Sunday, November 29, 2015

ALPHA 0.4.10

By popular request, this update adds cum diets and cockmilking. This was not planned, but the dairy code was re-purposed for this relatively easily. I have expanded upon several suggestions from playtesters about how to conceptualize this as an economically viable market, but it's still very much intended as a luxury that cannot power your finances for you. Cum diets do not require cockmilking, since I suspect some players will find the former appealing without wanting to keep big-balled chattel.

As FC moves towards 1.0, balance is going to become a progressively greater concern. I personally enjoy h-games that offer a challenge, and that's what I want for FC. As lactation fetishist playtesters discovered with 0.4.9, however, that does mean that I will sometimes err on the side of too much difficulty rather than too little.

This patch improves milk production by offering bonuses on a sliding scale for happy and healthy cows. (It also penalizes unhappiness and unhealthiness.) These changes illustrate the approach I'm going to try to maintain going forward, in two ways. First, they're more conservative than they would have been a couple of months ago. A perfectly devoted, perfectly healthy cow will produce slightly less than half again as much milk in 0.4.10 as she would have in 0.4.9. Second, they're scaled bonuses, not stepped. Where possible, I'm trying to move away from offering big benefits above a precise stat value.

If you've got a unique slave you'd like to see in game, don't forget to submit her here using the easy to use in game upload system.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. If you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.4.10 download, please do not report bugs.

0.4.10 Changelog

Major additions:
  • The ability to apply ejaculate-heavy diets, with various effects depending on slaves' preferences.
  • The evasively named Collection Facility, in which cockmilking occurs.
  • The Collectrix, a leadership position for the Collection Facility, with the usual set of three attributes that can improve performance.
Minor updates:
  • Minimalist rules assistant surgical option that applies facial cosmetic surgeries and basic liposuction only.
  • New encyclopedia articles to explain the ejaculate market.
  • Milk produced tracking now tracks only marketable milk produced.
  • Updated stats tracking to include marketable cum produced.
  • Health and devotion both now affect milk production on a sliding scale.
  • All nationalities added by 0.4.9 can now be ordered as custom slaves.
  • All nationalities added by 0.4.9 now have national nicknames.
  • Small fetish-based refinements to old content.
  • Reworked descriptions of sterility. Per a good suggestion, the term “barren” is now used for most purposes, and should only appear for slaves with vaginas.
  • Bugfixes.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

ALPHA 0.4.9

I enjoy Blogger's traffic tracking functions, which direct me back to comments about FC on forums when they lead to people coming here. Easily my favorites are the ones that tend to end with something like “but it's so dark! You can be so mean!” Non-consensual sex and physical and mental abuse are absolutely endemic to h-games. Many games depict places where harsh content is implausibly absent, such as comically cheerful brothels. Where present, harsh content is usually presented in a light style and with some sort of overwrought excuse, and somehow that seems to stop a lot of people from realizing what their character is really doing. (Credit to Jack o Nine Tails and Whoremaster for being relatively honest with the player about being a jerk.) FC doesn't sugarcoat the PC's behavior - which, outside of a couple of options, isn't too different from what you find in Slavemaker et. al. - and that's provoked some response, including insightful comments here. I like it.

Another common criticism is that the sexual content is minimalist. I agree completely; it's a stylistic choice I made back when the game was meant as a purely private exercise no one else would ever see. My experience with the seminal text-based h-games is that I get very little from a 500 word sex scene: for me, the setup is what matters, and once the setup is in place, I can see the event in my mind's eye in far better detail than text or even an image could ever do. When I'm confronted with a wall of text describing the squishy mechanics of sex in great detail I usually skim it, at best. This terse approach has become immutably fixed, since it's allowed me to give each slave (as of this update) 119 distinct stats. Writing a single 500 word scene that properly reflected any eligible slave would probably involve at least half of those, and would take at least a week to complete.

This update includes unusually intrusive changes to game flow. It's likely there are uncaught bugs that will produce bad results such as events failing to fire. On that note, the hormone updates caused many descriptions to mention dicks that aren't there. Please report any I've failed to catch. And, as usual, thanks to everyone who's playtesting; I read everyone's feedback and do my best to address all reported bugs (with varied success).

