Wednesday, June 29, 2016

ALPHA 0.7.6: Private Parts

This is an unusual update in terms of content. Without getting into too much detail about my workflow, it got to the point where I had enough bugfixes to support another hotfix to 0.7.5, enough stable content to justify an update, and enough time to push one. This update adds absolutely nothing in terms of events or interactions: it adds varying vaginal wetness, foreskins, and new tattoos; and fixes bugs.

Wetness and foreskins are good examples of where I'm planning to take future stats. With the obvious exception of circumcision, which is included, neither of these things can be affected directly. They develop from secondary effects of the player's decisions. The hidden anal area stat added several updates ago was the first of these, and I like the effect they're having on the game. Slaves shouldn't feel like a series of switches that can be flicked into the player's desired combination of positions.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.7+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1230 PST July 1), completely save compatible. Fixes include:
  • Grope revisions from CornCobMan
  • Vaginal wetness display issue
  • Vaginal wetness and vaginal piercing variable conflict
  • Arcology naming event error message
  • Typos
0.7.6 Changelog

Genital updates
  • Added a vaginal wetness stat. This has a minor effect on performance at sexual assignments.
  • XX slaves will usually be generated with normal vaginal wetness, though older or sexually frigid girls may not be.
  • XX hormones can increase vaginal wetness for slaves with ovaries, while XY hormones can decrease it for all slaves.
  • Added foreskins. These are mechanically similar to the anal area stat added in 0000 in that they can change naturally and be altered, but have very minor gameplay effects.
  • Foreskins are generated quasi-randomly for now; cultural variation may be added in the future.
  • Slaves can now be circumcised using the Remote Surgery.
  • Penises grown in the organ farm will always feature foreskins, since they are grown from DNA.
  • Foreskins will lag behind penis size changes, though they will naturally stretch or atrophy to catch up; this will happen more rapidly if the slave can get hard and has the sex drive to do so regularly.
  • Having an undersized foreskin will make achieving erection uncomfortable, reducing sex drive slightly for slaves that can do so.
Career bonuses
  • Most existing careers now offer a minor bonus of some kind, which will be called out in a slave's individual menu.
  • Responsible and educated careers tend to offer a small bonus to performance in one of the leadership roles.
  • Entertaining careers slightly improve attractiveness; this bonus can also be obtained through time and perfected skills.
  • Sexual careers slightly improve sexual performance; this bonus can also be obtained through many sexual encounters.
  • Menial careers offer a small weekly Devotion bonus for slaves that do not hate the PC.
  • Unpleasant careers offer a small weekly Trust bonus for slaves that are not terrified of the PC.
  • Slaves who have been enslaved for a long time will always get a small weekly Devotion bonus.
  • These bonuses impact slave valuation, and are called out during slave appraisals.
Tattoo revisions
  • Renamed various tattoos for clarity and concision, and cleaned up the tattoo UI.
  • Due to the renaming, using NGP will now zero out tattoos.
  • Revised many tattoo descriptions and created a new Counting option that tattoos tiny symbols on the slave to reflect her sexual history.
  • Added back tattoos.
Other updates
  • Bugfixes, including a very large number of fixed typos.

Monday, June 27, 2016

ALPHA 0.7.5: Say My Name

Many user vignette submissions have been added to the whoring and public service assignments. I failed to be clear that for simplicity, vignettes will only ever have a single effect, will only involve a single slave, and will only have minor impacts. Fortunately, many good but nonconforming submissions worked perfectly well with minor changes, and many submissions gave me further vignette ideas. (Slaves having strange dreams about the PC? Great idea!) I've gotten enough vignette material that I've got a big backlog to chew through, but feel free to submit more if you have good ideas.

