Saturday, August 22, 2015

What this is and where it started

How this started
This is a bare-bones author blog for a simple Twine 2 text-based erotic slave game, Free City. I've been reading and writing erotic fiction for a long while, and recently discovered erotic games; I liked several of them enough to check out their surprisingly welcoming and helpful modding communities. Around the game threads over at the appropriate boards on the *chans, I kept seeing great ideas for games, invariably followed by "but I don't know how to code."

Neither do I, but I'm learning. This is the first programming-related thing I have ever done, so it's a hell of a learning experience; in late July I had no idea what a for loop was. My original project was a post-apocalyptic slave and warband management game inspired by a recent movie, but that was way out of my reach (and probably Twine's, too). So, I've backed off to a simple erotic slave game.

What this is
This is a basic text-only erotic game in Twine 2, specifically in the Sugarcube story format. It's a procedural narrative generator; rather than erotic games you may have played with set characters and plot, it's an open world in which the player, a wealthy slaveowner, can indulge themselves. I've played a lot of Jack o Nine Tails, which I wholeheartedly recommend, and it's probably closest to that: here's a slave market and some money, go have fun. This is stretching the capabilities of Twine 2 in UI terms, so keeping it usable is an ongoing process.

The excuse plot of the game is that it's twenty minutes into the future, and the beginnings of environmental and societal collapse have led some wealthy people to carve out little extranational enclaves called Free Cities. Think modern city states, but following an extreme kind of anarcho-capitalism. Don't worry, the mild futurism gets the hell out of the way after two screens and lets the player get on with the fun.

The list of kinks included is way too long to give here, but includes a lot of extreme stuff like involuntary surgical alteration, sexual slavery, and most other things associated with slavery fantasies. I am doing my best to segregate content out so that the player won't be blindsided by things they didn't sign up for; notably, there is content for slaves with dicks, but this can be turned off at game start.

Where it started
This all came out of my head, of course, but it's been helped along generously on 4chan's /d/ board. To motivate myself and add a little spice to the game, I had the idea of asking /d/ to describe basic slaves to add to the game. The game is capable of producing a near-infinite number of randomly generated slaves, but the ones /d/ created are instead hard coded and unique.

I expected polite interest and a handful of slaves; instead I got a thread that hit bump limit and more than 100 slave descriptions, the vast majority of which are now in game as best I can stat them. I definitely feel my coding skills aren't up to that interest, but I'm working on that as I go. If you're interested the thread where that happened, it's over on the loveisover archive, here.

Of course, many posts described slave ideas that the game can't do justice to. This proved extremely helpful because it showed me areas where I could add content. I will absolutely add more unique slaves if people feel like generously sharing their ideas with me. Feel free to do that in the comments here.


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