Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Progress, August 25

Updates for today:
  • Created code capable of remembering mother-daughter relationships between slaves. Indecently pleased with what I came up with: the game already kept a slave's birth name permanently, even if the PC gives her a slave name. If you acquire a mother-daughter pair, their birth names will be something like "Maria" and "Maria's daughter." The code compares birth names to match them up again when necessary.
  • One random event for this.
  • Hormones! Since slaves with working female reproductive organs have contraceptive options, slaves without them had an empty spot in the UI. Long term hormone therapy can have all sorts of medically reasonable side effects.
  • One random event for this.
  • Random event in which a head girl assigned to work as a whore will recruit a free working girl to be one of the PC's slaves.
  • Starting to review the passages I coded at the beginning of this process. My coding has improved over these past couple of weeks, so I'm pruning unnecessary duplication, improving poorly written for loops, etc. This is becoming important since a long game can easily maintain over 1000 variables, mostly in huge arrays.
Practically, players will probably only ever see part of the random events because so many are based on specific kinks or gameplay choices. That means the game needs enough that the average player won't be repeating them constantly. There are 44 in game, and I feel like at least that many again are necessary before it feels properly playable. 100 is a good round number and I think I'll use it as a working goal for random events before public release.


  1. Working out the kinks (heh) for mother/daughter stuff is awesome, but is it possible to genericize your code so it works for sibling pairs? Twin sisters are almost as good as mother/daughter.

    1. The code was deliberately designed for application to other relationships. The possibilities are endless, but at present I definitely plan to add siblings and pairs of slaves slaves with romantic connections to one another from their pre-slavery lives. For the latter, it'll be possible to nurture or destroy the connection.