Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ALPHA 0.6.10: Tissue Engineering

This is as good a time as any to note something about my creative process and the way I prioritize content. I don't include things I can't imagine: when something goes into FC, it's because I can picture it with clarity. I frequently get good suggestions that I can't quite picture, usually because they don't appeal to my own predelictions, and in those cases I am obliged to either force out substandard content or abandon the idea. (The best examples of this are scenes of the PC dominantly riding a slave's dick, which are frequently requested and could fit the setting if well written, but I can't write well.) More often, I get suggestions that I can see perfectly, sparking creative drive, and in they go. Finally, many scenes I imagine independently make it into the game, because they appeal to me personally. What this means is that there's going to be a bias in the content I add to FC in favor of stuff that I like, because I imagine things I like. I'm well aware that the game is not short of content involving big tits and anal sex, but I'm biased that way. Since I'm doing this because it's fun, that's not likely to change anytime soon.

That said, I'm amenable to popular requests if they can be addressed without too much work. I've added an organ farm to the pharmaceutical fabricator. It can currently grow ovaries, penises, and testicles for implantation. This is not going to be a major content focus going forward: it simply leverages existing code. It does not add previously impossible combinations of organs. It is not possible, for example, to give a slave two dicks, and I don't plan to add all the necessary code to handle that. All the organ farm does is offer an  expensive and slow way to move any slave to any currently supported genital layout. Since XX, XY and hermaphrodite slaves are already supported, this was a fairly straightforward addition. That's where I intend to leave it, to give players who really like radical transformation content a goal to work toward, and to provide a platform for modding in additional extreme body layouts if modders so desire. This addition brushes right up against the edge of what I think of as technologically possible in the FC world. I'm not particularly bothered by that, though, since it's described as being experimental, and it's deliberately balanced to be unprofitable and unavailable until the late game. Finally, a note on medical details I have intentionally left unspecified in-game: as far as the code is concerned, these organs make slaves biologically indistinguishable from slaves who have them naturally. That implies that all the relevant plumbing is included, so for example the "ovaries" option probably includes a uterus, Fallopian tubes, etc.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work for standard gameplay, but saves from 0.6.8+ can be used for the New Game Plus function. Hotfix (2135 PST) addresses Cellblock and Dairy misdirects and Shelter career setting. Save compatible.

0.6.10 Changelog

Organ farm
  • Added an expensive, high reputation upgrade to the pharmaceutical fabricator that allows it to grow organs. It currently supports ovaries, penises, and testicles.
  • Organs are slave-specific and are started from slaves' individual surgery menus. Only a single organ can be grown per slave at any one time.
  • A list of all organs being grown can be viewed in the fabricator's submenu.
  • An alert will appear on the main menu during weeks in which an organ is ready for implantation, which is then performed from slaves' individual surgery menus.
Event updates
  • New events to check back in with two kinds of slaves who have changed since enslavement: formerly ugly slaves doing well at sex work, and slaves who did not like the dick but now do.
  • Event for slaves devoted enough to do a little intramural slavebreaking of their own.
  • The Shelter inspector will now hold off for a short time to allow the player a grace period to improve shelter slaves.
Other changes
  • Added appraisal miniscenes on slave sale which give a flavorful but comprehensive listing of applicable value multipliers.
  • Players who know the system and are uninterested in the new appraisal scenes can disable them from the options menu.
  • Added slave reactions to being assigned to the brothel. Like the industrial dairy assignment reactions, these are for flavor only and have no stat impact.
  • Since the reactions to facility assignments are for flavor only, added an option to the options menu to disable them.
  • Gave the Cellblock an expensive upgrade that softens inmate flaws at the cost of devotion.
  • Increased the chem damage penalty to production for slaves in a fully industrial dairy to encourage induction of fresh stock.
  • Very low sex drive can now reduce high attraction to either gender.
  • Bleached anuses will no longer prevent Purist bonuses for being free of body modification.
  • Pruned many main menu stats for mindbroken slaves, since they no longer have an impact. These qualities are still viewable in a slave's individual menu.
  • Lactation now gives a small bonus to performance on sexual assignments.
  • Head Girls will only attempt to soften flaws if a slave lacks a corresponding quirk; if she does not the HG will remove that flaw instead. 
  • Recoded the way familial recruitment events work to make the recruited slave better resemble the recruiter as she was at enslavement.
  • New Shelter slave origins.
  • Added a toggle on the economics report to always subsidize growth or reputation.
  • Split main menu visibility of arcology and desk descriptions into distinct options.
  • Many minor description expansions.
  • Bugfixes.

