Monday, August 24, 2015

Progress, August 24

Updates for today:
  • Random events in which high-quality head girls will recruit slaves for the PC. So far there are two: head girls who are pretty and graceful can convince girls to sign up, and head girls with dicks can do the same for young people with similar appendages.
  • Pregnancy! Slaves who have natural female bits now use contraceptives by default, but can be ordered to stop doing so. Chances to get pregnant depend on what kind of sex the slave has, and how often. Pregnancy has a whole bunch of logically-sound physical effects. I become impatient with h-games that suggest that surgically constructed female parts can support pregnancy; in this game, if it was ever anything but female, it can't get pregnant.
  • Wrote a random event for heavily pregnant slaves.
  • Entertainment skill! For now this is a catch-all stat for things like flirting, stripping, dancing, et cetera. It modifies beauty, and can be taught or learned on the job. I'll try to work it into random events: slaves with zero entertainment skill should be good for occasional comedy.
  • Wrote a random event for high entertainment skill slaves that presents the PC with a Friday night dilemma: take her clubbing, attend a milonga, or dance alone under the moonlight?
  • Wrote several random events in which a slave with a fetish sparks another slave's interest in the same thing. Should eventually have one for every fetish.


  1. Doing god's work anon I really commend you on your decision on non girls with girl parts.

    1. Thanks. It's odd content to write because it doesn't have much direct appeal for me. I can certainly understand other lewd authors' comments about writing for a broad palette of fetish; inevitably you're not going to like everything you write, personally. Fortunately I like corruption and involuntary transformation so much that I can usually find something to like about situations that present the potential for radical transformations.

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