I've gotten the impression that massive cows have been a crutch for many players. No longer: lactation appears several times in the changelog below. The cumulative effect of all the changes will hit artificially lactating slaves with very large breasts most heavily. The effect on more normal slaves will be less pronounced.

If you've got a unique slave you'd like to see in game, don't forget to submit her here using the easy to use in game upload system.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. If you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.4.9 download, please do not report bugs.

0.4.9 Changelog

Major additions:
  • A new recruiter position from which a good slave can try to convince desperate people from the old world to volunteer for enslavement. Various vulnerable populations can be targeted; each will produce different recruits and unique induction options, many of which are somewhat mean. Each vulnerable population is best targeted by a recruiter with certain attributes. Successfully matching recruiters to targets for a recruitment speed bonus will be called out with special text in the week report.
  • A full costs report, accessible from the sidebar, that breaks down every single item contributing to upkeep on a slave by slave basis.
  • Major changes to the subordinate slave assignment, including the frequently requested option to specify which slave will receive the subordinate's attentions. Subordination can advance or reduce relationships and rivalries depending on the slaves' mental states.
  • Cosmetic surgery for older slaves to make them appear younger. The surgical assistant is quite aggressive about applying this since, like facial surgery, there is little mechanical downside.
  • Added a custom label field, available from the custom descriptors menu. Custom labels have no mechanical functionality yet, but can be used for planning since they appear in bold yellow wherever a slave is described, including on the main menu.
Minor updates:
  • Two new varieties of shoes.
  • Many new nationalities, including slaves from Chile, Belgium, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Norway, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Hungary, Estonia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Malaysia, Guatemala, and Ghana.
  • The rivals who can be enslaved at the end of the nonrandom event tree now appear in several varieties for each content option.
  • Everything that affects slaves in facilities now affects facility leaders as well.
  • Slaves in facilities, including facility leaders, will now receive hormonal effects.
  • Reduced health impact of some sex work.
  • Severely reduced, but not eliminated, the milk production advantage of induced lactation.
  • Slightly reduced overall milk production.
  • Replaced previous effects of gender on milk production with hormonal modifiers that consider both natural and artificial hormones.
  • New hardcoded slaves for a total of 150 in game.
  • Bugfixes.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

ALPHA 0.4.8

The streak of daily and near-daily updates has come to an end. I know I said that before and then proceeded to update like a fiend, but I do mean it this time.

This update adds an opportunity to enslave another arcology owner, as has been repeatedly requested. I'm not completely satisfied with the result, but I ran hard up against coding limitations for this one. The code actually uses the player's chosen XX/XY balance to take a stab at generating an arcology owner that the player will find appealing.

There is a new minor devotion bonus for health when not on curatives that only really makes sense when described in combination with the devotion effects curatives received with 0.4.7. The cumulative effect is that slaves will always get a health-related devotion improvement if they are either on curatives, or very healthy. Curatives are expensive and rare, so slaves will either be happy they're getting the good stuff, or happy they're so healthy. Understand that health 0 (yellow health) is about where the average first world person is today. At some point I'll elaborate on this, but well-treated FC slaves are often much, much healthier than we are. They get perfect nutrition, exercise, and medical care, and are not allowed to indulge in any unhealthful bad habits.

In the few days since 0.4.7 was posted it's received well over 100 comments. I've read every single one; rest assured, your suggestions have been taken into consideration, your bug reports reviewed (and hopefully addressed), and your submissions logged for inclusion. With so many great suggestions, there's simply no way I can include them all.

Ongoing submission information: If you've got a unique slave you'd like to see in game, don't forget to submit her here using the easy to use in game upload system. If you'd like to see a country added, comment with the 20-50 top female names for that country, formatted like so: "Annisa", "Sarah", "Maria". If said country's population is split between major super-national ethnic groups (Caucasian/Black, for example, rather than Pashtun/Tajik), give me the breakdown.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves may work, but if you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.4.8 download, please do not report bugs.

