Tuesday, December 29, 2015

ALPHA 0.5.6: "Das Kapital"

This update is a major step towards 1.0. It adds two more facilities, completing or nearly completing the final complement of them. It also significantly expands player involvement in the player character's business pursuits, though like most of the other non-erotic content, this can easily be ignored. As such, this update is heavy on structure and light on content. The new features are in a relatively spare state for now and will require several event-heavy updates before they're fully realized.

Through recent playthroughs, I felt the player character was fading out too much. So, he can now start a slave trade focused corporation, complete with IPO, share price fluctuations, price shocks, dividends, et cetera. This is going to be a rich source of random events; things like the ability to name and customize your corporation are definitely planned. Before the business majors in the audience jump down my throat, please understand that this is a very broad-strokes rendition of corporate affairs. It bears about as much similarity to being a CEO as Call of Duty bears to being a soldier, or Madden bears to being Tom Brady; that is to say, very little. That said, if there's anything business experts feel I can do to push up the verisimilitude within the context of what's here, let me know.

I have recoded the way the game decides which slaves to display where. Bugs like slaves inappropriately appearing on the main menu when they should be in a facility are likely. As usual, thank you all for your playtesting and feedback.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. If you have not started a new game with a fresh download, please do not report bugs.

0.5.6 Changelog

Major additions:
  • The Master Suite, a facility associated with the fucktoy assignment. Its leadership position is the prized Concubine, and it features an upgrade that will pamper its inhabitants.
  • The Cellblock, a facility associated with the confinement assignment. Its leadership position is the sexually aggressive Wardeness.
  • Corporate management, available from the economics report every turn after it is unlocked by a basic level of reputation and cash on hand greater than ¤30k.
  • Significant recoding for better performance.
Minor updates:
  • Reduced income from liquid assets to encourage incorporation.
  • Added a Rules Assistant diet setting that fixes unattractive weights rather than forcing a single weight outcome.
  • New hardcoded slaves.
  • Heavily rebalanced slave pricing.
  • Bugfixes.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

ALPHA 0.5.5: "To The Death"

By repeated and vociferous request, this update adds lethal pit fights. These will remain basic; they're a simple extension of the existing pit fight code. I'm being fairly ruthless with myself about keeping the focus on sexual slave management for FC. Things like direct attacks on other arcologies, in-depth combat, and Thunderdome will have to wait for my next project. At this point, one of my chief goals is to add more content to FC without adding more code complexity, since FC is starting to run Twine a little ragged. Pit fights are intentionally balanced so that they cannot form a central part of arcology life. They are very useful, however, in advancing the Roman Revivalist future society, and with that society properly advanced a gladiatorial fight every turn should produce all the reputation a First Citizen ever needs.

Never let it be said that I'm not responsive to requests. The very first facility, the brothel, appeared after players surprised me by keeping more than ten slaves, which cluttered the main screen and led them to request a way to let good slaves work unsupervised. (I was indeed stupid enough to think ten slaves would be the average.) This update adds a resting facility. At this point, I can state with confidence that there will eventually be a facility associated with every major assignment. Next up are a master suite with chief concubine to store fucktoys and a prison with a wardeness for breaking.

I have plenty of slaves to write events for; hold reports of slaves without events for now, please.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. If you have not started a new game with a fresh download, please do not report bugs.

0.5.5 Changelog

Major additions:
  • Lethal pit fights.
  • Labia in four sizes, labiaplasty to reduce them, and, with the surgery upgrade, labial enhancement surgery.
  • New random events for devoted slaves with large labia following a workout regimen that makes them uncomfortable, for highly devoted slaves on restricted speech rules, and for intelligent slaves on restricted speech rules.
  • Basic timed assignments, which drop a slave's assignment back to resting after a month; this functionality is in an early state for testing and feedback, and cannot be used to sentence slaves to a facility outside of events.
  • Upgraded the pool from a simple penthouse upgrade to a facility which heals slaves to full and then kicks them out. Complete with upgrade and leadership position, the motherly Attendant.
Minor updates:
  • Improved and expanded encyclopedia entries on how to play, including a leadership position guide.
  • Updated several leadership positions' requirements; this review is not complete.
  • Added sentencing to the arcade as a punishment option to many events.
  • New races: Southern European, Semitic, Malay, Pacific Islander, and American Indian.
  • Growth hormone settings for the Rules Assistant, which can now be told to grow slaves to girlish figures, to stacked figures, or can be told to grow slaves and not stop. The RA will prefer to keep slaves very healthy, so with these options active players should expect to see the RA intensively micromanaging drug regimes.
  • Many assets now grow based on size, with small assets growing quickly and already huge ones growing more slowly.
  • Increased size caps for many physical attributes, including tits, asses, clits, dicks, balls, areolae, nipples, and lips; improved descriptions to support the new sizes.
  • Adjusted random slave generation so that the most extreme body attributes will not appear randomly and must be created.
  • Future societies will now disable related variety bonuses for the brothel and promenade; it should remain possible to get the perfect variety bonus by satisfying all remaining variety requirements.
  • Degradationist future societies now approve of heavily tattooed and pierced slaves.
  • Body purist future societies now approve of slaves without tattoos and without heavy piercings.
  • Code revisions for better performance.
  • Bugfixes.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Modding FC

