Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ALPHA 0.7.10: Wealth of Nations

This update provides a couple of examples of the way I often decide what to work on next. Sometimes there's an overall plan, but often I'll look to address a minor deficiency in the game and realize that the best way to do so thematically or for gameplay purposes is to add something new. This update adds slave retirement, and since it was necessary to give slaves some sort of existence after the various retirement options, there's also a new mechanic that allows the player to buy, sell, and own menial slaves. Similarly, some PC customization options were underpowered, so this update makes it possible for the PC to fail to detect gingering, and offers the weak customizations an advantage at detection.

The retirement system is probably going to frustrate some players. It's unforgiving by nature: at a specified moment, a slave that the player may have devoted considerable effort to vanishes from the game for most purposes. Nevertheless, I decided to add it after many requests, and because I think the game is improved by making slaves seem more lifelike. But, like other potentially obnoxious systems, it can now be toggled off.

This update also includes the game's first optional, toggleable mod. It's a lategame upgrade that provides a rowdy bunch of mercenaries commanded by a delightful individual who reminds me of a violent, rapey, coked-out Colonel Santiago. This is an optional, opt-in modification, since despite fitting into the FC world quite well, it may become non-canon at some point, and it involves a static character to a degree I'm avoiding in the base game.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.7+ saves are eligible for New Game PlusLatest hotfix is (1800 PST July 27), completely save compatible. fixes:
  • Slave generation error for mindbroken slaves in the Shelter
  • Improper crossover between outcomes of the strip club closing event
  • Bad makeup descriptions
  • Incorrect encyclopedia entries
  • Typos fixes (many contributed by Ryllnyth):
  • Minor Rules Assistant issues.
  • Corrected kitchen upgrade effects on shrinkage.
  • Industrial Dairies will no longer give mindbroken slaves mental flaws.
  • Schoolteachers will now get their correct career bonuses.
  • Patched several potential slave removal issues.
  • Marriage between the PC and slaves is now unlocked by the correct policy (was Good Treatment).
  • Bodyguards should no longer fall in love with themselves.
  • Inappropriate facility assignment UI lockouts.
  • Bad makeup and nail descriptions.
  • Several minor virginity bugs.
  • Minor event text issues.
  • Typos. fix:
  • Bug in personal training.

0.7.10 Changelog

Contributed content
  • Security Force Mod, an optional, toggleable lategame upgrade by anon1888.
  • Seven new generic recruitment events by Wahn.
Updated arcology economics
  • Three varieties of offscreen labor slaves can now be purchased in the slave markets.
  • Menial slaves are straightforward, cheap assets that will produce a small amount of income.
  • Fuckdolls are more expensive, produce more income, receive a bonus from the Degradationist Arcade policy, and cannot be purchased under Paternalism.
  • Standard Bioreactors are cheaper, produce less income, receive a bonus from the Pastoralist products policy, and cannot be purchased under Paternalism.
  • A small number of menial slaves will occasionally be added to the PC's holdings as refugees arrive at the arcology.
  • Arcades with the Fuckdoll upgrade will no longer automatically sell Fuckdolls, which will instead be added to the PC's holdings.
  • Menial slaves can be converted into Fuckdolls or Bioreactors if the appropriate facilities and facility upgrades are installed.
  • The terrain in which the arcology is located can now be specified, with impacts on prosperity, cultural development, slave market economics, and refugee arrivals.
Slave markets
  • Cleaned up and generally improved the slave markets, with new descriptions and better slave generation code.
  • Revised some existing text so that the PC is now described as physically visiting the arcology's slave markets.
  • Added a runaway slave catchers section of the markets, selling skilled but rebellious slaves.
  • Added a daredevil slave raiders section of the markets, selling slaves who have just reached their majorities.
  • It is now possible for the PC to fail to detect gingering unless he or she has the Slaver background.
  • The Mercenary background and Use of Force rumor both offer an extra chance to detect gingering through intimidation; these stack.
  • Added four new varieties of gingering for a total of seven.
Slave retirement
  • Slaves that reach a customizable retirement age will now retire and be removed from gameplay.
  • There are four different types of retirement, which are enacted through policies.
  • Slaves' value at sale will begin to decrease once they age to within five years of retirement.
  • Slaves will experience anticipation, positive or negative, once they age to within five years of retirement.
  • Retirees will become citizens, Fuckdolls, standard bioreactors, or menial slaves depending on retirement policy.
  • Retiring a slave will affect your other slaves mentally, with varying effects depending on the retirement and any relationships.
Other updates
  • Marriage between slaveowners and slaves is now a standalone policy which damages reputation; advanced Paternalism will prevent this malus.
  • Added other new policies, for a total of 70.
  • Added line separations to most slave lists: the old list style can be reenabled under summary options.
  • Added a toggle at game start to disable slave aging and remove all aging-related content: unlike other toggles it cannot be changed during a playthrough.
  • Mindbroken option added to starting slave customization.
  • Added a new career experience category for the Bodyguard.
  • Increased healing in the Clinic and applied the curative upgrade to slaves in the Clinic if present.
  • Lurchers with huge clits will now use them properly when successfully coursing.
  • Heavy lactation will now have additional long term effects on nipples.
  • Applied a hard floor of ¤1000 to slave valuation to prevent some policy exploits.
  • Size queens will now enjoy being stretched out by huge plugs and dildoes.
  • Additions to the encyclopedia.
  • Bugfixes.