0.4.8 Changelog:
  • Four events depicting the aftermath of the attack on the PC's arcology by the Daughters of Liberty.
  • Four new slave schools to go with the one already in-game. Two each of the new schools specialize in XX and XY slaves, so all five will only be visible with both XX and XY slaves enabled.
  • Doubled the reputation cap and reputation description requirements to prepare for future late game content. Unlocks still happen at the same reputation numbers.
  • Starting option to hide descriptions of nationality.
  • Added small devotion gains at high health and losses at low health when not on curatives.
  • More efficient random event logic that should decrease event loading times on slower systems.
  • Mercenary upkeep is now visible on the arcology management screen.
  • Bugfixes.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ALPHA v. 0.4.7

Not much to say about this update, other than that I believe everything in it was recently requested in one way or another.

Ongoing submission information: If you've got a unique slave you'd like to see in game, don't forget to submit her here using the easy to use in game upload system. If you'd like to see a country added, comment with the 20-50 top female names for that country, formatted like so: "Annisa", "Sarah", "Maria". If said country's population is split between major super-national ethnic groups (Caucasian/Black, for example, rather than Pashtun/Tajik), give me the breakdown.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves may work, but if you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.4.7 download, please do not report bugs. Latest hotfix at 18:35 PST.

0.4.7 Changelog:
  • New clothes: two varieties of nun outfits. One is a maximum-sacrilege black latex affair; the other is a penitent's coarse sackcloth, and is unique in that it trades health for devotion and can keep doing so all the way to Worshipful.
  • A new random event for Fearful and Obedient slaves wearing penitent's habits, in some ways the most willfully offensive event in game.
  • Added many stats to custom slave orders, including nationality, height, lips, skills, faces, assholes, and more. Custom ordering ethnicity within multiethnic countries remains unimplemented.
  • New nationality: South African, with anon-contributed separate namesets for black and white South Africans.
  • Boosted the chances of randomly generated slaves coming from more populous countries.
  • Added a starting option to effectively reverse this by boosting the chances of randomly generated slaves coming from less populous countries.
  • Greatly streamlined slave descriptions in vendors.
  • Complete renovation of slaves choosing their own clothes. They now choose from among the preexisting clothing options based on their inclinations and assignments, and will happily switch clothing if those things change.
  • Slightly raised cap on devotion decay to make reaching Worshipful somewhat harder.
  • Numerous other minor balance changes.
  • Bugfixes. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

ALPHA 0.4.6

This update adds a series of nonrandom events. Without spoiling too much, serious violence is involved. When I was reviewing the events, I sat back and thought, shit, some of that prose reminds me of what just happened in Paris. I struggled with the idea of shelving this for a while. Eventually I decided not to, for two reasons. First, the parallels aren't really all that strong; urban combat is urban combat and that's already present in other nonrandom events. Second, if I never included violence when there was violence in the news, I would never include it at all, for there is always violence somewhere. Such is our world.

That said, I didn't want anyone getting the impression I hadn't considered the matter. If you aren't in the mood for text descriptions of combat, just select "one-handed mode" from the start menu to turn the events off. And since the recent tragedy has come up, and on the off-chance any Frenchman may be reading this, know that I and many of my countrymen remember that our country owes its independence to your country, and we shall not forget it.

The new prestige types initially listed in the 0.4.5 changlog went missing for some odd Twine-related reason, but are included this time.

Ongoing submission information: If you've got a unique slave you'd like to see in game, don't forget to submit her here using the easy to use in game upload system. If you'd like to see a country added, comment with the 20-50 top female names for that country, formatted like so: "Annisa", "Sarah", "Maria". If said country's population is split between major super-national ethnic groups (Caucasian/Black, for example, rather than Pashtun/Tajik), give me the breakdown.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves may work, but if you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.4.6 download, please do not report bugs. Latest hotfix at 19:35 PST.