I've been asked about modding frequently enough elsewhere that it's worth setting my position down here. For the attention-challenged, the short version is this: attribute FC to me and link back to this blog when possible; let me know what you're up to; please respect the exclusion of underage content; otherwise, mod at will.

The idea that people would be interested in modding a game of mine would have been pretty inconceivable to me three months ago, and is really exciting to me now. As far as I know, Twine games are inherently open source. Even if I wanted to restrict modding, there's no way for a Twine author to do so that I'm aware of. If you're interested in modding FC or seeing my novice coding, download the GitHub repository and follow the included instructions. If anything isn't clear, email me and I'll explain.

Since I have no ability to control modding, my one hesitation has to be a request, not a demand. It's this: please respect the underage content restriction. Here's why. I like FC; I like writing it, coding it, and playing it, and I like seeing others enjoy it too. I'm doing this for fun. Even after 1.0 I intend to keep adding scenes to the game at a reduced rate for a long, long time. So, please leave FC's author appeal intact so I can keep doing that.

There are two things you can do to make my life easier. First, attribute FC to me, please, and backlink to here where you can. It's courtesy, and it will get people with questions about the base game to where they need to go. Second, let me know what you're up to! If your desired changes are small, I may just make them. If not, it's still fun for me to hear.

Finally, I'll link to good mods. In fact, I'd consider including good mods in the game, or making simple code accommodations for them. Several would-be modders have contacted me with plans for simple stat changes – unsurprisingly the TFGames stalwarts want more perfect MtF transitions – and once things stabilize, these could even be included as alternative start options.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

ALPHA 0.5.4: "A New Rome"

I rarely miss an opportunity to set myself up to bring something in early and under-budget by announcing a later date than I think I can make, so here's 0.5.4. After four hours of playtesting I hope this one is less broken than 0.5.3. I'd like to thank everyone who's been helping me by leaving bug reports and feedback. Since you all seem to have a high tolerance for bugs, I've been taking some of the time that could go to thorough internal debugging and writing content with it instead, since I can rely on you to backstop me. FC has a lot more content than it would if I felt it necessary to dump more hours into testing before each update.

This update adds five requested clothing options. I am quite aware that the kimonos and hijabs miss a lot of cultural nuance. Hijab is used in FC in the broad sense, not to refer to any specific garment (it literally means covering, nothing more). I understand that kimonos, particularly the types of obi (the sash part), can have all sorts of meanings. I am not sufficiently motivated to do the necessary research to figure out the differences between traditional kimonos whores and Head Girls should wear, but if someone feels like posting the basics or emailing me a rundown, I'll add them.

The event options in this update range from decently kind all the way down to terribly cruel. One thing I'm trying to avoid is misleading the player about which options are which. If you make a choice in an event and you're unpleasantly surprised by what happens, that's bad; let me know so I can make the choice descriptions more accurate.

Feedback request: If you see the placeholder event that is displayed when a slave isn't eligible for any other individual event, use the slave upload function to post her stats here. Doing so will show me what types of slaves still need events written for them. It would be useful if you could append her assignment at the time, too.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. If you have not started a new game with a fresh download, please do not report bugs. Latest hotfix at 19:00 PST. Hotfixed issues include misapplied future society bonuses, clothing description problems, bad weight description code, and a bad event title.