Monday, April 18, 2016

ALPHA 0.6.9: Familiar Faces

This update adds a simple but significant playability improvement: New Game Plus. When it's activated, the game restarts, reloading everything except up to five slaves selected for importation and most settings. New Game Plus will also migrate most settings, including the Rules Assistant, and will treat the old player character as the default during character creation. This should reduce frustration for players who dislike laboriously recreating the same starting slaves and the same Rules Assistant every time they start a new game. In addition, this function can serve to migrate five slaves across game versions. At present, only saves from 0.6.8+ will import properly, but this function should provide at least some minimal save compatibility going forward. Speaking of usability, assignment shortcuts for the simple jobs can now be toggled on for the main menu. They're on by default for now.

Since I rarely take my playtest runs out beyond the final plot events, I've been attentive to feedback about gameplay between the 75 and 100 turn marks. (Going past 100 turns is of course fine, but it takes the game past design scope.) I hadn't considered that the mercenaries become a dead weight when the final plot event string completes before getting feedback to that effect. So, there's now a capstone event for the mercenaries after they become irrelevant for events that allows them to defray their upkeep costs.

There's an increasing amount of modding activity going on out there. While that's cool, I've also gotten a couple of bug reports from players who are obviously using mods. If you are using a modded version of FC, do not report bugs here. If you do, you're probably going to waste a great deal of developer time and energy as I hunt for a bug that I can't find and can't fix. Any version of FC from anywhere except here or TFGames is modded.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work for standard gameplay, but saves from 0.6.8 can be used for the New Game Plus function. Latest hotfix is, posted at 1915 PST. Fixes rep/cash bug (twice), femcum overflow bug, pregType error, feelings error, assignment conflicts, and NGP event flag resetting. Compatible with 0.6.9 saves.

0.6.9 Changelog

New Game Plus
  • Added an experimental New Game Plus option, activated from the Options menu from the sidebar.
  • New Game Plus should be capable of successfully migrating saves across game versions that do not add slave stats (at present, only saves from 0.6.8+ are compatible).
  • The function has several minor limitations: it will default all slaves' assignments to Rest, and it will reduce breasts over 10,000cc to that value.
  • Using the New Game Plus option will severely limit the resources awarded at game start.
Event updates
  • New midgame plot event involving a plea for help from one of five possible old world groups. Abusing them can make the invasion event happen early.
  • Spaced out plot events slightly to allow more to be added before the current endgame.
  • Added shortcuts to events which award many slaves to immediately sell all of them or give them all away to meritorious citizens for a reputation boost.
  • Lategame plot event triggered by satisfaction of all mercenary-related objectives that allows the mercs to contribute to the corporation's enslavement efforts.
  • Revised several preexisting events to leverage stat additions from 0.6.7 and 0.6.8.
Other changes
  • Slaves and funds left behind by the previous owner of the arcology will now total a value of exactly ¤25000 when starting a game normally. The most valuable hardcoded slaves will no longer appear at start as a result, but do remain available for purchase.
  • Added sanity checks to starting slave customization to curtail some of the most nonsensical combinations of stats.
  • Added common assignment shortcuts to slaves' entries on the main menu, and an option to toggle them off to the description menu.
  • Pushed back the onset of severe weather slightly.
  • Added a preferred refreshment option to player character customization: this has no gameplay effect, but will appear as flavor in several events.
  • The hormonal balancing upgrade for the penthouse kitchen will now prevent a slave's natural hormones from changing her body.
  • Better descriptive support for hermaphrodites with ovaries.
  • Paternalist renaming will now properly exclude slaves who have already received titles.
  • Gender Fundamentalism and not Gender Radicalism will now remove balls from most randomly generated slaves if dick content is enabled.
  • Edo slave names.
  • Improved some fetish acquisition logic.
  • Rebalanced prosperity cap upgrades, and added another upgrade at the high end.
  • Better settings compliance for some events to eliminate appearances of dicks with dick content disabled.
  • Event check revisions for better performance.
  • Bugfixes.