Monday, July 25, 2016

No update today

I have a very solid update ready to go, but I won't have the time to push and support it until tomorrow, Tuesday July 26, at the earliest. As a friendly reminder, though I've been pushing an update most Mondays for some time, I cannot commit to a regular update schedule. As partial compensation, here's a preview of 0.7.10 features:
  • Four kinds of slave retirement, the ability to set a custom retirement age, and a toggle to suppress all aging.
  • Slave market improvements, including improved gingering, two new markets, and more.
  • New starting option to define the Free City in which the arcology is located as urban, rural or seaborne.
  • Faceless menial slaves in several varieties, which can be bought, sold, converted and more.
  • Long overdue UI improvements.

Monday, July 18, 2016

ALPHA 0.7.9: Power to the People

This update makes small additions to many areas. At this point, FC has several active contributors, and integrating their work is inevitably absorbing some time. The most significant of my own original contributions to this update are Free Cities versions of traditional animal practices: a complex monthly racing event based on coursing and a new feature of the slave markets based on gingering.

More contributions are always welcome, of course. More than anything else, FC needs more generic random sexual events between the player and his or her slaves. Coding these is extremely simple; if you can write a good sex scene, you can easily create one by altering a preexisting and mechanically similar event. I'm happy to help explain things to potential contributors by email.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.7+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1900 PST July 20), completely save compatible. fixes:
  • Slave ages will no longer reset to 18
  • Removed duplicate policy entries fixes:
  • Nonfunctional Slave Market Regulations should now apply properly
  • Fixed bad rename text boxes
  • Corrected minor facility name mistakes fixes:
  • Fixed numerous arcology and facility renaming bugs
  • Fixed a recruitment event error
  • Revised recruitment event slave generation to avoid ethnicity strangeness
  • Gender Radicalist policy nonsense will no longer appear in the end week report
  • Fixed the Club advertisement descriptions
  • NGP should now correctly reset birth weeks
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally produce recruits with phantom dicks
  • Addressed an oversight that could lead to double aging
  • The taste test event will no longer fire unless two slaves qualify for it
  • Prevented some misapplications of gingering during events
  • Typos fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that was resetting the Lurcher to an earlier state after coursing
  • Incorporated a contributor's hotfixes
  • Prevented an instance of impregnation without defloration that could lead to the birth of the Messiah
  • Added a floor to arcade usage
  • Removed remnant Collection Facility code
  • Circumcision toggle issues
  • Prevented more misapplications of gingering
  • Choosing to get counseling should no longer dematerialize slaves
  • Typos

0.7.9 Changelog

CornCobMan modpack integration
  • More hair and eye colors.
  • More branding options.
  • Two more clothing options: a silk ballgown and a halter top dress.
  • Revised and extended the facility naming mechanic to cover all facilities.
  • Revised and extended the arcology naming mechanic.
  • Added an organ ready notification to the main menu.
  • Slave health above 10 will no longer add to attractiveness.
  • Added the option to enslave all slaves for certain events, though the Continue button will still do this.
  • Gave slaves birth weeks, which increment every week and increases age every 52 weeks (credit to Anon).
  • More nicknames (credit for most to Anon).
  • More names.
Additional age content
  • Slaves' ages can now be displayed in detail or left described in general.
  • Reduced the soft age cap for randomly generated slaves to 42 as a workaround pending the addition of detailed slave retirement.
  • Added a major sexual assignment bonus for slaves who recently turned 18.
New events
  • Added a Coursing Association policy, which enables a monthly coursing event in which slaves chase freshly enslaved chattel.
  • Generic threesome event for a pair of obedient slaves.
  • Seven new generic recruitment events, by Wahn.
Policy changes
  • More policies, for a total of 64.
  • Rebalanced future society policies to be available slightly earlier in societal progression.
  • Most slave market regulations will now increase the minimum price of slaves due to bureaucracy.
Other updates
  • Slaves in the markets may now be gingered, drugged to mislead buyers about their behavior; a policy can be enacted to stamp out the practice.
  • Rewrote much of the sex act count code to incorporate policies, slaves' skills and bodies, and more.
  • The luxury upgrade for the Master Suite will now have the effect of placing slaves there on luxurious living standards in addition to its preexisting effects.
  • Gave the player the option to specify which flaw to fix or soften.
  • Improved the logic which selects a goal to suggest when selecting a new slave for personal attention.
  • Revised the Clinic logic to be less aggressive about ejecting patients.
  • Added a None option to the Rules Assistant settings for tattoos to permit automated tattoo removal.
  • References to lethal gladiatorial combat will no longer occur unless the player takes steps to encourage the practice.
  • Brand designs can now be customized.
  • Various descriptive improvements including revised archetypes and lifetime sexual achievements.
  • Minor encyclopedia additions.
  • Bugfixes.

