Thursday, August 27, 2015

Progress, August 27

Updates for today:
  • Random event for slaves who are assigned to a job that allows them to indulge a cum fetish.
  • Added code to permit generation of slaves based on other slaves: for example, if the PC owns a slave of sufficient age it is now possible for the game to create an adult daughter for her. Of course, this requires saving the mother's original stats so the daughter doesn't show up with all the mods the PC has applied since the PC acquired her.
  • Random event in which a devoted older slave discovers that an adult daughter of hers is being sold and begs the PC to purchase her.
  • Similar event, but for sisters.
  • Random event between well-trained twins. Not the most inventive random event I've written but I feel like an erotic game with twins in it needs at least one completely standard twin scene.
Running into an unfamiliar writing obstacle. In the past I've been able to power through fetishes that don't appeal to me personally by coming up with a single good scene and moving on. That doesn't work so well when the goal is 100 random scenes. I try to be inventive when creating erotic fiction - no "slap slap, please Master harder, slap slap" here - but inventiveness tends to follow author appeal. I suppose I'll trawl the /d/ archive for threads on the fetishes I have trouble with and work from there. Images can be quite inspirational.

Up to 58 random scenes and 80,000 words.


  1. I love you anon don't give up.

    1. Oh, I won't. The advantage of this being my first game is that I've never given up on one. Not planning to start.

  2. Keep it up anon.

    Can you explain the image?