This is a good time to repeat my policy on giving credit for user submissions to FC. Anyone who makes contributions, be they great or small, definitely deserves a place on FC's credits page. However, you have to explicitly tell me that you want to be credited, and by what name you want to be credited. I'm quite aware of the need to keep some online identities clean, so I won't put anything into the credits without explicit permission to do so. By which I mean, if you've contributed anything, be it as small as a single vignette, and aren't credited, send me an email with your handle and what you've done if you'd like to be immortalized in the credits section of the FC Encyclopedia.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.7+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1545 PST 28 June), completely save compatible. Fixes include:
  • Certain No Default Setting interferences in the RA
  • Paternalist arcologies now disapprove of heavy body mods and use the same body mod attractiveness curve as Body Purist arcologies
  • Added body art attractiveness cues to the Whoring and Public Service assignments
  • Misapplication of nice collar penalty for unbroken slaves
  • NGP issues involving piercings; these can be resolved in existing saves by manually selecting Rules Assistant settings for the new piercings
  • Vignette effect display problems
  • Bad RA growth drug logic
  • Minor UI issues
0.7.5 Changelog

Body mod updates
  • Rebalanced tattoo and piercing beauty into three curves, similar to the way 0.7.3 rebalanced asset attractiveness.
  • The default arcology society considers light body modding attractive, with diminishing returns for heavy body modding and no benefit from extreme body modding.
  • Body Purist societies consider all body modding unattractive, offering a diminishing beauty bonus for unmodded bodies.
  • Degradationist and Transformation Fetishist societies find unmodded bodies unattractive; diminishing returns still apply, but mods never stop adding attractivness.
  • Added corset and areolae stud piercings.
Vignette system
  • Extended the vignette system to cover public service.
  • Added devotion, trust, and health impacts from vignettes.
  • Added numerous user-submitted vignettes to the game.
New clothing
  • Chattel habits: nice clothes which satisfy Chattel Religionist mores and displace the hijab as the Chattel Religionism-specific garment.
  • Bunny outfits: nice clothes which serve as the Gender Fundamentalism-specific garment.
  • Bowtie collars: nice collars which match the bunny oufits and are likewise Gender Fundamentalism-specific.
  • Leotards: generic nice clothes.
Player contributions
  • Five new miniscene options, contributed by CornCobMan.
  • More nicknames, contributed by CornCobMan.
  • Arcology name changing option, contributed by Anon1888.
  • More brand designs and branding locations, contributed by Anon1888.
  • Late game pharmaceutical upgrade which mimics the effects of the Purist law, contributed by Anon1888.
  • Supremacist rebalancing that rewards Head Girls, Concubines, and Recruiters of the chosen race, contributed by Anon1888.
Event changes
  • Threesome event between a sexualized personal assistant, the PC, and a house servant.
  • Branching event for slaves with trouble speaking the lingua franca.
  • Relationship event for slaves who would like to do something special for their wives or girlfriends.
  • Announcement event for the arcology name changing option, contributed by Anon1888.
  • Personal assistant event in which a sexualized PA running on an upgraded computer core will ask for a name.
Other updates
  • Older, devoted, and skilled slaves in relationships with younger slaves can now pass some of their virtues on to their lovers.
  • Some new slaves will receive mental effects based on how much of the lingua franca they know and whether they're smart enough to understand the situation.
  • Sexual skills will now reduce the frequency with which public sexual duties loosen slaves.
  • Added two sexual flaw and quirk pairs: Crude becomes Unflinching, and Judgemental becomes Size Queen.
  • Updated the ethnic distribution of randomly generated British people.
  • New slave induction options.
  • Encyclopedia updates.
  • Code consolidation.
  • Bugfixes.

