Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ALPHA 0.10.5: Percent Complete

I apologize for the lengthy wait between updates. I've had the time to work with contributors on GitHub and create a little content myself lately, but not much to support a public actual update. That means there's quite a bit of new stuff here that's built up since 0.10.4, including quite a few really nice quality of life improvements from contributors.

This update makes a small change to the disposition of slaves' children, which is based on a player suggestion that I thought did a good job of addressing player feedback on having all children born to the PC's slaves remanded to slave orphanages, while also keeping depiction of underage characters out of the game. It's now possible to pay to have slaves' children raised as citizens, or schooled privately. Both child-rearing options remain completely offscreen, as before. Their only in-game impact is their cost, their understandably major impact on the slave mother's opinion of the player, and their predictable reputational effects with Paternalists and Degradationists.

I would like to emphasize that the game does not track the children in any way, meaning that the child-rearing and the associated expenses have no end date. This would occur after a monstrous 936 turns if I were to depict it, however, so I don't think it's a serious deficiency. If I had the free year, the team, the art budget, and the requisite insanity to create Free Cities 2, I'd probably set the turn length at two to six months, to allow simulation of slave breeding and succession within a reasonable number of turns. There are definitely some other fun long-term ideas this would allow, as well. But that's air castle building. FC is meant to depict a moment in history and the PC's role in it, for a couple of years, and the weekly turns work well for that.

Saves from previous versions are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. The vector artpack has received a minor expansion with version 0.10.4.

Latest version save compatible

Artpacks please download and use the latest .html above fixes
  • Restored the bovine tattoo options and integrated them with this update's UI and descriptive changes.
  • Addressed an issue with amputees under the new body modification UI.
  • Corrected body modification omissions in the long form slave description.
  • Addressed problems with sexuality display in the new slave summary code. fixes
  • Fixed the upkeep issue for new saves; firing Backwards Compatibility will resolve this for existing saves.
  • Much better randomization of slaves for many existing two-slave events.
  • Fixes display issue caused by virginity and other statuses with summary display.
  • Certain future society specific events not involving slaves should now direct play appropriately.
0.10.5 changelog

Rules Assistant growth targets
  • The Rules Assistant can now be given independent and customizable growth targets for breasts, butts, lips, and, if present, dicks and balls.
  • Provided a set of convenient shortcuts that replicate the preexisting growth regimes by setting the new growth targets to the values that system used.
  • Slaves in the penthouse with multiple body parts targeted for expansion will get injections for the part that is farthest from the growth target; the RA report reflects this.
  • Slaves in facilities with with multiple body parts targeted for expansion are managed with simpler, faster logic that concentrates on one body part at a time.
Disposition of slaves' children
  • The player may now intervene when a slave gives birth, sending the child to be raised as a citizen or raised privately, or allow the child to go to a slave orphanage as previously.
  • The two new options will incur recurring costs, please the mother, please Paternalists, and displease Degradationists.
  • Greatly increased the mental effects of allowing slaves' children to go to a slave orphanage as previously.
  • This system does not track or depict slaves' children, and nothing will change after 936 turns, or 18 in-game years.
New events
  • Three new two-slave events: begging for sex, incestuous nursing, and cockmilk interception.
  • New acquisition event in which a slave sold earlier escapes and returns.
  • New individual event involving a gagged slave, by FreeCitiesBandit.
Other updates
  • Made slave summaries partially persistent, slowing initial slave summary generation each week, but speeding all subsequent slave lists.
  • Added a late game raiding policy that unlocks targeted enslavement events for the mercenaries, by FreeCitiesBandit.
  • New eye color options, tattoos, tailed plugs, highlights, and other style choices.
  • Split the wardrobe off into its own submenu to reduce individual menu clutter and provide for more options.
  • Made relationship names links in slaves' individual menus.
  • Slave art will now be displayed in appropriate individual submenus.
  • Added tabs to facility menus and generally improved submenu organization.
  • Provided a new inflation focused slave induction option when a Dairy is present.
  • Provided better slave induction options for cumsluts.
  • Slightly revised Head Girl attention logic, and made it more efficient.
  • Revised encyclopedia navigation.
  • Better lisping in many scenes.
  • Numerous minor content expansions and revisions.
  • Bugfixes.

As always much of this content was contributed via GitHub, and is not attributed without permission.