0.5.4 Changelog

Major additions:
  • New society model, Transformation Fetishism: mutually exclusive with Body Purism; bonuses for slaves with implants.
  • New society model, Slimness Enthusiasm: mutually exclusive with Asset Expansionism; bonuses for slaves with girlish figures.
  • New society model, Roman Revivalism: advanced by good leadership and pit fights; enhances prosperity and will drive down the market price of slaves. Just because I was feeling self-indulgent.
  • Many society models now not only enhance related bonuses, but reduce or remove bonuses to which they are logically opposed, e.g. Asset Expansionist arcologies stop appreciating slim slaves.
  • Broadened the weight range to create three weights the game considers attractive. Average weight is still best for combat, while the highest attractive weight is a disqualification for girlish figure.
  • New events to cover slaves not previously eligible for any individual event, including events for devoted anal virgins, disobedient slaves with balls, newly devoted slaves, severe addicts, masturbating nymphomaniacs, and obedient idiots.
Minor updates:
  • Two minor arcology upgrades: a warm pool that improves the rest assignment, and a diet sensor suite for the kitchen that improves dietary efficiency.
  • The Rules Assistant can now be set to fire every time the main menu is displayed.
  • New Rules Assistant diet options to support the new range of attractive weights.
  • Rules Assistant musculature options, which it will automatically start applying only after the desired weight is achieved.
  • Now possible to order custom slaves with specified intelligence and education.
  • Five new clothing options: schoolgirl, nurse, BDUs, kimono, and hijab.
  • New surgical option to give a slave sharp teeth; both this and the preexisting dental option can now also be reversed to normal dentition.
  • New surgical option to tighten loosened orifices with micro-surgical rejuvenation. With the surgery upgrade virginity restoration becomes possible.
  • Surgery on unhealthy slaves now has a chance of being lethal.
  • Conservative suits, maid outfits, and the new kimonos are now considered respectable enough to avoid offending religious sensibilities; hijabs appeal to them.
  • Added a milk production bonus for slaves at the highest attractive weight and above, and a production penalty for slaves at the lowest attractive weight and below.
  • Four new acquisition events for the new society models.
  • Obedient slaves choosing their own clothing will obey societal preferences on clothing if any are present.
  • Lactation-inducing drug implants will increase breast size at an increased rate for slaves below a D-cup, at a reduced rate for slaves above an H-cup, and not at all above an N-cup.
  • Bugfixes.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

ALPHA 0.5.3: "Rank hath its Privileges"

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

ALPHA 0.5.2: "Brave New World"

Updates get titles now; I retroactively titled 0.5.0 “Hell Unending” and 0.5.1 “Do No Harm.” If you played those versions, you know why.

Much of FC's development has been a give-and-take between my vision of the FC world, and the worlds playtesters have been building with FC. Nothing makes me happier as an author than to see players engaging with the game, so I try to support that when I can. I've seen some great comments describing the brave new worlds players are building, so this update is designed to reward that. Choices range from the radical, like lionization of slave pregnancy, to the traditional, like the institutionalization of race relations. (These can be customized, but the default settings are continent-specific.) At present, the benefits of building an advanced slave society are limited to reputation boosts for owning slaves that comport with the society's mores, but that will change with future updates.

If you have a vision for your arcology's society that the societal models included with this update don't support, let me know. If it's reasonably consistent with the FC world, I'll add it.

I am very aware of the exploit that involves repeatedly visiting the slave description from within an event passage to repeatedly get the benefits of the event. I do intend to fix it, but I'm looking at doing so by radically improving the way slave descriptions are displayed. Until then the exploit will remain as is; the usual admonitions about the it being up to the player to define cheating in a single player game apply.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. If you have not started a new game with a fresh download, please do not report bugs. Latest hotfix at 18:30 PST.

0.5.2 Changelog

Major additions:
  • Ability to shape the future of society. An event will appear partway through the game when the player reaches a basic level of reputation that unlocks the ability to start influencing the arcology society. 
Minor updates:
  • Personal attention now prevents devotion loss due to intelligence, to encourage tactical use of PA.
  • Two new slave induction options: first aid and impregnation.
  • Added future society advancement to slave induction options that fit.
  • New encyclopedia entry on future societies.
  • The game now checks the player's cash for the indebted game over only once per turn (on the economy screen), and should now give a one turn grace period.
  • Reduced reputation penalties from the arcade.
  • Various description and UI improvements.
  • More nicknames.
  • Bugfixes.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

ALPHA 0.5.1: "Do No Harm"

Twine and I both have some serious limitations. Twine, for its part, is not at all intended for a management simulation. Meanwhile, I am working with no previous programming experience whatever, meaning that coding decisions made early in the FC development cycle were made with a tiny fraction of the experience I have now. Between the two of us Twine and I can produce some spectacularly inefficient outcomes. Some of these are likely to be intractable given Twine and the time I have available. Others I'll address as I can. Much of my time for this update was spent removing for loops wherever possible, so it should cut down on lag, especially before events.

