Monday, December 26, 2016

ALPHA 0.9.3: Sales Strategy

My original plans for this update were derailed by an excellent player suggestion that I realized could be fulfilled while simultaneously giving the much neglected corporation some attention. The corporation now has its own slave market, which starts out offering very generic slaves but can be customized through a series of decisions unlocked by developing the corporation itself. All arcologies in the Free City will give the corporation bonus profits if the slaves it offers appeal to the arcology's society model. It's very lucrative to spread Asset Expansionism from arcology to arcology while creating a corporation that specializes in big breasted slaves, for example, and doing so helps spread Asset Expansionism even faster.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1900 PST December 28), save compatible. changelog
  • Addressed a long-standing bug that would suppress the Self Hating paraphilia if slave summaries were unabbreviated.
  • Removed the requirement that slaves speak a language fluently in order to learn it in class. 
  • Corrected the cutoff values for hormonally induced Devotion and Trust changes.
  • Remote Surgery breast shape error message addressed.
  • Several corporate market error messages addressed.
  • Restored erroneously omitted Encyclopedia updates.
  • Fixed minor descriptive issues.

0.9.3 changelog

Corporate slave training
  • Creating a corporation unlocks a new slave market, featuring slaves captured and trained by the corporation.
  • As a major shareholder the PC can purchase these slaves at a discount, which increases with ownership share.
  • Provided 18 corporate decisions that affect the slaves offered, unlocked by owning certain amounts of the appropriate corporate asset type.
  • Each future society in each arcology will provide the corporation with bonus profit if the corporation's slaves are demanded by that society model.
  • Society models provided with appropriate slaves by the corporation receive societal advancement.
Other updates
  • Descriptive refinements and code refurbishment, by Anon.
  • Added sexual energy decay at low devotion, calibrated so that most new slaves with healthy sexualities will see an initial decline as they adjust to slave life.
  • Sexual energy decay at low devotion is reduced for slaves performing nonsexual jobs, encouraging extended training prior assignment to sex work if high energy is desired.
  • Removed the breast size requirements for breast shape to affect beauty.
  • Slightly reworked breast shape surgeries and added RA support for performing them as cosmetic surgeries.
  • New random individual event for slaves with torpedo-shaped tits.
  • Degradationism now reverses the impact of intelligence on attractiveness, making stupidity very attractive when perfected.
  • Provided a Gender Fundamentalist policy that increases the attractiveness of stupid slaves.
  • Slave school subsidy policies can no longer be enacted when school prosperity is already maximized.
  • Reduced the impact of devotion on milk production; hatred was previously capable of making cows completely dry.
  • Encyclopedia updates.
  • Bugfixes.

Monday, December 19, 2016

ALPHA 0.9.2: All Things To All People

This update allows a third answer to the question of whether the player character has a penis or a vagina.

I am thoroughly aware that there are strong opinions out there about exactly what is and is not a futanari or futa. I've probably annoyed almost everyone by making up my own meaning, since I needed a categorization and decided to use the term to distinguish slaves who have not only dicks and pussies, but ovaries, too. Naturally, this update gives some attention to the Futanari Sisters, who are rather pleased to live in an arcology owned by a fellow hermaphrodite and also want in on that organ farm, regardless of the player character's equipment.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1600 PST December 20), save compatible. changelog

  • Fixed the error message in the boob collision random event.
  • Replaced existing accent elimination calculations with a nonrandom placeholder pending a stat update.
  • Addressed an issue that was suppressing most clothing effects.
  • Fixed starting slave weight customization display.
  • Addressed an issue that may have been causing starting slave custom birthday oddities.
  • Personal training will no longer default to softening flaws if the only available flaw is a paraphilia.
  • Conversely, personal training will now default to fixing flaws if a quirk is already present in that slot.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented captures during the coup attempt event unless Roman Revivalism was active.
  • Reworked the way a completed slave education is applied.
  • Fixed minor display issues.

0.9.2 changelog

Futanari player characters
  • Enabled futanari player characters and provided descriptive support for futas in appropriate scenes.
  • Futa PCs qualify for most genitalia-dependent interactions and training bonuses, but suffer moderate reputation penalties.
  • During starting slave customization, futa PCs can create futa slaves at a reduced premium.
  • All events involving the Futanari Sisters are slightly different for futa PCs and will appear more readily.
  • Futa PCs do not have to pay upkeep for the presence of the Futanari Sisters and can subsidize them more efficiently.
  • Futa PCs can indulge in a unique series of sexual escapades with Sisters living in the arcology, available from their slave market screen.
Other updates
  • More pregnancy, blindness, and erectile nuances from Anon.
  • Provided a new event in which Futanari Sisters living in the arcology can be given access to the organ farm and given guidance about whether to reproduce.
  • Generally updated the Futanari Sisters' events to current code standards.
  • Fixed and reworked accent elimination to require that the slave be able to talk, but not fluently.
  • Increased the effective volume of lip implants.
  • Devoted slaves will no longer develop certain behavioral flaws due to extreme fear.
  • Bugfixes.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ALPHA 0.9.1: Taste of Fear

This update takes a half step towards one of the few remaining items I think the game really needs before a 1.0 release: a viable alternative to the standard Worshipful/Trusting build. As I've mentioned several times in the past, here and on /d/, that alternative is Worshipful/Terrified. I intend that higher Devotion will remain almost universally good, but I'd like it to be viable to build this devotion on terror if the player so desires. I expect that this will require much more testing and adjustment, but the general balance picture of this update is that Worshipful/Trusting slaves tend to be harder and more expensive to train than the Worshipful/Terrified alternative, but offer ancillary benefits like Reputation bonuses and better performance in leadership roles.