0.4.6 Changelog:
  • Large branching series of new nonrandom events; there are eight events in total but only 4 or 5 will be seen in any given playthrough due to their branching nature.
  • Mercenaries obtained from events now have very significant maintenance costs. The difficulty of getting the best possible outcome from mercenary-related events has increased greatly.
  • Five new types of prestigious slaves: cheating trophy spouses, politicians, former arcology owners, albinos, and fashion models, all with alternate XY versions; these complement the royalty, athletes, actresses, veteran slaves, and porn stars included in 0.4.3.
  • Bodyguards' weapons will be described differently depending on their height and musculature; there is no practical effect as yet.
  • The rules assistant can now apply smart piercings.
  • Buffed the money the PC makes when not personally supervising a slave.
  • New nationalities: Moroccan, Romanian, Swedish, Lithuanian, Bolivian, Haitian, and Cuban.
  • More hardcoded slaves.
  • Bugfixes.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

ALPHA 0.4.5

This is a mechanical update that adds little in the way of scenes. It focuses on hormones; I've been unhappy with the system for some time. All slaves can now be subjected to two different intensities of male or female hormone treatments, regardless of their equipment. Ovaries are now modeled; ovaries, testicles and artificial hormones work together to establish each slave's hormonal situation. There are a very large number of possible impacts, including changes to clits, tits, asses, faces, muscles, dicks, balls, rebelliousness, and more.

Submission announcements: If you've got a unique slave you'd like to see in game, don't forget to submit her here using the easy to use in game upload system. If you'd like to see a country added, comment with the 20-50 top female names for that country, formatted like so: "Annisa", "Sarah", "Maria". If said country's population is split between major super-national ethnic groups (Caucasian/Black, for example, rather than Pashtun/Tajik), give me the breakdown.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. Latest hotfix at 20:30 PST. If you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.4.5 download, please do not report bugs.

0.4.5 Changelog:
  • Major hormone overhaul: all slaves can be given hormones, which act in concert with a slaves' natural hormonal setup to determine which of many effects appears.
  • Steroids, a new drug option to speed up muscle building. Several of the extreme effects of heavy musculature like clit growth have been moved to steroids instead.
  • Modeling of ovaries, which are not described, but can be surgically removed to impact hormone balance or as an irreversible sterilization method.
  • Made sterilization reversible so long as the slave retains her ovaries.
  • Added costs to contraceptives to encourage sterilization.
  • Slaves will usually be grateful when on curatives, since these are expensive and rare.
  • Nerfed curatives' health affects on healthy and better slaves, in compensation.
  • Micropenises are no longer useful to brothel madams and similar.
  • New nationalities: Irish, Finns, Icelanders, Greeks, Polish, Israelis, Armenians, and New Zealanders.
  • Smaller nationalities will now appear less often, though the variety is still unrealistically high to avoid players who want an Icelandic slave having to wade through 4,300 Chinese ones.
  • Tweaked incidence of phenotypes for some countries; for example, Irish lasses are likelier to have red hair and green eyes.
  • Added starting option to narrow the slave trade to the starting continent only.
  • Chastity belts should now prevent slaves with large clits from using them on other slaves.
  • Random event that can give an extremely productive milker prestige.
  • Bugfixes.

Friday, November 13, 2015

ALPHA 0.4.4

There have been sporadic requests for national backgrounds, and this update adds them. The slave market in FC is international, so you'll only see an increase in the likelihood of slaves on the market from the continent you choose, rather than exclusivity. Slave names are now based on nationality, and there are now around 1,500 possible names. Naturally, I've only been able to add the larger countries so far, so I mean no offense if yours isn't represented. Yes, I know that "Middle Eastern" isn't really a race; no, I'm not going to program a highly accurate ethnicity simulator. The ethnic and nationality code is highly imperfect, so getting worked up about it at this point isn't going to help much. On that note, I will be curating the comments here with an iron hand. I will not delete comments I merely disagree with; I will delete comments that veer off topic. This blog is about the game: if you want to discuss race in the game, great; if you want to discuss race, go to /pol/.