Friday, April 15, 2016

ALPHA 0.6.8: Commanding Heights

This update adds another source of slaves: the Slave Shelter. This idea came from a couple of anons on /d/ who wanted abused slaves to be nice to without having to do the abusing. It offers downtrodden slaves abandoned by previous owners at a fixed fee. These are generated from a short list of hardcoded abusive backgrounds; there are only a few of these,  but once I've gotten feedback on the basic approach I'll certainly add more. (Feel free to make suggestions.) You're supposed to permit the Shelter to inspect such slaves to check on them, though of course you can refuse, and you're not supposed to resell Shelter slaves, although of course you can. The Shelter can get mad at you, banning you or even publicly listing you as a bad slaveowner.

That done, I felt like adding something mean. So, this update merges the Dairy and the Collection Facility. Doesn't sound cruel? Bear with me here. The facility system needs work, and the serious overlap between the Dairy and the Collection Facility needed to be addressed first. (Once I made it possible to milk slaves in the Collection Facility, the Collection Facility had little reason to exist.) The updated facility will accept slaves that can give milk, cum, or both. All preexisting upgrades now have settings: Inactive, Active, and Industrial. These can be adapted to replicate the old, milk-free Collection Facility, if desired. The industrial settings are gated behind the extreme content filter, and they require the restraints upgrade, even for Worshipful slaves. (Getting there.) Each upgrade has a different effect on Industrial, and I won't spoil the details, but a fully Industrial dairy pretty much drains a slave's devotion, trust, vaginal and anal integrity, skills, intelligence, and eventually sanity out through her nipples, her womb (if she's fertile), and her dick (if she has one). Going full Industrial seemed overpowered in playtesting, but it's power purchased with an iota of the player's soul. It is not nice.

I've gotten a lot of requests lately for more supermassive content. An industrialized dairy can stretch holes past their preexisting maximum sizes, and can expand breasts to a maximum of around 25 kilograms (each). Since I have not yet added code to handle slaves with 50kg of tits interacting with the rest of the game, going over 10,000cc will lock slaves into the dairy. But if you're maximizing production, you should be doing that anyway.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. Hotfix, save compatible, at 1745 PST. Fixes numerous minor bugs.

0.6.8 Changelog

Shelter slaves
  • New and unique slave source: the Slave Shelter. It offers discarded slaves who've had rough lives.
  • The Slave Shelter offers a single case for placement with a good Master each week.
  • Once healthy and happy, Slave Shelter slaves will provide extra Reputation if placed on public assignments.
  • The Shelter disapproves of resale of its slaves.
  • The PC can be banned from the Shelter. Adopting Degradationism does this instantly.
  • The Shelter can place the PC on a list of abusive slaveowners if the PC takes advantage of it. Paternalist societies will disapprove of this; Degradationist societies will think it's funny.
Dairy expansion
  • Collection Facility merged with Dairy.
  • Collectrix merged with Milkmaid. Some skill bonuses have been reworked; Milkmaids will dick cockmilked slaves like Collectrices did, if appropriate.
  • Many new settings, which can be used to closely replicate the old Dairy or Collection facility if desired.
  • These include Industrial settings, which will boost growth and production to extreme levels, but will severely damage cows. They require restraints and are flagged as extreme content.
  • Industrial settings can push breasts well past 10000cc, but doing so will lock the slave into the dairy for now.
  • Vaginal and anal Industrial settings will stretch those holes past the previous maximum size.
  • Special descriptive scene for slaves being added to a Dairy with many Industrial settings active with many variations depending on the slave's attitude.
  • The Dairy is now renameable.
New events
  • Event for slaves who want to advance their relationships.
  • Inspection event for slaves who came from the Slave Shelter, including the game's most emasculating insult so far.
Other updates
  • Arcades now renameable.
  • Gave hermaphrodites a value multiplier, which is greatly increased if both parts are fertile.
  • Low sex drives now give a significant bonus to the Subordinate Servant assignment and service in the Servant's Quarters.
  • Compressed the abbreviated main menu again.
  • Sex drive suppression smart clit piercing setting.
  • Waist and labia options for starting slave customization.
  • Removed brand effects on reputation from milk cows.
  • Added a renaming scheme for Paternalism.
  • Provided basic descriptive support for supermassive breasts, vaginas, and anuses, though many scenes are either unavailable for such slaves or treat them as being at the preexisting maximum.
  • Made multiple pregnancy possible, and added fertility drugs that boost the chances of multiple pregnancy if taken at conception.
  • Bugfixes.

