humiliation event and it doesn't take virginity.

      Training to build devotion with virgins has you fuck them when it really shouldn't. Since it doesn't actually take virginity, I guess it just doesn't have a non-fucking variation.

      Mindbroken should really be it's own thing, rather than using text from Obedient.

      Menu random event, "Lara Croft Mindbroken. She's wearing a schoolgirl uniform and sucking on hard candy, giving her a delectably youthful appearance." Seems like Mindbroken slaves aren't really taken into account for almost all events.

    5. This is magnificent. Seriously, AmputeeLover: I need one of you for all my other categories of content too. If you know a MuteLover, a PregLover, and a SissyLover, et cetera, please get them playtesting.

      5 yard penalty for awful hooker joke, still 1st down.

      Since it would require a ton of rewriting, for now, amputees (and mutes and the mindbroken) are disqualified from head girl status. Some random events I added alternatives to for amps, some I exempted them from. Muscular amps will remain muscular and will try to stay muscular. They will inevitably fail but it may take a while. Working on the surgery/studio reactions. Added a lot of alternate content to address your reports.

      Yes, mindbroken slaves need a lot more alternative descriptions. Mindbroken is in fact its own thing; it's just that mindbroken slaves retain a (fixed) obedience value so they have a description if I haven't written a special one yet.

    6. It just so happens I'm a MuteLover and MindbrokenLover too, so I'll get to those sometime soon. ;) Playtesting for this has been fun, so I'll probably work on everything eventually and I'll be sure to follow up with reports.

    7. Thank you for all your help. Mindbreak is already on my list to address.

  5. Got 'Her pregnancy greatly reduces her value' when selling a sterile shemale slave.

    Fucking a rebellious shemale slave: "Her breastsand cock slide back and forth across the desk." Should be a space between 'breasts' and 'and'.

    Getting damn hard to find unreported bugs. Considering the size of the game and that it's mere days since the release of the first alpha, this is ridiculously impressive.

  6. Yea i can confirm that the "Devotees" event, either going to the opera or casino, can potentially cause the "unnamed" slave to appear.
    If you then sell this slave it dumps your funds, into what im suspecting is a "null" value, and you have no funds at all.

  7. Broken Random Event:
    "You have a rebel problem. [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object][4-2].slaveName and [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object][4-1].slaveName are both unbroken, and they seem to draw strength from each other."
    After selecting one of the 2 options the follow-up text includes:
    "Error: <>: bad evaluation: missing ; before statement
    Error: <>: bad evaluation: missing ; before statement"

    After said event, a $slaves[$i].slaveName popped up.

    By the way, selling such "broken" slave will fuck up the money counter.
    Not sure if it just doesn't display the correct amount or is set to infinite because it's still possible to buy stuff.

    1. Same $slaves[$i].slaveName problem happened after the "take 4 devoted slaves out at casino/operetta" Random Event.

      Also, in the Random Event for making a second slave into cum, this pops up: Turn her into a cumslut like $cumslutName

  8. Part suggestion, part question.

    Are there twin slaves in this? If not, there should be. Maybe special offers at the slave school to purchase a pair of identical twins or twins flee to your city.

    1. The current version has one random event that allows the PC to acquire fraternal twins. In tonight's patch there should be a new slave vendor that offers twins on occasion.

  9. I have to say, this is a fantastic little game.

    Just some observations:

    - Need a clothing encyclopaedia entry. It's hard to tell if most clothing items are considered rewards or punishments since they all tend to be somewhat degrading. I only discovered that corsets caused body modification rather than being purely cosmetic by complete accident.

    - Probably want to add some restrictions on starting slaves. I always play on normal, but I've had some games where I struggled for the longest time with poor-quality starting slaves, and others where I began with a fantastic, expert slave with brought in more money than I wanted to spend. The disparity between difficulty setting and actual starting difficulty seems to be almost non-existent.

    - May want to add some sort of setting to disable the nickname events, for those who don't want to give slaves them but don't want popups at regular intervals.

    Very minor nitpcks, since the game quality is pretty high overall.

    Also, one other thing: You may wish to consider setting up a paetron page for donations. I've seen authors of games of similar or even lower quality pull in double or triple digits of monthly donations on paetron. For a relatively well-polished game like this, you could easily supplement your income with donations even without resorting to "exclusive" paetron content.

    1. Now this here is great feedback. I had no idea the clothes weren't obvious, because I've seen them hundreds of times and know them by heart. I'll explain them. "Starting difficulty" means just that: how much you have at the start. There is no difference in gameplay whatsoever afterward. I'll make that more clear in game. (And in 1.0, when all starting slaves will be finalized, they'll be sorted and normalized.) An option to tell your slaves to knock it off with the nicknames will be in the patch tonight.

      As for Patreon, it seems damnably inappropriate for something a random /d/evotee decided to make for his own amusement. But that could just be poor self confidence talking; I've passed up good opportunities for that reason before. I'll think about it.

  10. When you pierce a slave's clit in the body mod suite it pierces their labia instead.

    1. I cannot believe I didn't catch this. Fixed.