If you want to see a specific country in the game, here's how you can speed that process up. Comment with the country you'd like added, and the 20-50 top female names for that country, formatted like so: "Annisa", "Sarah", "Maria". If said country's population is split between major supernational ethnic groups (caucasian/black, for example, rather than Pashtun/Tajik), give me the breakdown.

This update also adds slave prestige. This is intended as a rare, very special thing; think enslaved celebrity level prestige. A prestigious slave is extremely expensive, will attract more attention in jobs that let her do so, and even gives the player character a steady reputation boost simply by being his slave. Credit is due to Anon in the On being evil post for this excellent idea. There is a Credits screen in the encyclopedia. If the Anon whose idea that was wants credit there under a handle, let me know. The same goes for any regular contributors whose earlier ideas made it into the game; let me know in the comments or via email.

Regarding feedback, thanks to everyone who takes the time to leave comments, suggestions, and bug reports. I'd like to make two observations. First, you may re-encounter  bugs you've already reported. I read and try to address all bug reports, but my fixes don't always work, and bugs can often conceal other bugs that don't become visible until the first bug is fixed. Second, please do not submit bug reports when you're playing an old version. Many bugs reported on 0.4.3 were due to old saves. I'm not joking when I note that previous saves won't work. It takes time to track down bugs, and finding that it happened because a 0.4.2 save was opened in 0.4.3 doesn't help me improve the game.

If you've got a unique slave you'd like to see in game, don't forget to submit her here using the easy to use in game upload system.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. If you have not started a new game with a fresh 0.4.4 download, please do not report bugs. Latest hotfix at 19:00 PST.
Tip jar: Patreon.

0.4.4 Changelog:
  • New starting continent, Australia, by request.
  • Nationalities, with 35 nationalities currently in game, including the 20 largest countries by population as of 2015 and 15 more to fill out each continent.
  • Nationality-based nicknames, at least one for each nationality.
  • Arab racial group renamed to Middle Eastern, for simplicity of coding.
  • Slave prestige, which enormously increases price, slightly improves effectiveness in public jobs, and gives a constant reputation boost.
  • Two new random events that give the chance to add basic prestige to a veteran slave.
  • New slave dealer that offers one prestigious slave for auction each week.
  • Option to darken skin.
  • Corsets now only damage health for slaves with normal waists, so they can be left on indefinitely without danger.
  • Fertile losers in slave fights can get pregnant if the winner is appropriately equipped.
  • Implanted lactation drugs now cause gradual breast growth.
  • More hardcoded slaves.
  • Bugfixes.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

On being evil

It's long overdue, but discussion over on /d/ has finally prompted me to set down and post my thoughts as an author on being evil in Free Cities. Make no mistake: I think of the player character of Free Cities as an evil bastard. Owning slaves is wrong. The society Free Cities depicts is vile, morally bankrupt, and unsustainable.

And yet, I'm spending much of my free time writing a game set in that society. Why? Because it's fun to fantasize, and fantasizing is okay. Creating or playing a game in which the player character can commit appalling evil is fundamentally no different than writing or reading a book with an evil main character, or recording or listening to a song with an awful protagonist. This isn't a self-justification, because none is necessary; this is art like any other art and needs no more justification than Flashman or The Cask of Amontillado or Hallowed Be Thy Name. Nevertheless, just because this is a little text-based slave management h-game doesn't mean I don't think about these things. The questions I think most need answers are:
  • Why have I made it possible to be extremely evil in Free Cities? Because I think, in a postmodern slaveowning society, such evil would occur. Truly awful things happened to slaves in historical slave societies. I don't think anything in FC strays too far from what's come before. I personally enjoy games that make internal sense, so I'm trying to make the world of FC internally consistent. These options are available because I think they probably would be.
  • Even if extremely evil things would happen in the Free Cities world, why include them? Because without the possibility of sin, there can be no virtue. My favorite role-playing games all offer evil character paths. I never take them, but I would enjoy the good character paths much less if the evil paths weren't there. It's possible to try to be good in FC, but that would be devalued if it weren't possible to be bad.
  • Why are extremely evil things in Free Cities presented so casually? Because I'm making a point. Just because this is a little text-based h-game doesn't mean I'm not going to try sneak a little meaning in. If you've played the game and felt a little cognitive dissonance about the banality of the evil you're witnessing, or even committing, good. There's no reason this can't be erotic, fun, and a little thought-provoking. I'll be blunt: a lot of h-games out there present non-consensual sex accompanied by stupid excuses. Magic, brainwashing, unreasonably attractive player character, whatever. FC doesn't and won't do that. I try to present things in a fairly straightforward way, without excuses, hedging, or commentary, and leave it to the player to figure out what, if anything, to feel about that.
Not that this is going to have any major impact on the game as you may have experienced it. When it comes right down to it, I'm comfortable with almost any interaction a player has with the game. If you enjoy it as a light h-game, that's great. If it makes you think a little, that's great. If it's not your brand of whiskey and you delete the .html after two minutes, that's fine too. I just wanted to state, first, that I am thinking about these issues; and second, what my basic approach to them has been.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