Monday, April 11, 2016

ALPHA 0.6.7: "Partial Inversions"

This is a maintenance update which adds events, fills content holes, fixes bugs, and expands the encyclopedia. During my own recent playtests good girls were seeing a lot of placeholder events, so I've added three events for Devoted slaves. They all present a choice that will intensify fetishes, for all your top-quality slaves who haven't quite reached a kinky apogee.

Hates/Adores Men (and their Women-oriented counterparts) were overtaken by the addition of XX and XY attraction. I've recast them into behavioral rather than sexual qualities which describe a slave's feelings about the company of men or women when they aren't actively banging. Naturally, this can bleed over into sexuality.

I'm getting a lot of suggestions for expanded mercenary content. These are all cool ideas and I'd love to add them, but I've decided to save more complex military matters for my next game. The scope of FC has to be limited somewhere.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will probably work. Hotfix (1620 PST) removes debugging indicators left in the release in error and allows the glossary to close properly. Save compatible.

0.6.7 Changelog

New events
  • Event for enthusiastic masturbators, with generic, fetish-advancing, and cute++ options.
  • Broadly similar event for slaves confident enough to show their fetishes off in public.
  • Broadly similar event for slaves with powerful sex drives who need a little attention.
  • Refitted the acquisition events for Chattel Religionism and Physical Idealism; added new acquisition events for the five future societies still missing one.
Other updates
  • Greatly expanded the encyclopedia: this is a big task, and it isn't finished.
  • Added more nuance to nipples. Partially and fully inverted nipples are now possible, and can be permanently protruded with piercings or milking. This is uncomfortable: most slaves will dislike it, but masochists will be pleased.
  • Level three fetishes should now prevent fetish changes as a hard rule; smart clit piercings are the only override.
  • More customization options for starting girls, including lactation, pregnancy, nipples, and family relationships.
  • Recast the Hates Men and Hates Women flaws, and the corresponding Adores Men and Adores Women quirks, into behavioral rather than sexual qualities.
  • High XX Attraction can soften or remove Hates Women, and high XY Attraction can soften or remove Hates Men.
  • Maximized XX and XY attraction is now described as omnisexuality; there is no mechanical change.
  • Added special descriptions for some interesting combinations of mental qualities that seem facially absurd.
  • Rebalanced milk production to give gradually diminishing returns for bigger tits: below J-cup/2000cc production is now higher; above it, production is somewhat lower.
  • The Dairy will now naturally fill skinny slaves out to Plush.
  • Improved the effects of the Hard Work and Force starting options.
  • Expanded genital descriptions; this looks more significant than it is, since an undiscovered bug was preventing many preexisting descriptions from appearing.
  • Various other descriptive and UI tweaks.
  • Updated the Rules Assistant to handle recently added content and be less breast-obsessed when set to apply growth hormones at will.
  • Bugfixes.

Monday, April 4, 2016

ALPHA 0.6.6: "Compulsive Behavior"

There have been two good, substantive criticisms of FC I've seen repeatedly:
  • Individual slaves lack character.
  • The player is expected to track and manage too many things.
Addressing either of these without making the other one worse is difficult. Giving slaves more mental nuance will add things to manage and track; making management and tracking easier will tend to suppress individuality. With this update, I've attempted to strike a balance between these objectives by adding mental qualities that will develop naturally within existing gameplay. If the player wishes to micromanage them, existing tools like smart clit piercings and relationships can be used to affect them. If not, playing FC normally will tend to improve these qualities anyway, making them nothing more than added flavor. Optimizing them is not necessary to succeed. I hope this will allow players who want to play more of a role in their slaves' mental lives to do so without burdening those who do not.

