Wednesday, October 28, 2015

ALPHA 0.3.10

This is likely to be an unusually buggy update, since the number of possible rules settings for each slave has gone from 3 to 12. Please report anything that seems illogical about the rules in addition to outright bugs. The most major change is that it can now be advantageous to restrict masturbation even at high obedience for certain assignments, since a horny whore is a popular whore.

For now, the speech rules have relatively little impact. However, restrictive speech rules prevent many common random events, and do not negatively impact devoted slaves. If you're tired of some of the "Master please" events, shut them up.

The cutoff for age bonuses in leadership positions is 35. The otherwise insignificant breaking of "in her thirties" into "early thirties" and "late thirties" should cue the player whether a slave will receive this bonus.

Download: MegaPrevious saves will not work.
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0.3.10 Changelog:
  • Next and previous links to permit rapid cycling through slaves from their menus.
  • Massive rules overhaul, with the old rules replaced by living standard, speech and masturbation rules.
  • Options to toggle each Head Girl training behavior.
  • New options for nice clothing: business attire and bodysuits.
  • The Stewardess, a new position to lead servants.
  • Expanded descriptions in some vignettes.
  • Slave cost balance changes: the impact of various physical traits has been rebalanced, and the average cost has been increased.
  • Beauty (and hence sexual effectiveness) balance changes, tending to decrease beauty.
  • Rare health bleed for old and very healthy slaves, stopped by preventatives.
  • Bugfixes.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ALPHA 0.3.09

A couple of comments requested more tattoos and gave me an excuse to add quite a few. Since the old 'degrading language' option was a little dry, two of these are different kinds of specifically described rude words.

What should have been a few hours of work turned into an unpleasant odyssey when Twine ate an entire version. Despite working with Twine 2 and Sugarcube 2 for almost three months now, the setup persists in occasionally losing saved data with no trace whatever. Infuriating. The only project left out of 0.3.09 as a result is a next/previous function on slaves' individual menus.

All the feedback on volumetric breast descriptions has been received; I'll add an option to hide it.

Download: MegaSaves may work but will have some limitations with the new tattoos.
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0.3.09 Changelog:
  • New tattoo designs; decorative tattoos have been broken out into tribal patterns and floral designs, and there are two new text tattoo options that apply specific language to each area for a total of three new designs.
  • New tattoos, including shoulder, arm, and leg tattoos, and tramp stamps.
  • One new random event.
  • Various small improvements to pregnancy suggested by sdibolcrif.
  • Nerfed plugs by limiting their impact on skills and making it rarer.
  • Buffed breast injections to bring them back in line with their previous effectiveness.
  • Head Girls can now address quirks in addition to building skills, health and obedience.
  • Now possible to surgically reduce large areolae.
  • Plugs have gotten a long-deserved nerf and will no longer increase skills past the first level.
  • Bugfixes.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

ALPHA 0.3.08

This is the largest single update since 0.1, so I'll mostly let the changelog speak for itself. With so many changes, 0.3.09 will likely consist of little but fixes for the many bugs I'm sure I've failed to catch.

The most wide-reaching change is to breast size, which is now tracked by the cubic centimeter of volume. The upper limit on size has also been greatly increased. Considerable research was necessary: reading scholarly articles on breast volume and breast implants was a major sacrifice, but I persevered. Please leave your feedback on the new system, which I expect will need major revision. I am already aware of one major limitation: there needs to be a new, smaller option for implants that won't push an A-cup slave out of girlish figure eligibility.

I've been hesitant to reveal numerical values, mostly because things are pretty ugly behind the curtain. However, I'm testing displaying a bit more detail with this update. Selecting abbreviated health or devotion options will offer a numerical value on the main menu.

