Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ALPHA v. 0.1.04 (September 16)

I finally implemented a completely different way of coding relationships. It uses the new ID number system and is adaptable, meaning that new relationship types are now possible. Friendships, rivalries and romantic relationships between slaves are all on the horizon.

The code is also being cleaned up to prepare for the future of this game world.

I did not have the time to playtest this patch much, so I will leave the previous version up in case this one is totally broken.

Download: Mega.

Updates and fixes:
  • Totally new relationship content system. Should be much less buggy (or at least differently buggy).
  • New slave merchant, who uses the new relationship system to generate mother/daughter, sibling, and twin pairs, sold at a big markup.
  • New quirks, including dislike for various sex acts and new scenes that fix them.
  • New personal assistant help function, accessible from the main menu: this checks all your slaves and applies obvious rule refinements to them if and only if you tell it to. Eventually I should evolve this into a customizable default rules function, but for now it basically applies what I think are the 'best' settings. I had this as a tool for my debug runs and realized there was no reason to keep it to myself.
  • Cheat mode now always comes with the same slave, who is expressly designed to be a very powerful head girl.
  • If you don't like the nicknames, you can now tell your slaves to knock it off.
  • Many content improvements. Special mention goes out to AmputeeLover, who did a top-to-bottom test of amputee content and submitted great feedback on it.
  • Many random events that focus on fetishes will now only appear if a slave's fetish is known to the PC.
  • Fixes for many reported bugs.
According to Twine's story statistics, word count is now greater than Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.


  1. Incorrectly listed as "v. 0.1.03 (September 15)"

  2. Body mod studio in the new ver seems broken. Just trying to change the hair color and length using the built-in options, it takes credits away, but then when you hit "continue" on the left nav bar.. goes back to the main screen, and if you click on the given slave again.. the changes did not take effect. Even waiting a week (incase that was an unlisted change that it takes times), still changes did not take effect.

    1. As an edit.. going thru custom descriptors.. works just fine to type what you want in. I know its just cosmetic, but figure to try using the "in-game" options first.

  3. Didn't see it under "known bugs" and it's not a change from the older versions, so don't know if it's intentional or not: breast and butt growth drugs get automatically turned off when max size is reached; penis growth drugs do not.

    1. Yea i noticed this as well, but in the weekly descriptions, it says its max size and changing the regiment. so yea probably intended and that one drug was missed.

  4. Another one i found on.. on the "main room" page with one of the random slave "walk-bys"
    after clicking the call her over link,
    Full text:
    You call her over so you can Error: cannot find a closing tag for macro <> play with her small tits. You carry her over, playing with the chain between her nipples. She tries to refuse you, so you throw her down on the couch next to your desk and squeeze lubricant between her breasts. You straddle her torso, hold her boobs together, and fuck her cleavage. Your cum splashes her crying face.

    and in the html source/mouseover: <>…

    1. if ($activeSlave.nipplesPiercing gt 1) and ($activeSlave.amp is 1)

    2. Fixed, was caused by a clumsy insertion of amputee content.

  5. Suggestions:

    A 'hide this slave' option to stop a slave from showing in the end-of-week report. After a while I've got some solid, reliable staple slaves that I don't need to focus on, and since they're at the top of the list I have to scroll down to see what's going on with the new recruits, and I find myself either selling or avoiding recruiting slaves to keep them all on one screen.

    I think the 'build her devotion/break her will' personal assignment is a bit trigger-happy when it comes to shaving heads, especially since you can't get some hairstyles in the body mod studio.

    It would be nice if head girls teaching family members had some unique text - my head girls seem to fairly often request that I buy up a relative of theirs.

    Perhaps there should be a cap on skills for virgins? There's only so much hands-off teaching can pass on, after all. "She is an anal virgin; her asshole is fresh and tight, and she is a master at pleasing cocks with it."

    1. Tonight's patch should have a partial solution for the devoted slaves overload: a new slave job that's quasi-independent and has a very minimal end of turn report.

  6. Alright new build, let's check this out!

    Choosing a slave and Play with her tits brings up the error "Error: cannot find a closing tag for macro <>" Also, the sentence "You carry her over, playing with the chain between her nipples." appears even if the slave is not an amputee and does not have nipple chains.

    Had this happen once where a mindbroken slave kept their quirk. Wasn't able to reproduce it, but it should be something to keep an eye out for.

    Head girls remain head girl after being mindbroken, amputated, or muted.

    From the new sibling/mother-daughter market, "As usual, you will only be permitted to inspect the older, but there is a guaruntee that the younger will be similar." "guaruntee" should be "guarantee".