This is likely to be the final major expansion of mental attributes in FC. This means that I decided against going with multiple fetishes. With Twine, that would have required handling an array every time fetishes were invoked; I'm not sure either I or Twine are up to that. The Nympho and Bisexual fetishes have been replaced by sex drive and orientation systems respectively, which gives us a reduced fetish list of Oral, Anal, Sub, Dom, Sadist, Masochist, Pregnancy, and Boobs. All remaining fetishes now have three levels.

This new mental system is (hopefully) functional, but incomplete. Planned additions include:
  • Better text coloration and other UI refinements for the new stats.
  • Additional benefits for level 3 fetishes.
  • Reduced likelihood of moving away from a level 3 fetish.
  • Better interactions between sex drive and fetish development.
  • Major encyclopedia rewrites and additions to explain all of this.
Obviously, these do not need to be suggested. If you would prefer a more polished version of FC, wait. I'm very aware that a conservative update that fixes more than it breaks is long overdue, and the encyclopedia alone needs an update's worth of time put into it.

Download: DropboxMegaPrevious saves will not work. Latest hotfix ( posted at 1730 PST, April 5. Addresses attraction discovery bug and several event issues. Should be save compatible.

0.6.6 Changelog

Slave orientation
  • Slaves' attraction to men and women is now tracked separately from fetishes. It can be modified by many factors, but is slow to change.
  • Sexuality can be unknown like fetishes, but will usually be discovered in the normal course of play, within a few turns.
  • Removed the Likes Girls fetish; most associated situations are now triggered by maximum attraction to women.
  • Added mirrored versions of many situations triggered by the Likes Girls fetish for slaves with maximum attraction to men.
  • Orientation is now a factor in the formation of slave relationships, but is not a hard requirement.
  • Sexual relationships can increase attraction, based on the level of commitment.
  • Heavy hormonal treatment will reliably modify sexuality.
  • Added settings for smart clit piercings to alter sexuality.
  • All remaining fetishes will increase either XX or XY attraction.
Sex drives
  • Slaves' sex drives are now tracked independently from fetishes. Like sexuality, they can be modified by many factors, but are slow to change.
  • Like sexuality, sex drive can be unknown; the two qualities are revealed concurrently.
  • Removed the Nympho fetish; most associated situations are now triggered by maximized sex drive.
  • The All setting for smart clit piercings will now increase sex drive.
  • The Fitness quirk will increase sex drive.
  • Aphrodisiacs will increase sex drive; Extreme Aphrodisiacs increase it more quickly.
  • Outstanding health will improve sex drive; good health will improve it very slowly.
  • Excessive Trust and Devotion will advance sex drive.
  • Loving relationships will gradually improve sex drive if one of the partners is a nympho, they share sexual interests, or they fit each others' sexualities.
  • Fetishes now occur in three levels:
    • The first is generally an interest or a tendency, and has little benefit.
    • The second is similar to the way fetishes worked previously, or somewhat weaker.
    • The third is similar or somewhat stronger, and resistant to some fetish changes.
  • Preexisting ways to acquire fetishes will produce fetishes at varying levels depending on the slave and the situation.
  • Some preexisting ways to acquire fetishes can now advance them as well.
  • Aphrodisiac addiction can enhance existing fetishes.
  • A maximized fetish will prevent many fetish changes.
  • Fetish strength is now a factor in most fetish effects, affecting their frequency or power.
  • High Devotion and Trust can cause fetishes to progress naturally; low Devotion and Trust can cause regression or even loss of fetishes.
Starting slave creation
  • Added a custom input submenu to starting slave creation for most descriptive strings.
  • Included options to customize sexuality and sex drive; selecting Unknown will hide both options since they are revealed together.
  • Basing a new slave on a slave with fetishes or sexuality and sex drive set to Unknown will re-randomize those qualities.
Other changes
  • The spacebar will no longer end the week, and enter will no longer do anything other than end the week.
  • Slaves serving Head Girls now have a devotion-based chance of failure at energizing the Head Girl; only a Worshipful slave can guarantee success.
  • The effects of sex work on holes are now dependent on the popularity of the slave; pussies are somewhat more resilient than asses.
  • More nicknames and degrading names.
  • A fourth future society option will now unlock at extremely high reputation.
  • Examining a slave within a facility will now constrain the Next and Previous options to cycle through slaves in the same facility.
  • Bugfixes.