Monday, June 20, 2016

ALPHA 0.7.4: Time Management

A couple of insightful comments have wondered about the interplay between the Devout flaw and the Chattel Religionism future society. Until this update, there wasn't one, since the Devout flaw represents slaves holding on to an old world faith like Christianity or Islam, and Chattel Religionism involves a new religion that, though it builds on traditional religions, would (obviously) be anathema to them. Now, Devout slaves in a Chattel Religionist arcology will experience a unique mechanic. If they're rebellious or resistant, Chattel Religionism will disgust them. If they've been terrified into obedience, Chattel Religionism will scare them even more, possibly driving them into emotional disturbance produced by their moral panic. However, if the player manages to get such a slave to acceptance, they will experience a religious epiphany and give themselves to the new faith, getting the Sinful quirk, losing the Devout quirk, and getting the game's best single Trust boost.

I've mentioned before that I make some implicit assumptions about the player character, but that I try to keep these minimal, so that players can self-insert or imagine their character however they wish. One of the events added by this update depicts our hero/heroine finishing a workout. One of the assumptions I've previously listed is that the PC is physically fit: for one thing, it's heavily implied by what we see of his or her sexual stamina. Without making a big issue of it, I'm also basing this assumption on the apparently high standards of fitness among prominent present-day venture capitalists and the like, and a guess that an anarcho-capitalist place like the Free Cities would probably reward the qualities that drive people to take care of themselves. The indolent need not apply. That said, I'm sympathetic to roleplaying concerns. If you find that the event violates your idea of the PC you want to play as, let me know and I'll make allowances.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.7+ saves are eligible for New Game PlusLatest hotfix is (1800 PST 21 June), completely save compatible. Fixed issues include:
  • Egyptian FS slave description error.
  • Various HG report bugs.
  • Options menu back button setting.
  • Girlish figure random event bug.
  • Pregnant lotion event bug.
  • Older virgins generating children for enslavement.
  • Other slave generation absurdities.
  • Typos.
0.7.4 Changelog

Facilitiy mechanics
  • The productive facilities with leaders (the Brothel, Club, Dairy, and Servants' Quarters) are now open to all slaves on the associated assignment if they have space.
  • If facilities have extra spaces available, slaves performing the corresponding assignment will receive facility leadership and advertising bonuses, which will be called out in the end week report.
  • To support this mechanic, the Servants' Quarters now has size upgrades like the other facilities.
  • Facility support for slave workers is on by default, but can be disabled in the options menu.
  • Supporting slaves in this way is included when calculating whether facility leaders will generate profit by taking in outside work.
  • Madams and DJs without enough workers under them to occupy their time will now use their extra time to function as whores and public servants, respectively.
  • Brothel and Club variety bonuses, if any, remain limited to slaves permanently assigned to the facility.
  • Industrializing a Dairy will prevent free-range cows from visiting it.
Chattel Religionism and Devout slaves
  • Devout slaves in Chattel Religionist arcologies will suffer mental stress if unbroken, losing Devotion if not obedient or Trust if obedient out of fear.
  • Devout slaves who nonetheless reach Accepting status in a Chattel Religionist arcology will experience an epiphany, gaining a huge amount of Trust, losing Devout, and gaining Sinful.
  • Chattel Religionist societies now approve of Sinful slaves.
  • Sinful slaves living in Chattel Religionist societies will enjoy wearing sacrilegious clothing.
Other updates
  • Generic branching sexual event for ambivalent slaves.
  • Generic event for accepting slaves who are attracted to the PC.
  • Added a Head Girl focus to personal attention, which will either allow her to perform an additional task and build trust, or allow her to perform two additional tasks if she is perfectly trusting.
  • The repetitive recitation of slave traits' effects on sexual assignment performance on the end week report can now be suppressed from the options menu.
  • Head Girls with big dicks and powerful sex drives may have an impact on their personal slaves' holes.
  • Added links to the other options menus from the main options menu accessible from the sidebar; this will be revised further if it continues to confuse players.
  • Removed mutual week exclusivity of certain events: for example, a wedding will no longer defer a scheduled pit fight.
  • Minor descriptive improvements.
  • Bugfixes.

