Monday, February 13, 2017

ALPHA 0.9.8: Another Thousand Words

This update is very short on gameplay content, but I have two mitigations to offer. First of all, 0.9.7 saves are compatible with this update, so there's no need to start a new game or use New Game Plus if you're in the middle of a playthrough. Second, and much more importantly, this update incorporates FC's second image option, vector art by NovX. It's very different from Shokushu's rendered imagepack; it uses a paper doll approach to build slaves on the fly. It's presented here as a prototype for testing and feedback, not a final version. Since it's a work in progress, it's safe to hold off on suggesting more accessories and body parts for a while.

For the forseeable future, FC will support both art options, and it remains unnecessary to have files associated with any image option the player isn't using. I enjoy playing with both options; I find the style of Shokushu's renders appealing, and I'm excited by the potential of the mutability of NoX's approach. Shokushu has also supplied a set of seven new rendered images for the personal assistant's avatar.

This update also makes it possible to remove Fuckdolls from their suits and return them to normal sex slave status. I wouldn't mention such a trivial addition, except that many players requested this option in such a way that made it clear they thought I'd left it out intentionally. Nothing of the kind; I simply didn't get it written in time for 0.9.7. Unless I've explicitly stated here or in-game that an option isn't happening, it's on the table.

Saves from versions before 0.9.7 are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1400 February 17), save compatible. download without art: Mega.

0.9.8 download with all art options: Mega.
0.9.8 download with vector art only: Mega.
Please update to the latest version by placing it in the game directory. fixes
  • Added a custom image display option, available from slaves' individual menus under Customize; based on a prototype by tck.
  • More pregnancy and blindness mentions in events, by Anon.
  • Minor UI and description fixes for Fuckdolls. fixes
  • The vector art option does not support Firefox.
  • Automatically generated degrading names will now give Fuckdolls a Fuckdoll designation.
  • Removed several options and descriptors that are nonsensical for Fuckdolls.
  • Enabled the Salon and Body Mod Studio for Fuckdolls, along with relevant Rules Assistant functions.

0.9.8 changelog

Art options
  • Added support for a vector art option, by NovX.
  • Added rendered personal assistant avatar images, by Shokushu.
  • Provided limited options to disable image display for some passages.
New random events
  • Individual event for devoted slaves with lots of pussyjuice.
  • Individual event for slavegirls with dicks who aren't used to slavery yet.
  • Individual event for slaves who think their tits are heavy enough without further expansion.
Other updates
  • Fuckdolls can now be extracted from their suits, though they will retain severe mental damage.
  • Added more mental effects to the Fuckdoll training process, mostly to support the potential for extraction and rehabilitation.
  • Bugfixes.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

ALPHA 0.9.7: Minuet in Latex

As soon as I added Fuckdolls to the game, I received requests to allow the player character to create, keep, and use them. That was a long time ago, but I don't forget requests and I haven't forgotten those. Fuckdolls, for those who haven't read the in-game Encyclopedia, are a Free Cities version of the classic permanent latex bondage fetish, as it might be implemented by slaveowners in the near future with lots of resources and no morals. They're slaves who are permanently encased in thick, latex-like suits, with holes for air, food, dick, and nothing else. Any slave can now be made into a Fuckdoll. This is, of course, mean, making this one of those updates without a lot of content for players who like to gently pat their slaves on the head.

Many bugfixes have been contributed via GitHub. If you're already experienced with Git, or if you're interested in learning, it's now very easy to submit mods and fixes. Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far; if you are not credited in the game and would like to be, please email me. I do not credit contributors without express permission, for obvious reasons.

Saves from previous versions are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1830February 10), save compatible. download without imagepack: DropboxMega. download with imagepack: MegaPlease update to the latest version by placing it in the game directory. fixes
  • Added an event associated with the cum diet mod, also by Princess April.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause Fuckdolls to participate in relative recruitment.
  • Fetishes with clothes affinities will no longer prevent standard clothes effects from occurring.
  • Addressed a Fuckdoll miniscene error message, but temporarily restricted scene access.
  • Fixed a bug that would hang the game when selling refugees during the airlift event. fixes
  • Removed the Fuckdoll conversion option in the surgery when the slave is already a Fuckdoll.
  • Reworked the way the Rules Assistant applies cum and milk diets.
  • Addressed several issues created when integrating cum diets, which were not the responsibility of the contributor.
  • Head Girls will now avoid wasting time training Fuckdolls in all cases.

0.9.7 changelog

  • Added the ability to convert any slave into a premium Fuckdoll, a living sex toy permanently encased in an advanced latex suit.
  • Completely overhauled the long form slave description for Fuckdoll compatibility.
  • Added three new miniscenes exclusive to Fuckdolls, since they cannot participate in the standard scenes.
  • Fuckdolls are restricted from all assignments other than fucktoy duty and glory hole service, and the associated facilities.
  • Fuckdolls wear a special item of clothing, and cannot be equipped with other clothes or accessories.
  • Fuckdolls use different beauty and sexual efficacy calculations, which ignore many penalties.
  • Fuckdolls will gradually adapt to their new status, getting better at life as a Fuckdoll and forgetting everything else.
  • Fuckdolls are excluded from many other options and mechanics which do not make sense for living sex toys.
  • Racialist future society models approve or disapprove of Fuckdolls, depending on the Fuckdoll's ethnicity.
  • Transformation Fetishists and Degradationists approve of Fuckdolls; Paternalists disapprove of them.
  • Birth scene support for Fuckdolls, by Anon.
Other updates
  • Better human fluid diets, by Princess April.
  • Capped neighboring arcologies' prosperity at the same maximum as the PC's arcology.
  • Reworked the way attraction is generated to better reflect real-world sexuality.
  • Corrected many mental effects to properly exclude mindbroken slaves.
  • Mindbroken slaves can now retain the most basic level of oral, vaginal, and anal skills.
  • The Arcade is now more intelligent about which surplus inmates are converted into standard Fuckdolls (the preexisting menial version of the new premium Fuckdolls).
  • Increased the corporate development requirements for the corporate slave market upgrades.
  • Excluded more options from being reset when applying New Game Plus.
  • Bugfixes.

Friday, February 3, 2017

GitHub repository

Free Cities' source code is now hosted on a GitHub repository. Along with the new, TweeGo-based development environment, this should improve collaboration between contributors. 

If you are unfamiliar with Git and are contributing or are interested in contributing, the repository will be of interest primarily as a source for the new development environment. Mods can be submitted directly to me as before.

Active collaborators experienced with Git are welcome to fork the repository and contribute code via pull requests, or to create personal forks of the repository and modify the code to your liking. However, please read and respect FC's very minimal modding policy, and please abide by GitHub's Terms of Service.