As FC moves towards 1.0 and really starts to stress Twine and my coding abilities, the goal is to add content that doesn't add code complexity (and thus lag). One area in which I'll specifically call for suggestions is facility upgrades. I'm pleased with how most of these play at present, since they add content without unduly bloating the code. Let me know if you have an idea for how to further refine a facility: good suggestions will be those that result in something more interesting than a simple income boost by changing something more fundamental about how the facility plays.

Another area in which feedback is useful is difficulty, since that's going to become more of a focus in upcoming versions. Playtesting for difficulty is actually quite impossible for me, since I know the code and therefore can't imitate a player who doesn't. The default settings should produce a level of difficulty that isn't too punishing, but does require that the player be awake and paying attention. Let me know.

Submission request: As posted on /d/, I could use some assistance coming up with more and better nicknames. If you've got good nickname ideas leave them in a comment here. As always I'll only add submissions I like; in particular, low-effort racial slurs are unlikely to be included since they're tawdry and boring. (Clever racial and national nicknames are fine.)

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. If you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.5.1 download, please do not report bugs.

0.5.1 Changelog

Major additions:
  • Revised event code. The most significant effect on gameplay is that the player is now eligible for more events per turn than previously: in addition to all other events, a single slave is selected at random to experience an individually focused event, each turn; the game then selects from events for which she qualifies. Slaves in facilities are not eligible for this, giving a degree of control over which slaves appear.
Minor updates:
  • Added a third living standard between spare and luxurious.
  • Increased expense of the luxurious living standard.
  • Added penalties for recruiters and head girls not on luxurious living standards, and applied luxurious living standards to all facility leadership positions.
  • New event for slaves who are not yet broken by the arcade. It is somewhat unkind.
  • One new event for each of the facility heads, for six in total. These events require some of each position's specific stat bonuses to be fulfilled: for example, milkmaids must be healthy and muscular to be eligible for theirs.
  • New prestige event for slaves being cockmilked, very similar to the prestigious cow event.
  • Reduced glory hole income, including for slaves in the arcade; reduced impact of the arcade upgrade; increased cost to build, expand and upgrade the arcade; added minor reputation penalties for having slaves in the arcade.
  • New nonrandom event featuring the nurse that appears in one of the refugee event options, by popular request.
  • Selling slaves in relationships will affect the unsold partner.
  • Quick review of hardcoded slaves to add education and intelligence; their creators are encouraged to correct mistakes there.
  • Spread eight more turns out among preexisting plot events, which are now spaced out until week 60.
  • Bugfixes.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

ALPHA 0.5: "Hell Unending"

This is the largest single update yet, and has been difficult to playtest thoroughly. It was both easier from a code perspective and more convenient for me personally to collapse what would have been several daily updates into a single large one. Depending on how this release goes, I may continue this approach. This update adds an intelligence stat to the game. It impacts almost everything in one way or another, so I will not exhaustively list everything it does. Generally, though, higher intelligence makes raising devotion harder, and virtually everything else easier. Education is the only way to raise intelligence. I do not intend education to become a big part of FC, so it's limited to a simple two-state stat: is this slave educated, or uneducated? For the PC's purposes, a month or two spent learning the culture and expectations of the arcology would be plenty to qualify for educated status. Education cannot improve already-high intelligence, so for slaves so blessed, the only purpose of educating is to increase price.

The overall balance effect of intelligence is going to take a lot of playtesting to establish. However, I do hope it will reward close attention while not irritating more relaxed players. It should further distinguish assignments like whoring and public service from milking and glory hole duty, since intelligence only matters for the former. Slaves for skill-based assignments will take more time and effort to perfect but be more valuable for the effort. Furthermore, intelligence reduces the interchangeability of slaves. Education can only improve intelligence one step, and it's currently a five-state stat, so the ideal slaves for leadership positions must start at at least above-average intelligence.

Balancing is tricky. I've been feeling some distant sympathy for David Kim (who's basically in charge of balancing Starcraft) over the feedback on the lactation nerfs. This update directly buffs milk production, though not back to where it was in 0.4.8, and adds another way to indirectly increase it.

If you enjoy FC, you should check out Jack o Nine Tails by OldHuntsman, which I consider the greatest slave management game yet made. It's the only h-game I know of that presents a genuinely satisfying gameplay challenge. When I first played it I enjoyed it so much that I wrote a story set in the JoNT world. It's novella-length, and by virtue of it having no competitors that I know of, I will claim to have written the English-language novelization of JoNT. One of these days I'll bring a project in under 25,000 words. One of these days.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. If you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.5 download, please do not report bugs.

Latest hotfix Monday, December 7, at 18:45 PST.