Monday, June 13, 2016

ALPHA 0.7.3: Sunkisses

This is a straightforward update that adds events, addresses some balance issues, and fixes bugs. As such, I expect it to be a straight line improvement in terms of stability over 0.7.2. If you're an occasional player who prefers to wait for relatively stable versions, this should be a good one to play.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.7+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1540 PST 14 June), completely save compatible. Fixed issues include:
  • Chastity belts should no longer prevent kissing.
  • Numerous nonfatal slave generation bugs.
  • Unhappiness about contraceptives due to undiscovered pregnancy fetish.
  • Snuggle event cash bug.
  • Several nonconformist event issues.
  • Typographical errors. also unlocks an event that wasn't ready in time for the main update.

0.7.3 Changelog

Appearance improvements
  • Added various minor skin distinctions, including birthmarks, beauty marks, and two levels of freckles.
  • Freckles slightly improve attractiveness if a slave's skin is fair or pale, and slightly improve it again if her hair is also red.
  • Beauty marks add to attractiveness if a slave's face is very beautiful, but detract from it if she is merely pretty or below.
  • Birthmarks add to attractiveness if a slave is prestigious, but detract from it is she is not.
  • Beauty marks and birthmarks can be removed in the Salon.
  • Skin distinctions can be added to starting slaves from the additional customization options menu.
Asset attractiveness rebalance
  • Transformation Fetishist and Asset Expansionist arcologies will use the preexisting T&A attractivness curve: diminishing returns for larger assets.
  • Slimness Enthusiast arcologies will use a new T&A attractiveness curve that heavily rewards small assets, offers minimal rewards for moderate assets, and penalizes large assets.
  • All other arcologies will use a new T&A attractiveness curve that rewards moderate asset sizes more generously, diminishing to no marginal increase at supermassive sizes.
  • There's been some confusion about exactly what this means, so here's a helpful infographic:

Event updates
  • Generic threesome event for two slaves with big tits, which can be used to pair them into a relationship.
  • Added a fairly generic massage event with the game's first nested event options.
  • Slaves with better sex skills than the Head Girl can now suggest themselves as a replacement for her in an event.
  • New future society event involving a nonconforming oligarch, with a version for each FS. PCs with the Force customization choice get an advantageous way to resolve the dilemma.
  • Added nested event options to a couple of preexisting events.
Other changes
  • New personal assistant skin: a fertility goddess type, contributed by an anon I'll credit as soon as they give me permission to do so.
  • The personal assistant will sometimes alter her appearance slightly to follow societal choices.
  • If a slave for whom a wedding is planned is somehow lost, the wedding will be canceled and the costs refunded.
  • Small descriptive expansions.
  • Minor encyclopedia updates.
  • Bugfixes.

Monday, June 6, 2016

ALPHA 0.7.2: Lingua Franca

As announced in last week's post, I have not have time to playtest and support an update since 23 May. This does not mean that I haven't had time to add to FC, making this an unusual update in weight of content: it adds five events, language and accents, Paternalist marriage, several big descriptive expansions, and more. As always, my update schedule is at the mercy of my other commitments. Once I stop adding content, playtesting, debugging and finalizing an update (not to mention actually posting and supporting the wretched thing) requires an uninterrupted block of time I don't always have. Fortunately, smaller or less contiguous time can always be used to buff up descriptions or work on a new event.

Marriage between the PC and slaves is always going to be a tough thing to reconcile with the background I've built up for the FC world. I've taken a conservative approach, limiting it to committed Paternalist arcologies. Paternalism dismisses many of the more troublesome sticking points, allowing me to get a fairly straightforward marriage system out for public playtesting. Depending on feedback, I may extend its availability, but it will look very different outside Paternalism. As it stands, it serves as a reward for the virtuous oligarch, which I'm comfortable with in the short term since the industrial dairy added such a powerful incentive to be cruel.

