Tuesday, March 14, 2017

ALPHA 0.9.10: Conclave

This is a small update with a lot of behind the scenes improvement going on, much of which is coming from contributors via GitHub. This brings me to a request for contributions. If you've got experience with a vector art suite like Inkscape, or are willing to learn, please consider contributing parts for the vector art option. It uses .svg files to build the vector art seen in game, paper doll style; thus a contribution as simple as a single tattoo is worth adding to the game. I don't have the time to add the thousands of possibilities it would be cool to see, so if you'd like the vector art option to improve, please contribute. No coding is necessary; I will handle integrating contributed .svgs into the game. The base .svg file including all existing parts can be found on GitHub; email me with further questions.

Saves from versions before 0.9.7 are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1645 March 17), save compatible. download without art: Mega.

0.9.8 download with all art options: Mega.

0.9.8 download with vector art only: Mega.
Please update to the latest version by placing it in the game directory. fixes
  • Patched an issue with the submissive fetish that could break image display and many other fetish interactions.
  • Fixed a broken toggle in the accordion report formatting.
  • Fixed image display in the weekly report for the Dairy.
  • Corrected minor text errors. fixes
  • Addressed several issues during world generation that would variously break nationality variety.
  • Pairs of twins created at start will now both retain their twin status.
  • Updated many obsolete stat checks for Milkmaids.
  • Corrected minor text errors. fixes
  • Vector art display tweaks.
  • Fixed an error message when asking slaves about their feelings.
  • Several fixes to the contributed accordion formatting for the weekly report.
  • Addressed the glory hole assignment error message in the weekly report.
  • Fixed an issue with mindbroken slaves' rivalry quashing.
  • Continued facility code cleanup.

0.9.10 changelog

Chattel Religionist events

  • Added a short chain of events involving a religious council that triggers when Chattel Religionism is highly advanced.
  • Following the event chain will create a Chattel Religionist creed, which mechanically is a complex policy whose effects are determined through the events.
  • Unlike most other events, ignoring the council chain will not nullify it: events will continue without the player.
Other updates
  • Integrated an update to the end week report format contributed through Github.
  • New generic random sexual event for slaves who think the PC's lap looks comfortable.
  • Added the intended consequences of revealing the side effects of slave food, which were unintentionally omitted from the update that added that event.
  • Made minor revisions to the way the vector art is displayed; these are not final.
  • Recoding, some contributed, mostly for efficiency and general code cleanliness; some dialog revision.
  • Bugfixes.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

ALPHA 0.9.9: Tempting Targets

This update adds events and revises the flow of the intro; since it does not make major mechanical changes, it will not break previous saves. Other than that, I don't have much to add to the changelog, other than to reiterate what a good bug report looks like. Simple bugs like error messages, grammar issues, etc. can be reported briefly in the comments. On the other hand, more involved bugs like cash or reputation turning into $cash and $reputation are difficult to fix unless I can replicate the issue. If you're not sure what caused the problem, please send me a save from before the issue occurred, if you have one. The gold standard bug report for a complex bug is an email with an attached save that says something along the lines of "hitting End Turn turns my cash into $cash." Catching the bug in action makes killing it very easy for me.

Saves from versions before 0.9.7 are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1720 March 8), save compatible. download without art: Mega.

0.9.8 download with all art options: Mega.
0.9.8 download with vector art only: Mega.
Please update to the latest version by placing it in the game directory. fixes
  • Fixed and improved diet and workout handling for slaves in the Dairy.
  • Addressed an issue with the Household Liquidator that broke twins and automatic rules application.
  • Fixed creation of related starting slaves. fixes
  • Numerous minor bugfixes and spelling corrections from various Git contributors.
  • Optional full inmate and Wardeness reports for the Cellblock, governed by the facility reports option.
  • Optimizations and random event polishing, by Anon.
  • Addressed an issue that could improperly restore Fuckdolls' sanity.
  • Stabilized Head Girls' preference for dominance.
  • Overhauled the Household Liquidator. fixes
  • Slaves generated with a preexisting arcology now have correctly generated facial beauty.
  • Making changes to starting slaves will no longer prevent their costs from being charged to the player.
  • Demographic options will no longer pollute the base nationalities list with duplicate entries.
  • Resolved a starting slave PC career bonus crossover issue when creating related starting slaves. fixes
  • Reworked the generation of slaves to go with a preexisting arcology acquisition.
  • Added patches for issues to New Game Plus. fixes
  • Applied a possible fix for the missing nationalities; games with this issue are broken, but New Game Plus should fix them.
  • Fixed preexisting arcology citizen populations.
  • Removed old debugging code that was producing future society unlock issues; affected saves may be limited to four society choices.
  • Fixed the broken Security Force mod toggle in the start summary.
  • Fixed several error messages thrown by bad macros. fixes
  • Cheatmode start will now generate its slaves properly.
  • The first starting slave will no longer be too expensive to add regardless of price.

0.9.9 changelog

Updated introduction
  • During the introduction, the game will generate a number of existing arcologies to target for the initial takeover.
  • Existing arcologies have names, locations, prosperities, demographics, and partial progress towards a single future society choice.
  • If an existing arcology with a future society is targeted, the slaves acquired with the arcology will match that society.
  • The option to take over a newly constructed arcology and thereby follow the preexisting introduction is always available.
  • Implemented an extremely powerful Arcology Owner career, which is automatically applied when using New Game Plus.
  • Revised the flow of the introduction; New Game Plus now skips most explanations and moves directly to the intro summary.
New events
  • Random request event for slaves who could benefit from anal tightening.
  • Random event for slaves healthy, devoted, and trusting enough to wake up in a really good mood.
  • Random event for mature slaves who aren't used to all the sexual attention they're getting.
  • Random event for slaves who are too frightened to follow orders reliably.
Other updates
  • Boosted the maximum number of society models to five, adjusted the reputation requirements to unlock them, and allowed five commitments to Multiculturalism.
  • Revisions to the association between personal assistant skins and Future Societies, from FireDrops.
  • Updated the way slaves are added to the game, qualifying many more slaves for certain events.
  • Implemented new and more efficient lisp code, which should be applicable to preexisting code once thoroughly playtested.
  • Added generic event fetish progress code, which likewise should be applicable to old events once playtested.
  • Recoding for better performance and reliability; this usually appears in changelogs, but this update is unusually intensive in this regard.
  • Bugfixes.