ALPHA 0.4.3

0.4.2 was, charitably, a mess. At one point I was working towards a patch, but with some hours of playtesting needed anyway, I ditched the idea in favor of a standard update with more bugfixing than usual. Thanks to everyone who reported bugs, and especially to several brave souls who dove into the html and emailed me specific findings. The unfortunate reality is that 0.4.2 was bad enough that I'm sure some fixes actually uncovered or created other bugs, so the relationship system is likely to be unreliable here as well.

This patch moves a lot of old content around to make it a bit more usable and natural. Most significantly, the old "plugs" and "chastity belt" clothes options are gone, and have been replaced by anal and (for appropriate slaves) vaginal accessory options. Plugs training skills was never satisfactory, so the two sizes of plugs now available have different, minor effects. Standard plugs can remove the relevant sexual quirk, while large plugs can help break down resistance. Standard plugs also serve as a plug option that doesn't stretch orifices quite so much. This has in effect removed the inward-facing dildo gag from the game, being the only part of the old plugs outfit that the accessories can't do. This had to happen anyway  for now, because gagged slaves shouldn't be speaking.

To address some feedback about how random events can get drowned out when only a few slaves qualify for them, there's a new option on the start screen that equalizes the chances of random events. With it active, all random events have the same chance of happening, so long as you have at least one slave that qualifies. It can be toggled from the arcology management screen.

It seems Twine is finally compatible with Chrome.

If you've got a unique slave you'd like to see in game, don't forget to submit her here using the easy to use in game upload system.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. Latest hotfix at 19:20 PST.
Tip jar: Patreon.

0.4.3 Changelog:
  • New accessories slots, supporting two sizes of buttplugs, two sizes of dildoes, and chastity belts. Standard sized plugs may remove related quirks; large plugs may break resistance.
  • New clothes options, with a focus on less revealing items, including more conservative versions of the business attire and maid outfit, and a cutoffs and t-shirt ensemble.
  • Quirks revamp, with quirks now tracked as behavioral or sexual, meaning that a slave can have one of each at the same time.
  • Slaves with unpleasant behavioral quirks now have a harder time making friends, and make enemies more easily.
  • More granular stats for junk, and enhancers' chances of success now scale with size, so effective growth rate slows as size increases.
  • Overhauled genitalia descriptions.
  • Female hormones will now only reduce muscles to toned, while gelding will only reduce muscles to ripped; geldings off hormones should maintain musculature below freak beast level without trouble.
  • Surgical race alteration.
  • Several other stat changes now scale; for example, sex work now has a lower chance of affecting well used orifices.
  • Rules assistant updates to support all of the above.
  • Now possible to apply the rules assistant to individual slaves from their menus.
  • One new random event.
  • New starting option that equalizes the chances of getting each eligible random event.
  • More hardcoded slaves.
  • Bugfixes.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

ALPHA 0.4.2

Don't get too excited by the long changelog. The new relationships are the most complex thing I've coded yet, so they're going to take a lot of ongoing work. It still feels like relationships happen way too fast, but I'll bring the rate down as they get more playtesting.

