Sunday, August 23, 2015

Progress, August 23

Updates for today:
  • Keyboard shortcuts! Actually just keyboard shortcut for now: the enter key advances the game. Added the Mousetrap script and got it working, which is right at the edge of my pathetic coding abilities.
  • Head girls! Once appointed head girl, a slave will use her own judgment to help the PC whenever she has a spare moment. At present, she'll help the PC break disobedient slaves, nurse unhealthy slaves, and teach slaves skills that she knows better than they do. There are a lot of qualities in a head girl that can improve her chances of success at various endeavors; for example, head girls who love oral have a better chance of teaching oral skills.
  • Added code to the end of turn report that reports overall changes to a slave's obedience. The game already reported all mental changes, but it could be confusing as to what the combined effect was.
  • Chastity belts! Virgin slaves now command a significant cost premium, so it can be a good financial decision to apply them to slaves the PC intends to resell. This picture can be blamed for making me want to add them; the rest of the artist's stuff is also great.
  • Coded all sexual training to prevent vanilla sex skills from being improved for slaves who are wearing chastity belts... or slaves who lack vaginas.
  • Since adding mute and amputee content, slowly reviewing old passages to add new, alternative phrases in situations that have the slave talking or walking.


  1. did you think about making procedurally generated slaves ?

    1. Yes, that's actually where this started: the hardcoded slaves were originally an afterthought. That's worth a post to explain.

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