    I can't seem to get a shemale slave from the Slave Schools.

    The "No nicknames, now or ever" option can appear twice in the nickname events.

    Rebel event, "You have a rebel problem. [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object][9-2].slaveName and [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object][9-1].slaveName are both unbroken,..." Selecting any option got errors "Error: <>: bad evaluation: missing ; before statement". Yeah, that's broken. $slaves[$i].slaveName appeared in my list afterwards.

    Continue on the sidebar in cheat mode should just automatically pick no event, I was finding it annoying having to move my cursor each time while trying to speed through weeks.

    Miss Anne is a pretty awesome starting slave. :)

    Gonna go easy on listing the things amputees can't do for a while since you probably haven't had the chance to address all the ones me and everyone else had already listed last time. When you do though, put a note about it in the build notes and I'll be sure to comb through for more. ;)

    Muscular amputees can still get the muscles event.

    An amputee who "...loses the battle to retain muscle definition" will still have muscles, still scare off people with her muscles, and keep getting that message. Also, it feels too short between getting amputated and losing the muscles, I feel like I barely had any time with them at all. :(

    Devoted amputee event, shemale, "It's not like she can touch herself any more. Her huge erection pokes out from her limbless torso, her only remaining limb." A penis is not a limb, it should say "her only remaining appendage.". Selecting the option See how high her arousal will go, " gently run your fingers..., across her moist lips," shouldn't apply since there's no pussy.

    After buying a slave, "The legalities completed, Yukiko stands before your desk, looking shyly at you and blushing." and the options that you get after acquiring a slave, "Give her a smart clitoral piercing This option costs ¤1000 | Tie her up and give her a good whipping | Make her an office ornament for the day | Tie her up and take her virginity | Tie her up and break her ass in | Give her a chance to impress", their descriptions when you pick them don't take into account if the slave is an amputee. An issue for the amputee /d/-made slaves especially.

    1. Good reports as always. I have a strange condition that prevents me from spelling guarantee correctly.

  7. For some reason, a big bug post keeps being eaten. I'm gonna post it chunk by chunk to see if something's tripping some autodelete or something.

    Before I do, here's some amputee-specific weirdness I found, to build a little on AmputeeLover's fine work:

    high obedience / use her mouth: "she gets to her knees" "She massages your balls with one hand and her breasts with the other"
    high obedience / fuck her ass: "She kneels on the couch" "She rubs her amputee body (??)"
    high obedience / use her holes: "She kneels on the floor"
    high obedience / impregnate: "She skips over smiling" "She hugs her torso to you" "She clings to you"

    mid obedience / use her mouth: "She comes over"
    mid obedience / fuck her ass: "lies on the couch next to your desk with her legs in the air"
    mid obedience / impregnate: "with her legs spread"

    low obedience / use her mouth: "She tries to back away" "You push her down to her knees"
    low obedience / fuck her ass (virgin): "you hold her arms behind her"
    low obedience / fuck her ass: "she tries to back away" "She tries to shield her asshole, but you pin her hands"
    low obedience / impregnate: "you bend the disobedient slave over your desk"

    high obedience / liposuction: " She runs her hands over her new waist experimentally" "she turns around to let you see it from all angles."
    high obedience / lactation implants: "She hefts her swollen breasts" "she looks at you shyly and gently teases some more milk out of herself"
    high obedience / lactation implants removed: "She massages her breasts idly"
    high obedience / breast implants added or removed: "She hefts her new breasts experimentally" "she turns from side to side"
    high obedience / ass implants added or removed: "She rubs her new butt" "she turns from side to side"
    high obedience / rib removal: "walks gingerly" "her careful fingers discern"
    high obedience / tooth removal: "experimentally sucking on two fingers"

    mid obedience / breast implants added or removed: "She's still sore, so she doesn't touch them"
    mid obedience / lactation implants added: "She's still sore, so she doesn't touch them. s she does" "after a few experimental pokes and rubs at herself"
    mid obedience / lactation implants removed: "She massages her breasts idly"

    low obedience / rib removal: "walks gingerly" "her careful fingers discern"

    humiliation event: "You take her standing there" "cum runs down her quavering thighs"
    cumslut event / are you full: "She comes eagerly over"
    cumslut event / bring her along: "you let her tag meekly along, masturbating gently" "pumps of her fatigued hands"
    buttslut event: Probably needs rewriting entirely
    removed ribs event: Probably needs rewriting entirely
    pregnant event: Rewrite so a slave's applying the lotion initially?
    huge tits, fallen over in the shower event: Should probably be disabled, or rewritten to be about her falling on and pinning down the slave that was washing her
    millinary event: "comes to see you"
    millinary event / give her her thousandth fuck: "you push her over the arm of the couch"
    millinary event / include everyone: "on all fours"
    millinary event / send her off: "She leaves sadly"

    whoring: "she masters flirting and erotic dancing" "offers massages with happy endings" "world-class erotic dancing"

    1. Post 1 of 4:

      Getting the cumslut and buttslut events with girls that have other sexualities.