This update is also another good illustration of how things get harder as the game grows. The simple addition of miniscenes between slaves in relationships encompasses a very large number of possible combinations of circumstances. The game for example must consider that a certain slave likes it up the ass; that done, what is her girlfriend going to put up said ass, if she's even allowed to do so? As usual, let me know if absurd results appear. I'm sure I haven't considered every possibility.

The fetish previously called "bisexual" has been an ongoing fluff challenge. It was mostly written and coded before anons on /d/ convinced me to add dick content, back in August when I could assume that all slaves had been born female. Exactly what "normal sexuality" means has become very hard to puzzle out, especially since slaves can now follow their own sexual inclinations to a certain extent. No longer.

This update starts a process of rewriting and recoding this. Going forward, for simplicity, "normal sexuality" is going to refer to what Free Cities society expects from slaves - that is, a preference for male sexual partners combined and a willingness to have sex with women as well. What used to be called "bisexual" has been replaced with "likes girls," to specify that these are slaves that prefer female partners to an unusual or even exclusive degree. To support this, randomly generated XY slaves have a much higher chance of spawning with this fetish; there is also now a "hates women" quirk in addition to a "hates men" quirk to suggest slave sexualities that contrary to the "normal sexuality" expectations, aren't open to female partners. XY and XX slaves have different probabilities of appearing with these quirks, to suggest statistical realities that Free Cities society is trying so very hard to beat out of its slaves. This also allows all sorts of interesting little details. For example, being a subordinate slave to a slave whose equipment challenges one of these quirks can convince an obedient or better slave to give up her quirk; also, slave friendships are less likely to become sexual between slaves with distaste for each others' bits.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work.
Tip jar: Patreon.

0.4.2 Changelog:
  • The rules assistant can now apply tattoos and piercings; it only does so for slaves at Obedient or better for now, to avoid messy mental impact code.
  • Slaves who are confined will not form relationships with other slaves who are confined, since they're confined.
  • Slaves in a facility can form relationships with slaves leading that facility.
  • Unattached slaves who share fetishes may skip directly to FWB status.
  • New miniscenes visible from the main menu. If a slave is in a relationship, you may see the two slaves spending some time together.
  • Slaves in sexual relationships can now communicate fetishes to one another, with the chance increasing the closer the relationship.
  • One new random event for lonely bodyguards.
  • One new nonrandom event at Week 43 involving shoddily manufactured curatives.
  • Many new hardcoded slaves.
  • Partial rewrite and recode of the fetish that used to be identified as "bisexual," which will generally be replaced by the term "likes girls."
  • New quirk for slaves that dislike having sex with women.
  • Shock collars can now break rebellious slaves very effectively, but can also produce negative quirks.
  • The rules assistant will now try to put a little muscle tone on girls in danger penalties from discomfort due to big tits.
  • Bugfixes.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

ALPHA 0.4.1

This update adds a basic slave upload function. If you have a slave you're particularly pleased with and would like to see her as one of the possible starting slaves, select "Upload Her" from the slave menu. This will display a stats block which you can paste into the comments here to have your girl considered for inclusion.

The miniscenes added with this update should address most possible threesomes with pairs of slaves who are lovers and rivals. Of course, this is a long way from being completely satisfactory; many more scenes are needed, but nothing really absurd should appear. Let me know if you come across a pair of slaves who don't behave logically.

As usual I've read all the feedback left on 0.4, even where I haven't replied.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves should work.
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0.4.1 Changelog:
  • slave upload function that makes submitting a slave for hardcoded inclusion very easy.
  • Many new miniscenes, mostly involving pairs of slaves with various relationships between them.
  • Added descriptions to highlight the start of incestuous sexual relationships, which were already possible though rare.
  • Tattoos and piercings applied to penises and vaginas are now tracked separately, meaning that hermaphrodites can sport both.
  • Nerf to impact of devotion on milk income; rebellious cows' income is unchanged while devoted cows' income has been greatly reduced.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Many bugfixes.

Uploading Slaves

If you're particularly pleased with one of your girls, why not upload her so that others can find her as one of their starting slaves? From her menu, select "Upload Her" and paste the resulting stats block into the comments here. I'll add reasonably unique submissions to the game. Please limit your use of the custom fields to a single sentence.

