Wednesday, June 14, 2017

ALPHA 0.10.4: Common Names

This update allows surnames for the player character and his or her chattel. They're optional in that the player character can go without one, and slaves can have them stripped away. Naturally, they may have feelings about this.

Even with surnames present, they won't always be shown. Slaves are mostly known by their first names, so this is partially a stylistic choice. The surname mechanic will also be expanded and polished with future updates.

One current limitation of this mechanic is that it depicts all names in a given name first, surname last format, as in English, despite the fact that there are languages present in the game that do not follow this order. This is a known limitation and does not need to be reported.

Saves from previous versions are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. The vector artpack has received a minor expansion with version 0.10.4.

Latest version save compatible

Artpacks please download and use the latest .html above fixes
  • Addressed an issue in random event selection that could produce bad events.
  • Slaves' sexualities can now be investigated if any facet of them is not known.
  • Surname customization for starting slave customization and the cheat menu.
  • Addressed an issue with recruiter progress tracking.
  • Other minor fixes.
0.10.4 changelog

  • Provided the PC with an optional surname.
  • Statted slaves' birth and slave surnames using name lists provided by Boney M, and updated existing naming mechanics to support surnames.
  • Unlike given names, slaves' surnames can be removed as well as changed; some Revivalist languages also lack slave surnames.
  • Married slaves can be allowed to take each others' surnames, raising trust.
  • Provided surname support for some, but not all, events.
Other updates
  • Added vector art for uncomfortable straps, by an anonymous contributor.
  • Paternalist and Degradationist versions of the generic future society event added in 0.10.3, by FreeCitiesBandit.
  • New random bodyguard event, by FreeCitiesBandit.
  • Added a toggle for art display in the weekly report, to support optional suppression of all vector art outside events and individual menus for performance reasons.
  • Improved emotional slut handling, by Boney M.
  • Other minor balancing and UI refinement work submitted via GitHub.
  • Bugfixes.