Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ALPHA 0.10.6: The Nuclear Family

This update integrates Extended Family Mode, a major mechanic from PregMod, a long-running modification of Free Cities. I'd like to offer thanks to the mod's author and to the other contributors who helped facilitate the integration. Put simply, Extended Family Mode allows slaves to have any number of family members. This is an extremely invasive modification to integrate, and serious bugs are inevitable.

As such, what you can do with Extended Family Mode is currently very limited. The primary way of building large slave families is to create them at the start of a new game, and there are limitations on this; in particular, complex parentage structures aren't currently possible. If this feels limited, that's because it is; more ways of collecting many interrelated slaves will be added as the system matures. As provided, Extended Family Mode is an extremely robust system, which I was grateful for as I created the starting slave creation code for it.

On a less mechanically radical note, this update also adds a significant story expansion, involving an old world peacekeeping force sent to stabilize a war-torn area near the Free City. Events involving the peacekeepers will take place alongside the existing story events rather than fitting in before or after them, and the peacekeepers can in fact play a minor role in several existing situations. The presence of the peacekeepers presents the player with a choice: work to undermine and eliminate a powerful old world presence near the arcology, or accept the threat and seek to take indirect control of it?

Finally, a contributor descriptively named prndev has done impressive work with the vector art. Not only is it now integrated into the code, making separate resources unnecessary; but the art will also now display much more efficiently. All in all, I've been getting some outstanding assistance with FC lately; my thanks to everyone who's been contributing.

Saves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. The vector artpack is no longer necessary.

Latest version: 
MegaDropbox. save compatible

Rendered Artpack: Mega. please download and use the latest .html above

0.10.6 changelog

Extended Family Mode

  • Integrated Extended Family Mode from PregMod, which supports multiple family members at the cost of increased performance demands.
  • The Extended Family Mode integration was provided complete with a toggle at game start, which is recommended for players not using large families due to its performance demands.
  • Provided limited support for Extended Family Mode during starting slave creation; for now, this feature makes some assumptions about family structure in edge cases.
prndev's vector art integration
  • prndev integrated the existing vector art into the game's code, making the vector art resources unnecessary and improving performance.
  • Provided continuous scaling for several body parts, replacing the previous separate .svgs; this is in an early state and may result in excessive boob.
  • Created a proper, flexible color system, replacing the previous separate precolored .svgs; this system is capable of recognizing any HTML-compliant color name.
  • Added a shine effect to latex.
  • Documentation for the new vector art code is included at \artTools\README.md; contributing vector art is now much easier.
The Peacekeepers
  • After the player defeats the invasion from the collapsing old world nation, a surviving old world military power may now dispatch a peacekeeping mission to stabilize the area.
  • Having such an significant old world military presence near the arcology will cause a minor but continual drain on the PC's reputation.
  • The peacekeepers, led by a named general officer, may appear in some or all of five events, offering various tradeoffs.
  • The PC may pay to foment opposition to the peacekeeping mission in the forces' home country, eventually resulting in their withdrawal.
  • Alternatively, the PC may support the peacekeepers, potentially leading to their becoming an independent client state of the PC's arcology that offers menial slaves as tribute.
  • The PC may further improve their relationship to the peacekeepers by providing them with sex slaves, which can lead to them developing specific tastes in that regard.
Cosmetic surgery
  • Revised the existing facial cosmetic surgery stat to track how facially artificial the slave looks, with all facial surgeries contributing.
  • High facial artificiality will directly reduce beauty; Body Purism increases this effect, while Transformation Fetishism eliminates it.
  • Upgraded surgeries and PCs with surgical skills will both reduce the artificiality added by each facial surgery, effectively raising the facial surgery cap.
  • Age lifts' effects on beauty are now increased and decreased by Youth and Maturity Preferentialism, respectively.
Other updates
  • Significant encyclopedia revisions and additions.
  • Numerous minor content expansions, descriptive improvements, and UI tweaks.
  • Bugfixes.
As always much of this content was contributed via GitHub, and is not attributed without permission.