Tuesday, September 12, 2017

ALPHA 0.10.7: Madame Ambassador

It's been a long time since the last update, but it's not something I can honestly express much regret over, since the reason for the delay is personally advantageous. I haven't been able to playtest and support a public release of FC lately because I've been making some good career strides, the pursuit of which has been very time consuming. At this point, I'm not sure what the ultimate effect on my lewd games availability is going to be once everything settles down, but for now, I'm busy.

This update has no real unifying theme, other than that it includes fixes for a number of outstanding omissions that have built up. Chief among them is slaves' sexual satisfaction, which has always been handled by a painfully simple system that assumed that any sexual assignment would satisfy any slave, and nothing else would. This update replaces that with a more flexible system that allows slaves' varying libidos to require differing amounts of attention, and their varying sexual tastes to require different types of attention. As it's developed, I hope it will serve to disrupt the easy slide towards nymphomania that so many slaves still experience, and provide more texture to slaves' needs. For example, pregnancy fetishists will no longer enjoy public service if they aren't allowed to have vaginal intercourse. The only nuance I think may be confusing is that by design, this system does not address paraphilias. Paraphilias are compulsions rather than sexual desires, and they must be addressed more specifically through each paraphilia's established method.

This update also provides several mild incentives to apply piercings. Reducing the number of flavor-only choices by providing more gameplay effects is an ongoing goal. On the other hand, the profusion of existing effects is already difficult to track. I'm testing out a way to address this by letting the player delegate some piercing to the Head Girl. I think it's a fun and characterful way to helpfully remind the player of game mechanics to have the Head Girl look at the slave she's training and say, you know, this bitch would look nicer with some cute earrings.

Saves from 0.10.6 should be compatible. All 0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. The vector artpack remains necessary; the announcement with 0.10.6 that it wasn't was my mistake.

Latest version: 
MegaDropbox. save compatible

Vector Artpack: Mega. please download and use the latest .html above
Complete Artpack: Mega. fixes
  • Corrected the version number and addressed a potentially terrible backwards compatibility issue.
  • Fixed display of second level prestige for starting girls.
  • Addressed several issues with the new body mod studio code.
0.10.7 changelog

Sexual release

  • Replaced the placeholder sexual release system with a more flexible system designed to identify when slaves are and aren't sexually fulfilled by their daily duties.
  • It is entirely possible for a full penthouse to overtax the PC's sexual stamina, frustrating slaves restricted to sex with the PC for release.
  • Sexual needs left seriously unfulfilled by assignments, masturbation, the PC, or other slaves will reduce libido.
  • Forcing slaves to rely on the PC for sexual relief is now an extremely efficient way to reveal fetishes if the PC has enough sexual energy to go around.
Rivalry updates
  • Slaves who are allowed to act on unsatisfied, dominant fetishes are now highly likely to start and worsen rivalries with other slaves by sexually abusing them.
  • Made rivalry initiation more common, with trust making rivalry initiation more likely; very fearful slaves will almost never start rivalries.
  • Added rivalry initiation based on behavioral flaws.
  • Rebalanced existing rivalry development with the goal of making rivalries more enduring.
  • Getting a lewd piercing from the PC in person will now please slaves with fetishes that focus on that body part.
  • Lewd piercings also provide another avenue for organic softening of sexual flaws associated with the pierced body part.
  • Having girly piercings will help slaves who are very reluctant to be slave girls get used to the idea.
  • Revised the poorly coded reactions to new piercings and provided new reactions that highlight the new effects.
  • The Head Girl can be allowed to apply piercings to slaves she trains when they would be helpful and the rules do not dictate otherwise.
Starting slave creation
  • Applied multiplicative cost penalties for starting slaves with very high devotion and skills, reduced for older slaves; provided warnings that flag these penalties.
  • Added prestige options for starting slaves, with multiplicative cost penalties intended to make simultaneously valuable and prestigious slaves extremely expensive.
  • The explanation for starting slaves' prestigiousness can be customized under the more customization options submenu.
Sexual Ambassadorship
  • The Recruiter can be instructed to act as a sexual Ambassador to another arcology, working in concert with the existing cultural influence mechanic.
  • Ambassadors will help advance all aligned society models in the targeted arcology, and will attack some but not all conflicting society models.
  • General Ambassadorial influence is based on effectiveness in the public servant role, but slaves who embody society models will be better at advocating for them.
Asset expansion
  • All growth drugs except lip injections can now be intensively applied, increasing growth speed at the cost of health and genome damage.
  • Provided limited RA support for intensive injections, based on whether the RA thinks a slave's health can take the strain.
  • Lifted the breast size cap, based on discussion with contributors about what would actually be immobilizing.
  • Lifted the testicle size cap, to match dicks.
Other changes
  • 14 new future society based slave acquisition events, by freecitiesbandit.
  • Two new random individual events, by freecitiesbandit.
  • A new Recruiter target option, mature divorcees, by freecitiesbandit.
  • Vector art outfit color customization, by prndev.
  • Reduced the rate of organic sexuality changes to make initial sexuality more important.
  • Added additional countries of origin for slaves.
  • Various minor UI improvements.
  • Bugfixes.
As always much of this content was contributed via GitHub, and is not attributed without permission.