Download: Mega. All previous saves will be totally broken.
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0.3.08 Changelog:
  • Massive review of boobs. Size of breasts and implants are now tracked and frequently described by volume.
  • New collars, a shock collar for bad slaves and a cowbell collar for good ones.
  • New piercing, a separate navel piercing to replace those lost with previous updates.
  • Pubic hair, and options to change its color and style.
  • New leadership position for the brothel, the Madam: performance is based on whoring skill and two other attributes.
  • New leadership position for the promenade, the Concierge: performance is based on entertainment skill and two other attributes.
  • New leadership position for the dairy, the Milkmaid: performance is based on health and two other attributes.
  • New encyclopedia entries.
  • UI updates, including new abbreviations and colored stats. Abbreviated health and obedience stats now display numerical values.
  • Lowered chances of unlikely hormone effects occurring.
  • Balance change to devotion in facilities; slaves working there will now be mentally improved more slowly, and if devoted will slowly mentally degrade to obedient only.
  • Balance change to devotion decay, which now increases on a sliding scale as devotion increases, so that reaching worshipful is extremely difficult.
  • Facilities now charge a small weekly upkeep according to their size, regardless of the number of inhabitants.
  • Worshipful slaves should no longer experience devotion decay at all.
  • Breast focus option for fucktoys.
  • Option to geld XY slaves on acquisition, avoiding most associated mental penalties.
  • Surgery options restricted where there is no practical impact to applying the surgery.
  • Interest on debt doubled.
  • Minor additions to description in places.
  • Bugfixes.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Patch, October 23, 17:15 PST:, which fixes the clothes devotion leak and several less obnoxious bugs. Saves compatible from 0.3.07.

This update adds several previously requested items: independent lip and tongue piercings, and collars.

There are two areas for which feedback would be especially useful on this update. First, what other collar options would you like to see? Second, what about the current pace of devotion gains and losses? Would you prefer slaves to break more quickly, or would you rather it took more time?

Download: Mega.
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0.3.07 Changelog:
  • Collars of four different varieties, and rules assistant options for them.
  • Rebalance of clothes' mental effects: total effect of clothes and collars is now what the old impact of clothes was.
  • Rebalance of devotion decay.
  • Lip and tongue piercings split into separate stats.
  • Two new random events.
  • Total births and milk production are now tracked on a per-slave and overall basis.
  • Bugfixes.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

ALPHA 0.3.06

There's been a lot of good feedback left for 0.3.05. Rest assured, I read all the feedback I get, even when I don't reply. This update addresses several requests. In particular, maid and cow outfits have been requested many times. They do not improve performance at the relevant jobs: it would be bad for balance, and there wouldn't be much of a real difference anyway. I personally find most pet outfits uninventive, so I went with a Holstein cow-like tattoo option instead.

Anyone who's been here for a while should find it unsurprising that the redoubtable Boney M took the lead in reviewing the hardcoded slaves. Not for the first time, he has my thanks and deserves yours. Since this review is now included, imperfectly hardcoded slaves are now officially off the know bugs list. Any absurdities should be reported.

I've been struggling with the feedback about random event frequency and balance. As a first step towards improving this, nonrandom events no longer prevent a random event from appearing in the same turn.

Buildings now have a supply cap which can be raised with upgrades. I resisted the urge to make the under-supply message you must construct additional pylons. This is a first step towards future balance mechanisms.

Download: MegaPrevious saves should be compatible BUT players must manually make a selection for each rules assistant option before applying any. Latest hotfix at 19:15 PST.
Tip jar: Patreon.

0.3.06 Changelog:
  • Review of hardcoded slaves.
  • Nonrandom events no longer prevent random events.
  • Many new rules assistant options, and better respect for existing rules.
  • More and better information in the summaries.
  • New clothes option, the maid outfit.
  • New tattoo option, a cow pattern. It can only be applied to the whole body.
  • Bugfixes.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

ALPHA 0.3.05

Managing backwards compatibility is a good project management exercise. I'm now doing my best to save new slave stats for specific updates devoted to them, which should prevent all other updates from breaking saves.

This update focuses on the main menu. Sorting options, long requested, have now been added: they are accessible from the main menu or from the summary options menu, and can be pruned off the main menu from the summary options menu if desired.

Also included is the very beginning of long-deferred work on the rules assistant. So, this update's request for feedback is this: what other options would you like to see on the rules assistant? Rather than go wild adding every option possible, I'll focus on what players will use most.

Download: MegaPrevious saves should be compatible. Latest hotfix at 18:50 PST.
Tip jar: Patreon.