Monday, July 11, 2016

ALPHA 0.7.8: Public Good

This update moves several existing mechanics into a policy system. Reputation subsidies, prosperity subsidies, and all the future society laws have been recast as policies with minimal changes. Some of the laws have been split into multiple policies, and new policies have been added, for a total of 55 possible policy options. Only a fraction of these will be accessible at any one time, since many have prerequisites.

This system is designed to be much simpler to add options to than before, so I intend to include many more. Feel free to suggest policies that you'd like to implement. Of course, the more sweeping a policy is, the harder it'll be for me to add it. Something like a simple subsidy that affects one thing is quick and easy; something like mandatory female enslavement is tough, since all references to female citizens would have to be recoded. I'll consider everything, of course, and I've dumped a ton of time on cool ideas before: but straightforward suggestions have better chances.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.7+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1045 PST July 12), completely save compatible. fixes include:
  • Fixed a bug that would repeatedly wipe out FS progress, breaking all FS impacts on attractiveness
  • Quarantined orphan code that was throwing error messages into active passages
  • Fixed long form description dick accessory error
  • Prevented a weather cladding effect from appearing when the upgrade is not installed
  • Fixed several event trigger issues with body mod and growth hormone request events
  • Language text box should now properly default to the current lingua franca
  • Fixed several misleading slave summary oddities
  • Restricted the effects of Unflinching on Devotion to slaves without perfected Devotion
  • Corrected effects for pro immigration cash and reputation policies
  • Prevented attractiveness from being assayed to a negative value
  • Fixed bugged weekly resetting of individual porn subsidies to a tiny value
  • Added a reputation cheat to the options menu
  • Typos and grammatical issues
In addition, I am aware of the birth counter not working properly.

0.7.8 Changelog

Arcology Policies
  • Added a new policy menu, accessible from the arcology management screen.
  • The preexisting future society laws and weekly subsidies have been recast as policies, with some balance adjustments.
  • Added many other policies with varying requirements, for a total of 55.
Event updates
  • Added six new generic recruitment events, by Wahn.
  • Revised existing recruitment event triggers to avoid drowning the player in recruitment events.
  • Position specific event for Nurses horny enough to molest unconscious patients.
  • Added a body mod request event similar to the drug request event; slaves can be told to stop asking.
  • Slaves can also be told to stop asking for asset expansion.
UI streamlining
  • Placed all existing and new universal slave rules in a new universal rules menu.
  • Cleaned up the arcology management screen and moved several links over to the sidebar.
  • Added hotkeys to the sidebar links from the arcology management screen.
  • Added hotkey hints.
Other updates
  • Added a starting option to suppress all mention of circumcision.
  • The Industrial Dairy will now strip cows of their career skills, replacing them with a powerful mental hardening effect should the cow remain sane.
  • Reworked Gender Fundamentalist advancement to encourage chastity cage use where appropriate.
  • Cheat Mode will now unlock all clothing choices for manual selection.
  • Added a complete list of career bonuses to the Encyclopedia, coded to update itself with any future career evisions.
  • Continuing code consolidation.
  • Bugfixes.

Monday, July 4, 2016

ALPHA 0.7.7: Independence Day

I was sorely tempted to include an American Revivalism future society with this one, but it would be half Bioshock Infinite and half political commentary, and parody and politics are both things I'm trying to avoid. 0.7.6 and previous versions included a sexy nurse outfit and no sexy nurse. Obviously unacceptable. This update includes an unusually large number of things I want to get feedback on, so bear with me here.