Since it's not currently possible to customize origin in-game, include any unusual origin information in your post. As usual, origins and custom descriptions will be edited for coherence with the game world. Descriptions of body mods that would seriously affect scenes will be pruned and saved in case they're added later.

To keep this post clean and let posters know when their creations have been included, I will delete posts here once I've considered a post for inclusion.
  • Please do not submit versions of preexisting hardcoded slaves. They will not be included, since they are already in the game.
  • Slaves with prestige higher than 1 will be saved for inclusion once game balance supports that.
  • Slaves with relationships to other hardcoded slaves will be saved for inclusion if the code is updated to support that.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


There are two major additions in this update, enough to push the version to 0.4. First, we now have the oft-requested ability to force two slaves to fight each other. These fights are non-lethal for now; MMA rather than Mortal Kombat. Second, it is now possible for slaves to form, pursue, and enjoy relationships with one another. They will follow their own tendencies here, so the player's ability to force specific outcomes is fairly limited.

Both these systems are in an early state. They both need a lot more options, descriptions, and polishing. (Notably, relationships and rivalries only occur between slaves on the same work assignment, pending the addition of more ways for interactions to start.) For now, feedback along the lines of "it would be nice if there were more things you could do with slaves who like each other" is not useful, since more content for both relationships and pit fights is already planned. If you have something specific you would like to see, though, do suggest it.

In particular, these systems are almost entirely self-contained for now: they do not have major impacts on preexisting scenes.

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0.4 Changelog:
  • A fighting pit the player can purchase and assign girls to square off in.
  • Rivalries between slaves, which currently cannot be prevented.
  • Emotional and sexual relationships between slaves.
  • Rules settings to govern relationships, including the ability to forbid them entirely.
  • One new random event.
  • One new encyclopedia article.
  • Bugfixes.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

ALPHA 0.3.11

I've gotten some feedback to the effect that remembering which slave is which during events can become difficult when the PC's stable gets large enough. (I suspect that this isn't exactly what the people who coined the term "first world problems" had in mind.) All random events should now link to a slave's long-form description from the first mention of her name in the event. This way, players who are so luxuriously supplied with livestock that they can't keep their slaves straight can refresh their memory.

This update increases the number of distinct muscle states from 2 (normal and huge) to 4 (normal, toned, muscular, and freak beast). The new muscle change code is a major step away from randomness, as well. Barring unusual events normal slaves should take five weeks or so to change muscle states. I took this approach mostly to address the comments from devotees of Brodin that one does not simply make such gains in a single week. Let me know how you feel about this system. If feedback is positive, I will slowly revise many old transformations to be less random.

The rules assistant was originally a debugging tool, a way to speed up playtesting runs. Eventually I realized that I had more than half of a functional UI improvement, so it made its way into a public release. This update includes another functionality of similar origin, which the player can use from the rules menu to order the personal assistant to perform cosmetic surgery at will. This is a silly feature I don't intend to spend much time on, and probably won't be included in 1.0. For now, it can be pretty funny, and it speeds up long runs if you don't mind being surrounded by silicone.

After enough complaints about Mega, I'm giving Dropbox a try. Let me know if this doesn't work.

Download: DropboxPrevious saves should work, but it may be necessary to manually opt slaves into the rules assistant from their individual menus.
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0.3.11 Changelog:
  • Individual slaves can be exempted from the rules assistant.
  • Slaves' descriptions now viewable from random events.
  • One new random event.
  • More granular muscle states, and less random progression.
  • Large breasts will be uncomfortable for slaves without some muscle tone, and truly huge breasts will be uncomfortable for slaves without decent strength.
  • Rudimentary fully automatic surgery, available under rules options. Warranty not included.
  • Better surgical reactions for slaves with appropriate fetishes; lip implants' effects on oral skill reduced.
  • Various other balance changes, mostly to surgeries.
  • Sterilization surgery for slaves with working female reproductive systems.
  • Bugfixes.