0.3.05 Changelog:
  • New sort order options for the main menu: name, age, assignment, and seniority in addition to the existing devotion, and all options now reversible.
  • Options to hide the sort options and the rules assistant on the main menu to prevent accidental clicks.
  • Rules assistant can now be given basic clothes and hormone settings.
  • Upgrading the surgery now removes hard limits on facial beauty and height changes; with the upgrade, all slaves can eventually be made supermodels.
  • One new random event.
  • Head Girls will no longer train bodyguards.
  • Head Girls can be instructed to focus only on training obedience.
  • Brands added to slave summaries.
  • New encyclopedia entries.
  • Bugfixes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

ALPHA 0.3.04

This update features one major addition: impregnation of slaves by other slaves. This single scene is an excellent example of why apparent progress has slowed as development continues. With so many possible combinations of the two slaves' stats that should feature in the scene, what will appear to be a few hundred words to the player is based on a selection from among thousands. As it is it's very likely there are major content oversights: let me know if you run across variations of this scene that don't make sense for your slaves.

By repeated popular request smart piercings should now 'lock in' fetishes in most cases.

Since summary information can now be collapsed, more information can be added to the summaries without breaking the main menu. Please let me know if there are any other items you'd like to see in the summaries.

Download: MegaPrevious saves should be compatible.
Tip jar: Patreon.

0.3.04 Changelog:
  • New scene accessible from the individual menu of fertile slaves that enables the player to cause two biologically eligible slaves to reproduce.
  • Restricted use of the words "sterile" and "fertile" in descriptions to slaves with vaginas to avoid confusion with seminal sterility and fertility.*
  • Slaves with smart piercings set to their fetish should resist fetish changes.
  • Summaries now include age and shoes.
  • Bugfixes.
*If I had been told six months ago that I would ever write this sentence, I would not have believed it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hardcoded slaves review

Since a gratifying number of people have expressed interest in a crowdsourced review of hardcoded slaves, I am now setting up a Google Drive folder with the necessary guidelines and materials. If you would like to help out, send me an email at freecitiesdev at gmail dot com and I'll forward the Drive access when it's ready.

Monday, October 12, 2015


This update doesn't get its version number bumped because it continues the UI focus of 0.3.03 to the exclusion of almost all else. 

The slave summaries on the main menu have been a continual source of grief. The basic problem is that as much information as possible should be presented in as small a space as possible. This update is a nearly complete overhaul of the system. It is now possible to customize the summaries, with each category of information now available to be hidden, displayed as before, or heavily abbreviated. With the space thus made available, many niche stats not previously available in the summary have been added. After repeated requests the surgery, studio, and salon now return to the slave menu, not the main menu.

I have gotten several offers of help, here and on /d/. I've struggled with how to handle these generous offers without losing creative control or disappointing those with strong interest in the game. When reviewing the list of major tasks today, one possibility stood out. As many playtesters have noted, the hardcoded slaves created on /d/ are now in dire need of a review. This is a lengthy task that I will not have time for until much later in development. It generally involves looking at pictures and deciding whether the asses in them merit a 3 or a 4.

If anyone would be willing to assist by reviewing the hardcoded slaves' stats, let me know in the comments. If I get enough interest I'll come up with a basic mechanism for review. If not, that's fine too; I'll do a grand review when 1.0 nears.

Download: MegaPrevious saves should be compatible, but you will have to reset your summary options from the main menu.
Tip jar: Patreon. Changelog:
  • Continued UI work, including new main menu summary options.
  • Bugfixes.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

ALPHA v. 0.3.03

This update addresses several common requests that I could respond to quickly. Shoes, in particular, have been on the list for a long time. I'm not much for shoes and feet myself, so if there are other options you'd like to see in footwear, let me know.

With this addition to FC, "naked, barefoot, and pregnant" is now a possible combination. Nothing's associated with it yet, other than a rude special descriptor, but it's there.

Mindbroken status is intended to be permanent. If you catch a mindbroken slave acquiring a fetish and thus becoming un-mindbroken, please report it.

Download: MegaPrevious saves are not compatible. Latest hotfix at 20:20 PST.
Tip jar: Patreon.

0.3.03 Changelog:
  • Shoes, and many small changes to scenes to describe them.
  • New version of an old random event easily converted for slaves with altered tendons.
  • The old cosmetic piercings have been broken out into separate eyebrow, nose and ear piercings.
  • UI refinements, including a new options page to prune unwanted descriptions.
  • Hormone effects should no longer push a slave out of girlish figure eligibility.
  • Bugfixes.