Another gap in the devotion paradigm has been the rarity of interaction between slaves. Slaves talk to each other, or otherwise communicate. Keeping a penthouse full of extremely frightened or fanatically devoted slaves will now have an impact on wavering girls: it would be hard to live in such an atmosphere without feeling some sympathy with the prevailing feeling. This update also adds a generic plot event with minor but permanent effects on what slaves think of their life in slavery. I intend to add more of these, creating a strong cumulative effect in the late game.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1345 PST December 16), save compatible. changelog
  • Fixed errors inTransformation Fetishist slave influence and pregnancy sources.
  • Removed the spurious weekly lip growth past lisping threshold notifications.
  • Restored organic Head Girl prestige gain to 0.8+ levels. changelog

CornCobMan's bugfixes

  • Corrected bad strings for mindbroken, self hatred, and foreskins, which could result in changes not appearing.
  • Numerous fixes for the fondle vagina and fondle butt miniscenes.
  • Addressed an issue with Cheat Editing indentures.
  • Fixed an error calling vaginal accessories.
Other bugfixes
  • Addressed an issue that could prevent the autosurgery from working with certain combinations of settings.
  • Fixed an issue in lip descriptions during the kiss miniscene.
  • Addressed the bad event redirection when giving the personal assistant a name.
  • Restored availability of the event options for the market assistant's introduction event.
  • Patched several possible causes of spurious coup losses and verified that victory will occur. changelog
  • Readded fixes from CornCobMan that were erroneously omitted from; the error was mine.
  • Fixed obsolete Devotion and Trust stats pointed out by Anon.
  • Addressed an issue that could hang the game on a blank screen during events.
  • Addressed an oversight that could repeat the refugee aid event.
  • Fixed large numbers of spelling and grammatical errors pointed out by Boney M.
  • Standardized spelling on American English, with inconsistencies pointed out by Boney M.
  • Added a short grace period after slave acquisition before naturally occuring mindbreak becomes possible.
  • Removed the spurious weekly lip growth into facepussy notifications. changelog

CornCobMan's bugfixes

  • Added a patch for the slave overwriting issue.
  • Fixed an issue with vaginal skills.
  • Updated Cheat Edit for lips changes.
  • Fixed an issue with smart clit piercing settings set by the RA.

0.9.1 changelog

Lips update

  • Updated the lips stat from 0 to 3 in steps of 1 to 0 to 100 in steps of 1.
  • Created a range of large lip sizes that do not induce lisping but qualify the slave for many large lip descriptions.
  • Provided new lip extremes: thin lips, which are unattractive, and facepussies, which are so large they prevent intelligible speech.
  • Degradationist, Transformation Fetishist, and Asset Expansionist arcologies all approve of facepussies.
  • Restricted facepussies behind the extreme content options.
  • Recoded the way inability to speak is handled to support future silencing options.
  • Updated many descriptions to respect the difference between slaves who can make no sound and those who can moan or scream.
Collective spirit
  • The game now tracks the players' slaves' collective spirit; this is based on an average of their attitudes, but changes slowly.
  • Slaves in the Cellblock, Arcade or an industrial Dairy do not contribute to the collective spirit, and slaves in other facilities contribute less than slaves in the penthouse.
  • High and low collective Devotion and Trust will have mental impacts on slaves, with the effect on slaves in facilities being halved.
Trust rebalance
  • High Devotion will no longer improve Trust if a slave is Frightened or below, and can still overflow into Reputation in this situation.
  • Low Trust will no longer reduce Devotion if a slave is Devoted or above.
  • Created several new combinations of Devotion and Trust that represent mental states where it can be beneficial to terrify an obedient slave even further.
  • Devoted slaves' value is no longer affected by low Trust, but can still be improved by high Trust.
  • Rebalanced standard reward and punishment effects to support Worshipful/Terrified builds.
  • Made extremely low Devotion and Trust somewhat sticky, making it easier to maintain these states if desired.
  • Degradationism now focuses on fear rather than on intelligence.
Event updates
  • Hybrid assignment and recruitment event in which a trio of spring breakers can be enslaved for verbally abusing a slave performing public service.
  • Generic plot event dealing with the long term side effects of the liquid slave diet.
  • Allowed the player to go into debt to take advantage of unique enslavement opportunities.
  • Made a minor change to event generation to reduce minor event spam during weeks with plot events.
Other changes
  • Continued Rules Assistant updates and bugfixes, by CornCobMan.
  • UI improvements and other bugfixes, by CornCobMan.
  • Rivalry event chain updates, by Anon.
  • Continued pregnancy updates, by Anon.
  • Reduced the ease with which the phallic feeder and drug suppository kitchen upgrades previously overpowered existing fetishes.
  • Improved personal training and Head Girl logic for the changes over the past several updates.
  • Recoding for efficiency.
  • Bugfixes.