Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Progress, August 26

Not many updates for today, just some random event work:
  • Added code for twin relationships.
  • Random event where a very special pair of trained twins is offered to the PC at a high price.
  • Added code for non-twin sibling relationships.
  • Random event in which a girl tries to sell her younger, sissy sister into slavery: the PC can decline, accept or enslave them both.
  • Random event in which a PC who owns both of the slaves from the previous event can offer the younger sister revenge on her older sister. Sexual revenge, naturally.
  • Random event for heavily pierced slaves.
We'll see how playtests go, but if it turns out to be too frustrating for players who want to get at specific relationship content to wait for the appropriate random events, I might add a special, restricted slave market that sells that kind of merchandise. I like that stuff being special though.

Random events take a disproportionately long time to write because although they usually appear to be 200-300 words from the player's perspective, there's a lot more behind the scenes. There are at least 2 choices presented for each, and I usually try for 3. Many sentences have alternate versions, too: any time a slave has dialog, there are several alternate versions for slaves whose speech is different or even absent. When writing simple fiction prose I can sometimes beat 1000 words an hour so this process feels slow as hell.

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