      The 'explore her sexuality' assignment mentions sodomizing in the exhibitionism test, but doesn't take anal virginity.

      The encyclopedia says that slave school girls are 'body modification free', but the girls and traps in the 'slave orphan selling herself' events have butt and breast implants.

      Also, had a trap in one of those events with "Since she lacks a vagina she takes it up the ass instead. Her clit is quite large. She was born male and retains a small penis."

      Got 'No nicknames, now or ever' option twice on the 'Me So Horny' Asian slave nickname event, and the second option remained when I chose an option.

    2. Post 2 of 4:

      Drugs that aren't preventatives or curatives cost 300 futurebux a week, but the 'summary of upkeep costs' says that non-aphrodisiac drugs cost 200 futurebux a week.

      Had a slave with G-cup breasts that didn't have 'huge breasts' on her profile in the main menu, possibly because her ass was bigger. It didn't change to 'huge T&A' until H-cup.

      Aborting the 1 week pregnancy of a slave changed fertility back to 'using contraceptives' but the 'abort her pregnancy' option remained until I closed and re-entered the menu.

      Got 'Her strong sexual tendencies increase her appeal.' when selling a completely virgin slave unskilled in oral, anal, vaginal, and entertainment.

      "You call her over so you can play with her small tits. Error: cannot find a closing tag for macro <> You carry her over, playing with the chain between her nipples." Slave did not have a chain between her nipples. Seems to happen with all slaves.

    3. Post 3 of 4:

      Casino option in the 'four devoted slaves' event created a '$slaves[$i].slaveName' MissingNo slave.

      The mother/daughter business enslavement random event doesn't display the mother's stats like similar events do.

      Shemale slave trainer: "flipping her practiced body over to eat her out"

      The rules assistant sets obedient sapphic slaves to permissive instead.

      Abortions have no morale effect on slaves, even rebellious slaves that sold themselves to you for the sake of the baby.

    4. Post 4 of 4:

      Chastity belt weirdness:

      Chastity belt / personal use / anal virgin: "Since you haven't yet decided to sell or take her tight little anus, you let her confine her efforts to her mouth and pussy."

      Chastity belt / personal use: "She devotedly accompanies you all week, keeping her mouth, pussy and asshole available for you at all times."

      Chastity belt / devoted / anal sex: "She rubs her clit, and brings herself to orgasm before you."

      Chastity belt / devoted / abuse her: "you follow up with a vicious slap on the mons"

      Chastity belt / work as a whore: "She shows diligence, and with so many cocks to service, her vaginal skills improve."

      Chastity belt / slave trainer / slave trainer event: "you kiss Fatiah before flipping her practiced body over to eat her out (...) hold her in midair for a nice hard fuck"

      Chastity belt / public use / public use event: "most choosing to fuck her wet and available pussy"

      Chastity belt / millinery / involve everyone: "a third slave under Fatiah to blow her in turn". Which reminds me, you fairly often use 'blow' to mean oral sex in general, when I'm pretty sure (and a quick google backs me up) that it refers specifically to oral sex on a dong.

    5. What a mess. Most but not all of this is fixed in tonight's patch.

  8. Low obedience after denture surgery, limb amputation references a risk of biting: "Of course, she could not walk out of the surgery; you carried her. You had a good idea what her reaction would be, so she's muzzled to prevent her from trying to bite. "

  9. Fearful slave, lactation implants: "She's still sore, so she doesn't touch them. s she does"

    "Got Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: is undefined" flashing on screen at end of each day, selling one of my slaves (middle-aged, pregnant, amputee) stopped it.

    Millinary event / send her off: "a couple of your slaves suck her off before bed", slave has no dick.

    Resting slave that had been with me for weeks without ever being fucked got pregnant

    Fraternal twins random event: "A pair young slaves", should be 'a pair of'. "They stand in front of your dest", should be 'desk'.

    Bleaching a shemale's anus: "It is the same color as her pussy"

    Sharing a shemale on female hormones with the public: "her erect dick waves around"

    Slaves from the public market can't have their sexualities investigated, and don't show any sexuality on the main menu profile.

