Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Progress Outlook

I'm not dead, and I haven't given up on FC. So much for the good news. The other news: I don't anticipate another update in February. I'm busy with other things right now, though I do spend a few hours working on FC when I can. The real trouble is that playtesting, finalizing, publishing and minimally supporting an update takes most of a day, and I have no such block of time for FC before March. The partial compensation will be that the next update, delayed by my standards, will have an unusually great weight of man-hours behind it. I'm putting the odd moments I have for FC into revised descriptions and other quality of life improvements, rather than big changes - I'm up to 200 new phrases for specific combinations of shoes, clothes and hair, for example. I'm also working on a system that will allow the player some choice about who slaves are sold to.