If you can imagine a one-sentence incident in a slave's life, please submit it as a vignette. I'll be expanding the vignette system once I have a large number of vignettes to add. One of the many painful lessons this project has taught me is that it's often more efficient to make a smaller number of larger changes, where possible. So, I'm letting submissions pile up until I can add them in big waves.

Download: DropboxMega. Latest hotfix is (1545 PST 7 June), completely save compatible. Fixes since include:
  • Prevents NGP from switching Emotionally Bonded and Emotional Slut statuses.
  • Resolves a minor issue with skipping the intro.
  • Makes the end week report pruning option visible as intended.
  • Addresses Degradationist renaming issues.
  • Firing the Rules Assistant manually now respects RA exclusions.
  • Restricted slave school sales to players reputable enough to take advantage.
  • Numerous typos and descriptive bugs.
Saves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.7+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Some new players have expressed confusion at the way I'm handling save compatibility, so here's a summary. FC saves are not compatible across major versions. Versions are distinguished by the third numeral in the version number, for example, 0.7.1 is one update, and 0.7.2 is another. I would love to maintain save compatiblity across updates, but it's a time-consuming task I decided to drop since it ate into time I could devote to adding content. I do my best to make the lack of save compatibility clear with every update I post, but apparently it needs to be reiterated.

To be completely clear, this means that if you start a game of FC using one version of the .html, download another version of the .html, and load your old save, it won't work. It might not be immediately apparent that it isn't working, but it won't work, and it won't work in interesting ways that will seriously annoy you. Don't do it, and if you do do it, don't report your comeuppance as though it were a bug. It's not.

When I release a new version, which has been happening roughly every week for some time now, you have three options if you're in the middle of a playthrough:
  • Start a new game in the new version, losing your progress.
  • Use the New Game Plus option to import up to five slaves into a new game in the new version by following the instructions in game.
  • Finish out the old game in the old version. Old versions remain available here.
An important caveat is that very occasionally, a new version won't break old saves. When this happens, I call it out very clearly. But in general, all versions should be assumed to be mutually save incompatible.