    Shemale mother and shemale daughter, mother-and-daughter event, when you choose to fuck them both: "while Brianna rides her face" "as London moans into her fuckhole"

    Millenary event doesn't take virginities, though it's pretty difficult to get that event with a virgin (long time as a fucktoy is the only way, I think - fucktoy mentions deliberately not taking virginities)

    'Fuck the top' in the event where you find a shemale slave fucking another slave doesn't take anal virginity.

    The 'master please fuck me' event doesn't take virginities.

    Had a 'mother' in her late twenties at the household liquidator, and when I bought her: "She is Kimora's Twin's twin." The other twin was Kimora, and her relationship was "She is Taylor's betaTwin."

    Slaves *not* on hormones have 'soft dicks' while getting assfucked, while slaves on hormones have hardons.

    Shemale slave choosing her own slutty outfits: "For today's slutty outfit she's chosen a miniskirt so brief that her ass is hanging out the back, and her naked crotch is occasionally visible from the front" - it's not technically incorrect, but it seems odd it's not mentioning her dick.

    I sold off my initial slave (biologically female, no family at the time) after I got a shemale mother-and-daughter duo and a fraternal twin pair (one shemale, one not) but the next 'please buy my relative' request was from that sold female slave, who wanted me to buy her daughter. I declined, then her daughter showed up and asked me to buy *her* daughter. This kept on, resulting in: "Ashraqat's daughter's daughter's daughter's daughter's daughter requests an interview with you."

    Suggestion: 'play with her tits' scenes should mention lactation.

  10. Devoted shemale slave, 'abuse her': "You order her to present her holes"

    Bought a pair of sisters, and one was called Leah's Sister. Her sister's name was Keira. Their profiles correctly identified each other as siblings.

    One of the Caucasian nicknames is 'Duchhess', should be "Duchess'.

    Shemale slave with a smart piercing: "Her smart clit piercing is set to"

    "Fuck her" isn't taking anal virginity on shemales.

  11. It would be nice if after amassing a shitton of money/reputation you can get contracted stock, being able to determine the age, height, biological gender, race, and skin color as these things are unobtainable through surgery. Slave school would've worked for me if not for merely being about girls alone, plus I hate dealing with RNG when I want a super-specific gen.

    1. There was a scripted event were a transvestite specially trained came from the slave school, so I was very confused myself when repeated spamming never coined me any shemales at all, even after a full five minutes of non-stop cycling.

    2. This was poorly explained; it should be fleshed out a bit more in the new slave school encyclopedia entry. Basically, that random event isn't from the normal school, but from a school that specializes.

  12. What affects how effective a head girl is? Even with what appears to be max sexual and entertainment skills, a young head girl is still described as struggling to teach or discipline.

    Seems like her experience should matter more.

    1. Being older is important, and so are the sexual skills. (Her sexual skills determine her training cap, age determines efficacy) I think it might be better having the effects split down the middle, or maybe having it so that young slaves can adjust into the role after awhile.

      But that does tend to leave older slaves as simply inferior less worthwhile stock, which I think is what Author is trying to avoid.

  13. Still getting slaves with $activeSlave.slaveName to appear in 0.1.04, but this time it occurs during a night on the town event where I take several devoted slaves to either a concert or casino and after get the error slave added. This is followed by several lines of red error text on the next page.

  14. What is the limit for curatives for the assistant, even at extremely healthy say they can be healthier and applies drugs

    1. I've seen "Unnaturally healthy". I don't know if curatives have a shut-off mechanism the way breast and butt growth drugs do.

    2. Curatives have a shutoff at "unnaturally healthy," which is the maximum health value.

  15. Had a "desperate mother asking to be enslaved" event, then about an in-game year later she triggered a "buy my daughter" event. The daughter showed up as a double virgin, but (to match the mother's initial stats) she was both lactating and pregnant. I only noticed because her vagina was stretched out by the birth and she lost her "virgin" status.

    As there is no option to keep and raise the kid, did I just send off the second coming of Jesus to be raised as a girl in a slave orphanage?

    (Reloading an earlier save shows another oddity - the pregnancy seemed to be accelerated. It wasn't listed among the slave's statuses on the overview screen, but the slave details screen showed the week count, which advanced from 34 to 37 weeks after a single "end week" trigger.)

    1. You sold the savior, Judas. Enjoy your thirty pieces of silver. I'll look into this.

    2. No, you automatically made me sell the Savior, and you didn't even give me the silver! (Because it's technically not legal to enslave the newborns, etc.)

      Thanks for all your hard work.

  16. Still have the save for this, by the way. Do you want me to save to file and upload it someplace?

    1. Dammit, this was meant as a reply to the Judas situation above.

    2. No, that source of Christ children has been fixed. As usual, it was stupidly obvious.