0.5 Changelog

Major additions:
  • Intelligence, a new stat which is arguably the most important in the game because it impacts almost everything and is very difficult to raise. This feature is not really complete: for example, almost all hardcoded slaves remain at the default intelligence value.
  • Education, which is handled as a modifier to intelligence; it is limited to a simple educated or uneducated status.
  • New assignment that directs slaves to take slave classes under the supervision of the personal assistant. These increase devotion, teach basic skills, and increase effective intelligence through education, at a rate determined by the slave's preexisting intelligence and devotion.
  • New facility, the schoolroom, associated with the class assignment. Includes a new leadership position, the schoolteacher.
  • New psychosuppressant drugs that increase obedience, reduce intelligence, suppress sexual and behavioral quirks, and can cause submissiveness.
  • New facility, the arcade, associated with the glory hole assignment. Includes a powerful upgrade that greatly increases income at the cost of rapidly ruining slaves.
  • brothel upgrade which automatically doses all inhabitants with high doses of aphrodisiacs to improve revenue.
  • promenade upgrade which adds a small amount of progress to the recruiter for each slave working on the promenade.
  • servants' quarters upgrade which improves devotion gain and upkeep reduction.
  • dairy upgrade which improves health and breast growth.
  • A collection facility upgrade which improves production.
Minor updates:
  • Complete review of the 0.4.10 code based on a comprehensive proofread by a very dedicated anon (and /k/ommando). More than three hundred minor errors were corrected.*
  • Added pre-enslavement career tracking to some randomly generated slaves; at present these are for flavor only and have no significant stat effects.
  • Buffed basic milk production and bonus from induced lactation, though still not to 0.4.8 levels.
  • Buffed cum production.
  • Submissives now enjoy crawling.
  • Some code refactoring to increase performance, which is still a long way from where it should be.
  • Balance changes to the way beauty is calculated; the overall effect is a blanket reduction of both slave prices and prostitution income.
  • Returned the dildo gag in the form of a restrictive leather collar that includes one; like its previous incarnation it is removable and will not prevent slaves from speaking or performing oral sex, and will confer basic oral skills.
  • Added a rules assistant option to specify a standard of living for obedient and better slaves; fearful and worse slaves will still be set to spare.
  • Several preexisting events now have unusually advantageous options that only appear if the arcology features a busy collection facility.
  • The Slave School, St. Claver Prep, and the Gymnasium-Academy now educate their graduates; the Growth Research Institute and L'Ecole des Enculees do not.
  • All sexual quirks can now be overridden by at least one fetish; the nymphomaniac fetish removes any sexual quirk.
  • All behavioral quirks except quirky can now be overridden by at least one fetish.
  • Being confined, working in a glory hole, or being in the new arcade will all prevent the formation of relationships and rivalries.
  • The devotion bonus for being a head girl or a recruiter increased for intelligent slaves and decreased for stupid ones.
  • The most minimal autosurgery assistant setting will no longer alter lips.
  • New hardcoded slaves.
  • Bugfixes.
* Anon's correction of 9mm Parabellum (a compact, effective and inexpensive pistol cartridge) to .45 ACP (a chubby, slow, and overrated relic) in one scene was not made, because Anon is wrong.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

ALPHA 0.4.10

By popular request, this update adds cum diets and cockmilking. This was not planned, but the dairy code was re-purposed for this relatively easily. I have expanded upon several suggestions from playtesters about how to conceptualize this as an economically viable market, but it's still very much intended as a luxury that cannot power your finances for you. Cum diets do not require cockmilking, since I suspect some players will find the former appealing without wanting to keep big-balled chattel.

As FC moves towards 1.0, balance is going to become a progressively greater concern. I personally enjoy h-games that offer a challenge, and that's what I want for FC. As lactation fetishist playtesters discovered with 0.4.9, however, that does mean that I will sometimes err on the side of too much difficulty rather than too little.

This patch improves milk production by offering bonuses on a sliding scale for happy and healthy cows. (It also penalizes unhappiness and unhealthiness.) These changes illustrate the approach I'm going to try to maintain going forward, in two ways. First, they're more conservative than they would have been a couple of months ago. A perfectly devoted, perfectly healthy cow will produce slightly less than half again as much milk in 0.4.10 as she would have in 0.4.9. Second, they're scaled bonuses, not stepped. Where possible, I'm trying to move away from offering big benefits above a precise stat value.

If you've got a unique slave you'd like to see in game, don't forget to submit her here using the easy to use in game upload system.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. If you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.4.10 download, please do not report bugs.