0.7.2 Changelog

Language and accents
  • The lingua franca of the arcology can now be defined at game start, and will default to the most common language of the selected continent.
  • Any language can be used, though English, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic are currently better supported than others for accent generation.
  • Slaves have one of four levels of accent: no accent at all, a light accent, a heavy accent, and difficulty speaking the lingua franca.
  • Accents are generated based on the slave's intelligence, education, nationality, and in some cases, ethnicity.
  • A light accent grants a minor bonus to attractiveness.
  • Difficulty speaking the lingua franca imposes a minor penalty to attractiveness, and will prevent slave dialog in most scenes, forcing the slave to use gestures instead.
  • Having a thick accent will make Head Girls less likely to pass most training checks.
  • Being mute now imposes a significant penalty to attractiveness.
  • Slaves will naturally learn the lingua franca and moderate their accents over time, both of which will happen more rapidly if slaves are intelligent and allowed to speak.
  • Completing basic slave education will address difficulty speaking the lingua franca.
  • The lingua franca can be changed from the arcology management menu, at heavy cost in ¤ and prosperity: doing so will reroll slaves' accents.
  • Each Revivalist future society has a corresponding language, and failing to match the lingua franca to the Revivalism will retard its adoption.
  • Added an accent elimination option for speech rules, and a rules assistant setting to support it.
Marriage expansion
  • Added slave marriage to the PC. It is a Free Cities construct, and very different from traditional matrimony.
  • In order to be married, slaves must be Emotionally Bonded to the PC and the Paternalism law must be passed, but there are no other limits to the number of marriages.
  • Slaves can be married to the PC from their individual menus, or scheduled for one of several possible slave wedding events at the end of the week.
  • Being married to the PC improves several effects of being Emotionally Bonded, such as the reputational impact of fucktoy duty.
  • Assigning a slave married to the PC to public sexual duties will disappoint her and damage reputation.
  • Selling one of your slave wives will damage your reputation and disturb your other devoted slaves.
Event updates
  • Position event for Head Girls smart enough to be worried about the state of the world.
  • Generic event for devoted slaves who want to give a little gift to the PC.
  • Generic punishment event for slaves who are reluctant to accept punitive anal sex with the Head Girl.
  • Assignment event for masterful public servants, who can encounter a MILF tourist who wants to meet the notorious owner of the arcology.
  • Checkin event for slaves whose backdoors have changed a lot since they were enslaved.
  • Checkin events are no longer mutually exclusive, so individual slaves can see as many of them as they qualify for.
  • Slaves imported via New Game Plus can now requalify for checkin events during the new game.
  • Added an option to send event criminals directly to an industrial dairy, if one is operating.
Cosmetic refinements
  • Expanded anus descriptions, and added a stat that helps describe how slaves' anuses respond to vigorous use over the long term.
  • Expanded breast descriptions, and added a breast shape stat that is only significant for certain ranges of boob size: for example, over 1500CCs, naturally perky breasts will no longer be described as such, though they will return to perkiness if their size is reduced.
  • There are six possible breast shapes, of which perky and torpedo-shaped breasts add slightly to attractiveness, saggy and downward-facing breasts are slightly negative, and wide-set and normally shaped breasts have no effect.
  • Postitive and negative effects of breast shape can be lost by raising or lowering breast size until the shape is no longer described.
  • Slaves' natural breast shape may occasionally change with drug treatment, lactation, cosmetic surgery, or other radical breast changes.
  • Simply having huge breasts can cause a slave's natural breast shape to become saggy, but at unnaturally massive sizes this effect may reverse itself with further growth.
  • Alternatively, disabling description of implant effects will also disable most mentions of breast shape.
  • These new descriptive stats can be checked and altered from the description customization submenu during starting slave customization.
Other changes
  • The most routine and predictable parts of the end week report can be suppressed from the options menu.
  • Rather than disapproving of all intelligent slaves, Degradationist societies now only disapprove if an intelligent slave is not Worshipful of the PC.
  • Degradationist societies now approve of keeping slaves in an industrialized Dairy.
  • Spare living conditions will now gradually suppress high trust even with high devotion, making universal Spare rules a way to keep the player's slaves from getting too comfortable.
  • Added more detailed descriptions of slaves' relationships for certain interesting combinations of partner stats.
  • Restored anal fetish acquisition and advancement from being cockmilked.
  • Added surgical vagina removal, which is limited to hermaphrodites since the game cannot handle slaves without sex organs.
  • Rebalanced the impact of height on beauty so that Tall rather than Very Tall is now the optimum.
  • Rebalanced the impact of T&A on beauty to offer diminishing returns at very large sizes.
  • Racial Supremacist societies will not disapprove of slaves of the chosen race unless they are assigned to whore, serve the public, or work a glory hole, or be in one of the associated facilities.
  • Boosted the adoption speed of the age preferential Future Societies by giving increased impact based on age.
  • Minor encyclopedia revisions to better reflect game mechanics.
  • Various other descriptive expansions.
  • Continued code consolidation.
  • Bugfixes.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

No update this week

I've got quite a bit of content for 0.7.2, but I won't have time to playtest, debug and polish it before next week at the earliest. So, I'd guess no update until Monday or Tuesday. As you may know if you've been following this project for a while, this is just a hobby for me, meaning that I can't always put together the necessary block of time to support an update. Here's a partial list of what 0.7.2 should include:
  • Expanded descriptions for slave bodies, including some hidden stats to make slaves appear more unique.
  • Slave marriages for the PC for Paternalist societies; I'm working on making them an in-depth social construct of sorts.
  • The usual complement of new events, including a nice chat with a slave about her anus and a chance to share FC life with a tourist.
I'll pull this post down when 0.7.2 goes up, so comments on 0.7.1 should go on its post. Meanwhile, vignette submissions remain open.