Saturday, August 22, 2015

Progress, August 22

My posts on /d/ about ideas for this were the first progress updates I'd ever done, about anything. It's great; posting progress makes me want to make more progress, which makes me want to post progress. So, updates for today:
  • Added a new category of mental states for negative quirks the player can work to remove. These can be 'cured' in drastic ways; for example, a slave with a penchant for sharp remarks can be corrected traditionally, or can be muted forever with surgery.
  • Wrote a random event where a bitchy slave insults an older female business partner of the PC.
  • Wrote a random event for arrogant, unbroken slaves. "Oddly, she seems to maintain the idea that enslaving other people is somehow inappropriate, and that having done so has lowered you morally."
  • Added the mental state nymphomaniac; most difficult mental state to cause, so far.
  • Added a surgical option for slaves who already have wide areolae to be surgically given heart-shaped areolae
  • Wrote a random event for devoted slaves with very large breasts and heart-shaped areolae.
  • Wrote a random event for slaves that satisfy "girlish figure" criteria and are in the middle of the obedience scale.
  • Improved "girlish figure" criteria; muscular or overweight slaves no longer qualify.
  • Wrote a random event for devoted slaves with surgically narrowed waists.
  • Rebalanced beauty, overall sexual skill calculations, and reputation decay. Maintaining the highest possible reputation level now practically requires several outstanding slaves dedicated to maintaining it.

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