Friday, August 28, 2015

What the blue images with all the boxes are

Here, have an ugly MS Paint explanation of what the blue pictures mean. I really should have explained this in the introduction.

I've been posting blue images with a lot of little white boxes with progress updates. These are screenshots of Twine 2's game design interface. They show the broad structure of the game. Just like posting updates gives me a sense of progress, you can see the progress of the game as the passages in the image shift and multiply.

If I were using Twine 2 more or less as intended the structure would look far more linear, with long trees of passages connected by arrows. Instead, since this is a turn-based sandbox game, it doesn't look linear. And, since I've thrown Twine 2's standard link structure out the window (with great force), the normal passage-to-passage arrows are mostly absent.

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