Friday, October 9, 2015

ALPHA v. 0.3.02

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs over the past few days; I have not maintained my usual approach of replying to almost everyone, but rest assured your reports have been read. I've done some code work on old stuff, so past playtesters may notice some things behaving a little differently.

I have a major decision to make before the next update, and I'd appreciate input. Do you like the sexual history the game is now tracking for each slave? Since it adds code to every scene, it does eat up a fair amount of time. If players appreciate it, it will be kept; if not, it isn't worth the resources. Let me know. (Further bug reports on the sexual history system can wait until after I've made a final call about keeping it.) The improvements to the history tracking in this patch are largely thanks to the ever-diligent Boney M.

Also, I would appreciate UI input. I'd be interested in any comments you have, but specifically I'd like to know how you use the long form slave description in each slave's individual menu. It's getting pretty long. Do you play with it closed most of the time? Would you like options to prune it, e.g. to toggle parts of the description?

Download: MegaPrevious saves are not compatible. If the refugee event repeats, ensure you have a .html downloaded after 19:00 PST.
Tip jar: Patreon.

0.3.02 Changelog:
  • Eyes and contacts to change their apparent color.
  • Brands in seven different patterns for five different locations.
  • Several new events.
  • Improved sexual history tracking; more accurate, and now tracks penetrative and mammary intercourse.
  • The unlimited mini-scenes now have a small chance to impact a slave's mental state. Since this can be used as an exploit with persistence it is disabled in hard mode.
  • The game now tracks and describes how many weeks a slave has been with the PC.
  • Improved slave generation system that should produce fewer absurd results.
  • Bugfixes.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

ALPHA v. 0.3.01

The brothel has three new variety bonuses for a total of four. I will not spoil them so that players who wish to discover them by experimentation can do so. All variety bonuses split slaves into two groups and award the bonus if neither group is more than twice the size of the other. For example, the slim vs. stacked variety bonus added in 0.3 is awarded if the brothel contains 3 slim and 2 stacked slaves, and not awarded if it contains 5 slim and 2 stacked slaves.

These bonuses are now available to the promenade as well. There is a fifth bonus if all four variety bonuses are simultaneously awarded to either the brothel or the promenade.

Download: MegaPrevious saves are not compatible.
Tip jar: Patreon.

0.3.01 Changelog:
  • Added three new variety bonuses to the brothel.
  • Applied all four variety bonuses to the promenade.
  • Hard difficulty now much harder.
  • Major UI rework.
  • Most random events now restricted by starting options. Players who opt out of XX or XY slaves should see very few of them.
  • Disabled the independent work assignment. This simplifying assignment has been intentionally overtaken by the upgrade facilities, and has become imbalanced.
  • Slaves' sexual histories are now kept in greater detail.
  • Bugfixes.

Monday, October 5, 2015

ALPHA v. 0.3

FC version numbers are a bit arbitrary, but this update is a big one, and enough has been added since 0.2 to bump it up. Naturally, with many new features will come many new bugs. On a different note, rumors to the contrary notwithstanding, I am human. Future updates will be frequent but will not continue the every-day routine maintained during late September.

The Brothel now includes a very basic variety bonus. For now, it is limited for playtest purposes to that facility only, and only gives a bonus if the PC maintains a balance between slaves that get the huge T&A bonus and slaves that get the girlish figure bonus. The balance should be quite easy to qualify for.

I am working to add increased depth for players that want it while keeping the game accessible for players that do not. The variety bonus is the first step in that direction. If you pursue a playthrough to that point, please let me know what you think of the system to inform its further development. Suggestions of different types of variety bonuses are not needed, since I already plan many of them once the system is functional.

A general comment about comments. This is my blog. I reserve, and will actively exercise, the right to prune comments that I consider excessively unpleasant, unhelpful, or below a certain minimum bar of coherence. Of course, I welcome negative feedback. Indeed, I value it more than positive feedback; but garbage I will remove. Please note that this is an observation, not an explanation, for I owe none.

Download: Mega. Previous saves are not compatible. Ensure you have 0.3.00+ before reporting bugs.
Tip jar: Patreon.