Absurd bodies are awesome. From a game design perspective, I think it's better when they're more difficult to achieve and maintain; this keeps them special. Up to now, the game has mostly been treating different body parts as separate from one another, which could lead to nonsensical results like an emaciated slave with fifty kilos of tits. This update adds several interactions between diet, weight, and asset size. They won't affect core gameplay and can be safely ignored, unless the player wishes to manipulate them to maximize growth. In that case, there are all sorts of strategies possible that I haven't fully explored. For example, simultaneously overfeeding, resting, and breast injecting a slave until the desired breast size is achieved, and then having her work off the resultant chubbiness elsewhere, is now faster than trying to achieve everything at once.

This update includes an event in which a sexually aggressive slave has her way with another slave. I really like this kind of interaction: not only is it hot, but it invokes a lot of interesting themes, especially when the dominant slave used to be resistant to slavery. However, it's dangerous ground for players with specific ideas about ownership of their slaves and who, exactly, is allowed to do what to whom. As with previous events like this, I've done my best to ensure that the event won't appear if the player's rules would forbid it, and to make it clear that the slaves involved are doing their best to remain slavish despite what's going on. If this doesn't work for you, and you find your slaves behaving in ways you'd like to punish but can't, let me know.

After repeated requests, chastity cages are now in the game. As depicted, they're very uncomfortable to get an erection in, but do not make orgasm from other erogenous zones impossible. Slaves wearing them should not be touching their own dicks, getting their dicks touched, or dicking anyone. I've tried to catch all of these, but if experience with chastity belts is any guide, I've missed many of such instances. Please report them as bugs. Speaking of bugs, I'm aware of the bug that is sometimes causing the wrong slave to be removed. It is not addressed yet, but finding, fixing, and destroying it is now priority number one.

Download: DropboxMegaSaves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.7+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. Latest hotfix is (1045 PST July 7), completely save compatible. is severely bugged; please do not report issues from that build. fixes include:
  • Fixed a massive issue that was preventing many weekly effects from firing
  • Prevented a misapplication of fertility drugs
  • Maxed balls will prevent ball growth drugs from being applied
  • Fixed event errors fixes include:
  • Corrected bad age descriptions
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing phallic feeder effects
  • The RA should now apply chastity cages correctly
  • Fixed more event errors
  • Updated the Encyclopedia fixes include:
  • Restricted spa admission to slaves who can benefit
  • Added messages to the Clinic and Spa to flag admissions permissions
  • Fixed master suite pregnancy upgrade costs
  • Implants no longer count towards asset size for tissue effects
  • Restored more missing effects
  • Fixed more event errors
0.7.7 Changelog

Spa rebalance and Clinic addition
  • The Spa has been rebalanced to focus more on slaves' devotion and trust than their health, and can raise these to a high level.
  • The Spa focus on mental health has been retained, and careers in mental health are now advantageous for the Attendant.
  • A new facility, the Clinic, has been added to take over the Spa's medical purposes: it is designed to be used to treat authentically unhealthy slaves.
  • The Clinic's leadership position is the Nurse, who benefits from having a medical background, and being intelligent, dominant, physically fit, and pretty.
  • The Clinic can be upgraded to slowly reverse the effects of long term drug use, an effect that will stack with other methods of doing this.
Weight and Assets
  • Diets and weight will now impact the effects of breast and butt growth injections, with plush bodies and generous feeding supporting more rapid growth.
  • The Rules Assistant can be instructed to overfeed slaves on growth injections to promote rapid growth.
  • Slaves with assets grossly out of porportion to their weight will experience gradual asset shrinkage as their bodies burn fat from those areas.
Chastity cages
  • Added chastity cages to the game for slaves with dicks. These prevent penetrative use and touching, and make erections uncomfortable, making orgasm harder but not impossible.
  • Slaves who desire release will suffer in chastity cages unless they are either buttsluts or complete nymphos.
  • Rebalanced existing chastity belt effects.
Other updates
  • Master Suite pregnancy support upgrade, by Anon1888.
  • Yearly event to celebrate the Free City's independence day, including a speech by the PC built from more than 150 possible clauses.
  • Chastity cage event for slaves who are willing to do anything to avoid the discomfort.
  • Fertility drugs may now induce quasi-natural lactation in healthy slaves. 
  • The effects of future society laws on randomly generated slaves will not be applied to slaves the PC is enslaving themselves, and will be called out when they are applied.
  • The racial laws now have mild eugenic components regarding slaves with balls if they are present in the game.
  • Added an add money cheat to the options menu, after seeing many anons asking for one; this will add "the Cheater" to the PC's titles.
  • Code consolidation.
  • Bugfixes.