Friday, August 28, 2015

Progress, August 28

Today's progress:
  • Gameplay streamlining code! If something stops being beneficial for a slave, it will now automatically stop. For example, there's a maximum size drug injections can get body parts to. When it gets there, the drug regime stops on its own, and lets the player know that it has.
  • Updated surgery reactions. There are now 25 possible surgical alterations (though naturally all of those aren't possible at once), and 38 possible slave reactions to surgery ranging from "whatever Master wants for me is best" to homicidal rage.
  • Long playtest, first one in a while. Went great! I'm sure there's a technical programming term for the difference between bugs that throw errors and bugs that just produce odd gameplay; I'm mostly dealing with the latter since I can now write the code I need without it breaking every minute. I rarely see ERROR any more, now I notice that sexually skilled head girls shouldn't be able to train other slaves in vanilla sex when they're wearing chastity belts.
  • Wrote more FCNN. This is a news ticker that plays random single-sentence headlines about the Free Cities world in your office. Don't worry, it can be hidden.


  1. Anon you are doing awesome i love you <3


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