0.3 Changelog:
  • Slave origins, which give the basics of how the PC acquired each slave.
  • Height made more granular, and height-altering surgery added.
  • Weight made more granular.
  • Nerf to slaves with huge assets in that there is now a single profit bonus for huge T&A, rather than a bonus for huge T and a bonus for huge A. In compensation, slightly reduced what qualifies as huge T.
  • Added a basic variety bonus to the brothel. This will increase profits if there is a decent balance between slim and stacked slaves there. This system will be greatly expanded if it works well.
  • Servants' quarters. This is functionally similar to the other upgrade facilities, but for servants; this was a frequently requested feature. It also produces a small amount of reputation. All serving assignments have been heavily buffed, as well.
  • Minor nerf to all the upgrade facilities: the Servants' Quarters and Dairy will now mentally improve slaves to Obedient only, while the Promenade and Brothel will improve to low Devoted instead of high Devoted. Slaves that enter with better mental states than that will not be affected.
  • Stats tracking on the arcology management screen, limited to total bonings and total liters of milk for now.
  • Numerous other balance changes.
  • New random event.
  • Bugfixes.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

No patch today

Nowhere have I committed to a patch schedule, but I have had a lot of time to work on this project lately, and that's meant nightly patches. I've seen several posts here and elsewhere looking forward to the nightly patch, and since I've punched them out nightly for more than ten days in a row, it's understandable that players may have gotten used to that pace. So, fair warning: no patch today.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

ALPHA v. 0.2.11

Today's update brings some tired code into drydock for a refit, including starting options, tattoos, and skill training.

A general note about bugfixes and uploads: in general, I can and will hotfix any major bugs reported in the hour or so after I upload, and I don't always change the version number when I do.

Download: MegaSaves from 0.2.10 should be compatible except that there will not be a location given on the arcology management screen.
Tip jar: Patreon.

0.2.11 Changelog:
  • Renovated start screen with two new options: difficulty, and the continent on which the PC's arcology is located. For now, the only effect of location on the racial makeup of randomly generated slaves.
  • UI improvements, mostly coloration of preexisting text to highlight important effects.
  • Now possible to bleach skin all the way to pale.
  • Tattoo removal.
  • Better handling of skill training by the PC.
  • Bugfixes.

Friday, October 2, 2015

ALPHA v. 0.2.10

This is a maintenance update: the only significant addition is facial beauty, which is rather plain-Jane for now. The upgrades, genitalia, and new events added in 0.2.09, 0.2.08 and 0.2.07 respectively introduced many new bugs which this update seeks to address. Thanks to all playtesters who reported them.

Numerous content oversights are also being addressed. For example, it was pointed out that nudity ought to appeal to properly broken humiliation fetishists, and now it does.

Download: MegaSaves are not compatible between versions.
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0.2.10 Patch Notes:
  • Facial beauty, which can be affected by all hormone-related things, and by surgery.
  • Several UI changes, including a new arcology management option in the sidebar so that the player does not have to wait until the end of week passages to buy upgrades.
  • Many small additions to content to fix oversights.
  • Numerous bugfixes.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

ALPHA v. 0.2.09

FC is two months old today. I remember when it was one passage: my perverted offspring sure has grown. It now outweighs The Two Towers.

The major addition with this update is the first set of upgrades that directly impact slaves. First, there is an expensive new building that unlocks upgrades to most preexisting drugs. Second, the surgery can be upgraded for advanced transformation, currently limited to the surgical creation of hermaphrodites. All these options require very high reputation. Yes, more upgrades are planned.

As noted by many playtesters yesterday, 0.2.08 (the "balls patch") was tough on herms. 0.2.09 should improve things.

Download: MegaPrevious saves are not compatible.
Tip jar: Patreon.

0.2.09 Patch Notes:
  • Arcology upgrades that unlock herm surgery and drug improvements.
  • New fetish, pregnancy. One of the rarer fetishes in that it's tough to directly cause it.
  • New quirk, anorexia. This will obviously make weight gain harder.
  • Rework of renaming; all but the most violently rebellious slaves can now be renamed, though many will dislike the PC for it.
  • Virginity loss warnings for many events.
  • Many bugfixes.