0.4.10 Changelog

Major additions:
  • The ability to apply ejaculate-heavy diets, with various effects depending on slaves' preferences.
  • The evasively named Collection Facility, in which cockmilking occurs.
  • The Collectrix, a leadership position for the Collection Facility, with the usual set of three attributes that can improve performance.
Minor updates:
  • Minimalist rules assistant surgical option that applies facial cosmetic surgeries and basic liposuction only.
  • New encyclopedia articles to explain the ejaculate market.
  • Milk produced tracking now tracks only marketable milk produced.
  • Updated stats tracking to include marketable cum produced.
  • Health and devotion both now affect milk production on a sliding scale.
  • All nationalities added by 0.4.9 can now be ordered as custom slaves.
  • All nationalities added by 0.4.9 now have national nicknames.
  • Small fetish-based refinements to old content.
  • Reworked descriptions of sterility. Per a good suggestion, the term “barren” is now used for most purposes, and should only appear for slaves with vaginas.
  • Bugfixes.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

ALPHA 0.4.9

I enjoy Blogger's traffic tracking functions, which direct me back to comments about FC on forums when they lead to people coming here. Easily my favorites are the ones that tend to end with something like “but it's so dark! You can be so mean!” Non-consensual sex and physical and mental abuse are absolutely endemic to h-games. Many games depict places where harsh content is implausibly absent, such as comically cheerful brothels. Where present, harsh content is usually presented in a light style and with some sort of overwrought excuse, and somehow that seems to stop a lot of people from realizing what their character is really doing. (Credit to Jack o Nine Tails and Whoremaster for being relatively honest with the player about being a jerk.) FC doesn't sugarcoat the PC's behavior - which, outside of a couple of options, isn't too different from what you find in Slavemaker et. al. - and that's provoked some response, including insightful comments here. I like it.

Another common criticism is that the sexual content is minimalist. I agree completely; it's a stylistic choice I made back when the game was meant as a purely private exercise no one else would ever see. My experience with the seminal text-based h-games is that I get very little from a 500 word sex scene: for me, the setup is what matters, and once the setup is in place, I can see the event in my mind's eye in far better detail than text or even an image could ever do. When I'm confronted with a wall of text describing the squishy mechanics of sex in great detail I usually skim it, at best. This terse approach has become immutably fixed, since it's allowed me to give each slave (as of this update) 119 distinct stats. Writing a single 500 word scene that properly reflected any eligible slave would probably involve at least half of those, and would take at least a week to complete.

This update includes unusually intrusive changes to game flow. It's likely there are uncaught bugs that will produce bad results such as events failing to fire. On that note, the hormone updates caused many descriptions to mention dicks that aren't there. Please report any I've failed to catch. And, as usual, thanks to everyone who's playtesting; I read everyone's feedback and do my best to address all reported bugs (with varied success).

I've gotten the impression that massive cows have been a crutch for many players. No longer: lactation appears several times in the changelog below. The cumulative effect of all the changes will hit artificially lactating slaves with very large breasts most heavily. The effect on more normal slaves will be less pronounced.

If you've got a unique slave you'd like to see in game, don't forget to submit her here using the easy to use in game upload system.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. If you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.4.9 download, please do not report bugs.

0.4.9 Changelog

Major additions:
  • A new recruiter position from which a good slave can try to convince desperate people from the old world to volunteer for enslavement. Various vulnerable populations can be targeted; each will produce different recruits and unique induction options, many of which are somewhat mean. Each vulnerable population is best targeted by a recruiter with certain attributes. Successfully matching recruiters to targets for a recruitment speed bonus will be called out with special text in the week report.
  • A full costs report, accessible from the sidebar, that breaks down every single item contributing to upkeep on a slave by slave basis.
  • Major changes to the subordinate slave assignment, including the frequently requested option to specify which slave will receive the subordinate's attentions. Subordination can advance or reduce relationships and rivalries depending on the slaves' mental states.
  • Cosmetic surgery for older slaves to make them appear younger. The surgical assistant is quite aggressive about applying this since, like facial surgery, there is little mechanical downside.
  • Added a custom label field, available from the custom descriptors menu. Custom labels have no mechanical functionality yet, but can be used for planning since they appear in bold yellow wherever a slave is described, including on the main menu.
Minor updates:
  • Two new varieties of shoes.
  • Many new nationalities, including slaves from Chile, Belgium, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Norway, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Hungary, Estonia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Malaysia, Guatemala, and Ghana.
  • The rivals who can be enslaved at the end of the nonrandom event tree now appear in several varieties for each content option.
  • Everything that affects slaves in facilities now affects facility leaders as well.
  • Slaves in facilities, including facility leaders, will now receive hormonal effects.
  • Reduced health impact of some sex work.
  • Severely reduced, but not eliminated, the milk production advantage of induced lactation.
  • Slightly reduced overall milk production.
  • Replaced previous effects of gender on milk production with hormonal modifiers that consider both natural and artificial hormones.
  • New hardcoded slaves for a total of 150 in game.
  • Bugfixes.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

ALPHA 0.4.8

The streak of daily and near-daily updates has come to an end. I know I said that before and then proceeded to update like a fiend, but I do mean it this time.

This update adds an opportunity to enslave another arcology owner, as has been repeatedly requested. I'm not completely satisfied with the result, but I ran hard up against coding limitations for this one. The code actually uses the player's chosen XX/XY balance to take a stab at generating an arcology owner that the player will find appealing.

There is a new minor devotion bonus for health when not on curatives that only really makes sense when described in combination with the devotion effects curatives received with 0.4.7. The cumulative effect is that slaves will always get a health-related devotion improvement if they are either on curatives, or very healthy. Curatives are expensive and rare, so slaves will either be happy they're getting the good stuff, or happy they're so healthy. Understand that health 0 (yellow health) is about where the average first world person is today. At some point I'll elaborate on this, but well-treated FC slaves are often much, much healthier than we are. They get perfect nutrition, exercise, and medical care, and are not allowed to indulge in any unhealthful bad habits.

In the few days since 0.4.7 was posted it's received well over 100 comments. I've read every single one; rest assured, your suggestions have been taken into consideration, your bug reports reviewed (and hopefully addressed), and your submissions logged for inclusion. With so many great suggestions, there's simply no way I can include them all.

Ongoing submission information: If you've got a unique slave you'd like to see in game, don't forget to submit her here using the easy to use in game upload system. If you'd like to see a country added, comment with the 20-50 top female names for that country, formatted like so: "Annisa", "Sarah", "Maria". If said country's population is split between major super-national ethnic groups (Caucasian/Black, for example, rather than Pashtun/Tajik), give me the breakdown.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves may work, but if you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.4.8 download, please do not report bugs.

0.4.8 Changelog:
  • Four events depicting the aftermath of the attack on the PC's arcology by the Daughters of Liberty.
  • Four new slave schools to go with the one already in-game. Two each of the new schools specialize in XX and XY slaves, so all five will only be visible with both XX and XY slaves enabled.
  • Doubled the reputation cap and reputation description requirements to prepare for future late game content. Unlocks still happen at the same reputation numbers.
  • Starting option to hide descriptions of nationality.
  • Added small devotion gains at high health and losses at low health when not on curatives.
  • More efficient random event logic that should decrease event loading times on slower systems.
  • Mercenary upkeep is now visible on the arcology management screen.
  • Bugfixes.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ALPHA v. 0.4.7

Not much to say about this update, other than that I believe everything in it was recently requested in one way or another.

Ongoing submission information: If you've got a unique slave you'd like to see in game, don't forget to submit her here using the easy to use in game upload system. If you'd like to see a country added, comment with the 20-50 top female names for that country, formatted like so: "Annisa", "Sarah", "Maria". If said country's population is split between major super-national ethnic groups (Caucasian/Black, for example, rather than Pashtun/Tajik), give me the breakdown.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves may work, but if you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.4.7 download, please do not report bugs. Latest hotfix at 18:35 PST.

0.4.7 Changelog:
  • New clothes: two varieties of nun outfits. One is a maximum-sacrilege black latex affair; the other is a penitent's coarse sackcloth, and is unique in that it trades health for devotion and can keep doing so all the way to Worshipful.
  • A new random event for Fearful and Obedient slaves wearing penitent's habits, in some ways the most willfully offensive event in game.
  • Added many stats to custom slave orders, including nationality, height, lips, skills, faces, assholes, and more. Custom ordering ethnicity within multiethnic countries remains unimplemented.
  • New nationality: South African, with anon-contributed separate namesets for black and white South Africans.
  • Boosted the chances of randomly generated slaves coming from more populous countries.
  • Added a starting option to effectively reverse this by boosting the chances of randomly generated slaves coming from less populous countries.
  • Greatly streamlined slave descriptions in vendors.
  • Complete renovation of slaves choosing their own clothes. They now choose from among the preexisting clothing options based on their inclinations and assignments, and will happily switch clothing if those things change.
  • Slightly raised cap on devotion decay to make reaching Worshipful somewhat harder.
  • Numerous other minor balance changes.
  • Bugfixes. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

ALPHA 0.4.6

This update adds a series of nonrandom events. Without spoiling too much, serious violence is involved. When I was reviewing the events, I sat back and thought, shit, some of that prose reminds me of what just happened in Paris. I struggled with the idea of shelving this for a while. Eventually I decided not to, for two reasons. First, the parallels aren't really all that strong; urban combat is urban combat and that's already present in other nonrandom events. Second, if I never included violence when there was violence in the news, I would never include it at all, for there is always violence somewhere. Such is our world.

That said, I didn't want anyone getting the impression I hadn't considered the matter. If you aren't in the mood for text descriptions of combat, just select "one-handed mode" from the start menu to turn the events off. And since the recent tragedy has come up, and on the off-chance any Frenchman may be reading this, know that I and many of my countrymen remember that our country owes its independence to your country, and we shall not forget it.

The new prestige types initially listed in the 0.4.5 changlog went missing for some odd Twine-related reason, but are included this time.

Ongoing submission information: If you've got a unique slave you'd like to see in game, don't forget to submit her here using the easy to use in game upload system. If you'd like to see a country added, comment with the 20-50 top female names for that country, formatted like so: "Annisa", "Sarah", "Maria". If said country's population is split between major super-national ethnic groups (Caucasian/Black, for example, rather than Pashtun/Tajik), give me the breakdown.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves may work, but if you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.4.6 download, please do not report bugs. Latest hotfix at 19:35 PST.

0.4.6 Changelog:
  • Large branching series of new nonrandom events; there are eight events in total but only 4 or 5 will be seen in any given playthrough due to their branching nature.
  • Mercenaries obtained from events now have very significant maintenance costs. The difficulty of getting the best possible outcome from mercenary-related events has increased greatly.
  • Five new types of prestigious slaves: cheating trophy spouses, politicians, former arcology owners, albinos, and fashion models, all with alternate XY versions; these complement the royalty, athletes, actresses, veteran slaves, and porn stars included in 0.4.3.
  • Bodyguards' weapons will be described differently depending on their height and musculature; there is no practical effect as yet.
  • The rules assistant can now apply smart piercings.
  • Buffed the money the PC makes when not personally supervising a slave.
  • New nationalities: Moroccan, Romanian, Swedish, Lithuanian, Bolivian, Haitian, and Cuban.
  • More hardcoded slaves.
  • Bugfixes.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

ALPHA 0.4.5

This is a mechanical update that adds little in the way of scenes. It focuses on hormones; I've been unhappy with the system for some time. All slaves can now be subjected to two different intensities of male or female hormone treatments, regardless of their equipment. Ovaries are now modeled; ovaries, testicles and artificial hormones work together to establish each slave's hormonal situation. There are a very large number of possible impacts, including changes to clits, tits, asses, faces, muscles, dicks, balls, rebelliousness, and more.

Submission announcements: If you've got a unique slave you'd like to see in game, don't forget to submit her here using the easy to use in game upload system. If you'd like to see a country added, comment with the 20-50 top female names for that country, formatted like so: "Annisa", "Sarah", "Maria". If said country's population is split between major super-national ethnic groups (Caucasian/Black, for example, rather than Pashtun/Tajik), give me the breakdown.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. Latest hotfix at 20:30 PST. If you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.4.5 download, please do not report bugs.

0.4.5 Changelog:
  • Major hormone overhaul: all slaves can be given hormones, which act in concert with a slaves' natural hormonal setup to determine which of many effects appears.
  • Steroids, a new drug option to speed up muscle building. Several of the extreme effects of heavy musculature like clit growth have been moved to steroids instead.
  • Modeling of ovaries, which are not described, but can be surgically removed to impact hormone balance or as an irreversible sterilization method.
  • Made sterilization reversible so long as the slave retains her ovaries.
  • Added costs to contraceptives to encourage sterilization.
  • Slaves will usually be grateful when on curatives, since these are expensive and rare.
  • Nerfed curatives' health affects on healthy and better slaves, in compensation.
  • Micropenises are no longer useful to brothel madams and similar.
  • New nationalities: Irish, Finns, Icelanders, Greeks, Polish, Israelis, Armenians, and New Zealanders.
  • Smaller nationalities will now appear less often, though the variety is still unrealistically high to avoid players who want an Icelandic slave having to wade through 4,300 Chinese ones.
  • Tweaked incidence of phenotypes for some countries; for example, Irish lasses are likelier to have red hair and green eyes.
  • Added starting option to narrow the slave trade to the starting continent only.
  • Chastity belts should now prevent slaves with large clits from using them on other slaves.
  • Random event that can give an extremely productive milker prestige.
  • Bugfixes.